<The Abyss of Craving.

 I make my way through the branches and leaves of the treeline and descend straight to Aeneilia.
 On the land of the ship, my father is holding my mother in his arms, watching over her anxiously.

 Slightly, Mom opens her eyes.
 With a look of pasted-on despair on her face, she spoke bitterly.

 With unfocused eyes, Mom is looking at the distant past.

'I've been looking for someone to say it's okay to be me ... someone to say sweet words to me ...' ...You were in love with love and you wanted to turn away from reality.... My child is a disaster that will destroy the Silver Water Holy Sea...

Isabella. It's okay. It's all right.

 Dad hugged her tightly and called out.

"Hey, we met, we met. Remember? Loza, in Azegion. In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the church, you--

 Suddenly, Mom's gaze catches Dad's.


Who are you?

 Dad is stunned.

'Why are you here........?'

 The words trailed off, and Mom huffed and fainted again.

'It's all right. There's nothing to worry about, Isabella.

 Dad is talking softly to Mom, who is unconscious.

 I landed on the ground of the tree-ship and touched her hand to her forehead.

 Has the fever subsided somewhat?
 The Craving Abyss that had been rampaging in my womb has weakened.

 You'll be able to see that your mother, who is remembering her memories, may be subconsciously controlling the Craving Abyss.
 I've been recovering well, but I've been getting better.


 This is a thought transmission from Parrington.

I've successfully infiltrated the research tower. It may have been confirmed there as well, but it seems that the two pretenders were engaged in an encounter with a squad of rabid beasts. I don't know if they're still alive against the inviolable territorial waters, but I'll send the assassination idols over there.

 Legionnaire Lekol and Barzalondo's men look for evidence that Ewezeino is the mastermind of the Fallen Fallen's destruction.

 If the Mad Beast Squad is involved in it, they will successfully get him to confess.

 Upon entering the research tower, Parrington's target was the warden, Dominic. 

"What is your sister's condition?

''He seems to have calmed down about the , but now the has affected him greatly. I couldn't recognize my father.

Right now, it's still being pulled by the effects of the and it's only temporarily so.......

 If this continues, my memory as Isabella will be completely erased, huh?

''..........Although Anos and Gusta are connected with the , the days that my sister lived as Luna Arzenon were 22,000 years. It must be much longer than the current life in the Militia world........

Does this mean that Luna Artenon's memory has the upper hand?

"...unfortunately, I'm afraid...

 There's still time.
 In the meantime, we can destroy the bosom phoenix and cut off the .

''Why are you being so serious? ''Don't be so serious! Me and Isabella have been together for ten or twenty years, you know!

 Dad says to cheer us up.

"Gusta. Didn't you hear me? The days my sister lived as Luna Arzenon are twenty-two thousand years.

What about the 20,000? My love is a hundred million times greater, so we'll be together for two hundred million years!

 Parrington exclaims at Dad's tirade.

'Haha. Dad, that's a billion times better.

'Oh, oh well ... well, whatever! You can't measure the bond between me and Isabella by years and years. You'll be fine, I promise.

 My father hugs my mother tightly.
 As if in response to that thought, the red thread that was tied to her was shining with gold.

I'm sure it's all right. I have no problem with that.

"...do you really mean it?

 Parrington looks dubious.

''In any case, if we destroy the nostalgia phoenix, that's the end of it. Thanks to the Two Rite Pretender's rampage, the security of the research tower has been reduced.''

 I deployed anti-magic and magical barriers on my dad and mom, and then applied more
 I flew both of them and I flew at the same time and went out of the tree ship at once.

'Dominic is at the bottom of the research tower, right?'

 The shell of Jeldnula the Thunder Shell Dragon has an open mouth.

 However, it's the entrance to the building, and I'm descending straight down the Abyss of Craving along the outside of its long research tower. 

It's true, but even though the security is short, it will take at least ten minutes to get there. If the structure has changed since the old days, it will take more than that. Where is Anos now?'

We're about to enter the lowest level of the hierarchy.


