485-Devil train

 Silence covered the entire classroom.

 What was going through the minds of the students when they heard that another world existed?

 At the very least, they didn't seem to be optimistic, they all seemed to realize that this great world lesson was very different from their normal classes.

 Naya asks.

'No, no, no, I don't know what kind of world you have in mind, detention. Doesn't it make your heart skip a beat? An unknown, unexplored, unexperienced world could be out there! The cogs embedded in the divine race, the conformists, the non-conformists, the evolution of the world, the whereabouts of the fire and dew, and the answers to the mysteries left behind by Eques are probably, okay, surely there!

 Kaka, Kaka Kaka, Kaka Kaka Kaka and the Fierce Death King spread his hands and laughed grandly.

''Oh, it stinks, it stinks. The most dangerous smell ever.''

 With his mouth hanging open, the Cutthroat King lifted his lips and looked at me.

''I can smell the Demon King's enemies.

It's not a done deal yet.

 I say, and the tension that had been floating around the classroom eases slightly.

''Exactly. That's why we're going to find out for sure, isn't it? What's out there, what's out there?

You can't get there the usual way, can you?

 Ray said.

'They say it's outside the world, but at least no one has ever seen anything that's outside of this world. Even if it's another space or another world, it's supposed to be inside this world after all.'

You mean, the Creator? Can you explain to me in person what the end of this world is all about?


 Misha stands up and walks forward, sending his magic to the blackboard.

'Above the sky and beneath the earth's depths, there is a black sky.

 A black sky - a black sky - was added to the perimeter of Militia's world drawn on the blackboard.

The further away from this earth, the more the black sky is stretched out, the closer it gets to nothingness. It is the near infinite sky, and the divine world is here.

 The azure of the gods is added to the black skies.

There is no end to the infinitely stretched black skies.

What if we could fly faster than the black skies are stretched out?

'When you fly up from the sky, you come out from underneath the ground.

'In other words, the space in this world is not uniform, but distorted. What should have flown straight up, naturally changes direction, goes around the world and comes out from below. In other words, the world is a sphere with order.

 Erdmeade added to the diagram on the blackboard and made the world a sphere.

'Outside of this sphere, a different order from our world is thought to make another different sphere. Isn't that a different world?

'Ray's right. We can't get out of the ball the normal way.

That's where this comes in.

 Oldmead taps the wheel of the pumpkin dog carriage with his wand.

'Do you know what it is?'

 Snap, Misha blinks.

'The Wheel of Eques.'

That's correct. Suppose that someone in another world has sent Eques and the Wheel of Fate to this world. Then I thought that this wheel has the power to go beyond the world and into another world.

 Eldmead says, shaking his head from side to side.

'No, no, no, failure, failure, one more bonus, a huge failure! I took a walk across the black skies to try it out on my way to school, but I couldn't get to the outside of the world just by spinning my wheels.

Hmmm, is there really such a thing as an outside world?

 Sasha twisted her head as she said it.

'Believe that there is, and then draw your wits about you, God of Destruction. How will you use Eques to cross the world? If you can prove that it is possible, then at least it will be clear that the thing came from outside.

 Sasha turned over and wracked her brain.

'What do you think, boys? I don't care what you think. Let's try them one by one.

 Eldmead looked at them as if he were examining them to see if they were going to guess the students again.

 Just then, the door opened vigorously.

'Ah, you're late big time!

 With an expression of shame, the one who raised her voice was Eleonor, a girl with long black hair.
 What she wears is the scarlet uniform of the heroic academy.

''I overslept........I'm sorry.......''

 Zesia pops up, hiding behind Eleonor's back.

'Kaka, that's just fine. Figure out a way to get out of this sphere.

"Whoa. I'm suddenly given a question that I don't understand...!

 Eleonor looked at the chalkboard and twisted his head as if it was crappy.


 In a tongue-in-cheek tone, Zesia says without fear.

''........Introduce yourself.........can I......?''

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go ahead.

 Zesia's face lit up quickly and she turned around.

 Then another little girl walked into the classroom.

 Like Zesia and Eleonor, she wore the uniform of the heroic academy, and had bushy wings on her head.
 It's Ennesone.

 Zecia's wish to study at the Majesty's Academy, and so from today she will be studying at the Majesty's Academy.
 I'm a member of the heroic academy, like Eleanor and the others, and I'm a student of the academy's exchange program in writing.

''Well..... Some of you know me, but it's nice to meet you. I'm going to be studying with you from today, Ennesone. It's a pleasure to meet you.

 Zecia bowed with a smile like her sister.
 Together, Ennesone also bowed.

 A burst of applause overflows from the students.
 Ennesone doesn't know what to do and clenches her head wings tightly.

 Hmm. You seem a little nervous.
 Even though he's not a stranger, he may start attending the institute today.

 The first time is crucial.
 Give you a chance to integrate into the class.

So, what's this? Why is it a ball?

I illustrated the order.

 Eleonor was coyly asking Misha to explain the diagram on the chalkboard.

'I see. Hmmm, I get the gist of it! All right, but I don't think you can go out there with this one. Because that's how the end of the world is supposed to go around in circles like this, isn't it?

