50-Black cat in cat cafe

 As they walked down the street, Misha said.

'What do you use the magic model for?'


 I put the magic model I just made on my fingertips and held it out to Misha.

It's the first magic model I've ever made. It's the first magic model I've ever made, so I thought I'd give Misha a look.

 Misha blinked her eyes with a snap.
 Then she smiled happily.

'Thank you.'

 She stared at the magic model.

"What do you think?


 Slowly, as if gazing intently, Misha changed her angle and looked at the magic model I had made from various directions.
 I watched the scene absentmindedly, but even after a few minutes had passed, she still wouldn't take her eyes off me.

 I've never seen Misha so enthralled in her work before.
 It seems she's not just interested in making them, but in the magic models themselves.



 Kokoro, Misha nodded.

'Even when you can't see it, it's well made.

 There he is. That's Misha for you.

The key to Ibis is what's inside, you see. If you're going to create a sword, you need to think about the structure of the inside of the sword to make it strong. You can't make a magic model just look good, but even if you only try to make it look like the outside, it will never look the same.

 Misha nodded his head and asked seriously.

'When you create a stone, don't create the stone,' she said. ─ When you create a stone, don't create a stone, but create the atoms that make up the stone, as they used to say in mythological times.

Who said that?

It's me.

 It's easier said than done, though, and not many people can actually do it.


 Misha is staring at the magic model again.

'If you like it so much, let's do it,'

 Just a little bit, she rolls her eyes.

'Are you sure?'

It's my way of saying thank you for sticking around today.

 <I used the magic of Ibis to make a ring with the magic model as a jewel.
 I put the ring on Misha's right index finger.

You can now see it whenever you want to. It's a tasteless ring without a shred of sparkle.

 Misha shook her head from side to side with a shake of her head and gave a modest, yet very happy smile.

'Most beautiful.'


 Kokoro Misha nodded.

''........Anos can do anything.......''

 Misha spills the words in a tone of near soliloquy as she looks at the magic model ring.

Well, it's certainly not impossible.

 Then Misha said, a little dejectedly.

'........I can't do anything.......'

I don't think so, do you?

 Misha looks at me.

'Anos helped me.


And I want to repay you.

 After a few moments of silence, Misha continued.

'Avos Dilhevia is a sham. I too want to help Anos.'

 It's a healthy thing to say.

"But Anos, who can do everything, doesn't need me.

 I see. So that's why you were depressed.
 You're as kind as ever, Misha.

Not necessarily.

 Misha blinks.

'You have a good magic eye. You are also very good at creation magic. I'm sure you'll be able to surpass me in those two areas.


I'm not omnipotent by any means. There's no guarantee that I won't be able to do something impossible in the future. In short, the only thing that makes me stronger than all the others in the world is my ability to destroy something.

 I have destroyed, destroyed, destroyed and destroyed all, and turned the impossible into possible.
 But I'm not foolish enough to think that I can do the same thing no matter what happens in the future.

 The more prepared I am, the better.

The other side of it, your creative magic might come in handy one day.

 Of course, that would require Misha's growth, though.

'If you want to help me, you'll have to go further into the magical abyss.

 Misha nodded, as if determined to do so.

'Hang on,'

 With a strong will in her eyes, Misha says.

'I keep getting it from Anos. But someday I'll pay you back.'

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

 Then I heard a meow.
 A black cat was peeking out of a window of a building. The sign said "Cat Cafe 'Matotabi-tei'".

'.........nyaa, nyaa....

 And Misha mewed and called for the black cat. But he pulled back from the window.


 Misha's shoulders slumped.

'Shall we go in?'


Yeah, that's where we're going.

...Anos likes cats too...?

That's about it.

 When I entered the Again Tabi-tei, I heard a cheerful voice saying, "Welcome!
 There were a number of cats walking around inside the restaurant, and Misha was calling out "nyah, nyah" incessantly.

 As she sat down, one of the white cats wandered over and climbed onto her lap.

'Look, Anos,'

 Misha said happily.


Good for you.

 She smiled and nodded.

'Meow? Meow?

 Misha pats the white cat's head good-naturedly, mimicking the cat's purr.
 Naturally, there's no way she's going to reply, and the cat just relaxes in Misha's lap.

 I order a cup of tea at random, and the black cat jumps on the shelf behind me.
 It's the one that peeked out of the window a while ago.

'Good job, Ivis.


 Misha looked at the black cat in surprise.
 Then it opened its mouth and spoke.

'Please forgive me for defiling Your presence in this way.

I'm fine.

 We can't let them realize that Ivis is alive, you see.
 The reason I met him in person like this instead of communicating with him through magic is so that Avos Dilhevia wouldn't find out.

