37-Renma's sword holy

 The next day--
 Delzogade Demon King Academy, the second teaching ground.

 When the bell for the start of class rang, Emilia walked into the classroom.
 The boys in black clothes followed behind her.

''Good morning. Today I would like to start off by introducing the new students.''

 Emilia writes her name, Ray Grundley, on the blackboard.
 A student in black stepped forward.

'Nice to meet you. I'm Ray Grandsdry. I was actually supposed to start classes from the first day, but I had to transfer in at this halfway point of the year for some reason. There are many things I don't understand, so I may ask a lot of questions, but I'd appreciate it if you could help me out. Best regards.

 His voice was crystal clear.
 White hair and pale blue eyes. A beautiful, neutral face and then a thin, smiling expression that gave off a cool impression.

''........Hey, that guy's a seven-pointed star.......''

Idiot. What are you talking about? Of course it's Ray Grundley. This is Ray Grundley. He's one of the generation of chaos. He's the sage of swordsmanship. You can handle not only magic swords, but also spirit swords and divine swords that are not supposed to be used by demons.

'You were talking about getting in, but I didn't see you there, but you hadn't come to the academy yet...'

 A generation of chaos. Just like Sasha, you seem to be quite famous.

''Lei-kun can use the magic of the Demon King's Army (Guys), so you can run for squad leader, what do you want to do?''

'Yes. What shall we do?

 Ray says in a brisk tone.
 He doesn't seem to be a very belligerent type.

''Although the squads have already been selected, there is still time to get the squad members together until tomorrow's squad-by-squad exam. Of course, it's fine if you join one of the squads this time and participate as a squad leader in the next squad-by-squad exam, but you can also join another squad based on your ability....

 Apparently, Emilia wants Ray to be the squad leader.

''I haven't even gotten to know everyone yet, so maybe I'll ask her to join one of the squads this time.


 Emilia raised her voice as if she was confused, as if it was unexpected for someone called the Generation of Chaos to say that.

''Wow, I understand. Since it's unlikely that I'll be able to find a student who wants to be a member of the squad right away, I'm going to join one of the squads in the interim. Probably, there will be more students who want to become members of Ray-kun's squad right away, so I'll be the squad leader if that happens.

I'm not much of a leader, though.

 Ray says frankly.

'Even if you say that, I'm sure the leader of the squad you joined will say you're more deserving of being the leader.

 Hmm. What's up with this Emilia guy being so committed to Ray?

All right, I'll let you choose your squad. Squad leaders, please stand.

'No. Not even close to that.

 Emilia looked at Ray curiously.

'Do you already know the squad leader's face and name?'

No, not at all.

 More and more Emilia looked quizzical.

'But I can understand one of them,'

 With that, Ray walks off.
 The eyes of the entire classroom focused on him, and a whispering voice leaked out.

''........Whose squad are you going to join......?''

''Isn't it the Sword Saint of Renge? Was there ever a squad leader in my class who could control that guy?

Oh. You don't suppose she thinks Sasha is the leader of the squad...?

Okay. You're right. You wouldn't expect a doomsday witch to be a squad member in white, would you?

 Ray walked straight to Sasha's seat and then walked straight past her.
 He stopped in front of my seat.

'Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Ray Grundley.

 Ray asked me with a fresh smile on his face.

'What's your name?'

Anos Voldigord.

So, Anos, I'd like to join your team. Despite my appearance, I'm pretty good with a sword. I'm sure I can help you.

 Hmm. That's a surprising offer.

"How do you know I'm a squad leader?

 Then Ray replied immediately.

''Because your magic power is the strongest in this class.

 So he can feel my magic without being in awe of it.
 It means this guy has some serious magic on his own.

Dressed in white?

 After being told that, Ray made an expression as if he had just realized it for the first time.

''Ah, if you ask me. I only saw magic power.''

 Huff, Ray laughs at his own failure.

'But you're amazing, Anos. Normally a white coat wouldn't be a squad leader.''

What, you have to break the rules?

 Giggling, Ray laughs.

'I knew I'd want to join your squad. It'll be fun.

 Ray offers me a handshake.
 He's such a refreshing guy.

''Le, Ray-kun. Well, I don't mind joining any of the squads, but since Anos-kun's a brand is a brand.......


 Ray looked at the non-conformist brand on my uniform.

'Oh, so you're the one they're talking about? A non-conformist since the beginning of the Demon King's Academy?

I guess so.

''Huh. If such a strong magic power makes you a non-conformist, then what's the point of an aptitude test?

 Emilia was surprised by Ray's statement of a simple question.

"Leigh-kun. That comment constitutes a criticism of the royal family?

Oh, I'm sorry. So, pretend you didn't hear me.

You didn't ask me about...

 I couldn't help but chuckle at Ray's demeanor, as if he didn't care about the royal family or anything else.

