Class is over and it's lunchtime.
 The students get up en masse and leave the classroom for lunch.

 As for the king's scepter, it seems that it will be appraised at the academy again, and as a result, my group's score will be determined. I don't think they'd let him steal again, but apparently the Demon King Academy doesn't want to evaluate me too much for being a nonconformist.
 The reason for this is probably related to the Unificationist party that Emilia mentioned.


 As I stood up, a female student in white approached me.
 It's Misa Iliologue, the one who just ate Emilia.

'What is it?'

Thank you for covering for me earlier.

Yeah, no worries. I'm not defending you.

 Mass smiled as she said this.

''But thanks to you, I escaped punishment. Because if Anos-sama hadn't found the royal scepter, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to come to school for a while.''

 Hmm. So you were prepared to get rid of him, but you were going to do what you wanted. You're a real hard man to look up to.

"Mass, right?

'Yes. I'm honored that you remember my name.

One thing I want to ask you is, what is a Unificationist?

 Without cracking a smile, Mass replies.

'I'm sure you're aware that Dilheid is mostly ruled by the royal family now.

'I have a rough idea, but I don't know the details. Can you tell me?

Yes, with pleasure.

 Mass graciously agreed and began to explain.

''It's the Demon Emperor who governs the various parts of Dilheid, but even if you leave the Demon King's Academy, only the imperial family who have the full blood of their ancestors can become the Demon Emperor. Most of the power resides with the royal family, and we half-bloods can't make decisions about the affairs of Dilheid. The demon race is now divided into the royal family and the rest, regardless of their abilities.

 Well, from what I've heard the imperial families say so far, it's largely as expected.

''In contrast to the imperialists who hold up such imperial supremacy, the Unificationists are the ones who want to rightly unify the demon race, without separating the imperial race and the mixed race.

"With the royal family in control of Dirheid, how can the Unity faction be satisfied with its activities?

 If the activities of the Unification Faction are forbidden in the Demon King Academy, it wouldn't be any different in the rest of the world.

Of course, it won't be easy. However, we, the Unification Faction, have strong supporters.

 Surprising. Well, since the imperial family has grown so broad, they can't do something as treasonous as the Unificationists without one of their backers, can they? Peace, I suppose, does not come until they are free to assert themselves.

What do you mean by "backing"?

''This is one of the Seven Demon Emperors, Mr. Melhayes Bolan. He is the only Senior Seven Demon, and the only one who agrees with the Unificationists.

 Seven Demon Emperors. If so, it's a little complicated. If all the Seven Demon Emperors are Imperialists, then the composition is easy to understand. The people running the Demon King's Academy have turned me, the Demon King of Tyranny, into a non-conformist and are trying to replace someone else or themselves as the Demon King of Tyranny.

 But the Unificationists insist on treating both imperial and mixed bloods separately. If this passes, it will ruin the effort to make me a non-conformist.
 Does this mean that the Seven Demons Emperor Old Man is not a monolithic figure either? Or is it easier to accomplish the opposite goal if I put myself on the side of the Unificationists?
 I can't conclude anything without waiting for Ivis' report.

''........Anos-sama. If you are interested in the Unificationists, shall I introduce you to Master Melhayes?

 This offer can't be taken as a mere kindness, can it? If the Seven Demon Emperors were trying to contact me, they must have a plan for me.
 Well, if they are willing to make a move, there is no reason not to do it.

''I'm glad to hear that, but is it really so soon?

Yes, I'm sure Mr. Anos will be happy to oblige. I'm sure Anos-sama would love to have you.


"We Unification Faction believe that Anos-sama is the tyrannical demon king. His overwhelming power in the inter-divisional examinations and his knowledge of magic research in the Grand Magical Training Course, none of which could be achieved by an ordinary demon race.

 If you don't care about the framework of the royal family, then competence is everything. It's not surprising that you think I'm the Demon King of Tyranny.
 However, that's all we've got so far. If you can believe me so easily, I'd be suspicious of the opposite. From the standpoint of the Unificationists, they may have simply found a portable shrine that looks easy to carry.

