486-Hope Water Windmill

 Devil's Academy back gate--

 Unlike before the world reincarnation, there are copper waterwheels and windmills standing in a row at regular intervals. With each rotation, copper-colored particles emanated from the impellers and were swept away by the water and wind.

 A sparkling path was created towards the Demon Tree Forest, and the students gasped at the spectacular scene.

''Wow, the water is flowing the other way!

It's the magical.........

 Eleonor and Zecia stare at the spinning waterwheel and waterways with interest.

 All of the many waterways led up to the ground, up to their source. As if running up a hill, the water was flowing in the opposite direction from normal.

''Not ... magic ... but ... order?''

 With a flick of her head's wings, Ennesone asks me.

It's a new order of this world created from Eques and the Wheel of Fate. It is the new order of this world created from Eques and the Wheel of Fate.

 I look at Misha and she nods dully.

'The canal door.'

 Misha chants a small chant.
 Then a large magic circle is drawn next to the water wheel and a huge door appears on the ground.

 Slowly, the door opens, revealing a channel that leads underground.

'Look closely at what's going on inside.

 Saying that, I jumped into the door in the ground.

 <Using  Above the water stream there is enough hollow space to fly through, so there is no need to worry about getting wet. 

 Everyone followed me into the doors one by one.

 Xecia says with a glint in her eye, wondering if she liked the Hope Water Windmill.

''Enne........Demon King Water Mill.......do you want to.......?

Yeah, let's do it!

 Eleonor looked at them curiously.

'Hmm? What are you going to do?

"....Zecia is a waterwheel feather...

Ennesone is a waterwheel vane two.

 The two of them jumped into a taut, careful posture, their hips and waist pressed against each other. If you shift the angle, their silhouettes are like an x-shaped mark.


 The two of them are like a waterwheel, spinning their whole bodies around.

It's a waterwheel.

 Ereonor praised it, but it was blotted out with effort.
 However, there were those who looked at the Demon King's waterwheel with adoring eyes.


 Who is this, my sister Arcana?
 Her voice, normally devoid of emotion, was certainly laced with an echo of admiration.

I'm not sure how easy it is to perform such advanced tricks. I have yet to be able to imitate it.

Hmmm...? Arcana, what are you talking about? I don't think you'll have to imitate me.

 Eleonor chuckles and holds up his index finger.

'Child of Kobuku. I suppose I want to master the joke and the art. I suppose I thought that was the way of life for people.

Oh. I see. Arcana, you've found your target.

Is that right?

 Arcana asks, as if she doesn't know how she feels.

I think you're right. Also, the child of the child's good fortune would be a bit embarrassing for even me if a stranger asked me about it.

 Arcana scowled.

'Isn't that a good thing?'

'Yes, but I think it's a bit too straightforward. Isn't there another nickname for it?

 Arcana turned over and slowly approached Eleonor.

'The Prolific Child.'

I'm getting more straight!

 Arcana's eyes fall down, as if annoyed.

'How about a regular Eleonor or something?'

"Was I the godfather who would not honor his name?

 She looks depressed.

'Oh, uh, yeah, I don't think so. Well, you know, just name it after your character.

I'm always laid back and smiling.

 Arcana stared at Eleonor's entire body, but gave him a feature.
 Then he said, as if he had an idea.

'Child of Peace.'

'Oh, yeah yeah. It's a little embarrassing, but that's what it's all about.

 Eleonor agreed and Arcana huffed.

'Should we name her after her character?'

 As he said this, Arcana began to think about something again.

'The child of strife.'

Why is it that Eleonor is at peace and I am in conflict? It's so different from my personality, I have no idea who you're talking about!

 Sasha, who was in the distance, literally swooped in and poked me hard.

 Arcana muttered as she thought about it, and Sasha exclaimed as if she had just been hit in a sore spot.

''........Anyway! Just be the child of destruction, as usual...!

 Sasha says that there is no substitute for a backbone.
 'If you're a child of destruction, you'll decide that doesn't mean you have a personality.

'Arcana. Zecia too........I want a nickname........

 Spinning with Ensone like a windmill, Zesia pulled up to Arcana.

'There are too many sisters,'

 Arcana lists the characteristics of Zesia.


