36-Half sword

S-Sorry. I'm sorry to have disturbed you...

 When the matter of the signing (signature) was settled, Mass approached me like that.

'Everyone seems to have been upset by their first live Anos-sama.

I don't like the way you said that...

 Sasha said, and Misha nodded next to her.

'It's like a drink,'

Hmm. Fresh anos.

You don't have to dig that deep.

 You have a point.

In the first place, there were a few of us in the same class, and I'm sure it's not the first time we've met today. I don't know what's raw about it.

'Oh, how should I put it? Anos-sama has an air of separation from the world, and doesn't seem to be aware of us. We've been in the same classroom for a long time, but today, for the first time, I feel like you've acknowledged our existence.

Well, I'll be honest with you, I wasn't looking at it.


 Misa looked slightly depressed.

'Don't worry about it. It's just my principle of ignoring things I'm not interested in.'

That's not a good follow-up.

 Misha nods in agreement with Sasha.

'But I've learned my lesson today. From now on, you can taste me raw to your heart's content.

There's something obscene about the way you say that...

 Misha nods her head curiously.

'Is raw anos obscene?'

'It's nothing. Misha doesn't need to know.

 Misha turned her gaze into the air with a blank expression and blurted out.

''I'm curious...''

'Oh, then, Miss Misha. Would you like to join the Anos Fun Union? I'm sure I can teach you a lot of things.

 At Misa's words, Sasha hurriedly took a bite out of her.

'Absolutely not! I don't want my Misha blowing things up! Would you stop that kind of solicitation at any time?

Oh, would you like to join us, Sasha?

'Huh! Why would that be?

 Sasha sounds surprised.

'Because I'm worried about you, Misha. Wouldn't it be safer if we went in together?'

 Misa says with a smile.

'I refuse. There's no reason to go into a place like this, for the most part.'

'I see. I'm sorry.

 Missa pulled her mouth to Sasha's ear and muttered something in a whisper.

''.........Now, the magic photo of Anos-sama that I took a hidden picture of was a bonus, but......''

I don't think that's--

 Sasha turns to me for a moment.

'I'm not interested in that at all.'

 Sasha whispered as she moved her face closer to Missa's.

''Well what kind of picture is that, by the way?''

'Hmmm, do you want to see it? There's even a half-naked shot of you taking a moment while you were getting dressed?

"Half naked...! 

 Sasha's face turns bright red and she raises her voice.

''Oh, you don't like that kind of thing? Well then, I'll prepare a more wholesome and dignified expression for you.......

Well, don't wait...

 Misa gives him a pouting look.


I'll look at it just in case. Just in case.

 Sasha emphasizes just in case.
 Hmm. What in the world are we talking about?

 If you listen, you'll hear it, but, well, I'm going out of my way to whisper, so let's not listen.

Okay. Then I'll show you upstairs and show you around. Anos-sama, would you please wait a moment?


 Apparently nostalgic, Sasha was led upstairs by Missa.

'Doesn't Misha have to go?'

Anos wouldn't go.



 A few moments later, Mass came running down the stairs.

'Here you are, sir.'

What happened to Sasha?

Phew, he's having fun.

 Misa says meaningfully.

''Um.......Anos-sama, actually, I have one request.......''

 In a change from earlier, Misa had a serious expression on her face.


I understand this is a very generous offer, but would you mind putting us in Anos' group?

 I see. Well, it's a reasonable request.
 All the other leaders except me are royalty. It would be an unwillingness for the Unification Faction to comply.

"I have a condition for my people.

What is it?

Strong or interesting.

 When she said that, Misa laughed as if she was troubled.

''It doesn't seem so easy after all...''

One question: why are you doing this activity?

When you say, "like this," you mean the Unificationists?

''Ah. It's true that Dirheid is ruled by the royal family and the demon race is divided in two. But it's not like they're in much trouble. The rule is good and Dirheid is peaceful. Life is quite comfortable, if you look at the fact that they don't have any power.

 Even with the problems of the royal family, it's a much better time than it was two thousand years ago.
 After all, in the age of mythology, those without power died. It's a luxury to be able to be weak and not have your life taken away.

''You guys don't have much power, so if you think you can't unite the demon race properly, don't you think that's just dangerous?

''........Yes. Anos-sama is right.

 For a moment, Misa looked down.
 But then she looked up as if to regain her composure and smiled.

'If you don't mind, I'd like to show you our Union Tower. I have something to show you.

 Misa gives you a dedicated look.
 It doesn't sound like she doesn't want to answer.

'Then let me show you around.

'Yes! This way!

 Mass goes up the stairs and gives us a brief tour of the Union Tower.
 On the second and third floors, there are things related to the Anos Fan Union, and this is where we do our normal activities. I was given a brief glimpse of the sculptures that resemble my image, as well as a diary that chronicles my saga from the time I entered the school until today.

 The fourth floor is a living space where I can sleep in, and the fifth floor is filled with Dillhade's history books and books related to the demon race. I briefly looked at them, but there were no history books that had a decent amount of information about two thousand years ago.

 We climbed further up the stairs and came to the top floor.
 In the center of the room, there was a stone pedestal with a single magic sword stuck in it.

