484-Big world coach

 With a creak, the door of the pumpkin dog carriage opens.
 Naya comes out awkwardly, shrugging and bowing her head in a bowing motion.

''Oh, good morning...''

 She walked quickly to her seat and sat down.

'Now, let me give you a quick overview of the lecture.

 Eldmead begins to speak.

The Great World Ordeal is an ordeal that approaches the depths of this new world. This world that once followed the will of Eques, the collective god of the gears, has been reborn by the thoughts of many people, "The total love of the Souls (Ra Sensiya)" and "The Gentle World Begins Here (Earl Ant.) Up to this point, as you know.

 He twirls his wand around as if playing with his hands.

'What, exactly, has changed in this world?'

 The tip of the cane in his hand pointed at the boy in white.

'Answer me.'

 The boys stared and thought about it, and then said lamely.

''........Well, as far as I've seen, I don't feel that anything has changed, Dillhade and Midhayes are still the same, and even though the world has been reincarnated, I get the impression that the terrain has hardly changed at all.......''

'Yes, yes, yes. Good thing you said that!

 The student's expression softened slightly as the Cutthroat King praised him.

''It's important to note that you haven't changed at first glance. Because it's the work of the creator gods out there that have recreated the world.

 Eldmead pointed at Misha with her wand.
 She nodded dully.

''If we let the world be greatly transformed, it would be very inconvenient for those living now. If we throw people alone into the uncivilized land, there could be disputes over the ownership of land and magical resources. There are also issues such as what to do with the borders of the country. Therefore, we have basically recreated the world so that it is the same as before.

 There are some places that are obviously different from the previous world, but we'll see.
 There are other key points to be conveyed in this Great World Instruction.

'Then what has changed?

 The Cutthroat King looks at his student again.


'The parts you see haven't changed much. Then what could be changed?

 The white-clad student ponders again.

'What if it's not the visible part?'

...Did the unseen part of you change?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're getting close. The unseen part. You mean?

It's all in order, isn't it?

 The Cutthroat King grinned.

''Order! Yes, you were right! What has changed most greatly with the incarnation of the world is the law of the world, the reasoning of this world, the power that the god-tribes called order. Now, then, how has order changed?

'As I recall, what Anos-sama was talking about was that the order of the old world was to move slowly towards destruction. That is no longer the case in this new world... and the alignment of destruction and creation has become balanced...?

 Eldmead nodded widely.

'Excellent. Isn't that right?'

 The world we have created does not move toward destruction, and life continues its reincarnation.
 In the azure of the gods, they will no longer be deprived of fire and dew.

''I mean, it would have been better if there was no more annihilation anyway.

 'I don't know,' one of the students quipped.

''Sure, it would be great if we could be immortal like the God Race, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it be great if we could become immortal like the gods? You don't have to think too hard to make peace with it, do you?

"Kaka-kaka, boys. That's a good question!

 Amusedly, Eldmead lifted his lips and pointed with his wand at the students who had spoken up.

'Well, it's fair to say that the end of life is a good idea. If only the end of life could be eliminated, most of the problems would be taken care of. If no one dies in a fight, even the war of two thousand years ago is a game. But!

 The Cutthroat King took a huge leap and dangled his feet.
 He quickly raised his hands and a light shone on the blackboard, and the word 'Impossible' was drawn in large letters.

''I couldn't! Isn't that right, Creator God?

 Kokoro Misha nodded.

'It's impossible for a creator god to create an immortal world by his right.

You hear that, boys? You heard the man, boys. From here on out, you will be put to the test. Not even the Creator God, who created this world, has the power to recreate it at will. Even though the obstructive Eques were dismantled and the were gone.

 Erdmeade says, with the utmost eloquence.

'Why? Why can't a creator God be free to create the world he wants? Hmm? Wouldn't it have been nice to be able to create the world the way you wanted it to be?

 The Cutthroat King turned his gaze to the students.
 They all had serious expressions on their faces and were contemplating why.

''What do you think? The Legendary Brave.

 Eldmead pointed to Ray.
 This is still only known to me, Eldmead, Singh, and a few others.