Herring roe!

 Reflexively, Eleonor was shouting loudly.

''.........So, is the Child of Peace a herring?''

'Hey. Hey, don't act like you've got a good name.

 Eleonor scoffed with a smile and chided Arcana.

 Then Misha appeared between them.

'Are you watching properly?'

 She nods her head slightly.
 I told her to keep a close eye on the inside, so she must have gone to warn me.

'Zecia is........watching.......!

Ennesaone is watching you.

 Spinning like a waterwheel, they said proudly.

'I'm sorry, child of creation,'

Cha, I'll see to it. I'll get Zecia and the others to watch.

 In front of Misha, Arcana and Eleonor said awkwardly.

'Alas, we'll have to wait and see. We're already there.'

 As I said this, I saw a huge gate that opened up in front of me. The waterway stretched out to the other side where a pure white light was emitted.

 The spherical interior was lined with windmills, spinning silently.

''I've seen ... this place ...''

"Deep in the Delzogade?

 Zesia and Eleonor say.

'Ah, I have brought you the door to the divine realm that was in the black skies.

So this channel leads to the azure heavens of the gods?

 I nod in response to Ray's question as he comes next to me.

The mechanism of the waterwheel of hope is to rotate in the despair of the many orders embodied in the azure skies of the gods.

 I landed on the scaffolding in the spherical room.
 I turned to the students who had also landed on the ground and continued my explanation.

''This was originally Eques, the Beltexfenblum. If he came from outside of this world, it is reasonable to assume that a way back is prepared for him. Otherwise, we can't move the fire dew out of this world.

 Misha blinked, "Snap, snap, snap.

'The cogs embedded in the god race were not reflected in my god's eye.


 Erdmade lifts his lips in amusement.

'So you're saying that there is already a rail leading outward into the world, and it only responds to Eques and the ?

"I will transform this water mill into a train. I will transform this windmill into a train that can run on all manner of rails.

 If there is a railroad that leads out of the world, we don't know how it works, but if that's the case, we can create it so that it can be adapted to any system.

 If we try them out one by one, we will be able to pass them.
 If there really are rails, that is.

Can we do that?

 Misha nodded.

'We can rebuild it, but it's hard to move it. But it's hard to move them.

What? I've got a lot of good people in here.

 When I said that, the students opened their mouths acutely and expressed their surprise.

''.........Ah, Anos-sama......could it be that we are also......''

Are you going out into the world?

...and not just a classroom lecture...?

'Of course. That's why it's a great world ordeal, that's why it's a Demon King train. The experience of stepping into the unknown will surely serve you well even after you become the Demon Lord to rule the country.

 They looked faint.


Wouldn't it be easier to run a country...

Because Master Anos has never been there either...

 He sounded like he was retreating.

'What? I'm going to leave you behind.

 The students react immediately to my words.

'I ask all but my squad. Raise your hands honestly if you are afraid.

 A moment's silence, the students look around to see where the others are coming from.

''........Which one is this.......?''

Are you in a pattern where if you say you're scared, I'm going to show you something even scarier?

Or are you really going to leave me behind because I'm a liability...?

 They whisper and sneakily talk.
 Then one of them quickly raised his hand. It's Naya.


 The students raised their hands together as if it was now or never.
 I turned to them and said, with a smile of satisfaction, "Well done.

"Well done to all of them. You've passed.




"You are stepping into unexplored territory. "You are stepping into unexplored territory, and it's more dangerous to think that you have nothing to worry about. You who know fear are the ones who deserve to travel into the unknown. 

 The students got a dead look on their faces.

Good face. If you want to live, you are afraid first, and then you can't move. It's just as well to be afraid and prepared to die.

 More and more, the emotion has disappeared from their eyes.
 They have no choice but to do what they have to do.

 Maybe it's because of Eldmead's guidance, but it's turning out pretty good.
 It's because of this spirit that you were able to overcome the battle with Eques.

 This time too, you'll live up to my expectations.

''Misha is going to build the Demon King train now. After that, we'll have a pilot training session. Just like the Airship, we'll work together to control the train. But it won't be easy to steer. You have one week to complete it. Right?

""Yes, Master Anos."

 The students reply with authority.

'Get on with it now.'