41-Spirit magic

''.........It's stronger than the Jail Flame Annihilation Cannon (Geo-Glaze) we fired before....... No matter how much magic power Misha has, it's only the two of us.......

 Sasha muttered dumbfoundedly as she looked at the prostrate giant soldier crawling to the ground.

''........I'm surprised.......''

 I can also hear Misha's voice in the Ice Demon Castle.

''Hey. Anos. What did you do?

'I told you, ask your source,'

'I don't know what you're talking about when you say you're at the root of your.................'

 Sasha raised her voice as if she had noticed.


 Misha asks.

'That's what I mean,'

 Sasha and Misha were originally one person.
 When Sasha was enchanted with the Dino Dixie, her body and her roots were split in two. Misha was born. The two were to become one again on their fifteenth birthday. <With the magical effect of the Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess), their magic power was increased dozens of times.

 However, by sending Misha and Sasha's root source into the past and making them unite with Misha and Sasha's root source there, it was decided that they were two from the beginning.

 What happened? <Through the manipulation of time (levaid) and alteration of the past (ingdhu), Sasha and Misha had completed their Separation and Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess) fifteen years ago.
 However, one of them is a newborn root cause, so it is not a perfect form. Even so, his magic power will not be able to be compared to the previous ones.

 The reason why Sasha and Misha were not aware of it until today is because the Past Alteration (Ingudu) had limited Sasha and Misha's magic power in the past. Otherwise, their magic power at birth would be different before and after using the Time Manipulation (Levide), creating a contradiction between the past and present. The past and present would be inconsistent.

 However, now that the Past Modification (Ingudu) has been completed, the limitation on magic power is gone. This is also the reason why Misha was able to use her magic to create architecture (Ibis) with greater precision than usual.

''Then you should say so quickly. You could have died from overdoing it.

 Sasha landed in the forest and looked around.

'Hey. If you're alive, answer me. I'm going to help you.

 I call out to him, but he doesn't answer.
 Well, I can still feel the magic. I guess I'm not dead.

How's that? Your vaunted Demon King's Castle seems to have been smashed?

 I take my eyes off the waterfall's and turn to Ray.

"Unfortunately, I guess I lost--

 He smiled briskly.

'-- and your men would have thought,'

 Just then, Sasha's voice came from .

"Oh, God. What the hell, don't rain at a time like this........


 It's not raining where I am, it's cloudless and sunny.

Take care of yourself.

 Misha's voice rang out.

'What's going on?'

It's not raining over here. It's only raining at Sasha's place.

 Sasha's complexion changes.
 The rain that had been a light drizzle had already turned into a downpour, and there was almost no visibility around her.
 Nevertheless, even if the rain blocked her vision, it didn't have much effect on her demon eyes to see the magic power.

"....What is this...? This rain isn't normal Misha.

''..........Every drop of rain is the same as the magic of the masses. I don't understand the main body........

 Sasha's gaze turns stern.

''What is this magic...? It's not lost magic and I've never even heard of it...

 Hmm. It's the same as the one used by Linyon, the great water spirit in Ahartheln.
 This is the same as the one used by the great water spirit Linyon in Ahartheln. I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.

 The magic that spirits use is special. It's because their very existence is like magic. It's probably because they were originally unfamiliar to the demon race, but due to the lack of interaction for a thousand years, the lore has been completely lost. Well, unlike the Demon King of Tyranny, there might be at least some literature left somewhere.

 If neither Sasha nor Misha had ever heard of it, then Misa must have hidden the fact that she could handle spirit magic until this time today.
 Revealing that here is proof that he wants to win at all costs. Even though it was unfamiliar spirit magic, if the seed was cracked, she would be able to deal with it. For Misa, now is the one thousandth chance to overthrow the superior Sasha.

 And I'm sure Sasha understands that very well.

''Okay. You'll get the first shot. But be prepared. If you don't finish him off with that, you'll lose.

