49-Legendary appraiser

 After all, Dad didn't come home yesterday.
 He is a blacksmith by trade, so I don't think he would do something so stupid with a sword. I think so, but I'm vaguely worried about that.

''It's a strange feeling.

 If something goes wrong, it's on me to do something about it. There was no reason to worry about it, right?

Anos. Misha-chan is here to pick you up!

 I could hear my mom's voice from downstairs.
 I left my room and went down to the store.

 There, Misha and my mom were there.

'Good morning,'

 Misha says.
 She's wearing a white dress with a bow tied into a fluffy vertical roll.

'That's an outfit I don't see,'

"....new clothes...

 I see. No wonder I thought the dough was so fresh.


 Misha asks, looking up.

'No. You look good in it. Nice outfit.'

 She spluttered, a little embarrassed.

'Anos likes it.'

Me? Well, it sure sounds good, but you hardly answered Misha's question after all.

 Then Misha laughs, just as she did yesterday, "Hmph.

'I can see it in your eyes.'

Is that so?


 I didn't think I'd come to any conclusions, but I didn't expect him to see into my heart.
 It's just as well you have a good eye for evil.

I'm sure you've noticed. I'm so happy for you, Misha.

 Misha's talent is quite impressive. If she grows up correctly, she will have the potential to close in on the demon race of the mythical era.


 Misha looks satisfied with my words.

'Well, Mom. I'm off.

Have a good day.

 She smiled and sent us off.

'Well. You're going to tell me what Misha likes to do, aren't you?

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'This way.'

 Misha shows me around.
 I walked with her, looking forward to seeing where we were going.

 Eventually, we come to a place with many shops. This is the Mid-Hayes Shopping District. It's probably the busiest place in the area. There are a lot of people coming and going on the street.


 Misha stopped in front of one of the shops.
 There was a sign that said "magic model shop 'Sohryu no Furusato'".

 It's quite a large store.
 When I went inside, the owner of the store, a woman wearing a hat, turned to me.

''Oh? Misha, come in. Are you going to make more today?


Thank you for everything. I've already found a buyer for the magical model of the castle you made for me the other day. You've been a great help.

 The female shopkeeper opens the door in the back.

''Speaking of which, is this brother over here Misha-chan's boyfriend?''

 Misha turned to me once and shook her head bobbing.


Anos Voldigord.

 The owner smiles as I say this.

I'm Melissa Nomad. It's nice to meet you.

Yeah. So what's the magic model anyway?

 When I asked, Melissa made a surprised expression.

''........Who doesn't know about magic models nowadays? Your brother, you're not from Dillhade, are you? Where did you come from?

 It's two thousand years old. And you wouldn't believe me if I said something like.

It's from a frontier city on the human continent of Azéon.

Oh. I see. So, Misha-chan came to show her brother the magic model.

 Misha nodded his head.

'Then here you go. No one is using the workshop right now.

 Following Misha and Melissa, I walked into the workshop.

 There are several magic circles painted on the floor of the workshop. It's a limited magic circle. The location and the type of magic is limited, but the amount of precision magic can be used.
 There is also a long table and shelf, and on top of it is a spherical glass.
 Inside the glass are small buildings, trees, and flowers. It was as if the landscape had been cut out and shrunk.

'Well? This is the magic model. Isn't it amazing? By the way, Misha made one the other day.

 Inside the glass sphere that Melissa indicated was an ice castle built in the forest. It was a smaller version of the Demon King's Castle that Misha had built during the recent squad-based test. The background is a forest of demon trees.
 There is a paper on the table that has been sold.

I see. <I see.

 Misha nodded.
 Making something of huge size with requires a considerable amount of magic power and an understanding of magical formulas, but making small, detailed things requires even more power. That's why you need a limited magic circle.

'The smaller and more precisely made magic models are better made.

 That's how difficult it is.
 Indeed, the magic model that Misha said she made was small enough to fit in the palm of her hand, yet the details were quite detailed.

''Is this what Misha likes to do?''

I like to create details.

