42-Mythical sword

 It was settled.
 Neither Mass nor the Fun Union men would be able to fight any longer.

 The entertainment is over. I turned my gaze toward Ray and--

.........Demon Ice Demon Flame Phase Wave.... Can you cut it?

 --that's how he muttered.

'If you beat me, I'll give you a chance to try.

 When I told her to provoke her, Ray gave me a cool smile.

'By the way, do I need to retrieve the sword you gave to Misa?

'It's going to take me a while to get back to that place. Even if I don't have Initio, I still have another sword in place.

 Ray indicates the sword at his waist.
 From the looks of it, I don't feel any magic power. It's probably just an iron sword.

You're not going to have to use that poorly made sword to deal with me? You don't mind if I wait until I get it?

That's nice to hear, but is it true?


 Ray pulls his sword from its scabbard and releases it.

'You look like you can't wait to do it?

 Hmm. Well, I don't know. What a pompous jerk.

"This is fine by me.

 It sounds like he's serious. He's not bravado, nor does he have a hidden agenda.
 An interesting man, after all.

Then let's return the favor. "Then let me return the favor and I'll take care of you with my sword.

 Pick up a reasonable tree branch on the ground.
 Looking at it, Ray said.

'I don't care how much you are, Anos, I think it would be better to use a regular sword.

Or you'll cut me in half by this tree's branches?

 Neither denying nor affirming, Ray just smiled.

'If you're confident, then you'll give it a shot.

 One step, I stepped unguardedly into Ray's space.
 A moment later, his hand disappeared and the iron sword ran like a flash of light.



 With force, I swing down a tree branch.
 It collided with Ray's sword, and then cleaved off unilaterally.

 A thud sounded fierce, and the blown-up Ray rolled on the ground with a rumble.

''What's the matter? Did you think you could cut through a tree branch as easily as you could?

 That's what I say to the fallen Ray.
 The branches of the tree reinforced with my magic power are stronger than steel.

''........Yeah...... That's as good as it gets.''

 He mutters and Ray stands up as if nothing happened.

'It's the first time I've ever had one taken by an opponent with a lesser weapon than me.

You seem happy for it.

'Really? It's scary, though.

You're lying. You have a loose mouth.

 Ray chuckles.
 And now he steps into my pause.

 His gait, which has been cut down to the absolute minimum, has no preliminary movements, as well as his speed.
 As if he had used magic, Ray suddenly appeared in front of me.


 There was a flash, just a flash of light.

'Hmm. A perfect blow.

 I used all of my physical strength to counter Ray's blow, which he had used all of his skills to deliver.
 The sword and the tree branch collided, and once again Ray's body went flying off.

"Is that the best you can do?

 I called out to the fallen Ray and he got up again easily.

'Geez. I thought I'd gone over the edge.'

 There is no hurry in his voice. All there is is just pure fun.
 I felt as if I could somehow understand how Ray felt.

'One more time, if that's okay?'

 Ray readily holds his sword.
 It's a natural gesture, as if he were handling a limb.

"Challenge me again and again.

 Soooo, Ray took a breath and stopped breathing.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to find a way to make it work, but I'm going to be able to find a way to make it work.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.

''Hm, that's an order of magnitude faster.

 Raising one level, he strikes away Ray's sword with a tree branch that he wields with force.
 Gishhhh, the sword and the tree branch collide, and their power is antagonistic.

 Ray, who had been flung away one-sidedly a moment ago, was receiving my attack.


 He doubled his power even more and popped Ray with his entire sword.
 However, this time he didn't fall to the ground, but instead he took a passive position with his hands.

''Amazing. I thought that one worked.''

 I'm waving the tree branches with more force now than in the first round, and more than in the second round.
 Despite this, Ray seems to be able to respond to my attacks more and more.

 It's not that he was hiding his actual strength. It's an iron sword against me, you can't afford that.
 I don't think it's a lie to say that you've exceeded your limits.

 In other words, Rei is growing at a frightening speed during these few intervals, every time he fights with me.

''........But I think I'm almost ready to remember.......''

What do you mean?

You know, with the sword.

 Ray steps in again. But unlike before, he's not as fast as he was before. I can clearly see it in my eyes, however, I can feel a strange killing spirit.



 I smashed a tree branch as if to cleave off a loose ray sword.
 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.

 My blow, which could blow up the castle if hit properly, is deflected by Ray with his skill, not against the flow of power.

 My goodness, I'm surprised. I didn't realize how quickly you responded.

"You're a great guy, man.

 As expected, he couldn't take all of the impact and hit Ray, who lost his balance, with a second blow.

'You will be rewarded.'


 A crashing sound sound sounded, and once again Ray received my attack.
 And this time, he didn't lose his stance.

