The next day.
 Delzogade Demon King Academy, Demon Tree Forest.
 The two groups of students had all gathered at this place for the upcoming examinations.

 The bell for the start of the class rings and Emilia says

''Well then, we will now begin the inter-team examinations between the Rei and Anos groups. 

 Ray walks over to me.

'Did you sleep well last night?'

Yeah, I'm a good sleeper.

I didn't get much sleep.

Hmm. You found a good book. Staying up late is really bad for you.

'It's true. It was hard to get up in the morning.

 'Huh,' says Ray, absently.

'Hey, hey, hey!'

 Sasha interrupted me to see if I had any complaints.

'What's the matter?'

What's the matter with you? We're having a trial by squad. What's with that lukewarm air? Are you planning to go on a field trip?

 Oh dear, nothing is killing each other. Of course, you might die by accident, but it won't be needlessly bleak.

"Sorry, my men can be a bit of a nag.

 He puts his hand on Sasha's head and implores her to stay quiet.

''Um ... well ... hands, hands ... I won't shut up about this ...''

 As she said this, Sasha's momentum was diminished and she became more mature.

'A jealousy?'

 Misha pops up from behind Sasha.

''.......What are you talking about...?

Because Anos isn't the same as he was with Sasha.

 Was it different with me?

'Oh, what the hell, Sasha. Are you jealous because I'm talking to Ray so peacefully, unlike when I was with you?

You idiot! I'm not jealous...!


 I looked into Sasha's face and she pouted as I looked into her face and she turned away.

''Well I'm not jealous.........''

 A weak mutter of muttering to himself escaped.

''In the first place, the previous inter-team exam was a fight on your part, right?

 Sasha turned her gaze only to us and groaned, "Uh........



 Misa, who called out to Sasha's swordsmanship, is slightly frightened.

''.........er, well. Why don't we play a game too?

What's the game?

Look, Anos-sama and Rei-san have promised to compete. Why don't we compare forces so that we don't get in their way?

That's ridiculous. The trial by squad is a mock war. Where in the world do you see a war that is played out by design?

 Sluggishly Sasha said, but Misa smiled at her.

''It looks like you liked that magic photo from yesterday a lot.

I mean it's not like that. Not really.

 Sasha's eyes are swimming.

''Hmph, if you beat me, I'll give it to you?

 Missa glances at what looks like a photograph from her pocket for a moment.

''...... Is that all you want to say?

Yes. Let's keep each other in good shape, shall we?

 With that said, Mass turns back to the Anos Fun Union group.

''Oh, yes. As I recall, yesterday's match was won by Anos-kun, right?

Yeah. What do you have for me?

 Ray gives a cool smile.

'Well, how about entertaining this inter-team exam, then?

 A muffled laugh escaped from the bottom of my stomach.
 It's not quite so easy, and it's not as straightforward a line as those who utter strong threats.

It's interesting. I have high hopes for you.

What do we do about the position?

Take your pick.

Okay, east side.

 Ray turned on his heel and called out to Misa and the others.

'Let's go. I may be an unreliable leader, but I need everyone's help.

 Mass then gave him a surprising look.

'What's wrong?'

No, Mr. Ray has a strange way of doing things. You shouldn't talk to us in white like that.

'Yeah, I'm not very good at that sort of thing. I don't know much about the royal family and all that, because it's so difficult to understand.

 Ray says in an unadorned tone.

'And sometimes I think about it.

What do you mean?

''Did the Founder really say that?''

 Misa looks at Ray with a surprised expression.

''Is she really going to say that the royal family is great?''

...that man?

Yeah, I don't know. I'm just saying. I've always felt different. I can't help but feel that the Demon King of Tyranny, as everyone says, is a different person. Well, when I say this, people look at me like I'm from the generation of chaos. Would it be helpful if you could keep it to yourself?

 Mass laughs, a little happily.

''Fufu, I understand. By the way, Rei-san, are you interested in Unificationist activities?

 Maybe she heard Ray's story and thought she had a good chance of winning, but here's the thing: Mass began to recruit.

'No, not at all,'

Oh, I see. That's a shame. So, would you be interested in the Fan Union, Master Anos?

 While conversing amicably, Ray and the others walked to the eastern camp.
 We too turned on our heels and headed to the west of the forest.

 After some time had passed, an owl flying above us sent a
Then, the team-by-team examinations by team Rei and Anos will begin. Beat the enemy with all your might so that you won't shame the name of the founder!