 Misha's inflectionless voice is more bouncy than usual.


 Misha holds up her hand and activates a limited magic circle.

''Dinner together.''

 <The Creative Architecture (Ibis) is exercised, and a glass sphere appears first. The living room of my house is constructed inside it. There are many dishes on the dining table, surrounded by Misha, Sasha, Ray, Misa, my mom and dad. This was the scene the other day when we all ate together.

 Misha does it easily, but it's pretty hard to create the details of something that actually exists with just an image. I guess she has the ability to instantly remember what she sees.

 But still, she seems to be enjoying herself more than ever.
 Misha's normally expressionless face has a slight smile on it. That gaze was seriousness itself, staring at the magic model.

 Suddenly she stopped exercising her magic and turned to me.

''Is it boring?''

 He looks a little uneasy.

No, it's interesting. I know it's just for fun, but the pursuit of smaller and finer details is the key to exploring the depths of Ibis.

 Huffing, Misha laughs.

'Anos likes magic.'

'I don't think so, but...'

 Misha shook her head.

'I like it.'

 Hmm. I hadn't thought of that before.
 To me, magic is like breathing.

"Is that what it looks like?

 Curtly, Misha nodded.

'Then maybe you're right.'

 You never know who you are, you know.
 If Misha says so, it's worth considering. 

 She resumes her magic again.
 A few minutes pass, and finally my figure appears on the dining table.

 The magic model was complete.

It's done.

That's pretty good.

 I look down at the magic model that Misha has created. The living room inside the spherical glass is elaborate to the smallest detail. There are not many people in this day and age who can use this level of "creative architecture (Ibis)".

Do you want to try it?

If I do this, you'll create a unique piece of work.

 Then, from behind me, I heard an ah-ha moment of laughter.

''That's a big one, brother. But the history of magic models has been going on for 500 years now, it's not that easy!

Really? So, can you show me the most outstanding magic model?

We don't have the best ones here, but we have some great ones. Some people might even say they are the best. Follow me.

 Melissa happily turned on her heel.
 I followed her and came to the place where the magic models were displayed.

 The store is larger than I expected and is crowded with people.
 I'm not sure if magic models are the rage in Dillhade.

I'm not sure who the creator is," he said. The creator is unknown, but it is called a fantastic piece of art, and it is said to have been made by a famous magician who spent decades creating it.

 Melissa leads me to the interior of the store.
 Then, unlike the rest of the works, there is a line of beautifully decorated magic models.
 Probably an expensive item.

 If you go further, you will see a corner that is richly decorated.
 I'm sure you'll find a man standing at the spot where the magic model is located. It's an elderly gentleman wearing a monocle.
 He is accompanied by a man who looks like a shopkeeper next to him.

'Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't think about it. I guess I'll have to wait a bit.

 There's only one person looking at the magic model.
 You don't have to wait, you can usually look in.

'Isn't that what we're looking for? I suppose it's available?

It's a bit. He's a famous appraiser. Demille Graha is known all over the world. They say he's a legend, you know. In his opinion, I'm the best magic modeler in the business. So, it's a bit rude to see them together, I guess.

 So you're getting special treatment.
 Well, I can see it from here.

...Oh.... As is to be expected, it's a rare gem.

 Demir, who was staring at the magic model, said.

'I didn't know it was as big as your little finger, but it's so precisely crafted, and even the inside is faithfully reproduced. If the delzogade is as old as the rumors say, it must have been built more than a few hundred years ago. It's amazing. There are probably only five people in the history of the world who could have used such an Ibis," he said.

 Curious about how much it was, he looked at the magic model with his far-seeing magic eye.

''That's one of the ten fingers in magic models?''

Brother, can you see? That's right. Isn't that great? I bet you regretted what you said earlier as soon as you could.

 Melissa says teasingly.

'Regret? Ha. You don't say. I can make that one up in minutes.

 Then Demir, who had been looking at the magic model intently, turned around.
 He poured a stinging, piercing gaze on the surroundings.

'Who is it? Now, who desecrated this wonderful work of art?

