After the break, I came to the Delzogade Demon King Academy as usual.
 Today would be the first class after the dungeon exams, so the results of the exams would be announced.

 When I entered the second teaching hall, Misha and Sasha were sitting on either side of my seat.


 I call out to him and I sit down in my seat.

'....Good morning...'

 Misha says in a subdued voice.

'Good morning. Hey, did you clear up the misunderstanding after all?'

 Sasha asked as she leaned over my desk.

'What are you talking about?'

 When I ask back, Sasha gives me a dumbfounded look.

'I'm not talking about anything. It's about your parents. Misha and I were supposed to be married to you. It doesn't make any sense at all. What are you going to do?

Hmm. You don't like it?

 When I asked again, Sasha blushed and turned away.

''I didn't ask you that.......you idiot.......''

 A weak muttering leaked out.

'If you have a problem, why don't you tell me directly?

 Then Sasha turned around and glared at me with a in her eyes.

''Anyway, it's because you put a ring on Misha's left hand ring finger that things get complicated.

 I look at Misha. On the ring finger of her left hand was a .

''The other fingers don't fit, do they?

 Misha blinked her eyes and then nodded her head in a persistent way.

'It makes sense.'

On the ring finger of your left hand?

 Misha nodded and said


'Oh, I see. So that's why my mom was so excited.

 However, my mom is always pretty excited about it. I couldn't understand why for one reason now, but because of that ring, she suddenly said something about happiness.

I'm stunned. You didn't even know that.

It's a shame I've only been here a short time.

Didn't that happen 2,000 years ago?

 Misha asks.

'Yeah. 'Yeah. The 2,000 year old engagement is done in a 'zekt'. That way, you won't have to worry about being betrayed.

What is that? Two thousand years ago, there's not a shred of emotion in the world.

 I laughed and nodded at Sasha's words.

'In the Age of Mythology, everyone was in the throes of war. If we had acted out of love and favor, we would have died at the first opportunity.

Hmm. So, Anos is, well...

 Sasha peers upwards at my face.

''........Was there a girl you liked or something.......?''

 When I looked back at her with a straight face, Sasha turned over to hide her face.

Hey, say something...

No, I didn't think you'd ask me that question. It's quite refreshing.

 A girl you like. I do.

She didn't ask you?

''Oh. You didn't expect the Demon King of Tyranny to fall in love with anyone. Well, in fact, he was right, though. We couldn't afford that in those days.

 Who would I kill next, and what would I destroy?
 I've been doing my best to protect this Dirhade from what is right in front of me.
 And now I'm sitting here talking about the girl I love, so you never know.

"Hmm. It's not too late for Avos Dilhevia to make her move. It's peace. It might not be a bad idea to try to fall in love.

 When she looked into Sasha's eyes and said that, her cheeks flushed red.

"Why do you tell me...?

What's the matter?

I mean it's not a problem, but...

 Sasha mutters weakly.

'Hey, Sasha,'


You're blushing.

 Sasha hides her face in her own arms.

'.........Oh, I'm not red, you idiot.......!

 She glared at me from over her arm, but when she realized I wasn't going to budge, she turned away again to escape.


 I turn around at the sound of Misha's voice.

'Do you want to take it off?'

 Misha shows the on her left hand.


 Misha stares into my eyes.

'Anos wants to make love.'

Well, I was just saying it on a whim.

It's misunderstood.

 I see. If you wear the ring I gave you on the ring finger of your left hand, it means that others will think that me and Misha are engaged. I guess I offered it because I might get in trouble for making love.

'Do you want to take it off?'

 Misha rolls her eyes for a moment as she asks.
 After a blank expression and a long moment of thought, she shakes her head just slightly.

'Then just keep it on until you get tired of it. I'm not so narrow-minded as to fuss about how to use my gifts.

Isn't he misunderstood?

 'Ha,' I laugh at Misha's words.

Misha," he says. Misha," he said, "I am not afraid of misunderstandings. I'm not afraid of misunderstandings, because no matter how much they are misunderstood, they are not the truth. Those who make mistakes are free to make them.

'Sorry to be so cool about it, but you should be a little afraid. Especially in front of your parents.

 Sasha interferes unwantedly from the side.