 I flew an owl into town yesterday as a signal that I wanted to meet him.
 I've made an arrangement with Ivis to find me and contact me when he sees me.
 This is what I told him when I handed over my memories to him in a previous thought transmission (leaks).

 That's why I asked Misha to accompany me today and wander around the city until Ibis contacted me.

'What did you find out?'

''There was something inexplicable about one of the Seven Demon Emperors, Melheis Bolan. He belonged to the Unification Faction, but he wasn't the head of the Unification Faction.

 Hmm. It's indeed a strange thing.
 No matter how much of a Unificationist group they are, it's not like the most powerful seemingly seven demon emperor isn't at the top.

''Then who is that head?''

I looked into it, but I couldn't figure it out. The head of the Unificationist Party never appears in public. On the contrary, no one in the Unification Party seems to know who he is.

And Melhayes?

Looks like it.

 That's nothing short of suspicious again.

''Well, if it's someone from the current Demon Emperor, it's not hard to understand. If they find out that he's the head of the Unification Faction, he could lose his position as the Demon Emperor.

 The Seven Demon Emperors would be the Seven Demon Emperors no matter what, but the Demon Emperors were replaceable.

''But if they don't even let you find out who they are, they must be demons from the mythical age.

 It could be Avos Dilhevia.
 If that's the case, what's he up to at the head of the Unity Party?

 Were you trying to control the balance of power between the Imperialists and the Unificationists?

We've learned one thing. Melhayes has lost my memory. And there was only one source.

Have you been contacted?

'Oh. I think he saw the source of me firsthand and realized that I'm a demon king of tyranny. He's most likely an ally, but I haven't told him about you.

 Ibis is waiting for my orders.

'Find Melhayes. There's also the head of the Unity faction. I've scrubbed my memory, but only on the surface. And it's possible that he didn't let me read it in a different way than the fusion of roots.

"As you wish.

What else did you find out?

'One. I had some information that might lead to the head of that unity group.

 Just as the waitress brings the tea she ordered.
 As she walked away, Ivis began to speak again.

'There is a magic clinic in this city called Log North. It was built by the Demon Emperor Elio at his own expense, and is reputed to have the best treatment in Dilheid. However, the Demon Emperor Elio is only a puppet. It seems that there's another demon race behind the scenes.

You're not gonna find him if you keep looking for him.

 Ivis nodded.

'It could conceivably be the same person as the head of the Unity Party.

All right. What else you got?

There are a few things, but I'm not sure what they are yet.

Now, one more thing. Find out about the Demon Sword Tournament. Especially if the Seven Demon Emperors haven't bitten a piece.

"As you wish.

 Ivis left through the window. 

 But an unidentified demon race, huh?
 The head of the Unificationists would still understand, but what is the purpose of the Magic Clinic?
 What is the connection between the two? Or are they both different people?

 I don't know, but I'll take a quick look at the area.

 After drinking tea and resting for a while, Misha led me to the Log North Magical Clinic.


Hmm. It's a pretty big building.

We have a lot of patients in the hospital.

 I see. However, there doesn't seem to be anything suspicious about it.
 I briefly washed the building with my magic eye, but I can only sense a weak magic power.


 Misha pointed. There was Ray in that direction.
 It looks like she just came out of the magic clinic.


 As I approached and called out to him, Ray turned to me.

'Huh, Anos? What's wrong?

I'm just walking by. What's wrong with you, do you have a cold?

 Then Ray smiles, as if troubled.

'Hey, I'm just here to visit my mom.

 You mean you're in the hospital.

Is it bad?

I was born a little frail. It's nothing to worry about.

 You don't look very happy about that.

If you can't handle it, I'll take care of you.

'Huh. Anos is good at healing magic too.

What, not that I'm any good at it, but I'll make sure you're healthy enough to conquer the Neal Mountains in a day's work tomorrow, even if you're a very sick man dying.

 Ray smiled at him.

'You're getting a little too healthy.'

True medical magic is that which makes you better than you were before the disease.

I'm just going to accept the feeling because I'm scared.

 Hmm. So it's not such a big deal.

''Yeah, it is. I was going to tell you, but I may not be participating in the Demon Sword Tournament.

 For a moment, Ray's expression clouded over. But it quickly returned to a smile.

'I see. Well, we'll deal with it another time then.

You're not going to ask me why?

'What? Oh ... why?

Sort of.

 Ray seemed to have been caught off guard.

''Well I guess you can do whatever you want Anos.

I thought you were going to ask me to leave to settle this?

I don't like to force myself on others.

 Hmm. Well, that's typical.

So I'll see you at the Academy.

 Ray left.

'What do you think?'

 Misha said when I asked.

''Well that was a little different than usual.''

It looked that way, didn't it?

 He acted as if he had something to be guilty of, but what was going on?

 Normally, this wouldn't be much of a concern, but places are places.
 I'll have Ivis check it out, just in case.