 Eleonor comes to a supremely straightforward conclusion.

'It's okay ... is ... we can go with that thing we always do with Enne ...'

 Zecia puffed out her chest confidently.

'Hmm? Huh? Which one is that?

Enne I'll do it....

 Zecia, in her best form, made a small forward pose. Ennesone grabbed onto both of her shoulders.

We're on our way.

 With a small rotation of their hands, they mouthed 'shupo shupo' and Zecia and Ennezone began to parade around the classroom with their hands.

I don't think that's going to do it.

 Zecia and Ennesone slumped their shoulders in a daze.

''No, she can't...''

 In the middle of the classroom, they were both depressed.

Hmm. I had to do something about that.

 As I spoke, the students all turned to me.

"It's possible. Let's give it a try.

Are you crazy? The Demon King train?

 Sasha asks sharply from next to me.

'Haha. Haha, we are going out into a world that we don't even know exists. What do you care about sanity?

That may be true, but...

 I stood up and paced loosely.
 Then I stood in front of a dejected Zesia and Ennesone.

'I'll take the lead.'

Does the Demon Train take you out of the world?

Let's do it.

 I smiled at them, and my smile returned to Zesia and Ennesone.

 I spun on my heel and made a small, peaceful forward gesture.
 Behind them, Zecia and Ennesone were in the same position.

 The students are all looking at me in a daze.

'What are you standing there for? Let's do it.

"As you wish.

 Singh, who had been watching the lecture so far, immediately responded.
 He followed behind Ennesone without losing his cold expression.

''........I mean, the height difference......''


 Sasha and Misha say.

'Oh, hey...!

Ah! All of us!

I need to make up for this.

 Nodding to each other, the black-clad students rose from their seats in unison and followed behind Shin.

 The Fan Union had already made a train of eight people, "Consolidated linkage to Anos-sama! And so on and so forth, docking behind them.

 Sasha looks at Misha and says, "Do you want to? She tilts her head. She sighs as if it can't be helped, and they get behind the Demon King train.

 Ray, Misa, Eleonor, and the other students are also in line, and one long line has formed.

 I stare ahead, my eyes sharp.

''Demon King Train, we're leaving.''

As you wish. We're on our way.

 We set off loosely, rotating our arms in a small forward motion.

"Shupo shupo,

 A heavy voice rang out, and the demon train paraded through the classroom in an imposing manner.

''........Hey, Anosk? Let me ask you something, how are we going to get out of the world like this?

"Oh, chuff-chuff.

I'm not a squeezer!


 Misha says, looking at my face.

''I mean, what does this mean that we might be able to go out of the world...?''

 Sasha pastes a question on her face.

'Haha I'm not quite sure... but since it's Anos-sama, I'm sure he has some deep thoughts...' ...?

 Misa says and Sasha looks down with a serious expression.

''Well that's for sure. The fact that you're 'shooing' so seriously means you're doing something stupid, and this is the key to getting out of the world.......

Then we'll get in on the action.

 Everyone's faces turned serious and they all shouted "shupo shupo" in unison.
 With our spinning hands like wheels and our bodies like bodies, we were like a train.

 But not yet.

"The Demon King's Army (Guys).

 The magic lines are connected and take on a shape more befitting a Demon King train.

'....I see. It's group magic.... By combining everyone's magic power and magic formula, you can go outside the world...?

Sasha, your arm is down. Misha, you're slowing down. Everyone breathe with me. All right? We're a train. Our arms are the wheels, then keep the rotation speed constant. Don't hold on, don't move away, and keep the lines even.

"'Yes! Anos-sama!

 The students struggled to breathe together, matching the speed of rotation and the spacing of the rows.

 They used the spaces between the desks as rails, and as they paraded through the classroom, the train, which started out disparate, gradually became one.

 Eventually, the mind's body was connected and the wheels of the thoughts began to spin vigorously.
 A whistle sounds. It should not have sounded, but it may have been the voice of everyone's heart.

 We were now running as a demon king train.

Good. That's good. That's good, that's good.

...? Ah....!

 Sasha gasps when she sees that I've got my feet together.


 The demon train stops and the magic line of the Demon King's Army (Guys) disappears.
 Sasha gazes intently into his magical eye.

"It's brilliant. You have done a great job of being a train. I'm not going to be able to do this by myself.

So, is this...?


 I turned quietly and said, as if to thank my men for their labor.

'I'm done playing trains,'

What's going on out there in the world?

 Sasha shouts out excitedly.

'Not so fast. It's just the beginning. It's the first day of school. First, I've arranged for Ennesone to fit in with the class.

Would you give me a heads up? I thought you were going to use magic to go outside the world.

"Ha ha. Out of the world? Was it just a train wreck? There's no way I'm going to go.

 Sasha made an indescribable expression.

''Well then, what are you going to do in the end? Do you have to start from scratch again?

'No matter. Pretty much, why, that was a big hint. It's worth a try.

 She rolls her eyes slightly.

'Um, the train?'

With a windmill and a water wheel.