"Um........what's the matter with you.......?

No. Then talk to Melhayes.

 Mass smiled happily as she said this.

I understand. And, if you'd like, you can come to the place where our friends are from now on. I think everyone will be very happy to have Master Anos here.

 It's a matter of time. I'll be there.

Can you show me around?

'Yes! Over here, please!

 Her voice bouncing with joy, Mass spun on her heels, full of energy.
 She leads me in and I walk behind her.

 Once out of the building with the teaching hall, we proceeded outside.

''-- By the way, are you guys coming too?''

 I call out to Misha and Sasha, who are following closely on either side of me.

'Sasha wants to go,'

It's okay. I'm one of Anos' men, so you could go with me.

 Good grief, curious thing.

"So, Misa, can we have two more people?

 Misa spun around and smiled.

''It's fine. The two of you also believe that Anos-sama is the Demon King of Tyranny, right?

 Misha nodded his head.

'Will you not join me? I don't believe, I just know.

 Sasha said with a twinkle in her eye.
 I don't know what they're competing over.

You are right. But if Sasha-san, the generation of chaos, says so, it will be more persuasive. And that's all the more welcome.

 Misa smiles smugly.

'If you could, I'd love to know what you know, but...?

It's not up to me.

 Misa looks at me.

'There's no evidence. If there was, I wouldn't be a nonconformist.

 That's what I said anyway.

'But Sasha said she knows...'

Those two are special.

 Misa shushed him for a moment and muttered, "I see.
 She was probably curious about what was special, but she didn't really want to ask any more questions.
 For some reason, Sasha seemed a little happy.

''Hey. By your people, you mean the Unificationists, right? Since Unificationist activities are forbidden in Delzogade, I think they would be noticed if they got together or something.

That's all right. We had a lot of trouble coming up with that, but we came up with a concept that would be easy to spot.

 Mass stops in his tracks. It's one of the Union Towers.
 There are a number of towers standing on the grounds of Delzogade, and some of them are apparently provided as places for union activities on campus where students perform common hobbies and interests.

 As for unions, there are various ones, such as the Swordsmanship Union, which trains swordsmen, and the Magic Research Union, which conducts magical research.
 There was a plaque at the entrance of the tower, and the name of the Union was largely written on it.

 'Anos Fan Union,' it said.

''Hmph, what do you think of this? We have become fans of Anos-sama and have formed a fan union to support him. We don't do Unificationist activities, we just talk to each other about Anos-sama's daily speeches and his gallant appearance, saying wonderful things about him and how cool he is.

You're an idiot!

 Sasha shoved hard at the mass who said with gusto.

''Although I say so, we follow the school rules of the Demon King Academy, so I won't be punished so much. As long as you follow the rules, Melhayth-sama's mouthpiece will be effective.

 As he says this, Mass opens the door to the Union Tower.

''Besides, the Anos Fan Union is a temporary figure that endures the world. Within it, there are serious discussions going on every day about how to foil the oppression of the Imperialist faction.

 As they entered the Union Tower, the students inside turned to look at Anos in unison.

''Kyaaaaaah! Anos-sama, Anos-sama!

That's not true. Why? Why!

What do I do? Didn't I just breathe the same air as Anos-sama?

Oh, yeah, oh, my God, that's a very indirect kiss!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, calm down! And you're kissing everyone here indirectly!

 Sasha turned her white gaze on Misa.

'What was that serious discussion about, I wonder?'

"Ah, haha........I'm ashamed to say, it was supposed to be a temporary form of enduring the world, but before I knew it, everyone had been seduced by Anos-sama's charm.......

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

 At that moment, a female student stood in front of me as if she had decided to go.

'Oh, Anos-sama! Will you sign this, please?

