482-Mother's furnace and father's advice

Good morning, Anos!

 When I walked out into the kitchen, my mom turned around.

 She had mittens in her hands and a big smile on her face, holding an iron plate with a loaf of wheat bread on it. The delicious smell of browned and baked bread was in the air.

'Good morning,'

I used the new window that Misha made for me today. It holds a lot of food.

Wow. When did you make it? No wonder you're not used to seeing--

 Sasha turned her gaze somewhat to the kitchen kamado, cut off her words and looked twice.
 She put her hand to her forehead and made an expression that said she had a bad feeling.

''........Hey, could it be?''

The "Eques Kiln

 Misha replies nonchalantly.
 'It is a Kamado created by dismantling and rebuilding Eques, which was once a cog in the world.

''Is it okay?''

There is no longer a shred of its former strength. It is a furnace that feeds the fire with despair and bakes the bread of hope. The more it is used, the more the world is filled with hope.

 But the effect is not so dramatic.
 It's only a small amount of power. However, if we continue to do so, it will turn into a great hope one day.

"Safe and sound

 Misha said, and Sasha patted her chest in relief.

You'll be able to use it, but I never imagined that your mother would use it as an oven.

 Sasha looked suspicious at the voice that echoed in the kitchen.

'Hey, didn't I just hear something...?'

It's like you still have a little bit of your old consciousness. He's just a cog in the wheel. Keep baking and you'll find out what you are.

''Even if it was, even your mother wouldn't want to use this kind of thing because it's disgusting...? Roughly--

 When Mom went to close the lid of the Eques kiln, the fire that was supposed to have been extinguished flared up vigorously.

'This little--'

 A voice rang out from the Eques oven.

'You think you can bake this little piece of bread and turn it into hope?

'Oh! Well, well, well!

 Mom raised her voice and smiled at me.

Hmmm, you're a hard worker, Eques. This little piece of bread isn't enough to bake! But don't worry, I thought you'd say that.

 Mom brought out an iron plate that had been placed in the corner.
 There were a number of shaped bread doughs on it.

I've prepared a lot of them!

"Chi-chi-chi...! In terms of not baking enough bread, I mean, gaboosh...!

 Eques emits a pained voice as the iron plates are plunged into the kamado one after another.

'Bake a lot and make a lot of peace, Eques.

"Remember, woman! This kamado fire will become a flame of despair that will consume everything.

'Oh! Well, well, well, well!

 Mom smiles again, a big smile on her face.

'It's okay, I didn't want to sulk so much. I remember when you said you wanted to roast a lot, Eques! We have so many guests this morning, we have gratin, veggies, meat and fish!

 Mom quickly brings in new iron plates.

Fufu, we've burned up everything.

"...chhhhhh...! I don't mean that...!

Yes, yes, of course. Mom, it's nice to have someone to talk to. If you're here, Eques, you'll cook a lot of food!

 Mother deftly put the iron plates into the furnace one after another.

Good for you. Have fun baking.

 Mom smiled and smiled.
 The lid slammed shut and Eques's voice disappeared.

'So, Sasha. You were about to say something?

...safe and secure...

 Misha was nodding next to him, with a chuckle.

'Anos. I'm sorry, it's going to take a little while longer, can you take your time over there?


 We moved into the living room, which was connected to the kitchen.

'Huh? Speaking of which, where's Arcana?

 Sasha looks around lightly.

'I think it's the workshop. I'm sure your father will miss it if we are too busy. He said he had some work to do that was very close to completion, but he might just throw it away.

 I sit down in my chair as I say it.
 Misha leans his face against Sasha's and says in his ear.

'Did you get it?'

 Sasha turns over, blushing a bit.

''It's not that I really wanted to...''

 Misha blinked twice with a snap.

'What's going on?'

It's not that I'm a little late, it's just ... it's not the right time. That's all.

 Misha placed her hand gently on Sasha's head and gently stroked it.


I don't really care.

 Sasha said in a lighter tone.
 He seemed to be getting strong.

'Hmm. What are you talking about?'

Well it's not... anything.

 She stagnated and averted her gaze downward at an angle.
 Misha said.

'Sasha wants to wake Anos up.

'Ahhhh, ahhh, ahhh!'

 Hurriedly, Sasha covered Misha's mouth with her hand.

''Nah, it's nothing...!


 I look at Sasha with a straight face.

'So no! Misha used to wake up Anos once in a while. I'm not a morning person, so I said something about not waking her up, and Misha suggested that I should wake her up today, so I didn't want to say no to her, so...

 Looking at Sasha's face as she spoke up quickly, she was at a loss for words and averted her gaze again, as if in trouble.

'So, just because...'

 Misha blinked as Sasha covered her mouth.

'So that's why you didn't sleep and wait for the morning.

Yeah, so it's half Misha's fault.

 Misha nodded her head curiously.
 Sasha forces it back into place and nudges it with her hand.

 Misha blinks again curiously.

''I mean, they wouldn't let me sleep because it was my turn next, so that's all I'm going to do...''

'Hmm. So you were depressed because I woke you up on my own before you woke me up.

I'm not depressed because Misha told me to and I don't really care.

That's fine, by the way.

 Sasha puts her forehead on Misha's shoulder.

'I know!'

 A loud voice said.

'I know, Dad, I know. I know what you're going through, Sasha.

 The bass is unleashed with an emphasis on austerity.

'Anos, your feelings too,'

 When I turned around, I saw my dad walking towards me with an unusually kind expression on his face.

'That's nice, adolescence,' he said, 'but from my dad's point of view, you two are a bit too dazzling. I'm sure you'll find that the two of you are a bit too bright. Haha.

 My dad's position is just backlit.
 If you look directly into the sunrise, it must be so bright.

You know what? This might be a bit of an unwanted intervention on your part. Speaking from my own experience, you might want to be more honest with each other, or else you'll find yourself regretting it. Otherwise, you know, you might end up regretting it.

'Hmm. Did I seem less than honest?

 Dad says with an understanding look in his eyes, nodding his head in agreement.

'Anos is a demon king, you know. There are some things you're limiting yourself to without even knowing it. Well, that's what positions are for,


But I know that's not what you're really like, Dad.

 Hmm. My true feelings, huh?
 It's true that our minds are influenced by our environment and circumstances.

 I'm still not satisfied with the peace of mind I've been living in, but now you know how I really feel.

You are nothing compared to the tyrannical demon king who saved the world. But I'm still your father. I've been watching you for a long time. I've been watching you for a long time, and I know what you're going through.

 Dad says with a strangely masterful expression on his face.
 That's how I saw my father at that time - two thousand years ago.

First of all. I'm sure Anos would agree that Sasha's poor little girl is so sad that I'll make it happen sooner or later, wouldn't he?

 Then Sasha turns to look at me as if to ask me a question.
 I smiled back and said.

'Well, what do you think?'

And then Anos thinks it's a pity that Misha's not sleeping anymore.

 Dad gives me a pretentious look and points to shoot me through.
 Misha nods his head curiously.

'Why did you bring up Misha?'

I know, Dad. I know, Dad, I know.

 Dad put his face to my ear and said privately.

'Hero, I like colors.'

 Dad winks.

"Dad, I think that's enough. Worldliness and all that. I thought about it. But at the end of the day, all that matters is that you're happy. I'm on your side. You'll always be on my side. So, now we're past the nitty-gritty. Now, you don't want to make one of us wait for the other, just be the tyrant of the night and save us both.

 A thump on my back and a face full of inclusiveness approaches.

'Cherish your, your true feelings.

 Father. Work.