47-Unificationist Seven Devil

 Then, a short time later--
 Delsogade Demon King Academy, the second training hall.

''-- Then, I would like to inform you of some communication matters. The Dilheid Demon Sword Competition is scheduled to be held in Delzogade soon, and the best students from our academy will be entered in the competition. First-year students often don't get nominated based on their abilities, but to my surprise, there are students in this class who have been nominated.

 The whole classroom buzzed at Emilia's statement.

'Who could it be?'

Idiot. It's obvious. There's only one person who can participate in the sword tournament.

 Emilia looked at the student, who was listening to the conversation with a relaxed look on her face.

'Ray Grundley, you. Congratulations. We look forward to seeing you in action as a student at Delzogade Academy.

 Emilia clapped, and the students followed suit, clapping their hands.
 Ray smiled as usual, not looking particularly fussy.

''If it's the Sword Sage of Renmundo, maybe we'll win, right?

''Oh, after all, you just overpowered that Seven Demon Emperor with your sword.

''If there's a winner of the Demon Sword Tournament from our class, you're going to have a nose for it.

 Words such as 'winner' are thrown around because they know how good Ray is with his sword.

''And one more.''

 When Emilia uttered that, the classroom buzzed in a different way this time.

''........Another one......was there anyone else in this class who might be able to participate in the magic sword tournament?''

''No, I don't know about that at all. Lady Sasha is of the generation of Chaos, but her sword isn't that great, so she wouldn't be suitable for the Demon Sword Tournament.

Well there are some out there, aren't there? Someone who can overpower Ray with a sword, you know...

But that guy...

 All of the students' eyes focused on me at once.

''Anos Voldigord-kun. You have also been entered into the magic sword competition. As a student of Delzogade, you should fight without embarrassment.

 Instantly, a yellow scream rose from one corner of the classroom.

''Ahhhhhhhh, it's Anos-sama's time!

Anos-sama's entry means he's already a winner, right?

Hmmm, we're not just going to win, we're going to be in the Hall of Fame!

Oh, my God, I'm getting nervous.

Why would you be nervous?

Because we've got to make a cheering squad for Lord Anos! I can't let you fight alone, Anos-sama!

 The fan union raised its voice, such as

What do you mean? I've never heard of a white coat competing in the Demon Sword Tournament.

''Yeah. Whether you're a general participant or a special participant, mixed blood should be played on the paperwork...

''Isn't the Demon King Academy mad to recommend Anos because of how strong he is?

 Some of the royal family complained so.
 Without explaining about it in particular, Emilia continued.

''In order to participate in the Demon Sword Tournament, you'll need one sword, so please be prepared. I'm sure you know the rules, but as a rule, you can't change swords in the middle of the competition. Also, if your sword is broken or destroyed, you will be defeated at that point. The use of magic to harm opponents is not permitted. As a general rule, you must fight with the sword only. There are other detailed regulations, so please check with the magic sword tournament staff in the arena for details.

 I see. So you only fight with your own sword?
 Not only the ability of the sword, but also the difference in the performance of the magic sword is the key to victory.

That's all. We're done for today.

 After telling her that, Emilia left the classroom.
 The students all started to prepare to leave.

''I hope we can meet in the finals for a combination.

 Ray leans back in his chair and turns his face towards me as he lies down.

''This time I'll use my magic sword properly to settle this head-on.

I agree that you want to do it to your heart's content.

 Ray smiled with satisfaction.

'But the combination isn't the only thing that matters, you know.

I don't think you're going to lose, though.

At least that's what people at this academy would think.

 Ray raised his body and turned to face us.

''Why would you nominate me for the Demon Sword Tournament when you know I would win?''

 Ray couldn't answer that question.
 He was unfamiliar with the circumstances of being an imperial family, a half-blood, and so on.

''The royal family shouldn't want me, a half-blood, to win the magic sword tournament. Then we can just ban them from entering the tournament quickly and easily. But they went out of their way to nominate me, a half-blood who shouldn't be eligible to participate.

 I can't help but think there's a backstory, no matter what I think.

