205-Bad student at Brave Academy

 Zamira looks back at Ray with a troubled expression.

''Well I'll come back to talk to you later.

 The idea of pining for Ray didn't occur to him, or so he mouthed, and he turned to leave the main auditorium.

''Dean Zamira, please wait. I'm not done talking yet. Defeating a dragon is impossible for the delinquent students of the heroic academy.

 While saying this, Emilia got off the podium and grabbed Zamira by the shoulders to stop her.

'Yeah, you're just a teacher, you're a loud guy. This is not the case here. The king has ordered me to bring the brave canon master to you.

 Hearing that, Emilia raised her eyebrows.

The only thing I can think of is that I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them. It's not a good idea. I'm not going to die with such a lame order.

 The students of the Brave Academy looked at Emilia with stunned expressions.

 Even if it was the demon race, it was probably because the teachers of the heroic academy, even if it was a demon race, did not respect the heroic canon at all.

''Hey, you. What did you say? If you're a guest lecturer and you're not good at it, don't take advantage of it.

 Zamira scolds Emilia, as if indignant.

'Ridiculous? You mean Master Canon the Brave? This is an edict from the king.

Why are you so angry? You've said it before. I'm not worried about that.

 Before I could finish, Zamira had beaten Emilia to a pulp.

''Is it polite for the Academy of Demons to argue with other kings and heroes? You're beyond rude!

 A mere brave man and a brave canon would mean different things to them.
 But to Emilia, it's the same thing.

 She turns her face to Zamira and glares at her with a snap, even though her hands are on the floor.

It's a good thing that the Demon King of Tyranny wanted, so we did our best to be polite and welcome you as a guest. But if you behave in a manner that is too obvious, you'll be asked to return to Dilhade.

 Then Emilia shushed her.
 It was probably because if she was sent back to Dillhade now, she would not be able to get the position she wanted.


 Emilia said, staring at the floor.
 If you looked up, you would have seen the disapproving look in his eyes.

''Watch what you say and do. Utterly false, brave and incompetent teachers. This academy is full of scum, whoever they are.''

 Discarding, Zamira leaves.
 In the middle of that, one of the students quickly stepped out of his seat.


 He stumbled over it and plunged face first into the floor.

 Due to the extra luxury, Zamira couldn't get up quickly enough, and after a jittery struggle, she finally pulled herself up and glared at the student.

'Oh, I'm sorry. My legs are a little too long.

 Ledriano lifts his glasses to the ground.

''Don't think you'll get away with it...''

It's okay.

 Lao comes over and gingerly lifts Zamira's body.

"Wha........you.......what.......? You are disrespectful! Put it down!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll get you out. Get the f*ck out of here. You're in my class, you f*cking idiot.

 With all his strength, Lao throws Zamira towards the entrance.
 With a thump, gahhhh, he rolled on the ground and was slammed into the door.


 Zamira gets up as a jittery again and glares at Lao with a snap.

'You know what happens when you cause a violent incident like this, don't you?

'Heh. What's going to happen?

 A blade with a dark green glow was thrust at Zamira's throat.
 ''It's the Great Sacred Ground Sword (Taiseichiken) Zele.

''Hee...! Oh, my........

That's nice. You're so proud of your fat, you can't even see the bruises. Isn't that right?

 Heine says.

'Oh, remember that!

 Spitting out a discarded line, Zamira retreated from the main auditorium to escape.

''Hahaha, what's that? Which of the three downstairs lines is that?

 Kera Kera and Heine laughed, and the students of the Brave Academy chuckled.

''Are you alright?''

 Ledriano reaches out to Emilia, who is sitting on the floor.
 He smiled slightly as she stared dumbly at him.

 A moment later, there was a thumping sound on his cheek.
 Emilia slapped Ledriano with a slap.

'What are you thinking! Don't just get desperate and start acting out! I've put up with a lot of work, but you're ruining it, aren't you?

Well wouldn't it be nice to say a thank you first?

Are you stupid? The responsibility of the students is my responsibility as a teacher. You know that I will have to get back to that guy's good mood after this, right? Do you have something against me?

 Ledriano pulled back his outstretched hand and lifted the misaligned glasses.
 Then he looked back at her from behind the lenses.

'I beg your pardon for that,'

 Ledriano turned on his heel and, instead of returning to his seat, headed straight for the door.

'Hey, where are you going? We're in class.

'We are suspending the student who is constantly in trouble. Emilia, as you wish.

Haha. I know. I don't think I can handle this.

 Lao spits that out.

