204-Dragon subjugation command

 Click, click, click, and the sound of old-mede laughter echoes through the large auditorium.

It's only a game of dice, but it's a game of dice. This is Anoosh Porticollo. This is Anos Porticolo, the pride of our Majesty's Academy, the boy genius.

 The Cutthroat King looked into Heine's drooping face and said, ''If you disagree with me, you are a weak man.

''If you say you disagree, weak human. I don't care how many times you challenge me. In return, for every time you lose, I'll let you increase the number of students in the heroic academy by ten percent. The cutthroat king will instruct the vulnerable men and women in the academy. Hmm?

 Just barely, Heine bit his back teeth and turned on his heel.

''........Pretending to be a child and a monster, they're still the same dirty people, the demon race. It's the same as when they pretended the demon king was a non-conformist. I can't do this.

 With a fluttering wave, Heine stepped down from the pew.
 However, she didn't go straight back to her seat, but headed towards the door.

'Hey, hey, Heine! Where are you going? We're in class!

 Emilia's voice comes out in a hurry and she glares at him.

'Oh? Shut up, Emilia.

You're the teacher!

What? Doctor? You're a demon. You make me laugh, totally.

 Heine shrugs and puts a hand to the door.

'Don't wait, Heine,'

He's relentless. I have to go to the bathroom.

And you didn't come back to class all day yesterday.

 'Huh,' Heine sighed dismissively.

'I had a stomach ache. All day long. If you want, Emilia, you can come over and watch. I'll just take you to the bathroom.

 Hahahahaha, Heine laughed.
 Emilia had a humiliated look on her face.

'Isn't it funny?'

 He says to break the stagnant air, and Eldmead walks away.

''Which one. This Cutthroat King is going to pee with you.


Yeah, or...

 Pointing at Heine with his staff, the Cutthroat King gave him a gentlemanly look.

''You're the big one?''

 Heine looked at the Cutthroat King as if he was looking at something foul, as if he was offended.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

''Come on, let's have you show us around, shall we?

 Heine was jumping back as fast as she could.

''Jeez, I'm just kidding. It's a joke, of course. It's common sense to go to the bathroom before class, totally.

 As if to escape, Heine dashes back to his own seat.
 It's as if she felt like she was in danger.

Kaka, I knew you'd say that, weak man. It's fine to use bluffing to your advantage. I expect some more hilarious lies next time. I suggest you try and outsmart this Cutthroat King.

 Crunching his footsteps, Erdmeade returned to the pews of the main auditorium.

'Oh, Anosh, you may return,'

 I got off the podium and loosely returned to my seat.

 The students of the hero academy buzzed and started talking again, saying words of their own thoughts, "A genius boy from the Demon King academy..." and "The Demon King is a bunch of monsters..." and "The Demon race is a bunch of monsters..." and so on.

 There was one strange word among them.

''Can the Almighty make a sword that no one can ever pull off?''

 It's a small question that is not directed at anyone.

 No, if I had to say, was it a question directed at me?
 That is, if I'm sure the voice will reach me.

 I stopped and looked back in the direction of the voice.

 There was a girl sitting there.

 Silvery white hair in a bob cut and gold eyes.
 Her color is white and she has an air of clarity.

 The beauty of the girl is just that, so much so that she almost has magical powers, creating a different space in this place.
 But what was most unusual was the foreign clothing she wore.

 That outfit, which I have never seen before, is not Azation's or Dillhade's.

 Someone who is not clad in the uniform of the academy is sitting in this grand auditorium, and yet no one is wondering about it.

 It felt alien to me.

''If the Almighty can't make a sword that no one else can pull off, then he's not the Almighty.''

 The girl says.

'If the Almighty makes a sword that no one can pull off, then that sword is not pulled off by the Almighty either. If a person cannot pull the sword out, he cannot be said to be omnipotent. Therefore, he is not the Almighty.'

 It is a curious question, as well as its existence.

'Is there no Almighty in the world?'

 But it was certainly directed at me, I suppose.
 The invisible girl was looking straight at me.

'When you know the answer, tell me.'

 With those words, the exotic girl disappeared.
 There was no one sitting in the chair.


 I heard Misha's voice.

'What's wrong?'

Did you see the one who was here?

 After a quick blink, Misha shook her head.

'There was no one there.'

 Hmm. So, am I the only one who saw it?
 I guess you could say they sent the images straight to my head.

 But I don't know.
 Can the Almighty make a sword that no one can pull off?

 I don't know who you are, but you're asking a strange question.
 I don't know who you are, but it's a strange question. I can't help you by listening to the answers.

 Well, if you need me, he'll talk to you again.

So be it.

 I took a seat next to Misha.

''Well then, let's start the academy exchange--''

 When Emilia said this, the door to the entrance opened.
 A man wearing a red vestments came in.