'He's pretty funny,'

Yeah? Is he okay? People often say I don't read the air.

That's the funny part.

 Ray gives a fresh smile.

'I don't think I've ever been complimented like that before.

 Ray turns to Emilia.

'It doesn't mean you can't join the non-conformist squad, does it?

''That's the rule, but.... As a member of the Imperial Family, I hope that as one of the generation of chaos that is considered to be the reincarnation of the Demon King's Primordial Ancestor, you will make the appropriate decision.

 Emilia said as if to impose her unspoken agreement.

'All right. It's a reasonable decision.'

 Ray replied, then tightened his expression and turned his head to me again.

''Well, with that in mind, would you like to join your squad again, Anos?

 Hmm. Did this guy think that as long as he had a face worthy of the royal family, it was all right?
 He's a completely airheaded man.

 It's not as if Emilia, for example, shows any sign of noticing that her eyes are wide open and her mouth is open to the point that her jaw is about to come off in surprise.

 No, it's a masterpiece.

''........What do you mean by that? Why is that Renunciation Demon Sword Sage suddenly trying to descend to the army of non-conformists...?

''Oh, no matter how tentative it is, it's not going to happen...''

'If Ray Grundley had come, I would have thought I'd finally be able to avoid getting a big look at that misfit...'

 A pathetic murmur from a student of what appeared to be the royal family leaked out.

That's what I'm talking about, Anos! It's super cool to show who's better without a fight!

'Mm-hm! With Anos-sama's charm, even the alchemy sword saint is a winner!

'Wait! I just realized something terrible.


If it's love at first sight, it doesn't mean it's love at first sight!

Yeah, so, Ray, you're saying that you're our rival?

But, you know, he's a man...!

That's no way to go against love!

 The voice of the crazy Anos Fan Union echoed.

'Are you sure? Looks like there are some disappointed folks out there.

 He hinted at the royal family guys.
 'Hmmm,' said Ray, twisting his head.

'I honestly didn't know what I'd do if I only had a bad squad leader. But Anos, you're definitely stronger than me, right?

 Ray says in an unpretentious tone. He doesn't seem to care that I'm a nonconformist.
 I don't know how far he's really going to go, but it doesn't sound like he's lying, either.

I suppose.

'Then let's hope for the best. It's in my nature to do as I'm ordered under a competent leader.

 This freedom of not being tied to the royal family is something that can be traced to the demon race two thousand years ago.

So that's why, okay?

Hmm. Sure. No.


 Ray's expression turned sullen.

'If you just want to take it easy and do as you're ordered, you can join those squads. If you really want to join my team, then you'll have to show the power you deserve.

"Mr. Anos.

 Suddenly a look of urgency appeared on his face and Ray said in a theatrical tone.

'I said I wanted to do as I was ordered, but I'm not at ease with it. I have to do something," he said. Yes, I have a mission. In order to do that, I have to become your hand and foot and climb up this Demon King Academy. I want you to join your squad!

Yeah. Then show me the power you deserve.

 Ray was back to his fresh smile again.

''Well that's funny. I'm a good actor, but...''

 He's a grasping man. He's as aloof as the air.

''........Rekindling Sword Sage wanted to join the team, but I refused him!

That's what I'm talking about, Anos! That's a lot of money! It's expensive!

'Wait! I just realized something terrible.

What now?

"...Mr. Ray, you just asked me to let you in...


 I said to the guys from Anos Fun Union, who were having an incomprehensible conversation.

Just in time. Mass, join Ray's group.

'What? Um.........yes. If Anos-sama says so, I will, but........

 Confused, Misa says.

'Join forces and challenge me in the squad-based test. If you do well, I'll put you in charge.


 I then looked at Ray.

'That's all right with you?'

I'm not much of a leader, but...

 Hmm. You said the same thing earlier, but it doesn't look like you're being humble.
 A squad leader would be required to be the Demon Emperor, but you're not interested in power or politics even though you have the power.

''You're quite interesting. I just wanted to play around with you for a bit, but, well, I won't force you if you're not willing to do it.''

Well, look. I'm starting to have an interest in you.

 Ray reversed his opinion so easily that it was anticlimactic.
 Then, refreshingly, he smiled.

'Take it easy.'

Oh. I'm gonna crush you as hard as I can.

 Ray resumed with a curious look on his face.

'I actually have a one-year-old daughter waiting for me to come home.

'So that's it, you're going to fight as hard as you can to get out alive at all costs.

 Giggling, Ray laughed as he gushed.
 This must have been another lie. 'You're a proper man.

'Why is that?'


'No, I had a feeling that I could get along with you, Anos.

Hmm. That's funny. I was just thinking about that.

 He had uttered that on a whim, and strangely enough, the words seemed to make sense to him.