Emilia is a real scum. We're just bad students.

 Heine took a glance at Emilia and stowed the Great Sacred Ground Sword Zele in his magic circle.

''Don't wait! Mr. Ledriano? Mr. Lao? Mr. Heine?

 Without looking back at Emilia's voice, the three of them left the main auditorium.

''Kakkka, it's as rough as they say, the heroic academy is in disarray. However, it's quite interesting to try to defeat the dragon. Let's focus our lessons on that during this academy exchange.

 Eldmead doesn't care about the current squabble at all and is about to move on to class immediately.

'How so? Emilia-sensei. At the current rate, the soldiers of the royal palace will start to defeat the dragon when they realize that the heroic academy can't follow them to their hands. However, if we wait until then, all of our students will pass away to the other world. Shouldn't we learn how to defeat the dragon somehow?

 A troubled expression appeared on Emilia's face at Eldmead's question.

''Well that's true but I've never seen or heard of a dragon before.''

''Kaka, leave that to the Demon King Academy. Mr. Shin there has destroyed more than ten thousand old dragons under the orders of the tyrannical Demon King two thousand years ago. He is a specialist in dragon slaying, so to speak. With his guidance, you should be able to defeat a dragon or two in about ten days.

 Emilia looked at Singh with a surprised look on her face.

'What do you think, Dr. Singh? Do you have any tips for defeating them? What are the dragon's weaknesses, etc.?


 Shin said as if it was obvious, and used his magic to draw an illustration of a dragon on the blackboard.

'The dragon's body is covered in stubborn scales, but there is a gap in the only part of its neck. The quickest way to do this is to put a sword through it and cut off the entire head. Since dragons are huge, the thickness of their necks is more than the length of the sword's blade, but slicing through half of it should be enough.

That's what I'm saying. Seems simple enough, doesn't it, when you know your weaknesses? Kakkakka.

 The students are somewhat relieved by Singh and Eldmead's explanation, and they have an air of relief that they might be able to do it.

 Above all, if a teacher who has defeated a dragon accompanies them, it would be more reassuring than having soldiers from the human side come along.

''........Hey, I was thinking, isn't it quite a bit for Shin to go out of his way to avoid the scales and cut them?''

 Sasha blurted out next to me.

'Dragon scales aren't exactly hard, you know. I'm sure it's just a no-brainer for him to cut them. You don't want the blade of the magic sword to lose and lose its cutting power.

 Ray returns his words like that.

'Either way, I don't want to fight a proper battle with a monster who chooses where Shin will cut...'

 Mass says.
 Eleanor followed suit.

'And I know it's easy to say we're going to be able to take down a dragon in ten days, but I'm going to make it a class that's definitely going to be deadly hard.

If you're dead, you just use your Ingal.

 I say, and now Misha mutters.


It's not like he's a Spartan. He's an ogre.

 Sasha said with a sigh.

'Well, but I'm sure the Cutthroat King will touch you sooner or later, but you'd better just be careful not to get eaten.

I don't want to be eaten for that but is there any other reason?

 Sasha has an expression on her face that says she has a bad feeling about this.

"The dragon's digestive system is unique. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. You can't even revive them once they've been digested.

This is the worst.

 Sasha holds her head in her hands.

'Well, Dr. Eldmead,'

 Emilia, who was about to go up to the podium, stopped in the middle of the class and spoke up.

''May I ask you to continue with the class? Just ... I'm going to go get those punks back.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. You don't seem to care much for your students. The three of them may not learn anything about the dragon and may end up dead. You have every right to be concerned.

But that's not why I'm here. If a student dies, it's my fault.

 'Cuckoo,' said Erdmeade, laughing it off.

'He who acts in self-defense is better than one who thinks and does not act. Go on, Dr. Emilia.

 Bailing, Emilia walked away from the main auditorium.

'Hmm, Ledriano-kuns, do you think you'll come back properly?'

 Eleonor says worriedly.


 So Zesia spurred Eleonor's concern.

''I mean, I don't think Emilia-sensei is totally immersed in the heroic academy, why did you assign her here? Didn't you come all the way to an audience to be saved?

 Sasha asks.

'I thought I'd give you a taste of the unreasonable.

You're a demon?

It's a bit of a rough treatment, though. I'm sure there are things you wouldn't realize if you didn't. A gentle caressing will not help Emilia now.

 'Hmm,' said Sasha, pondering.

'What, if not, then no, until I have another remedy.

 I laughed like a demon king, and Sasha looked at me with a slightly withdrawn expression.