481-Peaceful God of Destruction


 I opened my eyelids to see if it was time to get up, and my eyes met with two blue eyes.

 The little head shakes with a startled jolt, and a blonde twin-tail touches my cheek.
 The girl, Sasha Necron, stiffened wordlessly as her face turned bright red.

 Sunlight was streaming in through the window.
 The door to the room was open, and the fragrant aroma of bread wafted from it.

 Mom must be preparing breakfast.


 Lying on the bed, I called out to the girl in front of me.

''Oh ... good morning ...''

 Sasha greets me awkwardly, in a medium position, looking into my face.

 Perhaps she was in the middle of doing something, but her hands are raised slightly and she is frozen in a halfway position.

'You're up unusually early today, I see.

'....well, you know. I'm weak in the morning, but not so much at night, and if I don't sleep I'm fine...

 Sasha says, with an expression on her face that she doesn't know how to mend, "You've been waiting for me to get up?

You've been waiting for me to get up," he said. That's very generous of you.

 When she said that, Sasha's face became redder and redder.

''.........No, no, no, no! I spent the night at my place. I didn't arrive until the morning. I even said hello to your mother. You did!

What do you have to say for yourself?

 Sasha choked on her words and looked away from me.

'It's between you and me. I won't blame you for sneaking into my room at night.


 Puzzled, Sasha squeezes out the words.

''........Ki, does that mean I can come?''


 She gives me an expectant look, and I return a receptive smile.

'I won't fight them off,'


 Sasha made a dumb noise.

'What, fight back? It's disturbing...'

'I told you I wouldn't. If I detect strange magic in my sleep, I'll do something about it. I won't let you mistake your magic for something else.

 Turning over slightly, Sasha thinks warily.

'But, you see, what if he's sleepwalking or something?

"Ha ha. Hahaha, not you. Did you think the Demon Lord was going to lose sleep?

 Laughing it off, Sasha breathes in relief.

'At best, I mistook it for canon once and burned a dillhade.

You're unusually slow on the uptake!

 At close range, Sasha shouts out.

'It's a one-time thing. All sorts of bad situations have come together.'

I won't be happy if they burn our country to the ground on bad terms.

Hey, you're not too late to stop my magic in its tracks.

'Maybe so, but...'

I can easily fall asleep.

Oh, this is not good.

 Again, Sasha raises her voice to her ear.

'Hmm. You sound as commanding as ever. I'm fully awake.'

 Loosely, I raised myself up and drew a magic circle around my feet. As it went up to my head, the sleeping gown I wore was replaced with the Demon King Academy's uniform.

''Will you stop using people's voices as a wake-up call?''

 Sasha blurted out.

'So? What do you want?


'I suppose you didn't bother to sleep at night, waiting for me to wake up. Didn't you need something?

Oh, yeah. Well, um..........

 Sasha's gaze swims over as if in trouble.
 She looks like she didn't expect to be asked such a question.

'The Child of Destruction spent the whole night watching her brother sleep.


 With a ton, ton of light footsteps, the one who appeared was a girl with golden eyes.

 She has silvery white hair cut to the collar, and skin as white as it is, and she wears a transparent air.

 She's my sister, Arcana.

''I suppose I've been watching her, carrying a smile with me, without getting tired of it.


 I look at Sasha.

'No, it's not! Hey, Arcana! What are you talking about? I came in the morning. You didn't even say a proper hello to me!

 Sasha slowly moved closer and closer to Arcana.

'Don't get so excited,'

 He grabbed Sasha's head from behind and held it lightly.

''Uh ... because ...''

"I am a child of destruction.

 Arcana says, with a face devoid of emotion.

'I suppose he wanted to make a joke.


'My brother, my father and my mother, tell a joke. The child of destruction puts in something called tsukomi. Laughter abounds. I guess I envied them. But for me, it was still a tall order.

 Sasha looks dumbfounded at the mysterious Arcana.

'Then you should have said so first.

Isn't it a joke to say it first?

If anything, it wasn't as much of a joke not to say it.

 Arcana looks down at her eyes in a serious manner.

'The walls are endlessly high...'

'You don't have to worry so much about it, do you? To begin with, your mother and father are just talking normally. Even Anos is just being serious, like he's joking.

 Sasha's blank stare stings me.
 It's as if she's saying that all of this family is naturally blah blah blah blah blah in plain sight.

''If it's normal and that's what it is, is it even more amazing if I make a joke?

Well, uh, I wasn't referring to the fact that it's a flame annihilation cannon, but rather, it's a flame...

Of course.

Not of course! Will you not break my story?

 At my joke, Sasha quickly popped in.

'As you can see, Arcana. Don't worry. This is a god of destruction. He doesn't care how small the joke is, and he will destroy it.

I don't know what that means. Mostly, if you destroy the joke, it's not a bogus kill...

 Sasha blurted out.

'Don't you see, Sasha? It's not a joke you're going to destroy. You destroy the abdominal muscles and the face. That is, you destroy their abs and break their faces. That is the task of the God of Destruction in this peaceful world.

This is the first time I've heard of it.

 Sasha yells.
 I said with a casual expression on my face.

"Hey, Sasha," I said, "this is what makes the world a better place. The world is about to get a whole lot more peaceful.

You just thought of something! I swear, you just said the first thing that came to mind, didn't you?

I wonder if the God of Destruction is the master of laughter.

 Arcana said.
 I nodded triumphantly.

If you want to be a joke, then be a joke, Arcana. No matter how poorly you say it, or how little you joke about it, the god of destruction in your stomach muscles will turn it into a laugh.

Wait a minute! No, it's not--

 Sasha raises her voice as if to say there's no way she can do it.

'Child of the abs. I'm a performer who defies blurbs, a trickster who won't bat an eye.

You're not going to make me laugh?

 Arcana looked at him blankly.

'....Are you trying to make me laugh?

Would you stop rolling over in your sleep...

I think I wanted to make a joke, but I didn't mean to make you laugh. But maybe I didn't mean to make you laugh.

'You can't make a joke out of a feeling like that.

Kids with abs are hard to joke with.

 Arcana slumped sadly.

'Mo. Don't be so depressed. You'll be fine. A joke is not so difficult to tell. We'll figure it out together.

 Hmm. That's something to take care of.

"Is it good?

 Arcana asked as she looked at her face.
 Sasha responded with a smile.

'Don't be shy. What kind of jokes do you like to make?'

I don't know how I feel. But maybe, just maybe, I don't know.

 She said, thinking deeply.

'I guess they want something called an ironclad story that will make everyone laugh with one word.

I think you're asking too much for your first time.

 Huh, I heard a laugh.
 I turned around and saw Misha standing at the door.

 Her platinum blonde side-length hair billowed in the breeze that came in through the window. Her fluffy vertical rolls looked even lighter.

 Her blue eyes smiled at us.

'Arcana is funny,'

Is that right?


 When Misha nodded, Arcana's cheeks relaxed slightly.

'It worked. It must have been the abdominal boy's fault.

'If you're going to thank me, don't be the kid with the abs...'

I'm sorry. Ironborn.

You're an idiot!

 What a peaceful morning I'm having and I clear my throat.


Hmm. My mom's about to go.

 Misha replies.

'Then let's go.'

 We left the room and went downstairs.