38-Da Mo Jie Coach

Okay. Now that we've decided on Ray's group, let's get right to class.

 Emilia said in a good mood, probably because Rei had become the squad leader as she had planned, she said in a good mood.

''Today, we will be conducting the Great Magic Sword Training now. It will be a practical training session, so please move towards the arena. The special instructor is already here, so please do not be rude.

 The students stood up in unison and left the second teaching field.


 Misha calls out to me as I start to walk away.

'What's up?'

Do you know Ray?

 It's a strange thing to ask.

'No. Do I look that way?

 Misha nodded persistently.

'It looked like fun.'

 I see.

Well, he seemed like an interesting guy.

 But you know them.
 I'm sure there are a few reincarnated members of the family just like me.
 It wouldn't be surprising if he was one of them.

 There are many things when it comes to reincarnation. Depending on the level of the root magic, it's not uncommon for it to be impossible to completely take over memories and powers. Nevertheless, it's something you remember somewhere in your mind.

''Maybe we met two thousand years ago.

Hey. Hurry up. Class is about to start.

 Sasha calls out to me from a distance.

'Shall we go?'


 Alongside Misha, I started walking again.

 When I came to the arena, the students formed a circle around something.
 In the center were Emilia and then two demons.

 One of them was a huge man twice as tall as an ordinary person. His skin was sallow and dark, and his arms and legs were thick. He had protruding muscles and a goatee.
 The other one is of normal height. He has long black hair and a sharp look in his eyes.

''With that, we will now conduct the Great Demon Sword Training by Seven Demon Emperors Old Gaius Anzem and Idle Anzeo,''

 The big-bodied one is Gaius and the long hair is Idle.
 It's true that they look almost identical to the demon race I created. I can't help but feel the same wavelength of magic power. I'm not sure if the fusion magic is hijacking their roots and bodies again.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea for you to be here, but I didn't expect two people to come.

''Gaius-sama, Idle-sama. I'm looking forward to seeing you today.

 Emilia bowed her head and then pulled back into the corner to get out of the way.

'Hm. Well, let's do one thing as a greeting, shall we?

 A wild voice is uttered.
 Gaius raises his hand above his head and dozens of magicians float in the sky.

'As many as there are students.'

 Misha mutters next to me.

'Looks like it,'

 Magic power is gathering in the magic circle, and from the center of the magic circle, the sword blade appears.

That's a magic sword...

''Wait a minute, what's with that stupid magical power........ What if that thing falls on you...?

 As the students looked up above their heads, they backed away as if afraid of the magic sword peeking out from the magic circle.

''Oops. Don't move, chicks.

 Gaius's wild voice rang out and the students stopped in their tracks as they shivered with a jolt.

'Yes. Yes, you should stay still. If you move, you will die.

 Gaius gingerly clenched his fist and swung it down as hard as he could.

 With an angry voice, magic swords rained down from the magic circle like a rainstorm.

''U, uhhhh!


 Screams came from all over the arena.
 However, the students were all unharmed.
 The magic sword from earlier was stabbed at their feet.

''Come on. Take the magic sword stuck at your feet and pull it out.''

 The students fearfully picked up the magic sword and put their strength into it.

''Oh, that? I'm stuck....

"What is this.......it's going to suck the magic out of me.......!

Ohhhhhh, my hands, my hands, I can't get rid of them! Ta, help me!

 Again, a scream came from everywhere.

''Hahaha. Don't scream, chicks. That's what a magic sword is. A true demon sword chooses its wielder. If you don't show the power befitting a demon sword, you'll suffer the opposite. Put your magical power into it and smash the sword. Don't do anything, or you'll die.

 Hmm. From the looks of it, it looks like all the magic swords are real, not magically made.
 It's likely that he instantly assessed the wavelength of the magic and selected the right magic swords for all the students here.

I'm sure all of you are aware of the fact that soon, a magic sword tournament will be held here in Delzogade. This tournament is to determine the best swordsman in Dirheid, that's why participants from all over Dirheid will gather here. Unlike you chicks, you are all outstanding men. You'll have to bring your own magic sword, but if you don't have one of those, you won't even be able to participate.