 His hair is short and bald at the top of his head.
 His physique was not flattering, and his loose-fitting vestments were puffed up to the point of being torn off.

 The bald man walks straight to the podium.

''Dean Zamira.......what's wrong with you.......?''

 That's what Emilia said.
 Zamira, with a Buddha's face, replied.

'There was an edict from the royal palace to Alkranjska.

 Hearing that it was an imperial decree, Emilia made a troublesome expression.

''........What kind of story is this?''

That's what I've been trying to explain to you. Just listen to me.

 Emilia nodded, despite the irritated look on her face.
 Zamira took one look at Singh and Eldmead at the podium, and then turned to the students, as it was.

''Ah, I have received an edict from the royal palace for the selected classes. Listen to it by heart.''

 'Oh,' said Zamira, clearing her throat.

The other day, as I'm sure you've heard, a monster called a dragon was spotted all over Azation. The royal palace has conducted its own investigation and found out that this dragon eats humans. If this continues, there's a high possibility that the people and cities of Azation will be affected.

 Although it's called the royal palace's own investigation, it's probably the information Igales passed on.
 A person in this era would not be able to grasp the reality of the dragon so quickly.

That's why a royal decree has been issued to the selective class of the heroic academy Arklan Isca. You will be sent to slay the dragons throughout the Azation. The palace has high hopes for your brave efforts. I am confident that you will be able to meet our expectations. Prove yourselves to the best of your ability.

 The danger of dragons should have been warned by Dillhade again and again about the danger of dragons, but it doesn't add up to leaving the task of defeating them to the heroic academy.

 The current brave men and women who have lost the trust of their people cannot be of any use.
 They can't show their strength with their trump card, the Ask, because they can't show their power properly.

 I've been thinking of taking advantage of the exchange of schools to hunt for dragons quietly in the Demon King's Academy alone, but it looks like the wind is changing a bit.

''That's all.

 Emilia calls out to Zamira, who is about to get off the podium.

It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them. You will be able to find out what the best way to do this is to get the best out of it. As I recall, the soldiers of the Royal Court Army were in front of the academy...

'Those soldiers are another matter. The Crown trusted Alkranjska and ordered him to leave everything to them. This is an ordeal they will have to go through on their own.

"...Huh...? Wait a minute, wait a minute. You're going to have a student hunt a demonic creature?

 The head of the academy gave Emilia a cold stare as she poked at him reflexively.

''Emilia-sensei hasn't been posted for a short period of time yet. Ours is different from the Demon King Academy. Even if they are students, they are brave. Fighting for the people is a brave man, and it is the mission of the heroic academy Alkranisca.''

But.........it would be insane to take on an unknown creature....

Emilia, firstborn!

 Zamira glared at Emilia as she scolded her.

'Are you suggesting that the royal palace is mad? You'd better be careful what you say.

''No... that's not what I'm saying... but I think it would be better to ask for support from the Royal Army, but it's just a matter of when.

'Unfortunately, I'm busy too. I'll leave you to it. You'll have to talk to the office staff about the details.

'Yes, wait a minute. I'm not ready to...

 Ignoring Emilia's words, Zamira walked out of the pews.
 On his feet, he headed for Ray's seat.

 Instantly he went from Buddha's face to a smile.
 He bowed as gracefully as possible with his plump figure.

''I'm pleased to meet you for the first time, Brave Canon-sama. I am Zamira Engelo, the head of our academy. Please allow me to make your acquaintance.

 A blank stare from the students of the Brave Academy.
 However, Zamira was completely oblivious to this and continued.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has been waiting for the day you will be reborn. We have prepared a grand ceremony for you in the palace. All the people, all the soldiers are welcoming and blessing the return of the brave Lord Kanon. Would you be willing to come to the castle?

 Unusually, Ray responded with a straight face instead of a smile.
 As expected, the air of being troublesome exuded from his entire body.

''I'm already a demon race, though.

It's no wonder. You're a brave man, as expected of the heroic Canon that even the power of the demon race is at your disposal. I don't care what anyone says, you're a brave man. The Spirit God Human Sword proves it. Even if you were a human, you wouldn't be a hero if you didn't also pull out your Evans Mana.

 The sound of tongues clacking escaped from the brave academy's side of the table.

''Come on, go ahead, we're already ready to pick you up. Although it's called academy exchange, there is nothing for you to learn under these impostor brave men. Instead, why don't you take your time at the royal palace? As a guest of honor, I am honored to extend you the highest level of hospitality.

 The reason why he despises the Academy of the Brave to this extent is probably because Zamira is the man sent by the royal palace. After Diego disappeared, there was no one who wanted to fit in as the head of the heroic academy, which had lost its authority, and this was a temporary measure.

 To Zamira, the life of the royal palace comes first, rather than the education of the students.
 It's partly due to ignorance, but that's probably why he can say the recklessness of slaying a dragon without a care in the world.

