43-The Devil's Naked

 The bell for the end of class rang and I woke up.

'Well then, that's it for today's class. See you tomorrow and make sure you get to school without skipping.

 Emilia walked out of the classroom and the students began to prepare to leave in unison.
 Ray, who was sitting one ahead of me, leaned back in his chair and turned his face towards me.

''Would you like to go get something to eat?''

You're always hungry.

I know you have an inefficient body.

 I pull up a chair and stand up.

'You coming home? We're going to have a victory party for the intergroup exams. Mom's got a great homemade meal.

Great. Well, I'm going to buy you a drink.

 Ray raised himself up and stood up.
 Sasha next to her gave her a quizzical look.

''Hey. Why are you talking so harmoniously after fighting to the death to the extent that you reduced the Demon Tree Forest to such a cruelty just in the morning? For the most part, isn't it humiliating to participate in the celebration of an opponent who beat you?

 Me and Ray look at each other.


You don't feel any regrets after such a crushing defeat, do you?

'I say that a lot. I guess the only reason I don't feel frustrated is because I know we're going to win next time.

 Ray smiles and affirms it. He's a totally interesting guy.

''You don't think you've figured out my power with that one, do you?

'You've never lost to the same opponent twice, have you?

I've never lost a fight in my life.

 I give her a condescending glance from on high, and Rei smiles briskly as if in response.

''So........so why are you so tense and why are you celebrating with us? I don't understand.''

 Sasha blurts out in hearty wonder.

'Doesn't it make sense?'

'Is that a difficult feeling for a girl?'

Yeah, I see.

 We laughed at each other as if we were convinced.
 I felt that we could understand each other's thoughts and feelings, even if we didn't say it out loud.

 There was some resemblance to the master-servant relationship in the age of myths, but unlike that, the fact that we were equals was very comfortable.

 This is what is called friendship between men.
 It's not so bad.

Is it a jealousy?

 Misha said to Sasha.

'So no. 'That's not what Misha said.


That's fine. Just say what you think.

Hey, hey! What's the matter with you? You asked me, and now you're asking me a question!

 What are you so pissed off about?

"I'll say what I want to say when I want to say it.

 Mmm, Sasha glares at me in disapproval. I brushed it off lightly.

'Well, let's go. There's a guy who looks like he's starving.'

I can hold out for another ten seconds if it's me.

The sky's the limit.

 Ray and I laugh at each other in unison.

''........What are we laughing at, just the two of us.......''


 Something Sasha and Misha muttered.

'We're going to transition.'

 I hold out my hand and Sasha holds it and Misha takes Sasha's hand.
 I turn my other hand to Ray.

"...Oh, can you give me a moment?

 Ray said as if he noticed something and approached the female students who were about to leave the classroom.


 She turns around and walks a few steps towards us.

'Can I help you?'

I heard there's going to be a victory party at Anos' house. Would you like to come with me?

Well I mean I appreciate the invitation, but wouldn't it be better if it was just you guys in the squad?

 Ray turns to me meaningfully.
 You're a compassionate man. Or do you have an interest in Mass?
 I'll tell you what.

I don't know what you're talking about. You're one of mine now.

'What...? And, but, but I was completely defeated by Sasha-san and Misha-san. I got help from Ray-san, but...

''Regardless of whether you win or lose, you are a highlight. You can't use spirit magic on the demon race. That one you used was also the great water spirit Linyon's specialty magic.


Don't you know?

 Mass nodded.
 As I recall, she said her mother was dead. No wonder you don't know anything about it.

"A spirit who guarded the forest of spirits in the mythical age. Perhaps you have some connection to this spirit. The magic of a spirit is something that is deeply connected to its very existence.

 Mass was listening intently to my words. She must be interested in her late mother.

'It would be quite interesting if you could use your true powers as a spirit.

 However, there were no half-spirits and half-demons in mythological times.
 It remains to be seen if Misa will be able to fully use her powers as a spirit, though.

''........Thank you.......I would love to have you added to my dispensation, but......''

What's going on?

''........the other, Anos-sama's Fan Union children.......?

 Yeah, that's what I thought.

It's just you for now. If they come to my unit, it's gonna be too loud.


 Misa gives him a nonchalant look.

'What's wrong? Does it bother you that you're the only one joining the pack?

''Call it heartbreaking.......call it fearful of the reaction, or if I'm not good at it, I'll be blackballed.......haha....

 Hmm. They're a bit crazy.

But it's my problem. I hope you don't mind, Master Anos.

Let's do it.

'Quick. That's a bloodless reaction.

 Sasha makes an unwanted tea.

''Oh, Sasha. Speaking of which.....

 Sasha walked up to her as Mass coyly beckoned her over.


Well, I guess I lost the bet.

 Taking out the magic photo, Mass handed it to Sasha.
 After staring at it sullenly, she said.

''........I'll take it just in case. As a trophy, just in case........

What kind of pictures?


 Sasha drops the picture to the floor in surprise when Misha pops up.

'Hmm. Good grief, what's the fuss about?

 I'm going to pick up the picture.

"Was, no! Don't look at me!

Why are you in such a hurry? It's just a picture, but it's not going to change anything.

 When I turned the picture back to the front, I saw a boy with black hair and dark eyes. It's me in a half-naked outfit. It was captured in a few moments when I changed clothes with magic, as I needed it for class.


 Sasha's face turned bright red and she shrank back.

'Here. It's a hidden shot and Anos is aware of the magic.'

 Ray says, peering at the picture from behind me.

'How could I not notice it? I've taken a bunch of them, but, well, they don't seem to do any harm, so I let them go.

 I offer Sasha the magic photo.

'It's quite a lovely thing to do. Did you always want to see me in it?

 Then Sasha raised her face and glared at me with a snap.
 Her cheeks were stained with vermillion, and the was floating in her eyes.

''Ugh, will you not be so smug! Okay? I like men naked! It's just that I happen to like your body. It's all about the body!

 Hmm. I'm at a loss for words. I'm at a loss for words, too.
 The classroom has become very quiet. Everyone is a little distracted.

"I like Anos naked too.

 Misha said, as if to offer a helping hand.

'Misha. You know, you don't have to keep up with Sasha.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

'Anos' nakedness is an art form. I like it.

 Misha stares into my eyes.

 Oh dear, that's healthy.
 But I can't afford to embarrass her.

"I didn't think my naked body would be so attractive. That was a sinful thing to do.

 I chuckle and let the words slip out.

'Very well. I've got the nerve to give my boys what they want. Sasha, if you want to see me that badly, I'll show you. Not in a picture, but in person, in the flesh!

'What...? In person? Uh, um...?

 Sasha reacts as if confused.

'What's up? You want my body, don't you? Let's give it to you for today.

'Yeah, well I said that, but...'

What, you don't want it?

 Sasha looks down.


Okay. So....

 I clenched both fists tightly. With that alone, every muscle in my body leaps, and my upper body uniform is blown off.

'You shall see!'

Why are you taking off your clothes here? You're an idiot!

 Sasha's voice flew sharply as she regained her tone.
 It's not bad, why not, it's not bad to play the clown once in a while.