 Saying that, the female student deployed the magic of the contract.
 Hmm. The content of the contract is to swear to be my fan for life, right? It's not a disadvantage to me, and frankly speaking, I can only call it a crazy "zekt".

"Hey, honey, you can't just slip up! Me too, please!


 One after another, students gather around me and develop the magic of the contract.
 No matter how much you elaborate your magical eye, it's a contract that will only put them at a disadvantage.

''Is this a common occurrence in this day and age?

 I asked Misha and she shook her head shakily.

'Only the popular ones,'

 It's ridiculous to say that I'm popular.

What do you think about this contract (zekt) just because you're popular? What does that mean?

Didn't they have fan unions two thousand years ago?

I'm afraid I've never even heard of it.

 Misha stared and thought, and said.

'Guys, I want to show my loyalty.'

 Hmm. Hmm. Loyalty. I get the vibe that Shin's guy is in a similar vein. You're proud of the fact that you pledge your loyalty to me. I thought that he was the only person I knew who was such a strange demon race, but times change.

''Oh, um, everyone. You shouldn't do that all of a sudden. There is an order to things, you know.

 Mass intervened between them and the women who were begging for a sign.

'It seems that no one else in their right mind except you. Is it okay to be a Unificationist?

''I think you all do it when you have to... haha...''

 Mass seems to have to laugh vaguely.

'Well, don't worry about it, Misa. I'll give you a sign or two, as many as you want.

'What? Really? Then, please!

 Missa used the  Sasha looks at her with a look that says, "You too?

''Ah, haha.......it's fine.......''

"Oh, Misa, that's not fair! Get out, get out!

That's right. We all want to be the first to sign on to Anos!

 In response to the protests of the women's congregation, Mass said unreservedly.

No, this is a non-negotiable. I'm the one who brought Master Anos, I should be the first one to sign! I'll take the first one, even if it takes all my strength!

 Perhaps it's because Misa has entered a warlike state, but particles of magic power rise up from her body.
 Hmm. The wavelength of magic power is different from normal demons. Is this a mixture of spirits' power?

No amount of mass is going to make it that easy...

That's right. I would give up anything to be the first to sign it!

 The other female students also began to release their magic, and for some reason, the atmosphere became a touchy-feely one.

''........Hey, calm down. What's the point of fighting over such trivial things?

 When Sasha complained, the womenfolk spoke up.

'No. It's worth risking your life for the signing (signature) of Lord Anos!

'Yes, even if I die here, I have no regrets. I know it may look ridiculous, but there's something about us that is non-negotiable!

 Mass looked masterful and spoke up quietly.

'Sasha-san. Please smile at her. I won't retreat an inch in love with Anos-sama. That's what we, Anos Fan Union, are for.

 Magic and witchcraft sparked.
 The moment the girls were about to move in unison, I said.

"Hmm. The point is that all of us have to be the first to sign, right?

 At the sound of his voice, the women stilled.

That's true, but it's a contradiction in terms for everyone to be the first to sign. No matter how much they sign at the same time, there is a difference of 0.1 or 0.01 seconds. That difference separates the first one from the rest...

Why are you getting so upset about the first signing?

 Sasha blurts out.

'Well, people have different beliefs. I'm not going to laugh at that. But if you believe I'm the Demon King of Tyranny, you'll have to stop making that much of a contradiction sound impossible.

 I signed the contract with all of you.

"Oh, that? Yikes! Look, look, look! It's signed. It's signed!

Me too, me too! And besides, look! It's not even 0.1 second off the contracted time - 0.00001 seconds. We're on the exact same time!

'Really! This is the first one for everyone!

'But how? How is this possible!

 I said to the astonished women, "What?

I just stopped time for a moment with the Levide and signed each of the Zekt.

 Immediately, a screaming voice went up.

'It's super cool to stop time and sign a contract!

You do that, and my heart stops beating.

 Oh, man.

"All that fuss over a signing.

If you think that's what it is, don't stop time for the signing...

 Sasha muttered an unwanted word from the side.