487-Charcoal training

 A few hours later--
 In the depths of the Delzogade, there was a completed demon train, the Beltex Fenbrem.

 The base of the train is a steam locomotive that ran through Azation in the old days, with a windmill on top and a waterwheel on the sides.

 These impellers received power similar to the order of despair or the "cogs of fate" to turn the wheels. In other words, they are like detectors that catch the invisible gears.

 In addition, the body of the vehicle is equipped with all kinds of magical gimmicks that enable it to run over any bad road.
 It is no less impressive than the Zeridhavenus, the flying castle ship that once flew through the skies of destruction.

"Ka ka ka ka, you're not throwing coal. Canned firefighters, that's not going to keep the Demon Train moving at a decent speed, huh? Throw in six tons of coal a minute if you don't want to disappear into the algae dust in the sky.

 In the engine room of the Demon King train, Erdmeade said.

 The can-burners and the fireman are both in charge of throwing coal into the fire chamber of the steam locomotive with a shovel, and two students in black are training for this.

"Well, a shovel full of coal is 200 kilos...?

30 turns in a minute? How absurd...?

''I mean, why is it such a primitive mechanism........ Can't it be moved directly by magic, like the flying castle ship...?

 In a blur, the can-burners and the fireman are frantically scooping coal from the coal chamber with a shovel in their hands and throwing it into the fire chamber.

 Of course, it's not just a fireroom, and it's not just any coal.

''This Demon King train is not only powered by magic, but also by divine authority. It's a running divine realm, so to speak. It was created by the God of Creation with a primitive mechanism so that you can control it. If you connect the magic wire to move it with magic power, it will burn out your roots in an instant.

 'Kaka kaka,' laughs Eldmead, amusedly.

'You're not very accurate with your charcoal throw. Next time, go to the lower right corner E6. 'Ordered coal, so that it never gets sidetracked.'

 Behind the two students, Singh shines his magic eye.
 If the coal isn't thrown in evenly, it won't burn efficiently. As a result, the Demon Train would not be able to show its true power.

''Even if you say........but the coal is heavy, and it's hot in front of the fire chamber, so it's not like we can throw it in that well.......''

'From this shovel, it drains your magic like an idiot just by holding it and...'

 Since the completion of the Demon King's Train, the two can-burners and the fireman are breathing on their shoulders, probably because they have been training for a long time.
 We can't get much more efficient than this.

'Take a break. Instead, yes, brave canon, show him how it's done.

 The two men in black looked exhausted, and when they put down their shovels, they slumped down from the engine room and slumped to the floor.
 Other students ran over and cast a recovery spell on them.

 The rest of the students were all training to pilot the demon train in another part of the engine room.

'Okay then.'

 Ray entered the engine room in his place.

'Have you ever done this before, Mr. Ray?'

 From the open door, a resting Mass peers into the engine room.

'It's an Azation vehicle. An ordinary steam locomotive can be moved by one person.'

'Oh, I see. Next time I'm in Azation, I'd like to take a train driven by Ray-san.

 At those words, Ray smiles.


 A zanny shovel stabbed into Ray's feet.
 If it had shifted even slightly, his toes would have fallen off.

'Here you go, show me how it's done.'

 Singh's gaze, filled with murderous intent, turned to Ray.
 As he picked up the shovel, Singh stepped back again.

''.........Oh, that.......? I thought we had opened up a little bit, but...?

 Misa said in a whisper.
 Chuckling, Ray replied.

'It's okay,'

 As soon as he said it, Ray readied his shovel in a familiar position.


 Thirty cups of coal were thrown into the fire chamber in an instant with a thud, thud, thud, thud.
 Moreover, all of them were wonderfully evenly spaced.

 The flames in the fire chamber flared up vigorously and a great amount of smoke poured out of the chimney of the Demon King's train.

''How's that sound?

 Ray looks back at the two students in black.

'To put it simply, a shovel is like a sword. So if you swing it like you're handling a sword, you'll get more speed.

'I'm supposed to handle a sword...'

No I can't help you at all, but...

Yeah. That's not very helpful at all.

 Standing behind Ray, Singh said.

'From the looks of it, six tons per second is about right. I'd put in ten times that, six hundred tons.

But isn't six tons the best you can do?

 Ray glanced at the fire chamber and twisted his head quizzically.

 'It's not likely to hold more than thirty cups of coal,' he thought.

'I was hoping it would be an Azation vehicle, but six tons is the limit?

 It's a good thing that you're able to get your hands on a shovel with both hands, and as if you were handling a sword, point the cutting edge to the fire room.
 It's not just a matter of time before you get your hands on it.

''Throwing a circular spoon, the secret is one--''

 Shin's evil eye glows.

It's called "flame compression.

