For a moment, my vision went blank, and then I saw the sign for the blacksmith and appraiser, The Wind of the Sun.
 We opened the door and went inside.

 The doorbell rang and my mother, who was inside, turned to us.

Anos, welcome back!

 Mom happily jumps on me.

'How did you do on the intergroup exam today?'

I won.

 As I said this, my mom gave me a playful smile and hugged my head to her chest.

''Moooooooooooo, Anos, you're a genius! When you grow up, you'll definitely be a great Witch Emperor. When Anosu becomes the Demon Lord, I'm sure he'll build a great city. I'll definitely live there, Mom. I'm looking forward to it!


'Mother, do you know about the Demon Emperor?'

Of course. It's your dream, Anos! I did my research, Mother. You're in charge of ruling the different districts of Dirheid. I went to the nearest castle and listened to all the stories. I even got a brief audience with Majesty Erio Ludwell.

 You wanted to become the Demon Emperor because I said I wanted to attend the Demon King Academy.
 But to actually meet him after researching about the Demon Emperor for something that wasn't about you. Is this what being a parent is all about? No, is it just because my mother has great energy?

 Not that I want to be the Demon Emperor in any way, but considering Avos Dilhevia, I'll have to prove that I'm the Demon King of Tyranny in the end. Well, let's just say it's mostly right.

'By the way, the last name of the Demon Emperor we met was Ludwell, was it not? That sounds familiar from somewhere.

Yeah. Anos-chan's class teacher Emilia is the daughter of Demon Emperor Erio.

 Oh, I see. Emilia, right?
 I can see why she's so critical of the royal family.

What did you tell her in your audience?

'Ummm, I only went because I had a chance to have an audience with a bunch of people and hear what he had to say. They only allow me to speak to people with special permission.

 Hmm. I see.
 No matter how many bodies you have, it wouldn't be enough if the Demon Emperor had to listen to each and every one of his people.

''More importantly, mother. We have more people today, are you okay?


 Mom gave me a mysterious look.
 And then, as if fearful, she looked behind me.

 When Mom looked at Ray's face, she sounded surprised.

'Isn't that right? It's a boy, right? It's the same boy's uniform as Anos, right?

Yes. I'm Ray Grundley. I just moved in yesterday, and I'm getting to know him.

 Then Mom's face lit up.

I'm so glad. I was worried that Anos-chan might not be getting along well with the boys because she only brings girls with her. Yes, that's right. She'll be fine. Anosu-chan is not the kind of person who is always trying to seduce girls without restraint.

 Mother. I didn't know you were worried about that.

'Well, I suppose I could have been forgiven for thinking that, but I'd rather have a man to spend time with, too. I didn't know that until today.

 Two thousand years ago, I wouldn't have cared about gender differences, but there's something about the way we breathe and know each other's minds.
 Well, maybe it depends on who you're dealing with, but Ray and I are strangely suited to each other.

"....the guy is .......better ........ .........?

 Mom muttered something dumbfounded and then gasped.


 Mom staggered back as if she had stumbled backwards and shouted loudly.

'What should I do! Mom, I'm coming out to you.............!

 Something suddenly flipped a switch on my mom.

'Is something wrong?'

'What...? I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy. There's nothing wrong with you, Anos!

In fact, it's all rather a bit crazy now. It's just normal.

 The rest of the guys cared about being a man, or a woman, because they cared.
 So I'm finally starting to understand what it feels like to be normal.

"It's been weird....I get it. I see. I'm normal, I'm normal.

 Mom snatched Misha and Sasha away with great speed.

'Huh, did you two know that?'

 To Mom, who looked upset, Sasha said calmly, trying her best.

''Well you know what, can you calm down first?''

Yes, of course. Mother shouldn't panic at a time like this. Anos has had the courage to come out to you. I'll have to take it all in stride!

 Sasha's face became expressionless.
 Misha was originally expressionless, but she became even more expressionless.

'You said you didn't know until today, but I'm sure Anos must have been troubled by that. She said she was somehow different from the norm. Maybe that's part of the reason why he rushed to marry Sasha and Misha? I've been trying to cover up my feelings somehow, Misha wasn't enough, so I went out with Misha as well... proposed to her... and pushed myself to the edge... but... ........I knew I couldn't lie to my real heart......!

"...Misha, what do you have to say...?

"...an epic story...

 Mom turned around and said to Ray.


Yes, sir.

It's okay. Your mother is on our side. We can be men! The most important thing is the feeling of being in love with someone. That's why you don't have to lie about the way you feel. It'll be fine!

 A giggle Ray smiles.

'Anos. Can I ask you what this is all about?

My mother is a little prone to misunderstandings. Well, I'll explain it to you now...

 Then, with a bang, the door to the workshop was thrown open.
 For some reason, the one frozen in the door-opening pose is, whoever it is, my father.

".........Anos, that was hard for you.......you said it well.......

 Dad is suddenly very impressed.

"I know a little bit about how you feel. Actually, Dad, actually, I do! I once saw a cute boy a year younger than me and thought it was a bad idea...!

 It's a crime.

You can't help it if you fall in love with it. I think my father will be able to understand you, but you... But you, man what are you going to do about it?


So, that's it. That's it. You mean, you're the one who's going to get it? Then I can barely understand you, Dad! But if you're the one who can get it in, you're right, Dad, I want to understand, but I want to understand and do it, but--

 Dad blurted out in a serious tone.

'Does it feel good?'

 Father..... You can't say that you understand and want to do it.

 Well, you've always been one to blow off steam.
 Let's just let it slide.

By the way, if you haven't noticed, Ray has another guest.

Hey, Anosk! Are you crazy in this situation? Things are about to get out of hand.

 Quickly, Sasha interrupts.

"What? It won't be a problem to explain later.

 Misha nodded her head next to me.

'You've never once been able to explain it properly!

 Kokoro and Misha nodded.

'Sasha. Don't underestimate me here.

 Misha blinked with a snap.

'I'm as sweet as sugar candy when it comes to this matter.

 Kokoro Misha nodded.

'....Haha... or should I just hide...?'

 When Misa spoke up, Mom and Dad looked at her as if they had never noticed her before.
 Then he smiled at her.

'Oh, welcome. Sorry I didn't say hello to your friend, Anos.

Hey. I made a fool of myself for a moment, but, at least, you have a good time. What's your name?

Why is Misa the only one who is normal? Where have all the two-timing, bigamy, and fags gone?

 The cries of protest against Sasha's unreasonableness roared through the house.