'It's still weird, isn't it?'

 Mass called out to me.

'What do you know about it?'

No, I don't know that much. But I've just had someone who knows a lot about it come by, so you might want to ask him.

 Do you know anything about this?

Who are you?

I mean, I promised you last time I saw you, Master Melhayes the Seven Demons.

 Come to think of it, we had an appointment.

Where are you?

I'll be in our union tower. I'm sorry about the sudden change of plans. Now, is it safe for you to come in?


Thank you. Let's go then.

 We left the classroom.
 When we came to the Union Tower of the Anos Fun Union, we headed straight for the top floor.
 We were just on the second floor when we heard a happy voice.

Then, let's go to Anos-sama's cheering song! Ja-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah!

"History! The best! Anos-sama~" "I'm going to kill you instantly with my beautiful sword~

Halt, halt, halt. I want to be killed. I want to be at the edge of the sword.

"You look beautiful in battle, my compassionate Anos.

"Pity them on the bed, for they are merry and majestic swords that pierce the heavens.

Roll, roll, roll, roll... I want to be the master of the sword.

"My lord Anosu's majestic sword will multiply like an infinite multiplication of mixed bloods!

"A world without the royals Only one solution...

"I want to roll over, roll over, roll over, roll over..." "I'm going to kill you with my beautiful sword!

 Hmm. Let's pretend I didn't hear it.
 But I thought I was supposed to have said something about the cheering squad just a moment ago, so why has the cheering song already been completed to such a high degree of perfection?
 I don't want to think too positively about it, but I guess it's a result of my daily training.

 I went up to the top floor while wasting my brain on lyrics and melodies that lingered in my ears.  

''Melhays-sama. I've brought Anos-sama here.

 Waiting in the room of half a demon sword was an old man with a long white beard.
 He wore vestments and held a staff.

 It was probably Seven Demon Emperors Old Melheis Bolan. 
 Judging by the wavelength of his magical power, he's definitely a demon race I created.

 Moreover, this guy is a type that emphasizes survival and specializes in magic and magical power.
 It's different in rank from Ibis and Idle. I've given them the power to rank with the most powerful men of all time from the mythical era.

 Melhayes slowly walks up to me.
 And then he used his magic eye and looked me in the eye.

 After a few seconds, Melhayes spilled a single teardrop and knelt down on the spot.

''I have been waiting for you to reincarnate for a long time. My Lord, Demon King Anos Voldigord.

 Hmm. Didn't expect this to come out of nowhere.

Mel Hayes. You remember me?

 Then Melhayes shook his head from side to side.

'I don't see the point. I seem to have been caught unawares and my memory has been erased by someone. But the root of me remembers you. Now that I've met you in person, I'm finally sure of it.

 As far as memory goes, it's the same as Ibis and the others.

Let me check.

As you wish.

 I grab Melhayes's head and probe the surface of his memories with the Time Manipulation (Levi) and Remembrance (Evi).
 Just like Ivis and the others, my memories are wiped clean from my head.

 Next, I look into the abyss with my magic eye and confirm the source of Melhayes.

 There's only one thing.

 At least Melhayes doesn't seem to have fused with Avos Dilhevia's subordinates and taken over their bodies.

'How much do you know?'

It was 2,000 years ago, shortly after Lord Anos was reincarnated. Something attacked me and wiped my memory. When I woke up, I was in Ahaltheln.

 The Great Spirit Forest.

Have you climbed over the wall?

 Two thousand years ago, Dillhade and Ahartheln would have been separated by a wall, separated by my magic.

Perhaps it was. My memory is fuzzy, but I can only assume they used the wall to escape what was attacking me.

 No matter how great a magic I strained my life for, if a mythical demon tribe with a powerful magic power was prepared to die for it, it would have been possible to cross the wall.
 Even in that era, less than twenty people were able to do so, and even if they were able to exceed it, the cost would have been great.

''Following you, to get past the wall, we'd have to use up most of our magic power. If that happens, it will take some time to get over the wall again and return to Dillhade. That's why they didn't chase you any further, right?