 The magically charged shovel, or throwing sword circular spoon, roughly placed the coal on it. The tip of the spoon accelerates at an unstoppable speed, and in no time at all the coal is compressed to a tenth of its original size.

 In the blink of an eye, countless flashes of light flashed and a great deal of coal was thrown into the chamber.
 The fire chamber was filled tightly with compressed coal. Just six hundred tons.

 The fire chamber was instantly engulfed in a raging fire, and black smoke erupted from the chimney. The engine room is filled with such heat that an ordinary demon race would melt just by being there.

''Earlier, it was said that a shovel is like a sword...''

 With a cool look on his face, Shin thrust the shovel in front of Ray's eyes as he basked in the heat of the sunshine that formed.

'A shovel is a sword. I can't let my daughter ride in your steam train that doesn't understand that.

 The bell rang.
 This is the end of today's class.

To be continued tomorrow.

 Singh walked out of the engine room and gallantly left the place.

'Shovels are swords, or...'

I'm sorry. Dad says so, but you don't have to worry about it too much, okay? It's only a steam train, but I'm too concerned about it. A derailment is nothing to worry about.

 Ray chuckled when Mass said that, as if in a panic.

'It doesn't work that way,'

 Mass blinks her eyes.

'He's your father,'

 Misa laughed happily.

''Then I'll fight with you too........''

 This time Ray looks at Misa in surprise.

'Oh, um, I mean, I'm going to go talk it over and try to soften my attitude.

Would you listen to me?

Well, I've grown up a lot, too. Stay tuned.

 Misa looks at Shin's back for a moment. 

'I'm going to go for a minute.'

 Muttering that, Misa followed behind Shin.

'Father, please wait! Let's go home together.''

 Singh stopped and quietly turned to Misa.

'Misa. At the academy, with the teacher.

Because the class is over, you know.

 As he said it, Misa clung to Shin's arm.
 The light in his eyes grew sharper.

''Well that's true too...''

But I didn't know that. I didn't know your father could drive a steam train.

'A long time ago, my dear, a little on your life. It's not worth mentioning, my dear. It's just a skill that I enjoy.

'But it's great! Let's all go on a trip together sometime!

 Misa said as if to spoil her.
 Singh looked at her, his magic eye glowing as he looked into the abyss.

''Misa. I'm not called the Demon King's right hand man either. Your heart is--''

I wish I could ride my dad's steam train.

I'll think about it.

 Arm in arm, the father and son leave in good company.

 If only they could get on Singh's steam train first, Ray's steam train would be second. He decided that if he did that, his attitude would soften.

'Hmm. It was awkward at first, but you've become a lot more like a father and son.

I mean, isn't Dr. Singh an idiot of a parent...?

 Next to me, Sasha said dumbly.

'Oh, Sasha, you don't understand. Parents are supposed to want to do everything for their children if they are spoiled.

 With a peck, Eleonor poked Sasha's shoulder with his finger.
 Then Zecia, hearing that, came running over happily.

".........Zecia, I like your .......cooking.......

"Oh, I'll make some delicious vegetable croquettes and vegetable soup for little Zecia then. I'm feasting tonight.

"....Liar...! I'm not talking about........grass.......!

 Zesia is popping Eleonor.


 Misha called out to Ray as he came down from the engine room.

'I found him,'

Sword of the Spirituals?

 Nodding, Misha nodded.

'Northeast of the continent of Azation. In the Ice Mountains.

 Misha blinked once, and a  A mountain range of ice was reflected, and she could see the Spirit God Man Sword buried in the depths of it.

''I'll be there as soon as possible.''

Strange things happen.

 Misha draws a  The destination is in the icy mountain range, near the Spirit God Human Sword, but the magic didn't work.

''........I can see in the divine eye, but I can't use ?

 Ray asks.

'I don't know what caused it,'

 Normally, if the divine eye can see it, then transference should be possible.
 Even if the magic field is greatly disturbed, there's no sign of it.

''Is it possible that someone is interfering with it?

It is. But I don't see a soul.

 Ray was serious and thoughtful.

''If it's slipping through your god's eye, then you're not just any guy.

 When I called out from behind Misha, she looked up and looked at me.

''Well, it's not like he's messing with the Spirit God Human Sword, he may simply be using this place as his territory.

If that's the case, I might have gotten you into trouble.

 It takes the form of a holy sword rammed into the territory.
 Since no one but Ray could pull it out, it would be troubling.

''If anyone is there, I'll apologize.

 Saying this, Ray draws a magic circle of  Since he can't transfer anywhere near it, he has decided to go outside the iceberg.

"Be careful. "Be careful, just in case.

 As he said this, he connected the magic wire of the Army of the Demon King (Guys) to Ray.

"I'll do it.

 Ray responded with a smile and transitioned.