 He would be hearing about it for the first time now in this class.

'Does this mean that the Creator God is also bound by the order of the world he has created? As long as the world already exists, it will inevitably be affected by that order, and we cannot deviate from it in any significant way.

'Correct. But here's another pleasant question.

 Kaka," chuckled Eldmead, pointing at Sasha.

'Which came first, the world or Militia, the god of creation?

The world. The world existed before Militia was born, and there was already a previous god of creation, Elesia. When the old world reaches its limits, the creator gods perish. When the old world reaches its limits, the Creator will perish, and the Source, which came so close to perishing, will be the last one to create and give birth to the next one.

 It's about his own birth.
 Sasha answered easily.

─ Why don't we go back in time to the beginning? Then let us go back in time to the beginning, how did the original creator God come into being?

 Sasha choked on her reply.
 Militia's mother, the previous creator god, Ehrenesia, spoke as Sasha had just answered.

 But there is no way to know how the first god - the original creator god - was born.

''Well we don't know... there's no way to know for sure...''

'Kakah, sure, sure. It's hard to find out. Then what hypothesis can you come up with? Was God born first, or was the world born first?

 Sasha opens her mouth as she puts a hand to her head.

'If anything, I think it's God...'


Because if there's no order in the world in the first place, the world will collapse. It just can't be expected to last until God comes into being.

 Without order, the world will perish.
 It is obvious that the world cannot last long without God.

'Let us assume, then, that God was born first. Was only the Creator God born, or were the other gods born with him?

 Eldmead refers to the Mass.

''........Um, I think it's just the creator god. I feel that no matter how much, it's not easy for a lot of different god families to be born at the same time, even if it's a coincidence......

'Kaka, good answer. Then the final conundrum, how did the Creator God come into being?

 Eldmead pointed at Naya with his wand.

'What do you think, detention?'

Well, what do you think? Were you born with a po-po?

 A moment of silence.

 A gush of gushing voices overflowed from the entire classroom.
 Everyone laughed at the unexpectedly rare answer, with Eldmead being the most gutted of them all.

''Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka! You were born with a plop, God the Creator. I was born with a pop. No, no, detention, what's that sound, what is it?

What is that noise? I think it's the sound of something... when you're born...


 A giggle could be heard from the students as they chuckled.

''I'm sorry...''

No, no, no, you're right.


 Naya looked at the Cutthroat King with a pout.
 'I don't know if there was a noise,' he said, grinning.

I don't know if there was a sound, but I'm sure it was something. I don't know if there was a sound, but there was something, and if there's nothing, nothing happened. In other words, there must have been something there all along that allowed the God of Creation to be born.

 Eldmead takes his wand and puts his weight in his hands.

'What does it take to make a popping sound in an empty world, detention?

"....sound order...? Like the Gospel God?

'Yes, yes, yes, order! At least something like it existed from the beginning, before this world was created. Otherwise, it's hard to imagine a creator god being born. No, no, but I'm in trouble for thinking that way.

 Shaking his head from side to side, Eldmead smiled, as if he were amused and couldn't help but smile.
 Then he looked forward and said, "If order already existed before this world was created, then there are others.

'If order already existed before this world was created, isn't there something else that exists?'

 Naya gasps.
 The whole classroom begins to buzz.

 The congenial atmosphere of the previous days has been replaced by a sense of tension in this place.

''.........There are the gods, the divine race.......? Outside of this world...?

 Naya asks.
 Erdmade laughed as he answered correctly.

''In the first place, who embedded that cog in this world's divine race? Coincidence? No, no, I think it's a miracle now. Then who woke it up? Eques said he consumed the fire dew he took, but is that really true? Indeed, the fire dew has completely disappeared from the azure of the gods and from the earth. But it makes sense to think that it didn't disappear, but was moved. With what intent? Who tried that?

 Eldmead sends his magic to the blackboard with his wand.

'So the bottom line is this.

 A large circle was drawn on the chalkboard, on which was written Militia's World.
 Then, next to it, another circle was drawn.

 '?' in the center. and the Cutthroat King dunked there with his staff.

''Doesn't another world exist outside of this one?''