 At the tone of reprimand, the scene fell silent.

"Not at all. If you don't even have the courage to come forward, you are not supposed to say such a rash thing. It's a sad thing for a magic model enthusiast to be unable to have respect for a great work of art, and to speak against it.

 I called out to Demir as he turned to look at the magic model again.

'I just said that,'

 Then DeMille glared at me.

'I didn't mean to disparage that work in any way. I was merely stating a fact.'

 Demir frowned at my statement.
 Melissa, who was next to me, said as if she was flustered.

''Uh, um, brother...? I'd better leave it at that...

I'll be fine.

Hey, I'm fine. Hey, hey. Misha, tell her to stop.

 Misha stared back at Melissa.

I'm fine.

Yeah, yeah...

 Demir takes a step towards me.

'Are you a magical modeler?'

No. But this level of Ibis is easy.

 Demir laughed at the words.

'Good grief, that's totally why you're an amateur. Okay? Building a small model is a lot more work than you think. If you say you can do it, let's go to the workshop right now and see what you can do. Hmm?

That's not necessary.

 DeMille chuckles, haha.

'There, you see. You've seen it," he says, "and from now on, you will refrain from talking big. I think you should have some respect for good work and modelers.

What are you confused about? I told him he didn't need to go to the workshop, he could make it here.

 He held up his hand and drew a magic circle.
 In the next moment, a minuscule stone less than a pea grain appeared there.

''This is...!

 Demir rasped and shuddered and stared at the pebble.
 Then Melissa rushed over and bowed her head.

''I'm sorry, too! This brother is, well, he's an amateur who doesn't know anything about magic models. If you'll forgive me for that much...

 He thought DeMille was mad at him.
 But he said to Melissa, who interrupted him.

'What are you talking about?'


 Melissa gives him a puzzled look.

'You're not even close to being a magical model shop owner. If you don't see the beauty of this work, then shut up.'

 Melissa is just stunned by how much Demir has changed.

 It's not a matter of concern, Demille stares at the minuscule stone I've created.
 The magic power concentrates on the monocle of the magic tool, and he gazes intently into the magic eye.

What is this.........! This minuscule grain is a delzogade castle...! No, no, no.  Ten thousand times over, or even a million times over, I still can't see the details...

You want to see it in detail, multiply it by a billion.

Billions? You're saying that you built a magical model in the size of a billionth part?

I told you it would be easy.

 Demir's entire body was trembling with a look of sheer astonishment.

''What the hell.......a magic model of one in a billion, without even using a fixed magic circle, in an instant.......''

 Demir stared desperately at the minuscule magic model with his full magical power.
 With the magic that Monocle possessed, he must be looking at the magic model in a magnified manner.

'....wonderful....too wonderful...! What precision. How is this possible? Boy, no. Sir! Would you be able to tell me your name?

Anos Voldigord.

Anos! I want to see more of your work! I'll make you the best magic modeler in the world! Please, when you make your work in the future, could you please show me your work? I'll pay you for your money at your asking price.

 Good grief, that's an exaggeration.
 Because of Demir's noise, there is a crowd of people around us, looking at us with interest.

 I guess we should leave early.

'Sorry, but I'm not going to be a magic modeler.

'Nah........with all this talent......how is that possible.......? Wealth and fame are at your mercy!

I'm not interested, I'm afraid.

Hey, I'm not interested!

 Demir raises his bare voice.
 Pointing his finger, the magic model of the Delzogade Demon Castle floated in the air and settled in my palm.

''So, then, my predecessor, could you at least sell that wonderful work of art? I'll pay you as much as I can!

I'm sorry, but I still have a use for it.

I don't! Sir! Anos, the Great Teacher!

 He turns on his heel and says to Misha.

'Sorry. We got into a bit of a ruckus.

 Misha shook her head.

'I didn't do anything wrong.'

You got into a tizzy.

It's like Anos.

 Hmm. I'm not moving, Misha.

Let's just get out of here.


 We left the magic model shop, despite the hustle and bustle around us.