574-Prologue ~Pledge~

 16,000 years ago--
 Holy Sword World Hyphoria.

 There was a large rainbow hanging in the cloudless blue sky.

 Not seven colors, but white. It was a pure white rainbow.

 The light poured down on the land of Highforia and sometimes turned into a path. It is called the rainbow path, and in the world of the Holy Sword, it means the right path.

 It is said that those who have courage and follow the righteous path will be blessed by Eife, the Lord God of Highforia.

 The hunter and nobleman of Hyphoria must not deviate from the right path at any time. When that white rainbow appears in front of them, they will walk straight through it.

 Even if the destination is the dead land.

 Because the rainbow path is their conscience embodied by the order of Celebrating Holy Heavenly Lord Eife.

 The man who was just now walking slowly along the rainbow road in the sky was also guided by his conscience to this point.

 His hair is mingled with gray, the wrinkles on his face and his trimmed mustache. He is old and declining now, but in his youth, he is a hunter who was said to be second to none, even in the impenetrable territorial waters.

 Hyphoria was the former head, the Holy King, Ordov Heinriel.

 He stepped into the center of the brilliant white rainbow, the center of a majestic stone structure floating in the sky.
 It was an austere temple made of stone that floated in the sky.

 Ordov walked through the cobblestone floor and stood in front of the altar.
 The back of it is obscured by the glow of the rainbow.

 He holds his hand, and the spirit godman sword Evans Mana appears with the light. Ordov quietly swung the holy sword in his grip.

 The glow of the white rainbow is cut in both directions, revealing what had been hidden on the backside.

 It was cold air that poured out.
 A cold, transparent mass could be seen. Inside, there is a black figure.

 It was - a huge icicle.
 Inside was the impenetrable territorial sea of the calamity abyss world Eavezeino, the calamity man Isak.

 It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to get a good deal more than you think.

''If you saw me now, you'd say I'm old and dying.

 Ordov let out a short breath.

 Then, he didn't say anything else, and still faced the icicle.

''-- Have you made up your mind?

 Out of nowhere, a man's voice came out of nowhere.

 Perhaps he knew it was coming, but Ordoff did not turn around.

 The one who came was a young man of the demon race.

 Sharp, glowing demon eyes and flaming red hair.
 It was the First Demon King, the Tyrant of Destruction, Amr.

''Thank you for your service. But didn't I tell you to wait outside?

You're not strong enough.

 Amr walks up to the icicle.

'To move this thing,'

 With a scowl on his face, Amr turned his gaze to the Holy King.

''It's okay?''

 After a moment's pause, Ordoff nodded.

'I am old. The next Holy King may not decide to destroy the plague. I suppose I can't keep him here any longer.

He's not the kind of man who can be easily destroyed by attacking a sleeping companion.

 As soon as Amr said this, Ordov replied.

'The people will not be convinced if they find out that Isak the Plague, who is supposed to be sleeping in Ewezeino, was in the temple in Hyphoria.

I know that I tried to do it.

'Lefty. That was my proper course. I would not be so irresponsible as to impose on a bunch of ignorant young men.

 Ordoff turns to Amr.

'My dream is over. I must finally clean up after the lies I told.

So you want me to send the wicked ones back to Eavesino in secret?

 The Holy King nodded.

'If we keep our mouths shut, it will not be known that the plagues were in Hyphoria. Everyone will think that he has been sleeping in Ewezeino. Can you do it?

 Amr looks up overhead.

 It is a roofless temple, but the top is covered by a ward of light.
 On the other side, his magic eye could see for a moment a flying sea of trees hidden by a cloaking spell.

''The dark clouds of the Disaster Abyss World block entry from the outside. I know I can get in with all my strength, but--

 Then a figure jumped down from behind the tree line.

 The one who easily broke through the warding and landed in the temple was a man wearing a cloak of evening darkness - Noah, the Two Ruling Pretender.
 His long silver hair drifted through the air as if in water.

'Then the others will know.

 Noah says.

'Then you'll have to come with me to the disaster world. It will be easier to infiltrate when you're here.

 Then he stared at Amr in silence.

'Sometimes when we meet, you bring in all sorts of nasty stuff.

 Perhaps taking it as an affirmation, Amr turned his head to Ordoff.

'There was just a bored impenetrable sea. I think I can handle it.

Thank you.

 Ordoff bowed politely to the tyrant of destruction and the Two Rulers.

'To the pride of the hunting nobility, I swear I will repay this favor.

 Amr and Noah looked at each other lightly.

 Then Noah pointed to the entrance to the temple.
 A door of light.

''How about that one?''

 Amr grinned at Noah's statement.

'This is why I never get tired of being with you.

 Amr draws a magic circle. 
 In the next moment, the door of light burns in the blink of an eye and turns to ashes.


 Ordoff turned around in confusion, and now the Two Rite Pretender drew a magic circle.

 Amr and Noah began to be sucked into their own shadows.

'Reveal the truth, at least to your own son. Your dreams are too good to let them cease here.'

 So said Amr and disappeared into the shadows.

 Immediately after--

Your Majesty!

 Two voices echoed.

 As the door of light completely turned to ashes, a hole was created in the warding.

 Through it came two hunting nobles.
 They were Rebrahard and Baltzalond.

 They walked up to their father and looked up at the icicle in front of them, as if they were afraid.

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

''........Your Majesty the Holy King......''

 Lebrahard says.

'....No, Father. Please, please answer me falsely....