Yes, I see. But it took me a hundred years to regain enough magic to climb over the Wall and return to Dirheid.

 Unlike Ivis and the others, Melhayes had enough magic to get past the wall.
 He may have been able to erase my memories, but it would have been difficult to take over the source of my memories.

When I returned to Dirheid, the tyrannical demon king's name had already been changed to Avos Dirhevia. I had no memory of it, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it was a strange name. The other Seven Demon Emperors didn't seem to doubt Avos Dilhevia, but I had my doubts.

Now you're sure of that?

"Your left. My roots tell me that you are the one true Demon King.

 There's nothing funny about Melheis' story.
 But what I do know is that Avos Dyrhevia has probably been around since mythical times.

 Two thousand years ago, there were plenty of people who were opposed to me, but three of them had outstanding power.
 Canon the Brave, Reno the Great Spirit and Militia the Creation God.

 Those three helped me build the wall.
 They were supposed to have sought peace with each other.
 But it's no surprise that they decided that I wasn't needed in these peaceful times.

 But what's the point in going around like this?
 I don't think they wanted the title of Demon King of Tyranny.

 Then, something else was involved?

Do you know what Avos Dilhevia is up to?

I don't know.

 Well, I guess so. There are limits to what you can find out in a vacuum.

Let me know when you find something.

As you wish.

 I guess we should start with the familiar.

Let me ask you one more question. The person who recommended me for the magic sword tournament is in Delzogade. Do you know what you're up to?

 Melhayes pondered often, then said.

''Did you know that Master Anos is an Imperialist?''

Unlike the royal family?

 Melhayes nodded.

'The Imperialists are a group that wants to expand the rights of the imperial family to a greater extent than they do now, but they make the radical claim that if you're not imperial, you're not a demon.

 Hmm. They're a bunch of lunatics.

"There are many royalists in the Delzogade. I believe it is they who are responsible for the recommendation.

What's the point of recommending me?

''I thought it was a check on the Unificationists. There is a rumor among the Unificationists and the royalists that Master Anos is overrunning the academy. They said that no one from the royal family, not even the seven demon emperors, could stand up to the mixed-blooded Anos-sama. It's a factor that gives the Unification Faction a boost, and the Imperialists don't enjoy it.

In other words, your goal is to cripple the momentum of the Unificationists by defeating me in the Demon Sword Tournament?

 Melheis nodded his head.

''It seems that the royalists can no longer continue to ignore you. If only Anos-sama had participated, they would have won the magic sword tournament, and the Unification Faction would be united. Compared to the imperial family, the mixed-bloods are more numerous. The royalists are afraid that the half-breeds will unite as one.

''But that doesn't change the fact that you're an idiot. How do you plan to beat me at the Demon Sword Tournament?

 Then Melhayes looked prepared.

'Master Anos. With all due respect, I beg to differ. Would you please refrain from participating in the Demon Sword Tournament?


'It may be insignificant to you, but to the Unificationists, Anos-sama is a light. We cannot extinguish that light here and now.

 Melheis is a unifier.
 That may be partly due to his doubts about Avos Dyrhevia.

 But at the root, he may have a heart that doesn't think well of Dilheid, which is ruled solely by the royal family.

''I don't mean to set the imperialists on a roll.

"You will win. Whatever happens, you will never lose the game. But that doesn't mean you'll win the game.


"You want to beat me by the rules?

'You may think it's ridiculous. But even if the winner is obvious, the fact that you lost the match is enough of an achievement for the Imperialists...

 They're the kind of people who put blood before merit.
 I wouldn't be surprised if they took those steps.

'Then I don't think they'd rescind their recommendation if I tried to turn it down, would they? Or maybe you'll tell them I escaped.

If you don't show up for the match, I'll take care of the rest. Please have mercy on me.

 Old Seven Demon Emperor would have a certain amount of power. I guess he can do that much.

 But, oh dear, it's a troublesome thing.
 Well, it's not that I want to participate in the Demon Sword Tournament in any way, right?

''I'll think about it.''

Thank you.

 Melhayes bowed deeply.