 The end of the long shell was in sight.

 It's a sturdy thunder shell of a thunder shell dragon. The lower part of the shell was particularly thick.

 Originally, it would have been impossible to break it open, but it had been cracked by the Palm Demon Ash-Shroud Purple Thunderfire Electric Field (Lavia's Gilg Gaverijds) earlier.

 That's the point.
 The two-rate sword was clothed with black particles, and with the momentum of the , he stabbed into the lower level of the research tower.

 The shells shattered and I managed to break into the research tower.
 A large amount of water was entering the tower from the destroyed part, so I used Ibis to repair the wall.

 The flow of water has almost stopped.

 I look around.
 The materials of the building seem to be made entirely of Jeldnula's shells.

 Perhaps they are attracted to Parrington, or perhaps they don't expect the walls to be destroyed from the outside, but the phantoms are not in this lowest level area.

 Remove the masks and stow them into the magic circle.
 I drew a magic circle around my feet and changed from my cloak to the Demon King Academy's uniform.

 <Even though I'm hiding behind the Kaelyral, if I have my father and mother with me, they'll be able to figure out who I am.

 The less they know about my role as a Two-Way Pretender, the better.

 Besides, if Dominic wants to study the Doomed Lion of Arzenon, he has no one better to go after than me.

 He doesn't want me to get in the way of his precious research material.
 It's easier to negotiate when your cover is exposed. Or, perhaps, I can extract a price for your help.

 But if he's insane to the core, there's no way to discuss it.

 I walk down the corridor of the research tower.
 The two men in flight follow behind me.

 According to Parrington, Dominic is immersed in research here.
 If that's the case, you'll need a certain amount of magical equipment. The place is naturally limited.

 I carefully looked around the magic eye, but there was no trap.

 I'm sure you'll be able to see a door in front of you.
 An unconcealable amount of magic is pouring out of the room.

 Supposedly, this is the magic workshop that Dominic is in.

 It's locked. It's a pretty powerful magic lock.

 <I tried to use the lock, but it won't open.
 Analysis didn't fail. It seems that the magic in the shallow world isn't strong enough to solve this problem.

We'll have to do this.

 He clenched his fist lightly, and a spiral of black particles spiraled there.
 I swing it loosely and hit the door in front of me hard.

 With a bursting sound, the two sturdy doors burst open.
 A chillingly cold air flooded out to us.

 The inside is a room with magic circles painted everywhere, just like a workshop.

 There are a number of glass columns standing, and inside them is a creature I've never seen before.
 It's probably an incarnated phantom beast.

 A thick black pillar of ice stood in the center of the room.

 Light was emitted from the magic circle, and a human shadow appeared to float in the jet-black ice.
 Sleeping. What I could feel was an immense amount of magical power. The two ritual swords trembled, sensing the power of the Lord God.

 Is it Isak the Plague Man?
 We had no idea he was here.

 And what's this all about?

 The light emitted from the magic circle is a heat ray that melts the jet-black icicle.
 It's as if they're trying to force the person inside to wake up.

''Hm. I heard that Ewezeino didn't want to wake up the plague Izak?

 Skip the words.

 In the direction I was looking, there was a chair.
 A man is sitting there with his back to me.

 Only one person can enter this magic workshop.

"I'm here to see you, Dominic.

 At the sound of my voice, but Dominic didn't say anything.
 He remained seated in his chair and did not move even slightly.

 Even if you look into your magic eye, you can hardly feel any magic power.
 Is he suppressing his power, no, this is not it.

 I walk straight to that chair.
 Then I looked at the man from the front.

'It's quite a nasty one,'

 He is the same man I remember from my mother's memory, dressed in white vestments.
 Although his face is young, it is eerily earthy in color, with almost no signs of life.

 On his body, there are ten holy swords stuck in his body.
 If you look into its abyss at close range, the last drop of magical power left behind faintly spills out in a huff.

 Just now, the root source that was there has indeed disappeared.

 In front of my eyes, Dominic Artenon has perished.