 Gaius raised his voice to inspire the students.

''If you want to show your supremacy at the Demon Sword Tournament, I'll pull out my sword to that extent! If you can pull it off, I'll let you have it.

 When I look next to her, I see that Sasha is stepping as hard as she can to pull out her magic sword.
 But she doesn't seem to be able to pull it out.

Ha. What is it, Sasha? Can't you pull it out?

'....Shut up........

 Misha was also trying to pull out his magic sword, however, it didn't seem to work.

''I'm not good with swords.''

 Well, regardless of whether or not they have magic power, there are things they are not good at.
 <To be honest, the Lotus Leaf Ice Ring and the Phoenix Vestments are far more advanced magic tools than this level of magic sword, but the two of them were able to wear them without difficulty.

 Come to think of it, Shin's guy could also handle swords to the point of being unchallenged, but other than that, he was a complete stranger to magic tools. Thanks to that, he had to use the sword to solve everything, and his swordsmanship was said to have been mastered.

I'm sure you're not going to be able to find a way to make it work. You don't mean to say you can't pull it off, do you?

'Kukukku, ha ha ha ha ha. Sasha, the joke's on you.

 I glance at the magic sword in front of me.
 In the next moment, the demon sword slipped out by itself to obey me and emerged.

''........Oh, hey, look. That Anos guy drew his sword without even touching it....

"...d*mn it, how do you do it? Even though I feel like I'm going to pass out just by touching it like this..... That guy is a monster.........

 He holds the magic sword floating in the air.

"There's only one sword in the world that I can't pull off.

'I thought you'd say you didn't have one...'

There was a holy sword used by a brave man in mythical times. It's a magical tool forged by master craftsmen, inhabited by sword spirits and blessed by the gods to destroy me. That one was indeed hard to pull off.

 Well, the only person who could handle that holy sword was the brave canon, even in that era.
 Maybe Shin would have managed to get out of it, but I didn't have a chance to try it.

 To begin with, the demon race and the holy sword are not compatible with each other. If it's also a sword that's meant to destroy me, that guy would try to destroy it before he could pull it out.


 I walk straight to my feet.

Hey, hey. What are you going to do again?

 Hmm. You know, Sasha's starting to get to me.

"What, I'm just going to go make your boring day a little better.

 As he stepped up to Gaius, he said admiringly.

''Hm. How easy it is to pull out a magic sword, some guys have a lot of sights to see, don't they?

''It's disappointing to me. It's called the Great Demon Sword Training, so you'd think it was some sort of grand lecture, but to be subjected to such a trivial game.

 In the distance, Emilia looked like she had eaten bubbles, but the Gaius in front of her looked interested and put a hand to her chin.

'Hahaha. He's quite an interesting guy, isn't he? In short, this is how it should be. I want you to teach me how to use the magic sword in a real battle, huh!

 Gaius raised his hand wide. A huge magic circle floated there, and what emerged was a thick, huge, magical sword that was three times longer than Gaius' height.
 He took it in his hand and lightly wielded it with one hand. The students stepped on the tatara in the wind pressure that arose.

''.........Oh no, oh no, that's bad.......'' It's Gaios-sama's Extreme Magic Sword Gragesion.......

''As I recall........the one that sliced the Neal Mountains in half.......it's not on the level of a sword anymore.......''

That's what Anos did, but now he's dead...

 Hmm. Only the Seven Demon Emperors are so-so powerful.
 It's not just for the purpose of fighting, but let's have a little fun with it.

"Idle. Why don't you have some fun too?

 He called out to the long-haired Seven Demon Imperial Elder.
 Then, he received an unpleasant look back.

''You want us, the Seven Demon Emperors, to fight you two against one?''

Well, we want to fight you, too.

 As he said this, Gaius gave him a broad smile.

'Very well. Good. I'll adapt to your preferred fighting style. Which one of you is the other?

 I glanced behind me.

'That's Ray Grundley over there.

 Ray, who still hadn't even tried to touch the magic sword, gave me a curious look.

''Fine. Then the rest of you may step back. Let us now show you what the essence of the Demon Sword is!