 Sasha stretched multiple layers of anti-magic and magical barriers over her entire body.
 <The magic power that had been greatly improved by was combined with the raising of the magic power by the class of mages (mages). Breaking through that defense would be a heavy burden for the Fan Union guys, including Misa.


 From the pouring rain, the Fun Union girls emerged from the pouring rain and attacked Sasha.
 Eight in total. They are holding spears in their hands. They must have decided that they couldn't break through Sasha's anti-magic with their magic.
 They attacked from the front, back, and left and right at the same time and poked with their spears as hard as they could.

''You've finally shown yourself.''

 None of the Fan Union girls' spears were blocked by Sasha's magical barriers and were unable to inflict a single graze of damage. Sasha took a glance at all eight of them with her .

''Sleep for a while.''


 Wobbling, the girls staggered and stumbled into a stupor on the spot.

'I've gone easy on you, you'll be up and about in a day.

...not yet...

 Sasha's eyes widened at the sound of his voice.
 One of the Fun Union's female students, who should have been completely cut off from consciousness, was crawling on the ground.

''I'm joining Anos-sama's.......squad.......''

 An opponent with overwhelmingly inferior magical power is using his will power to endure the . This was the moment when Sasha was distracted by it.

 Raindrops waving from the sky took on the shape of a person. Suddenly, the one who appeared above Sasha's head was Misa, wielding a pure white magic sword at a high level.

''I got it, Sasha-san!

It's sweet.

 Sasha deployed an all-out anti-magic and magical barrier above her head.
 Missa's magic sword was swung down there.


 The pure white magic sword easily sliced through Sasha's anti-magic and magical barrier and cleaved its abdomen.
 Fresh blood flowed out and Sasha collapsed on the spot.


 Landing on the ground, Misa repeated her ragged breathing to see if she was putting all her magic power into her current attack.

''Hmm. I see, that's your magic sword, isn't it?''

 So asks Ray.
 No matter how much of a surprise, Misa doesn't have the power to break through Sasha's defense.

''The demon sword chooses its owner, but if you have a magical connection in the , I can at least lend it to you temporarily.

They don't normally do that, though.


 As I recall, it was said that he could handle spirit swords and divine swords as well.
 Even so, subjugating a demon sword to the point of being able to lend it to someone else, that's pretty out of standard when it comes to swords.
 Is it a little bit like Shin?

''More importantly, shouldn't you be able to heal him? I don't think a mage's (mage) class would be able to heal that magic sword wound.

 I snickered at Ray's words, though.

'I told you. Don't underestimate my men.

 Sasha's reflection in the waterfall is collapsed.
 But in the next moment, her body was engulfed in golden fire.

 Missa turned around in surprise and reflexively backed away.

''You do it unexpectedly. I didn't expect you to be able to use a magic sword like that.''

 Sasha gets up as she flies through the air.
 Then, she wears a golden flame on her body. Gradually it materialized and became the phoenix vestments.
 The vestments that bring the benefit of immortality to the one who wears them will heal wounds as many times as possible as long as the magic power is not exhausted.

''........then, the next time I will cut off the entire vestment.......''

 Missa holds the pure white magic sword.
 As expected, that sword is the only thing Sasha can't help but be wary of.

''I'll help.''

 Misha's voice rang out.

''I can feel Ray's power from the magic sword; we're at a disadvantage one-on-two.''

''I'm happy for you, but it's going to be settled by the time Misha gets here.

 As expected, if he released the from the Demon King's Castle, Sasha himself would be involved.
 However, Misha wouldn't wait until Misha rushed over.

 Sasha must have thought so, but suddenly a magic circle appeared in front of her, and a platinum blonde girl appeared there. It was Misha.
 Sasha couldn't hide her surprise.

''Misha........ The now?

I've seen it so many times. I knew I could do it.