''I can't leave it at that.

 It was Ledriano who stood up after uttering that.

''It is true that we were not canon reincarnators, but even if we were, how is it that the head of a brave academy would call his own students impostors?

Oh, well, you're not very good at that kind of thing, are you?

 Laos stands up and glares at Zamira.

'What's the big deal? That squad of soldiers out front. The ones that are supposed to pick up the brave canon? And when you have a grand ceremony at the palace, you also put in a bunch of soldiers for the parade and all that, right? And since we're busy, we're supposed to fight a dragon or some other incomprehensible monster on our own. Aren't you an idiot?

 Then Heine said.

It's impossible, of course. If you want to, why don't you just let the real brave man do it? Unlike us, there's also the Spirit God and Man Sword.

 The students from the heroic academy's side of the academy began to make a lot of noise as they agreed with Ledriano and the others.
 Zamira turned around and said loudly.

''Understand it, you scum! You weren't allowed to complain. Originally, he could have been put to death for calling himself the Heroic Canon and conspiring against the royal palace!

 Ledriano lifts his glasses with his index finger.

'We were only judged to be reincarnations of canon by the Academy of Heroes. Isn't it strange to place the blame on us?'

'Then why were you pretending to be canon? If you said it wasn't, you should have excused yourself.

I'm sure you're aware of the influence of the Sanctuary, aren't you?

"Idiots. Do you think the palace will believe Dirkheid's opinion? They have their own agenda. <There is no influence from the Sanctuary, the Ask. That's what Azation says. In fact, we cannot confirm such a thing.

 That being said, Ledriano shuts down.
 With the destruction of Jelga, his will disappeared from the .
 There's no way he can confirm it now.

 It's probably a good thing that this is the reason why the palace is planning to pretend that the influence of the Sanctuary (Ask) never happened.
 It's not that Jelga's will has affected all the people who use the , but they want to make it more of a personal matter.

 So that if it becomes inconvenient, they can be cut off at any time.

'If you were brave enough, if not canon, you could have stopped that stupid war. Unless you're imposters.

 Ledriano bit his back teeth.
 His expression was filled with frustration.

You have been given a chance by the palace to be a real warrior, a chance to defeat the dragon and call yourself a real warrior again. You will be given the chance to defeat the dragon and call yourself a real hero again. You can't be sure of this, then it's only natural that you would risk your life. I'm not going to be able to tell you what to do. It's no wonder you're so fearful!

 All of the students in the selected class fell silent in unison.

 They were all the ones who had been treated as brave until that war broke out.
 More than any unreasonable words, the fact that they weren't brave hurt them deeply.
 But one teacher, completely unconcerned about such things, raised his voice.

''You've been calling me brave, brave, since just now, so what? Why should we risk our lives for such a trivial thing? You must be crazy, aren't you?

 When confronted with too much unreasonableness, Emilia was being eaten up.
 When students risk their lives, of course Emilia, who guides and supervises them, is also in danger.

 It's not a matter of pride in being a brave man, it's not something she would ever be able to accept.

It's the brave men and women. As long as they call themselves brave, it is an inevitable mission.

 Zamira says with a sigh.

'Then it doesn't matter if you're not brave.


 Zamira makes a pouting face.
 I guess she didn't expect it at all.

''It's the end of the world if you die, right? Risking your life in such a travesty, is that what brave people do? It's pretty silly, isn't it, being a brave guy? Forget it, just send out an army. Do you think Dillhade will be silent after treating a mere student so unfairly?

 'Huh,' sighed Zamira.

''Emilia-sensei. If you are also a teacher at the Brave Academy, I hope you will learn a little more about brave people. That kind of insight is why no one will listen to your lessons.

That's because the students are insincere. It has nothing to do with any of that "brave" nonsense!

 Zamira raised her eyebrows and shook her head.

'It's not worth talking about.'

 Breaking off the conversation unilaterally, Zamira turned to Ray again.

''Brave Kanon-sama. I am very sorry to show you the unseemliness of the situation. If you are going to attend class, I would like to invite you to come to the dinner after school, if you would like. I would be happy to discuss the ceremony in detail there.

Yeah, yeah, Ray.

 I interrupted and Zamira glared at me evasively.

'Why don't we go play in the water after school? And there was a big lake, too.

 Zamira exhales through her nose, nuh-uh.
 Although I could see her annoyance, she decided that I was an acquaintance of Ray's and said with a fake smile.

''Oh, be-chan? I'm sorry to say that Master Kanon has a business--

That's nice.


 Zamira makes a barefaced noise. It was a dumb face.

'I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to decline the dinner party.

Why is that? Please think again. I can provide you with anything you want.

 Smiling briskly, Ray said.

'I've got some water sports stuff to do after school.