48-Mischa's question

 After talking to Melhayes about one thing, I came back to my house.
 I open the door and go inside. Normally, my mom is the shop keeper, but the shop is already closed at this time of day, so there's no one there.

'Welcome back,'

 The voice sounded indifferent.
 It was Misha who popped up from the kitchen.
 I was slightly surprised.

'What's going on?'

'Cooking Practice'

 Then my mother comes from the kitchen.

Welcome back, Anos," she says. It's almost ready to eat. I made it with Misha today.


Your mother taught you how to cook?

 Kokoro, Misha nodded.

The other day Misha-chan said she wanted to cook a delicious meal for Anos, so I invited her mother to come over when she had time. I invited my mother to come over when she had time to spare.

 I didn't know we had that kind of appointment. I didn't know that.

'Okay, mom, I'll finish up dinner.

Me too.

'You'll be fine today. The rest of the day is easy for Misha. Can you talk to Anos?

 Misha thought about it for a moment and nodded his head in agreement.

'Oh, Anos, welcome back.'

 Dad came in from the workshop after work.

I'm home.

I hear you've done something amazing again. Was it a magic sword tournament this time?

 Dad said, and she gave him a big smile.

'Yes, yes it was! Congratulations, Anos. Today, Emilia-sensei came to congratulate me. Only two students in our class were chosen, Anos-chan, you are really a genius!

 Mom hugs me tightly.
 It looks like she really wants me to participate in the magic sword tournament, coming all the way to tell my mom and dad.

"I don't know if you'll be attending the sword tournament yet.

'What? Why? Because if you perform well in the Demon Sword Tournament, it's easier to become the Demon Emperor, right?

 That's a new one for me.


 I asked Misha and he nodded his head.

''To become the Demon Emperor, you need achievements. Your performance in the Demon Sword Tournament will be taken into account.

 I see.
 Well, even in times of peace, you still need some strength.

"I don't have a sword for the time being.

 Let's just say that for now.

"You can trust your father with the sword. What kind of sword do you need?

 Even if I was going to get out, it's not something I could honestly leave to my dad....

'I can't do that with a normal sword. It's a magic sword that the participants are carrying. They'll break it just by hitting each other.

 Dad crosses his arms and thinks.

'Is that what you call a magic sword? My father has heard of swords made of a special metal, right? They say it can cut through steel with a snap.

 My dad's knowledge of blacksmithing is from the land of humans. Even though it's a demonic sword, it's not a sword with magical power, and I'm only aware of the fact that it can cut well.

''Good. Dad, I'm going out for a bit.

 Dad has a look of pride on his face. I have a bad feeling about this.

'We're going to dinner now...?'

Isabella. I'm going away for a few days. You got the store for me.

 Dad said this in a manly way, and she smiled.

"Yes, dear. Goodbye, my dear.

 It seems to be something to get excited about, but with the sword my dad made, it will definitely be snapped by the demon sword.
 In the first place, it's a complete waste of time since you don't even know if you're going to participate in the magic sword tournament yet.

''Father. As for the sword, it doesn't mean anything if you get it.

No, no, I'm not saying that. Father, I just remembered some boorish business. It has nothing to do with the sword.

 Why are you suddenly away from home for two or three days on a wild goose chase?
 That excuse would be too absurd.

''In the first place, even if I had a sword, I wouldn't be able to attend the Demon Sword Tournament.

I know, I know, and I'll take it from there when my dad gets home.

 I slap my shoulder and Dad smiles radiantly.

'See you then, I'll leave you in charge of your mother while he's away.

No, Dad.

 Then he slaps me on the shoulder and smiles brightly.

"So long, Dad, you'll be in charge of her while you're gone.


 What the hell is going on?

You see, Dad. I'm not...

 Then he slaps me on the shoulder and smiles brightly.

"So long, Dad, you'll be in charge of her while you're gone.

 A broken magic doll.