 Hmm. It's a strange structure.
 Potentially, it feels as magical as a gem from the mythical era, but it's incomplete. That magic sword is only half full, as if it was split in half vertically.

''Is this what you want to show me?''

Yes, sir.

 Misa walked slowly and stopped in front of half the magic sword.
 She stared at the sword.

 As she did so, she didn't try to open her mouth at all, but I decided to wait in silence.
 Eventually, she said quietly.

''........Perhaps Anos-sama has noticed this, but I'm not a pure demon race. My father is a demon race, but my mother is a spirit.

 Half-spirit, half-demon. No wonder I can feel the power of spirits. But the time when spirits and demons cross paths is even more surprising than when you find out that there is a mixture of human and demon race.

"I heard that my mother died shortly after I was born.

 Mass says, a little sadly.

'I've never spoken to my father. I don't even know his face or his name.'


''My father is a member of the royal family, and seems to be in a rather high position. Maybe he's the Demon Emperor who rules somewhere in Dirheid.

 I don't know.

What about it?

 Then Misha said.

''It is the duty of the imperial family to preserve the descendants of the royal family. If any blood other than the royal family is introduced into the bloodline, that family is excluded from the royal family up to the third degree from the person in question.'

'I see. So it doesn't just affect you, but your blood family as well?

 The fact that his daughter may be of mixed blood does not dilute his blood.
 It's a crazy thing to think about.

'Misha, you're right. Of course, I'm sure my father was well aware of that. If it's true, you shouldn't be in love with anyone but the royal family. And yet, I'm sure he couldn't help but fall in love with my mother.

 'Hmmm,' laughed Misa.

'My God, this is just a fantasy. Then I thought it would be nice, so....

 Mass says so, but he wouldn't take such a risk if he didn't really like it. Even his own position is in jeopardy.

''My father can't talk to me. "My father can't talk to me. He'll lose everything if people find out he has a half-spirit, half-demon daughter. That's why he never met her, he never revealed her face and name to me.

 He thought that he couldn't involve his blood family, even if it was just himself.

''Only, on my tenth birthday, he used a messenger owl to give me this half of a magic sword for my tenth birthday without anyone knowing about it.

 Misa gently touches the hilt.

'In truth, I probably shouldn't have left this kind of trail. But that's why I thought this was a message from my father, who can't say anything. The other half of this sword must be in my father's possession. This demonic sword that is now split in two, surely one day it will become one. The day will come when the royal family and the half-breeds will join hands properly. That's what my father is fighting for. I thought he was telling me that he was going to come for me and that I should wait for him.

 Mass looks back at me.

'There is peace in Dirheid. The ruling of the royal family is excellent, and indeed, without the protection of my parents, I am able to attend the academy and live in peace.

 Then she trailed off and smiled sadly.

But rather than a life with all the luxuries of life, I wanted to be poor and have a laugh with my father.

 It was a word that seemed to squeeze the emotion out of him.

'A father and a daughter, torn apart and unable to even speak. I want that kind of sadness to end with me. We all do. All of the Unificationists have been forced into the shadow of the peaceful rule of the royal family and have not been able to see their parents or lose their families.

 Mass stares at me with an appealing gaze.

'Still, the gulf between the ideal and reality is deep. So, Anos-sama. When I saw you at the academy, when you were laying waste to the imperial family with your overwhelming magical power, we thought we had finally found a glimmer of hope. We were able to believe you were the Demon King of Tyranny.

Hmm. So what would you do if I wasn't the founder?

No problem. We'd fight the Founders for this little piece of happiness.

 Mass affirmed unequivocally.

'It was your words that we believed. We believed it because you said you were a tyrannical demon king.

 Not that the Founder needed it, right?
 Surely the Unificationists have no reason to want the royal founder.

"My Lord Anos. "Dear Anos, please forgive us for our lack of strength. And I ask that you will fight with us...

 You get the gist of it.

When was the next intergroup trial?

 It was an unexpected question, or maybe Mass couldn't answer it right away.

'The day after tomorrow,'

 Misha says.

'Then, Misa. You can challenge me the day after tomorrow.


"I don't want you to win. I don't want any of my men to rely on my strength. If you're not lying when you say you'll fight the Founders, then show me you're ready.

 Holding her mouth shut, Mass nodded in a determined manner.

'I understand. I will definitely live up to Anos-sama's expectations.

Well. Let's go get Sasha and have lunch.

 We left the top floor and walked down the stairs.

'Speaking of which, is Anos-sama used to handling a sword?'

 Misa asks.

'No. My sword is about as forceful as I can swing it. Why?

''Well, tomorrow is the Great Demon Sword Training, so I thought we could see Anos-sama's bravery.

 I remember hearing that story, too.

I'm pretty sure we're going to get an outside instructor, right?

''Yes, Master Melhayes said that the Seven Demon Emperors might come just like they did during the Great Magic Training.

 Hmm. Avos Dilhevia knows I have a hunch about this, so I'm not sure how I'm going to get out. How do you think you're going to get out? Let's see how he does it.

'Also, and this is probably something the students don't know yet, but we have a new student coming in.

 I didn't particularly pay attention to what Mass said meaningfully.