 With the same complaint as always, the fire of the inter-team examinations is cut off and dropped.

''........The plan is.......?''

I'll deal with Mass and the rest of the students.

 Misha stares at Sasha's face.

'Do you want a picture?'

No, no! I just want to show that woman, who thinks I can handle it, what she sees.

 I've been telling you what a mock war is, but what a good ride it is.

'Sasha. I'll tell you one thing.


You're outnumbered, but if you're one of my guys, don't come back.

 She smiles with a twang.

'Of course. Watch it. I'm going to kick you all to the curb.'

Hmm. Now, if all goes well, there's a prize for you.

What have you given me?

'I'll do anything. You have to think of something you like.

 Then, wondering what she thought, Sasha made an embarrassed expression.

''.........What, everything.......?


 Sasha leans in closer.

'Why, really, anything? Anything?

Yeah, what do you want?

 Instantly, she turned her face red and pouted away.

''........it's nothing. It's not about what........or I'll think about it....

 It looks like you have something you want.

Building a castle?

 Misha says.

'Yes. Can you build it, just in case?

 Nodding her head and nodding, Misha grasped her left hand as if in prayer.
 <As if a number of ice crystals appeared from the , they constructed a magic circle and began to sparkle.

''Ice Castle.''

 Misha uses the magic of Ibis.
 In the blink of an eye, our feet freeze underneath us, creating a floor of ice and an outer wall. Next, an ice throne, a statue and a mirror appeared. In the next moment, as if we were being gently lifted up, the ice floor was quickly rising to the heavens. Finally, the sky was closed by the icy ceiling and a huge ice demon castle was completed.

 We are in that throne room.

''........Misha's was able to build a complete demon castle so quickly?''

 Misha twisted her head slightly.

''Because of the ?''

Well, I suppose that's part of it.

 As she said this, Sasha asked curiously.

'What else is there?'

Ask your roots.

 I brush aside Sasha's glare of disapproval.

''What do we do?'' Do you want to make a move before they build a castle?

I'll wait that long. I'll give you a full blown, crippling beating.

 You've been tangling with Misa for some time now, and it's good to see you getting along so well.

Then let's go check on her.

 Using my magic eye, I intercepted the "thought communication (leaks)" just like the other day. In the meantime, I made sure Misha and Sasha could hear it as well.

Yeah, I think they can hear you now.

'What? Do you understand?

 <I heard Ray and Misa's transmissions coming from the thought transmissions (leaks).

"Hello, Anos. Do you hear me?

 You noticed. Even if you heard from Mass and the others that I'm capable of intercepting leaks, that's great.

"I had some free time. How about building the Demon King's Castle over there?

It's going to take a little longer.

It's boring.

So what do you say we meet at the biggest waterfall in the canyon to kill some time?



It's better to be out of the way, right?

 I didn't think he was the type to run and hide, but I didn't expect him to challenge me so openly.
 And it's interesting that he knows what I can do.

I'll be there in a minute.

I'll see you later.

 <The thought transmission is cut off. Misa and the others must have stopped using magic.

"So that's why. I'm going to have some fun.

Take care of yourself.

 Misha says.

'You can play, but don't settle it before I beat Mass.

 The test is over when you get the leader, the King of Demons.

You'll have to wait for 30 minutes, but I can't guarantee any more than that. Good luck.

 After saying that, I used the  The area in front of me turned completely white, and I immediately regained my color.
 There was a waterfall with water flowing down violently from a height of about thirty-six meters.

 As expected, I'm still not there.
 I sat down on a reasonable rock and waited as it was.

 Soon, a huge demon castle appeared around the forest to the east.
 It was quite a robust-looking structure.

 As I was vaguely checking the workmanship of the Demon King's Castle, I heard the sound of footsteps stepping on the grass with a zap.
 When I looked up, I saw Ray there.

''Hey, did you wait?''

What? I've just arrived.

 Ray walks over to us.
 Just a step outside the sword's spacing, he stops.

'Isn't it tasteless to start off out of the blue?

I don't mind that, but do you have any other interesting ideas?

 Ray smiles, as if he's come up with a prank.

'Who do you think will win, your pack or the Fun Union kids?'

 I see.

You are going to give me something to help you with your face, I see.

'Mass, I think. She said she wanted to join Anos's group, too. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, so I decided to help her out a bit.

 Interesting. So this is a prelude to a prelude to a fight between my boys.