 Gaius stabbed the extreme magic sword Gragesion into the ground.
 A magic circle emerged all over the floor of the arena, and a magic barrier was deployed that covered me, Lei, and the Seven Demon Emperors old man.

Oh, man, once in a hundred years, a man with no idea what he's doing.

 As Idle spreads his hands out, two magic circles emerge, and a pair of magic swords appear. One is a magic sword of ice. The other is a magic sword of fire.

''Ho. The magic sword of fire and the magic sword of ice, the ides. That's quite interesting. The former can turn a victim to ashes while the latter can freeze them to pieces.

 I walked up to Ray who was in front of the stabbed demon sword and spoke to him as such.

Don't worry. It's just part of the lesson. You won't get killed.

It's fine.

 Ray said in a brisk tone.

'Wouldn't it be bad if we won?'

 Huh, chuckle.
 If you're wondering what I'm worried about, that's what I'm worried about.
 I knew he was interesting.
 There are few demons in this time period that can speak so boldly against the Seven Demon Emperors.

''I want you to show your strength. Which one of you would you rather be with?

 Lei looked at the two of the Seven Demon Emperors and worked his magic sword.

''If anything, it's that ice and fire dual sword. It looks like we're at a disadvantage with just one sword.''

Ho. Do you bother to pick the disadvantage?

I thought I should read the air and struggle a bit.

 So you have no intention of losing.
 I'm afraid not.

It's a game of "who's gonna beat you first".

So, if I win, will you let me join your team, Anos?

 Hearing those words, my face broke out.

'For what it's worth, you're more on board than I thought.

I figured it would still be easier over there than taking on Anos-kun directly in the intergroup exam.

 Ray takes the magic sword and pulls it out as a matter of course.
 Then, he swung it with all his might and threw it at the idol.


 Idle cut it off with his flaming magic sword, and in the blink of an eye, the sword he threw turned to ashes.

''First move, I thought,''

 Ray then pulled out another student sword that was next to him.
 Then he threw the sword to the idol again.

 Immediately, Ray runs out and pulls out the magic swords one after the other and throws them at the idol.
 The demon swords choose their owners. It's no ordinary thing to pull out that many demon swords.

''Hm. It's a fool's errand to look away on the battlefield.

 Without a sound, Gaius, who had been circling behind me, was raising his extremely large demon sword, Glazion.

''Avoid it well, chick!

 The gradient was swung down with tremendous force, and its massive blade tip hit me in the head.
 A hole was made in the floor by the sword pressure and the dust was violently rolled up.


 Gaius's breathless voice leaks out.
 The tip of the blade of the supreme demon sword Grageon had been snapped off by the collision with my head.

''Your aim is poor, Gaius. Your head is hard.

''..........Hard..........Is that the level of this...... Why is this an extremely large demonic sword that can cut down a mountain range with a single blow...?

 I held the magic sword sluggishly at the lower level and said, ''You think you can split my head open just by cutting both sides of the mountain range?

"Did you think that cutting both sides of the mountain range would cause my head to split open?

 Frightened by my killing spree, Gaius retreated as quickly as he could.
 But he had lost sight of me at that moment.

''Gone.........gone.......you mean.......!

Don't panic. I was just taking it easy, Gaius.

 As I slashed at his feet from behind with my magic sword, Gaius fell to his knees with a crunch.
 I grabbed the back of his head at just the right height and grabbed him with my left hand.

Now, what do you remember?

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.
 But as expected, the name Anos Voldigord was not in Gaius' head either.

 If you elaborate your demon eyes and look deeply into the depths of Gaius, as expected, or should I say, there are two roots. One belonged to Gaios, who had just explored his memories. The other is probably the demon race under Avos Dilhevia's control. Nevertheless, since we don't know the origin, we can't look into the memories of that demon race back in the past.

 Well, that's only to be expected. I don't expect to be able to find a tail here.

Shall we continue?

 He let go of his hand and thrust the magic sword into his neck instead.
 Gaius said with a pained expression.


 A loud cheer came from the arena as the Seven Demon Imperial Elders declared defeat.