483-New world school life

 Delzogade Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry--

 As I walked down the corridor, I could hear the sound of bustling talk.
 Somehow, I turned my magic eye to see that in the second teaching field, the students in black and white clothes were forming a circle.

''-- I mean, since the world was reincarnated or some other nonsensical thing happened, shouldn't we cancel school for another half year or so?

Yeah. The world was just about to fall apart, just like the other day. We risked our lives for our country, and I don't mind giving them a hard time.

Honestly, no matter how much I rest, I can't get rid of my fatigue at all. Honestly, I think we've all died a little too soon, haven't we?

I know, I know. I couldn't get up in the morning either. It's like I'm being pulled through to the other side.

'I wonder if I'm not good at resuscitation (ingal)? That's right. Can't we ask Anos-sama to take a break from all the white suits?

Oh, great, that. If you get Ellen and the others to tell me, I might be able to make it work.

'Hey, hey. Why are you only wearing white? And give me a break from black clothes, too.

Well, because, you know, the white coat is too weak. The black-clothes are completely descended from the primordial blood, so they're very resilient.

That's not good enough. There's no relationship between the royal family and resilience!

Ah, criticizing the royal family.

I'm going to tell the doctor.

Discrimination is not good!

 The classroom was filled with laughter.

'Well, but it's really nice to have peace, isn't it?

What's wrong with you, pining?

No, because... If you think about it, your time at the academy has been absolutely too harsh.

'If we go to Azation, we'll be locked up by human soldiers and there will be a war. Just when you think God has become a teacher, now we're going on an expedition to Ahartheln.

The canopy of the Earth's depths is falling down, and we're at war with a 2,000-year-old wizard king, and at the end of it, we're at war with a god.

I thought I was going to die for real. I mean, I died ten times.

I won. I won 11 times.

I'm not competing...

''That's also because Anos-sama was a student and a teacher, but now that it's peaceful, you're indeed no longer at the Demon King's Academy.

I guess this means we won't have to go through another hellish class!

Oh, farewell to our gray youth!

Goodbye, demon king! Good luck, tyranny of the day!

Welcome back, rosy youth! Nice to meet you, sunshine academy life!

 With a clatter, I opened the door.
 When I stepped into the classroom, the students in black were looking at me with faces drawn back in fear.

''Well... well... the Demon King... ah, ah, Anos-sama...''

What's... what's... what's... what's going... here?

 A dismayed voice leaked out from everywhere, making unmatched sounds between the roots of my teeth.

 I look back at Sasha, who has a dumbfounded expression on her face at the entrance.

What's the matter, Sasha? What are you just standing there for?

 Thanks to Sasha blocking the entrance, neither Misha nor Arcana can get in.

'I just thought you could have waited a little longer. You scared me.

 Sighing, Sasha walked into the classroom.
 Misha and Arcana followed behind her.


 Unlike two thousand years ago, we don't have to prepare for emergencies all the time.
 You can't blame me for being a little off the hook.

Well, don't be so hard. Did you think that I would be offended by a little bit of flirting? I have not forgotten what you have done for Dirhade.

 I tell the students who are trembling with fear.

'.........this achievement.......'

That's a clean slate...

The next time you miss...

Instant death!

 Everyone looked as if they had been thrust into the depths of fear and gulped.

''Haha. What are you misunderstanding? How pleasant your merry voices are! The sound of this peace makes my heart swoon.

 If I smiled at them so gently, they stiffened their bodies far more than before.

I'm going to die...

'No, no, no, he's the one who would turn even the collective god of gears who ruled the world into a water mill, Anos-sama...'

I mean....

"Not even the end is half-baked...

 Gulping, the students in black swallowed their spit.

 This was, apparently, a bit of an old fashioned way of saying things.
 I'll try to be more direct so you don't misunderstand.

'Don't look at me like that. I'm nice. You understand?

Yes, sir.

Of course, sir.

There is no one in this world as gentle as Anos.

Then smile. Just like before.

 Ha, ha," the students in black let out a voice.
 However, their smiles are somewhat drawn out.

''What's wrong? Don't be shy. Laugh. Or can't you laugh in front of me?

''Yeh. That's not... ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Hail, Lord Anos! Hail, Dillhade! Hahahahahahaha!

'Peace is so nice! Demon race is so nice.... Hahaha!

 The students laughed so loudly that this was still a big deal.

Hmmm ... well, that's about it. What do you think, Sasha?

'It's a perfect dictatorship scene...'

 Her stunned gaze was piercing me.


 Eight white-clad students gather in my seat.
 Ellen and the others, Anos Fun Union.

'Will you be taking classes today?'

I don't suppose you're going to be in the classroom much longer?

 The girls give him an expectant look.

'This time it's special. It's not like I'm going to be the one teaching, but it sounds like it's something I might as well be there.


But I'm so glad I'm here with you.

 Jessica and Maia say.

'How's the choir's official duties? You guys still have a lot to learn. If your academics are going to be neglected, I'll arrange for you to make adjustments?

Yeah, I'm fine! Thank you!

I'm going to complete my classes and official duties, and I'm going to do them both!

 They reply with a stern reminder.

'Be encouraged,'

""Yes, Anos-sama!"

 After saying in unison, the girls returned to their seats with bouncy steps.

''What am I going to do now, I've been gifted with Anos-sama's words unplanned!