 Lebrahard stared straight at his father.

 Barzalondo's face was down and his fists were clenched.

'Is that Isak the Woe in this icicle?

 The Lord God's magical power emanating from deep within.
 It was impossible for a hunting nobleman who knew Ewezeino well to not know what it was.

 After a few seconds of silence, Ordoff said as if he was ready.

''That's right.''


 It was Baltzalondo who said in accusation.

''We are proud hunting nobles who hunt evil beasts! Thousands and thousands of hunters have lost their lives to their tusks!

 'I'm sorry,' says Ordov apologetically to an enraged Bartsalond.

'I am sorry. But Baltzalondo--'

"I'm not sorry! If we destroy Isak the plague, we can bless their world with the power of the Holy Heavenly Lord.

'That's certainly true. But,

But there is no scarecrow! Then the abominable Disaster Abyss World will take the righteous path and be reborn as Hyphoria. We can wipe out those abominable beasts from this Silver Water Holy Sea. The infant will no longer be frightened by Arzenon's Lion of Perdition.

You're right. But,

Isn't that what we noblemen and hunters have always wanted? So what the hell is this all about? Have you, father, lost your pride, gone astray and betrayed Hyphoria?

 Barzalondo glares at him with eyes filled with righteous indignation.

 Ordoff doesn't say anything, but only wears a somber expression of pain.

''........No excuses.......? You're going to admit it?


 Rebrahard says, chidingly.

'You should calm down a bit.'

But, brother. The fact that you don't have a single rebuttal is proof that you have no excuse...

You just crushed your own refutation, didn't you?

 Barzalondo kept his mouth shut.

 'Indeed,' he said, and it was written on his face.

'A man who will not listen has no words to speak.


 Finally regaining his composure, Barzalondo did not try to blame Holy King Ordov any further.


 Lebrahard says, with an effort to be calm.

'My feelings are the same as Lutz's. If there's a reason, I'd like to know.

 Ordoff nodded quietly.

In ancient times, Isak the Plague Man lost interest in the plague world and went to sleep. Sleep was the strongest craving of the plague men. So it has been said.

 Lebrahard chimes in.

'It's not the same,'

...What do you mean by 'no'?

'Isaac followed his vows and went to sleep. It was I who swore the oath.

 After a moment's silence, Lebrahard asked.

'What kind of oath?'

"...I had a dream...

 Turning his prayerful gaze to his sons, Ordoff says

'I cannot tell you now. If either of you is elected Holy King, then and only then will I tell you. 'And,'

 With unwavering intent in his eyes, Ordoff declares clearly.

'Woe is me, I will return to Ewezeino today.

It's ridiculous...

 Baltzalondo, who was about to go towards the Holy King, was controlled by Rebrahard with his hand.

'If you have fallen asleep by oath, it would be tantamount to a deception to destroy you here.

 Barzalondo immediately countered.

'There is no shame in trapping a beast. It will save many lives.'

'Let's save our pride and our lives anyway. It's simple. We just need to be strong and upright.

 Hearing Rebrahard's words, Barzalondo shushed again.

'Father. Do you think it is the right way?

 With sincerity in his eyes, Lebrahard asked.

 Ordoff answered clearly.

'When I took the oath, I saw the rainbow path. ─ I saw the rainbow path when I was pledged, and I have followed it in a straight line until I came to this point. I don't think we can go any further, though.

 The Holy King looked a bit lonely.

"Your Majesty, Your Holiness.

 Straightening his posture and using polite language, Lebrahard said.

''I will return here again. This time with the Spirit Godman Sword in my hand, to carry on His Majesty's dream.'

 Lebrahard respects his father Ordoff.

 If his father, as the Holy King, had a dream that had not been fulfilled by his aspirations, he wanted to fulfill it himself.

 What it was all about was of little consequence to him.
 Because he believed that if it was a dream that Saint King Ordoff had set out to achieve, it must be great.

'What about Lutz?'

If you say it's the right way, then there's nothing wrong with it. You should have said so in the first place.

 It looks uncomfortable, says Barzalondo.

 Looking at his two fearless sons, Ordov's expression relaxed.

 Baltzalondo has a strong sense of justice, though he is prone to heat and a bit of rashness.
 Lebrahard, who was kind and courageous, though he could be hard-hearted.

 These two men were the treasures of Ordov.

 I have never told them directly.
 If the time came to hand over the Holy King's throne to either of them one day, I would tell them about it.

 And that day would not be far off.
 He had a hunch from the way the two of them came here today.

'I won't say anything else,'

 With that uttered, Barzalondo turned on his heel.

 Then the icicle of the plague Izaak began to sink into its shadow.
 It is the magic of the Two Rite Pretender. He intends to hide it in the shadows and carry it to Ewezeino.

'Wait and see, Barzarondo.

 Barzalondo stops in his tracks.

'Rebrahald, I hope you'll keep that in mind as well. There is another matter that concerns me, apart from the plague, but there is one more thing that concerns me.

 Ordoff prefaced his speech with that, and then began to speak.

'You know that there are forces that are calling out to many small worlds these days, don't you? The history is old, but they didn't have much power. It is supposed to be a collection of shallow and middle worlds, but it seems to me that there are multiple, or considerably deeper, deep worlds behind it. I can't help but feel that there are multiple, or considerably deeper, deep worlds behind it.

 They listened intently.

 Ordoff said.

'Don't get involved with Pablo Hetara.