203-Lost magic lesson

 One week later--
 Delzogade Demon King Academy, the second training ground.

 Humming and ticking steps, the Cutthroat King Erdomade comes to the classroom with a delightful exhilaration.
 Shin came in late and closed the door.

 When he saw that all the students were already seated, the Cutthroat King smiled with satisfaction.

''Excellent, you are all present today!

 He holds his staff in both hands and takes a seat on the floor.

''Well, today is the long awaited exchange of the academy with the Brave Academy. I'd like to say that we're going to have an expeditionary test right away... but I hear that this class has already experienced an expeditionary test to Gaillardite.

 The Cutthroat King Erdmead spun his staff around and pointed the tip of his staff at his students with a bicep.

It's not a good idea. I'm going to use the magic of today and go to Gaillardite at once. All of you, stand up.

 The students stand up.
 One of the girls raised her hand.

''Well sir, um, can I ask you a question?''

Enthusiasm, detention. Tell me.

...detention, it's Naya, Naya. Do you remember her name, Doctor?

'Of course. Detention Naya. You'll get detention in the library every day to study. That's why this Cutthroat King gave you two names for detention.

 Naya, who is in detention, has a look of exasperation on her face.
 'I don't need those two names,' she says.

I'm sure you're not going to be able to get away with it. If you don't like it, there's another name for it: review.

'I'll just get detention...'

 He seemed to have given up.

'So, let's hear your questions, shall we?

Ah, yes. Well, this is a trivial question, but is a lost magic, but isn't it a useful magic? Why was it lost?

'Cuckoo, good question. Detention nayah!

 Donk, the Cutthroat King snaps his staff.

''I will answer you. <Even two thousand years ago, there weren't many people who could use the Transition (Gatom). This is because while it doesn't require much magic power, it is difficult to construct a magic formula. This is only because the magic formula must be changed depending on the magic environment in connecting space to space.

 Eldmead directs his magic eye into the space of the moment.

'It's almost tantamount to constructing it on the spot rather than changing it. By peering into the abyss of space, you build a magic formula suitable for it. Hence, the
 There were many magic methods that required changing the magic formula according to the environment two thousand years ago. Among them, is relatively easy to use, but most of it must have been lost as the number of magicians died out.

''In other words. You can use it as long as you know the magic formulas of the 'Gatom' for this place, this moment, and the magic environment, you can use it too.

 Eldmead draws the  It's a magic formula that is only effective if you are going from this place to Gailladite at this time.

"Now, try it. "Come on, try it out," he said. "This is a magic developed by the Mad King that allows you to cross the distance in an instant. Two thousand years ago, the world was shocked when the Demon King of Tyranny demonstrated the concept of distance-lessness. Experience that surprise and excitement for yourself!

 Eldmead said, but the students looked uneasy.
 It's probably because they don't know what will happen if the magic fails.

 The Cutthroat King points at Naya with his staff.

'Detention Naya, let's start with you.

"...Wha...I...? And, but........I think the teacher knows that I'm the worst at practical magic skills in the class, and, well, can you do it.......?

'Foolishness, foolishness, isn't it foolishness, detention. The worst? What does it matter? Don't compare backs in such a small space, look up. Think about it. Compared to the tyrannical Demon King, even this Cutthroat King's magic is nothing more than a plaything. We are all equally bad at facing the Demon King.

 Naya gave a pouting look.

'Then you can't start by looking at others. What you need to face is the magic. You need to look into the depths. <The only thing that's difficult about Transmigration (Gatom) is that it's difficult to change the magic formula, the rest of it is easy. It's a good thing that you've got a good idea of what you're talking about. It's not that you can't do it,

 It's actually more difficult than , but it's a magic that is just barely within Naya's reach. I'm sure they intend to make you jump with confidence.

You can't underestimate the Cutthroat King's magical eye. "Don't underestimate the Cutthroat King's magical eye.

 As Eldmead said, squeezing her eyes shut, the detention Naya drew a
 As the magic power was sent out, her figure disappeared in a huff, as if she had crossed the distance.

'Kakkakka, look at that. It's a success, isn't it?

 Oh," an exclamation leaked out throughout the classroom.

'If you got to Naya, it looks like you'll be okay?

Yeah, we'll get in on it.

I'm really nervous about this.

 One after another, the students shifted in .

''.......If there are so many of them, I feel like at least one of them is going to fly to a strange place, but......''

 While saying this, Sasha uses  Ray and the others also drew their own magic circle.

''Well, the Cutthroat King will collect them responsibly.

 When I used the  In the next moment, what appeared in my vision was the main auditorium of the Heroic Academy Arclan Iska.

 To the left of the blackboard, the students of the Demon King Academy were shifting in from the blackboard.

 On the right side, the students of the Heroic Academy were seated. All of them were wearing scarlet uniforms. They were probably former Jelga Canons.

 They all opened their mouths angrily and looked dumbfounded at the demon race students who were shifting in one after another.

 That's what Lao Zilfor said. He was the hero of the flame user that Sasha had defeated previously in the academy's competitive examination.
 He called himself the reincarnation of canon, but now that it turned out to be a different person, the letters of canon have disappeared from his name.

''........Those guys are the demon clans that came to the academy exchange before.......''

 Heine Iorg says.
 'He was severely injured when Rey took the holy sword away from him in a counter-examination, but he was able to recover due to the generosity of the Dilheid side.

''Yes. When did he acquire so much magic? It used to look like you were not even close to our feet...

 Ledriano Azeschen raises his glasses with a biting index finger.

''........So this is the power of a demon king......''

But I don't think he's here.

 Heine says.