Of course, my guys are going to win, of course.

 I deployed a magic circle on the waterfall and used my magic on it.
 The huge waterfall was used as a screen to show both my team and Ray's team, both camps.

You heard that, Sasha. Good news. We're going to have to wait until this is settled between you and Misa.

Yeah. Thanks. Okay, I'll be quick about it.

 Sasha has just flown through the air in  Normally it is not desirable to go there from the air as it exposes your appearance, but considering the difference in strength between Sasha and Misa and the others, it's not a big deal.

'I've done what you wanted, Misa Iliologue. Come out. Or would you prefer that I go out to the castle?

'Hmmm, thank you, Sasha. To thank you for your time, I'll show you something interesting, okay?

 A rock arm stretches out from the demon king's castle built by Fan Union. It is followed by a foot being woken up and slowly standing up.

 It was a giant soldier as big as a mountain that resembled the shape of the castle.

 <Gwyneth is a spell that allows you to manipulate objects as if they were living creatures. The larger the size of the object, the more difficult it is to manipulate and the more magical power is required.
 Probably, each fan union is responsible for the operation. But even if all of them are in the class of spellcasters (shamans) who have the benefit of magic enhancement for detection and manipulation magic, they don't have enough magic power.

''You're the one flexing your magic power?''

 Huff, Ray smiled.

'I'm a bit bad at magic. I don't have much use for it, so I'm the one with extra magic power.'

 The amount is probably being turned over to the people of the Fun Union with the magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys).

''Let's go, Sasha-san!

 The giant soldier raised his stupidly large sword and slashed away at Sasha.

''d*mn it........!

 Despite their size, the giant soldiers are quite agile.
 Due to the wind pressure that surrounds them, Sasha was unable to fly as much as she would like and seemed to barely be able to avoid their attacks.

''It's not enough to have a figure!

 Sasha glares at the giant soldier with her .
 The outer walls of the rocky hull are falling apart, but in any case, the giant soldiers are too big. I'm sure you'll be able to see the entirety of it from Sasha's field of vision as well. You can't just destroy it all with a single glance.

''Wouldn't it be better to give them a little help?

 Ray says.
 In addition to the number of Missa and the others, Ray is flexing his magic power, Sasha's disadvantage will be undeniable.

Don't underestimate my men.

 I spoke over the leaks.

"Sasha. Do you need help?

''I don't need it. Just because you're outnumbered doesn't mean you're under the control of the Demon King if you owe him this much power.

Well said. Well said. Use the Gio-Glaze.

 It must have been an unexpected suggestion. Sasha's reply was delayed.

''It's impossible. It took 20 people to make that happen. I'm not sure how many mages are in my current class, but it's not enough for me to have any magic power.

 The mage (mage) class grants the benefit of magic enhancement to offensive magic and also raises the level of magic power. On the other hand, it forces recovery magic to have a magic weakening effect and reduces physical abilities.

''You can at least borrow Misha's power.

But it's not just the two of us.

Don't you trust me?

 After a moment of silence, Sasha said.

''Okay. Misha, okay?

 While dodging the sword of the attacking giant soldier just before he attacked, Sasha called out to the
Hm. I'm not going to be the only one. I'm going to ask you to send a surgeon to Sasha.

 Far away from the giant soldiers, far away from the ice demon castle in the western camp, glittering crystals appeared in the ice demon castle, and they built a magic circle.
 A single large magic circle appeared in front of the castle, and it transformed into an artillery gate.

 Misha's magic power and Sasha's magic power overlap as one through the magic line.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it.

''I'm going to say it, Gio-Glaze!

 The magic circle deployed in the ice demon castle changed like a turret, and a black sun appeared there.
 It boasts an enormous amount of magical power, and as if it were being played out, it pulled a tail of light and released it into the giant soldiers in a straight line.

''Mi, Missa, avoid it!

"Oh, you can't! At this size--!

  They rattled, their arms fell off, their legs collapsed, and the outer wall, the outer wall, peeled away.

 Unable to resist, the Fan Union guys screamed.

''Kyah, Kyah!

"Well, as expected of Anos-sama's men, destroying such a giant soldier with a single magic shot is just too powerful!

Hey, hey! I just realized something amazing!

What did you do while you were dying?

If this is how he died, it means he was killed by Anos-sama's order, so he wasn't killed indirectly!

'Hey, he killed me!

 There was a thunderous sound, and the giant soldier crashed down on his head.