211-Holy City Gaela Hesta

That sounds weird.

 Misha said.
 A faint, high, unpleasant sound was beginning to echo in my ears.

 In front of me, I could see a pale, white light.

''It's a dragon ring. It is a special magical sound wave that dragons emit from their throats. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. All magic power is hidden inside the dragon's domain and the power of the magic eye is dampened. It's meant to hide the nest.

 However, if you get this close, you can hear the dragon's cry, so you can see the dragon is there in reverse, though.
 It's only for the purpose of hiding the nest from the ground.

''Does that mean the dragon's nest is close?''

 Sasha asks.

'Looks like it,'

 As soon as he spoke, the dragon, which was digging to lead the way, accelerated dramatically.
 The dragon spread its wings wide. There was no need to dig anymore. A hollow space has been created in the ground.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.

"I don't know what's down there.

 Misha said as he turned his magic eye on me as well.

''We'll have to go after that dragon.

 The dragon gained even more speed as it fixed its wings and fell as it glided down.

''You're going a little ... too fast ...''


 I couldn't keep up with the speed of the dragon's flight, and the two of us began to slowly fall behind.
 When I grew to the equivalent of sixteen years old in
"Hold on.

 Sasha and Misha take my hand in theirs.

"Don't let go. Let's skip!

 I poured my magic power into it and further accelerated my  The figure of the dragon, which had moved away, was getting closer and closer.

 It's a good idea to make sure that you have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 The massive body that had been descending braked to a halt.

 Just when we had reached the dragon, our vision opened up at once.
 The wall of dirt that surrounded us has vanished.

"What is this...?

 Sasha stared downward in surprise.

 Far below, she could see green. There is a river. There are mountains. There are swamps, deserts, wastelands and fertile lands.

 It is somehow different from the earth.
 There is no blue sky, and the heavens are closed off as if covered by a hard earth.

 But underneath, there was a vast world that was inhabitable, not much different from the earth.


 Misha points to a point.

 It was a city there.
 Various buildings were built in a large circle. At the center of it all, there was an enormous castle. It was an old, majestic, and magical castle.

 It was immediately apparent that the castle was a three-dimensional magic circle, just like Delzogade.

"...I can't believe there's a place like this on the other side of the ground, a city being built...

 Sasha muttered.
 This must be the subterranean world Arcana was talking about.

 Two thousand years ago, I had examined the dragon's nest a few times.
 But at that time, no matter how much I dug, I never arrived at a place like this.

 From a quick look around, it would be at least as large as Azation and Dillhade combined.
 Even though the dragon region is inaccessible to the magic eye, if this place has been around since the age of mythology, there's no way they couldn't find it.

 A world of this scale, no matter how much two thousand years had passed, could not be expected to occur naturally.
 If it was nature in the name of divine order, though, it would be possible.


 The cry of a dragon echoes.
 If you look, that green dragon floats in front of a hole in the earth in the heavens, flapping its wings.

 From there, a pale, white light leaked out, illuminating the depths of the earth.
 It must be a dragon's nest. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 It's not just this place.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find the right one for you.

"Hmm. You can go home now.

 I turned my gaze away from the dragon and turned away.
 Then the dragon realized that I had lost my hostility and returned to the hole in the heavenly earth - the dragon's nest.

'Do you want to go?'

 Misha tilts her head and looks into my face.

'I hope I don't get paid at the door.

 We slowly descended towards the city that we could see underneath the ground.
 Gradually, that cityscape became clearer and clearer without the use of the magic eye.

 People are walking around. From a quick glance, the city is about the same size as Mid-Hays. However, the number of people living in the city seems to be small.
 They are wearing exotic attire, similar to the clothes worn by Arcana.

 Seeing that they don't pay much attention to us, it seems that visitors from the sky are not particularly unusual.
 Well, that man, Ahide, also possessed quite a bit of magical power. If he couldn't fly in the sky, he wouldn't be able to get on the ground.