The only thing that matters is that you don't have to go to school. There's no need for you to go to school...

 And then Lao looked at Ray's face and froze.

''.........Brave Canon......What the hell are you doing here......''

 He says as he spits.
 Heine and Ledriano are silent, but their gaze shifts to the pews as they look away from Ray.

 They believed themselves to be canon reincarnators, and they must have had their own thoughts about Ray. The other students of the hero academy also glanced at Ray and were whispering to each other.

'Yes, yes, please be quiet. We're going to start class.''

 Clapping her hands, Emilia climbed up to the podium.
 However, as if completely ignoring her voice, the students of the Brave Academy continue to speak.

I'm listening to you. Quiet, please!

 It's been a few days or so since Emilia was assigned.
 She still doesn't seem to be settling in to class yet.

'Cuckoo, isn't it nice to be energetic?

 With a licking glance at the human students, Erdmade walked towards the podium.
 Emilia bailed to the Cutthroat King, feeling a little confused.

 However, the students of the heroic academy were still not quiet and continued to talk.
 Eldmead, who had been watching them for a while, pointed at me with his staff.

Anosh Porticolo. Come.

 I got up and walked to the stairs.

'....What is it, kid...?

He's what, six or seven years old, right?

''........That's also a student of the Demon King Academy.......right?''

 A curious voice came from the humans.

''Listen up, humans. I understand that you are not interested in academy exchange. Then let's do this. One person will represent both schools and compete against each other. If the heroic academy wins, then there is no point in academy exchange and all the scheduled periods are cancelled, right?

Well that's not........that's not how it works......we don't want the class to be cancelled....

'What are you worried about? How can we be defeated by humans?

 Erdmeade kicked Emilia's words to the curb.

''As you can see, the representative of the Demon King Academy is this Anosh Porticolo. If you win against him, you guys will be able to miss classes for a while. If he loses, though, you'll have to take it quietly. Or do you want to run away from even the kids with your tails between your legs? A student who wants to be brave?

 The students of the Brave Academy reacted to Eldmead's provocation as if they were miffed.

''That's what you say, though,''

 Heine let out a cocky voice.

''Demon race is so unfair, right? No matter how much you're a kid, you're going to make the game work in your favor anyway, right? I don't want to do that, do I?

So you're willing to play the game in your favor, human. Now, come on up. And decide what you want to do.

 Heine was surprised to be entrusted with the method of victory, or perhaps for a moment he shut up.
 But soon, a grin peeked out.

'Heh. Well, that's fine.

 Heine got up cumbersomely and went up to the wide pulpit.

'If I beat that guy, will you really give me a break?

Of course I do.

I promise.

 Heine sneered and looked at me.

'Well, then, here's the game,'

 Heine grinned and said.

'Let's play a game of dice. How about we roll the dice and the one with the higher number wins? Battles, magic, and the demon race are so strong~

I'm fine.

 Heine hands me the wooden dice.


 The center of gravity is unbalanced.
 Is it the dice for cheating? It's designed so that you can't get anything but one.

All right, I'll go first.

 Heine rolls the dice.
 It's a five.

You did it! See, you'll have to roll a six!

 If you look into the depths of the dice with your demon eyes, you'll see that the dice over there are crafted in such a way that it's easy to get a five.

 I guess the reason I didn't make it a six was so that I wouldn't do something too extreme and get suspicious of cheating.
 Since you're going to do it anyway, you should have made it so that you can get the maximum results.

'Let me ask you one thing, does it matter what way you swing it?

'What? Yeah, you can roll the dice however you like. It's all a matter of luck, no matter how you roll the dice.

 Heine chuckles, emphasizing the phrase "it depends on your luck".

'Hmm. I understand it well. But no matter how many wooden dice you have, it was a mistake to make such a brittle floor.

What are you talking about?

 Doggone it, there was a violent sound from the stone pews.
 He shook the dice as hard as he could and slammed them right down.

 Just as he had intended, the dice were smashed into the stone floor.

 He read the stone's eyes and slammed the wooden dice, which were not as strong as they should have been, through the floor as hard as he could.

'Hmm. This one looks like a six.

 The roll of the dice on the floor was six.
 It was common practice 2,000 years ago to limit the number of dice rolls by taking advantage of the ground.

 Therefore, it is a common practice to use a floor made of impenetrable material when playing dice. Then there are many techniques to get the desired rolls.

 Heine said that the dice depend on luck, but apparently, even the dice technique has degenerated in this era.
 Two thousand years ago, competing with dice was just a matter of how well you could keep getting the rolls you were aiming for.

 That's why it was common to throw not one but a thousand dice at a time. If you have 1,000 dice, you might miss one of them.

 Of course, I have never missed a shot.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. There is no way to swing like that! That's a foul play, man! Swing it back, swing it back!

You said you didn't care how you look at it.


 I said to Heine, who looked giddy.

'Well, no matter how many times I shake it, it won't change.

 I picked up my dice and rolled them again.
 The colossal roll of the dice and the dice rolled and the six came out again.

'..........Geez.......! Why the hell...? All but one...

 Heine made a look of shame as he was about to say it.

'You are not yet relying on tools. You need to learn the art of dice better. Even if your center of gravity is unbalanced, you can never get only one. Once you can look into the depths of the dice and read the floor and the air, all you have to do is adjust the amount of pressure to get the rolls you want.

 I pick up the dice and roll them again.
 The roll is a six.

 I rolled the dice as if to show off again and again, but no matter how many times I tried, I only got a six.

 Heine could only watch in astonishment as she did so.

''No matter what kind of dice it is, I'm not the kind of person to miss the rolls I aimed for.