 Hmm. It's true that I've shown it many times, but that's enough to perfectly mimic Gatom.
 <It's probably due to the effect of the Separation Fusion Reincarnation (Dino Dixess), but she still has a good magic eye.

"...It's fine. The details are after we defeat that woman.


''........It's amazing, Misha-san and Sasha-san....... But I can't afford to lose either........

 I look at Misha and Sasha standing side by side, and Misa puts all the magic power she can into her magic sword.
 No matter how much help she has from Ray, that magic sword is not worthy of Misa. I guess she can't fight a long term battle.

''........Let's go.

 Misa readied her magic sword and kicked the ground.


I know.

 Deploying a magic circle, Sasha unleashed the . <Due to the magical effect of the , it was sublimated into a golden flame and attacked Misa.


 Misa slashed the with the pure white magic sword.
 In the blink of an eye, the golden flames disappeared.

''I knew it.''

The Magical Sword that Slays Magical Styles

 At its core, magic has a magical formula that makes it magical. It's the blueprint of magic, so to speak. That pure white magic sword slips through the magic and nullifies the magic by cutting the formula itself.

''........As expected, you understand. But neither magic nor anti-magic works on this magic sword.......and.......

 Through spirit magic, it turned into the rain itself.



 Back to back, Sasha and Misha clasp their hands behind their backs.
 I don't know where Misha will appear from. In front of that magic sword, both defense and attack are almost nullified.

 In spite of that--.


 Sasha laughed.

'What's up?'

Never thought I'd see the day.

 It's just an institute's, just an intergroup exam.
 It's not unusual for sisters to challenge it by joining forces.
 But to them, this was the irreplaceable miracle they had dreamed of.

Let me show you the secret of Necron.


 Misha smiled thinly.
 360 degrees, the two of them covered each other's vision.

'Here we go!

 Suddenly, the raindrops turned into masses and suddenly appeared in front of them.
 With three steps to go, it's time for a sword. Sasha deployed a magic circle to intercept it.


 Misha muttered.
 I couldn't see it because of the pouring rain, but Misa doesn't have a magic sword.
 She just pretends to have it.

 With a huff, Sasha looks up above her head.
 The raindrops had changed into pure white magic swords and were falling at a terrific speed.

 There's no way to avoid it at this time. Missa would have thought so.
 However, just before the edge, their bodies disappeared. The falling magic sword cut through the sky and pierced the ground.

''That was so close.''

 After avoiding the magic sword with Misha's , the two of them held one hand together and held up the other hand towards Missa. A magic circle floats there.



 They said at the same time.

 The Secret Art of Necron. A fusion spell that fuses magic to assimilate . The golden flame and the white and silver ice mingled together and became a magic wave of ice and fire in unison and attacked Misa.

 Quickly pulling out the pure white magic sword that was stuck in the ground, Misa intercepted the , the magic ice demon flame counterpart wave.


 The magic sword and the magic wave collided with each other. However, although the was reduced in momentum, it did not completely nullify it.
 The magic formula composed by the fusion magic was complex, with multiple layers of magic formulas. And even if he were to nullify the surface jutsu, he would only return to the two magics before the fusion. Misa did not have the technique to cut all of those jutsu formulas.


 Mass's body bounced off the ground, wrapped in fire and ice.
 After rolling around on the ground, she fainted or didn't try to wake up her body.

 The effect of the spirit magic ends and the rain disappears.
 A light quickly shone through the clouds.

'I've practiced on my own before but for a first time you breathed well.

 Misha smiled thinly at Sasha's line.

'I'm just like Sasha.'

 Then, happily, Sasha laughed back.
 The two of them could communicate with each other better than anyone else. Even fusion magic, which is difficult to match the wavelength of magic power, will be as easy to exercise as breathing in.
 I'm not going to be able to say that they are the same entity in the first place.

''I'm the same as Misha.

 While saying that, Sasha raised her hand.
 Then Misha gave her a high five.