''However, the magical wavelengths of the inhabitants here are similar to those of humans and demonkind.

 I thought Ahide was posing as a human, but I wondered if they were originally on the same wavelength of magic.

''If anything, it's a mixture. Nearly half human, half demon. Not exactly the same, though.''

Are your ancestors from the underworld, from the ground?

 Misha looks at me.

''Perhaps so. A long time ago, demons and humans came to this subterranean world and established a nation. But if those on earth found this place, it shouldn't be surprising that it's in the history books.

 At the very least, no one on earth knew about the subterranean world.
 If their ancestors were demons or humans, how could they have come to this subterranean world without leaving any traces behind?

''Are you saying that they came here secretly a long time ago, built a country without the people on the ground knowing about it, and lived quietly?'' 

 Sasha asks curiously.

"Well. There may be something else going on here.

 We continued our descent, and without incident, we landed on the ground of the subterranean world.

'I was so nervous that we were going to be intercepted,'

'Indeed. We can't even talk about it, and it's not my intention to turn this city into a sea of fire.

"....What are you worried about.........

 I touch the building in front of me.
 The material is not stone, wood, or steel.

Dragon bone?

 Misha asks, nodding her head.

'Looks like it. 'You're well aware,'

Sort of.

 I'm sure this is the first time you've seen a dragon just a few minutes ago, but you still have the same good eye for magic.

You know. By the way, is this the Gaerajesta that Anos wanted to go to? Or is it another city?

The sooner we find out, the better. I'd like to have someone show me around, but I'm afraid I don't know anyone down there.

 I suddenly felt a look and I turned around.

'No - you were there.

 Turning my evil eye to the alleyway, I let my voice fly.

You seem to be quite fond of tailgating, just like the other day.

 Then a man emerges from the alley.
 He is tall, with long, long bangs hiding one eye.

 It's Ahyde Arobo Agatze, Cardinal Geordal of the Kingdom of the Divine Dragon.
 He stood in front of me in silence.

''Hmm. Do you intend to start the selection process again?

'Unfortunately, the Holy City of Gaelahesta is a place where an unwarranted pact was made in the name of God. No conflict of any kind is permitted here. There is only one place in this holy land where a selective tribunal can be held.

 The Holy City of Gaela Hesta.
 It looks like you have come to the city we want to visit first.

Then, by the way, can you tell me where Aeberast Anzeta, the academy of Kamishiro, is located? That's where I was told they could explain to me about the selection hearing.

 As if ignoring my words, Ahide turns on his heel and walks away.
 Hmm. Well, it can't be helped. I'll have to find it on my own.

I'm heading to Aebelast Anzeta now.

 With that, Ahide walked quickly.
 I followed him.

'I have received an oracle from Arcana, the god of my selection. 'You have no knowledge of the Selection Judge,'

Hmm. But are you sure? You would have called me a heretic.

It is only when you become a heretic that you can't deprive yourself of the opportunity to know the teachings of God. To the repentant, the Almighty Glittering Eques extends a helping hand.

How about it? I see that religious people are not easy to deal with. By God's teaching, we must help the people who tried to kill us yesterday.

You cannot estimate the will of God with the shallow mindset of men. When you surrender your mind, you will know the true meaning of Eques, the Almighty Splendor.

 Ahide uttered this and walked quickly.
 He followed behind him, and soon, they arrived at one of the largest castles seen from the sky.

'This is Aebelast Anzeta, the academy of the gods, the holy castle given to us by God.

 As Ahide takes a step forward, the large main gate opens by itself.

 Standing on the other side of the room was a silver-haired girl.
 It was Arcana, the Selection God.

'Welcome to Aebelast Anzeta. Chosen by the God of Selection, Anos Voldigord, the Nonconformist.

 She said, nonchalantly, yet solemnly.

'I am now going to explain to you how to make a pact with the Selective Judge and how you can make a pact with God.

 Arcana spun around and twisted around.

'Follow me. The other selectors are waiting for you.'

 She left to the back of Aebelast Anzeta.