 He smiled briskly.

''Chuckle. Next time, can you slash that tree branch?''

Interesting. Then I'll break your sword.

 With a dog-o'-o'clock and an explosive sound that doesn't generally resemble a sword fight, me and Ray slash together with an iron sword and a tree branch. Gradually, the power is suspended, but Ray's fearsome growth rate pushes him over the limit with every blade he crosses once.
 It's a tremendous sword brilliance, an enduring natural talent. If I put my strength at a level that Ray's growth couldn't keep up with, the decision might have been instantaneous, but I was eager to see how far this man could get stronger.

'Get your ass over here, to my realm. Don't make a sound on the way.

I don't want you to expect so much from me.

 As we cut ten or twenty times, our sword fights gradually come closer to those of the mythical age.
 The earth trembles when we cross our blades, and the trees are blown away when they are impacted.

 This is just like the center of a typhoon, and everything around us is being knocked down by the pressure of the sword.


What is this, what is this, what is this?

Hey, hey, Anos, what the hell are you doing? It's blown up the mountain!

The river is dry.

The earthquake won't stop...

 <I simply responded to the screams and snorts coming from the thought transmissions (leaks).

''What? We're just playing a little hard chambara.''

I'm sorry. Can you hold on a little longer?

 Once again, Ray and I crossed swords.
 The shock wave from the sword pressure and sword pressure uprooted the surrounding plants and trees, turning the area there into a clearing.

 But the Demon Tree Forest is filled with magical power in the soil. No matter how much they rampage it up, it would be back to normal in one night. In other words, you can wield your power to your heart's content.

''Sounds like you're having fun, Anos-kun.

'And fun. I haven't had my strength pounded to my heart's content like this in a long time. I need to at least exercise once in a while, I can't help but get frustrated.

 Another round of slashing with tree branches and iron swords.
 The sword pressure of the collision swirled and turned into a tornado that blew away all the clouds in the sky.

''You're the one like that, it looks like you're not full of it.

I've never been able to. I've never been able to cross swords for so long.

 If he had such a natural talent, even if he was a higher-ranked opponent, if he could have struck a few rounds together, he would have caught up with him in no time, and then left him behind.

''You seem to have a fondness for swords.''

It's the only thing I'm good at.

 Because of his brilliance, Ray has never been a good opponent. There's nothing more trivial than being insignificant to everyone.

''I know exactly how you feel,''

I think I kind of understand what you're going through, Anos.

 Hmm, what is this feeling?
 Even though we are fighting with all our might, I feel a burning sensation inside my heart.

 This is the first time I've ever felt this. 
 This is because we live in an age where people don't fight for their lives.

But I guess it's time to end it.

 With great skill, he completely catches my tree branch and at the same time, the tip of his sword is pointed at my throat.


 A full-throated thrust, which had never been shown before, was released. As soon as I tried to knock it away, the trajectory of the thrust changed around and went through half of the tree branch.
 No matter if I pushed or pulled back, the amputation would be inescapable.


 Furthermore, the sword's trajectory changed and Ray went to slash down the tree branch. Finding the right timing, I thrust up the belly of my sword with the branch of the tree branch that was about to be cut off.

 The tip of the sword snapped off with a snap, and at the same time, half of the tree branch fell to the ground in a slump.
 I was thrusting the shortened tree branch against Ray's stiff head.

'Hmm. It's just as I declared. I didn't think you could actually cut off my weapon.

But I lost. Not only did he break my sword with a tree branch, he also stabbed me in the neck with it.

 As if in surrender, Ray dropped his broken sword to the ground and raised his hands.

''Can I say something weird?''

I'm listening.

'I felt it all the time as we crossed swords. I don't know why. For all intents and purposes, I've never seen you before, and yet I don't feel like I've met you before.

Then we may have met two thousand years ago. I've known men like you for a long time.

 Ray gives me a curious look.

'Ray. Would you believe me if I told you I was the Demon King of Tyranny?

'I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were. With that power you have.

 I can't be completely sure what the reincarnated one's previous life was, either.
 But I had a feeling I knew Ray well.

'By the way, since you lost, I can't join your squad, Anos?

 Well, I reincarnated all the way through.
 There's no need to be stuck in the past.

It's Anos.


It's just too bad I'm going to be relegated to being revered by a man who's an equal to me on a sword.

 I held out my right hand to him for a handshake, just as Ray did first.

'Then, Anos,'

 Ray takes my hand and we shake hands tightly.

We'll win next time.

Next time I won't even let you break your sword.

 As I say this, he smiles briskly.
 I grinned along with him.

 In contrast to the refreshing feeling we had, the Demon Tree Forest looked like a giant tornado had overrun it, leaving it in a horrible state of ruin.