Isn't today a good day to celebrate an ordinary day that Anos-sama was kind enough to take care of?

"Praise the Lord! The fact that you told me to encourage me on an ordinary day is like having Anos-sama cheering me on every day already!

If you ask me to encourage you every day, I'm going to get my fan union going!

You're not supposed to be working hard in class and doing official work there!

 The girls were making a great deal of noise as they squealed and squealed.

'It's so lively,'

 Rei and Misa come into the classroom and come to my seat.

"It's the opposite of what we'd be worried about without their energy.

''Haha... since it's Eren and the others, I'm not sure if it's okay to let it go unchecked, it's going to be endlessly exciting, but...''

 The girls of the fan union who are imitating me, mouthing the words "encourage" and imitating me, Mass gives them a vaguely uneasy look.

But they're doing fine as the Demon King's Choir, so they're much greater than me, right, guys?

What is there to be despised about? If you want, I'll give you a job that's good enough for you. A big role that only you can play.

Eh, no. It's impossible, it's unreasonable. I still want to learn more about it, but...

 With a quick wave of his hand, Mass shows his reservations.

'I don't think there's that much for you to learn at the academy?

''The knowledge and magical skills are enough to make it true, but I've always been active in the Unificationist movement, but that's mostly come true now...''

 Dirheid had long been divided into two halves by the royal family and the mixed bloods.

 Of course, it can't be said to have been completely unified without any problems, but as the earlier exchange between the students in white and black clothing shows, the divide is disappearing.

 At the very least, all the systems that prevented her from seeing her parents because of her mixed race have been abolished, and her longing has almost been fulfilled.

That's why I'm going to find a new dream. My dream.


 No matter what she's been put through, she's been able to look forward and do the right thing.
 She'll find her way to the right place.

What are you going to do now?

 Sitting in the front seat, Ray turns to face us.

'I've got a thought. It's relevant to today's class. If you're not busy, you can help out too.


 Laughing briskly, he replied in a light tone.

''Speaking of which, have you ever heard of the Spirit God Human Sword?''

'The last time I saw you stabbed in the Sergeeldnave, what's wrong?'

"I think it was the light of doom and the explosion of the Total Love Sanctuary's Cutthroat Sword (Ra Sencia Trealos) that sent it flying somewhere, but when I called for it, it never came.

 When Ray held up his hand, the light gathered there.
 However, the Spirit God Human Sword, which would normally be summoned, did not appear.

''I thought that maybe it was the effect of the world's reincarnation?

 I looked at Misha and she shook her head with a shake.

'I didn't do anything to Evans Mana.

''Is the Spiritual God and Human Sword broken as expected?

 When Sasha turned to question him, Ray said.

'I've been thinking about that too, but if it didn't perish, it should repair itself in time. I've been waiting for a while, but I figured it would take a little too long.

Would you like to try to find him?

 Misha points to her magic eye.

'Then after class. I'm not in a hurry.

 The Spirit God Human Sword can only be used by Rey.
 Even if someone found it, they wouldn't even be able to get their hands on it.

''Huh? Hey, the bell will be ringing soon, but Zesia and Eleonor aren't here. And Naya, too.

 Just as Sasha looked around the classroom, the bell rang.
 The door opened and Singh emerged, still giving the same swift stare.

 He stood at the podium with seamless steps.

''........Huh? Is it just Dr. Singh?

Where's Dr. Eldmead?

 At that time, a howl rang out from outside the school building.
 The sound of something spinning at high speed and coming closer and closer to me.

It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to see it.

"Ouch, firstborn, firstborn, Cutthroat King, please look ahead...!

 The sound of mirthless laughter and the screams of the female students.

 Looking out the window, I saw a pumpkin carriage racing across the sky. The word "carriage" may be a bit of a misnomer. It's not a horse that's pulling a pumpkin-shaped cabin, but a dog. It is a dog with a gel-like body.

 In other words, it's a pumpkin-shaped dog cart.

 On the goyza-dai, the Cutthroat King Erdomade, wearing a silk hat, happily waved his whip and made the dog run.
 As the dog moved its legs hard and the wooden wheels turned with a curlicue, the pumpkin dog carriage was engulfed in an immense amount of magical power and accelerated.

''Se-Senior! We're about to hit it!

 Naya emerges from the pumpkin-shaped cabin.

'Kaka-kaka, don't worry, detention. We're not going to collide, we're not going to collide at all! We're not going to crash into each other at all!

Yes. Yeah, of course.

Bu....er...hurt... Go ahead, dog. Charge, charge, charge!


 Kyaaaaaaaah," the loud scream was painted over by a thunderous sound of destruction.

 The Demon King's Castle Delzogade shook loudly, and the pumpkin dog carriage, which smashed through the outer walls, stopped in its teaching position, even as it scraped the floor.

''Omaru. Are you enjoying your new world, the unknown?

 Eldmead spread his arms wide and a few pigeons appeared out of nowhere and flew away from the window. Glitter, confetti, and ribbons were scattered around as they followed their trajectory, and janjaga-jaga-jaga-jaga-jaga, meaningless music began to play.

'This is the first day of class after the world reincarnation!

 Dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, and Eldmead hammered his wand into the blackboard, and the words appeared on it.

'Great, world, world, teaching, kneading!

Class is about to begin.

 Singh said in a calm voice.