 Dad gave a gulping thumbs up as if he'd been waiting for those words.
 Oh, dear. Oh, God, I'm losing you forever.


 He opened the door and Dad walked out.


 Hmm. Oh well.
 If I can get a good sword, even if it can't be used for the magic sword tournament, it will still make me a good blacksmith.

 It seems that my father has little interest in making the shop big and profitable.
 It's not a bad idea to get him to work hard once in a while.

 First of all, how can I stop my dad from misunderstanding me?

Okay, Mom, I'm going to finish dinner.

 Mom went back to the kitchen.

'Will you be at the magic sword tournament?'

 Misha asks.

'I heard that the royalists are planning to beat me at the rules. Well, I don't care what kind of unfavorable rules you have, I'm not going to lose, but it's not like I'm going to have any advantage if I get in.

 If this is what Avos Dilhevia is trying to do, we can go along for the ride. Hopefully, I might even show my tail.
 But regardless, if the royalists are just doing this because they don't like my presence, there's no reason to participate.
 I'm sure you'll be able to take Melhayes' advice if it's a worthless game.

 If that's the case--

Come on.

 As I said this, an owl came in through the window. An errand boy.


 <As soon as I sent the command via thought communication (leaks), the owl flew away.

"Misha, the academy is closed tomorrow, isn't it?

 Misha nodded persistently.

'Do you have any plans?'

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

'Then why don't we go play?'

 Misha stares at me with a blank expression on her face.

'....Going out?


 When she answers, Misha falls silent, as if thinking.



 Misha shook her head, a little flustered.


 She smiles as she says this.

'Is there anywhere you'd like to go?'


So, what do you want to do?


 Hmm. It's not greedy.
 But it's Misha's situation. It's just that she's not very good at it.

"What do you want, Anos?

'Yes. Anything, but if I had to force it, I'd do whatever Misha likes.

 Misha's eyes blinked a little in surprise as she said this.



"...I think it's boring...

Sometimes it's fun to do stupid stuff.

 Misha smiled smugly.

'Anos is kind.'


 Nodding, Misha nodded.

I'll tell you.

 Misha continued to ask with a look.

'My favorite thing,'


Not yet. The secret.

 So we'll see what tomorrow brings.


 Misha is staring at me.
 I waited to see what she would say, but she didn't say anything.

 But you want to ask her something.

What's the matter? If you have a question you want to ask me, you can tell me.

 Then Misha said, looking a little embarrassed.

''Well what kind of clothes do you like to wear, Anos?''

Clothes? Yeah. I'm not one to care about the appearance of anything else, but if I had to say it was a frock coat.


 Misha's eyes fluttered in surprise again.
 Then she said a little anxiously.

''.........suits me.......?''



 That's when we both realized that our conversations had completely passed each other by.

'Are you talking about the clothes Misha wears?'

 Misha nodded his head.

'That being said, I'm not sure about women's clothing.

...What color is your favorite?

 If you mean with Misha's clothes.

'Well..... White is good. You look good in your normal uniform, too.

 After rolling her eyes a bit, Misha scowled.
 Then she said.

'Do you like the skirt or the pants?'

Well that's the first time you've ever asked me that question.

 Misha takes a step closer to me and stares into my face.

'Which one do you like better?'

 Hmm. I feel like you're going to insist on this at any time.

'I don't know which one you're referring to, but...'


 Misha looked into my eyes as she asked.


 Misha continues to ask.

'Do you like hard clothes?'

 When you say firm, do you mean formal wear, etc.
 Well, it's not bad, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to like it.

'Would you like something lighter?'

 But I usually don't even think about it much.
 If you ask me one question after another, I'm not sure which one is better.


 Misha said before I could answer, and she pulled back.

'Anos-chan, Misha-chan. Dinner is ready!

 I heard my mom's voice from the living room.

'Want to go?'

.... are you done asking questions?

 Then Misha laughed and said, "Hmmm.
 He headed to the living room alongside Misha, who seemed to be having a little more fun than usual.