''Oh, hey. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to ask you something for a while--

 Just then, the bell rang and Emilia walked into the classroom.


Okay, I'll see you later.

 With that, Sasha turned forward.

''Good morning. As soon as possible, today I'll be announcing the results of the dungeon exams during the past few days.

 Emilia announced the scores for each group in turn.
 No other squad has been able to reach the underground treasure room except us, and the score is usually between thirty and fifty.
 The highest score is 70 for now.

Then, here are the scores of the last Anos team. Anos team got the scepter said to be on the lowest level.

 When Emilia uttered that, the entire classroom buzzed.

''But, very unfortunately, the royal scepter was stolen by someone before we could make an appraisal.

 This time a thud escaped the classroom.

''Right now, all of Delzogade's forces are working together to find the culprit. In the meantime, the Anos team's score is tentatively set at 70, which is the highest score it currently has.

 There was a thump on the desk next to me with a dunk.

'I don't agree,'

 Sasha stands up and speaks up.

''It's the academy's fault that the royal scepter was stolen. If you're going to give them a provisional score, shouldn't you be giving them a perfect score?''

'I understand how you feel, Sasha, but there are many possibilities, so we've handled it this way.

What are the possibilities?

'I can't explain that. It's the Academy's decision.

 Sasha is staring at Emilia. The seems to be appearing in her eyes at any moment.
 At that time, a mumbled mangled muttering could be heard from inside the classroom.

''It's possible that he stole it himself in order to get a perfect score. Before they found out that it was a fake royal scepter.

 This led to a series of voices leaking out one after another.

''Ah ... I see. So that's one way to look at it.

'Yeah, right. No matter how great your magic is, you're a nonconformist...

''........You're dressed in white. Honestly, there's no way anyone other than the royal family could find the royal scepter, and it's more reasonable to think of it as an act of self-inventory.......

But you have Sasha there.

Lady Sasha is out of her mind to join the nonconformist squad too.

 Hearing such a murmur, Sasha turned her on the entire classroom with a glaring force that seemed to kill her.

''Hey. You guys, I'll tell you one thing.

 In no time at all, the area was filled with tension.

'Anos has done nothing unjust. How long will he stop thinking because he's not a member of the royal family and because he's a non-conformist? If you have any doubts about his ability to always produce results, look me straight in the eye first and say so.

 Every student turned away from Sasha and the room fell silent in a scene.

''Ku. Kukuku, hahahahahahaha.''

 I laughed out loud.

'Hey, Anos. Why are you laughing here?

No, I just thought it was a nice change. That's my boy. Well said.

 Sasha's lips twitched in disapproval.

'I feel like I'm being mischievous...'

Well, put those fancy eyes away. It's only an exam score, but it doesn't make any difference.

 Then Sasha mutters a little.

''Well I didn't say you wanted a perfect score.''

 What, that's what made you mad? You're a cute guy.
 When Sasha was about to sit down in a chair as if she had been drained of her venom, a hand was quickly raised from the seat behind her.

''I also think that the academy's decision this time is wrong!

 It was a female student in white who stood up.
 Her habitual hair was chestnut, about shoulder length. She had large, hollow eyes and a charming face.

''What was your name...?''

"Misa Iliologue.

 Misha tells me in a whisper.

'Emilia-sensei said there were many possibilities, but then, if it was a student in black who brought the royal scepter, would the same response have been made if it was a student in black?'

 Misa speaks up to Emilia openly.

'Are you not discriminating against me because of my mixed race?

 A sharp voice came from the white-clad students, followed by a sharp voice from Mass, "Yes, that's right.

'You always, always make fun of us!

"The royal family is so high and mighty! Not only the teacher, but even the Seven Demon Emperors are no match for the non-conformist Anos!

Surprisingly, they just don't want to acknowledge the real Demon King to protect their position, do they?

 One by one, the students in white clothes raised their voices as if to relieve their previous exasperation.
 However, Emilia didn't budge at all from that and said in a cold tone.

''Misa-san. The imperial family is the one who fully inherits the blood of the Ancestor. It's only natural for them to give preferential treatment to the demon race that has the potential to become the vessel of the Ancestor. As I'm sure you can see, it would be a criticism of the imperial family to ask them to treat the imperial family and you mixed bloods equally, right?

''I'm saying that's wrong. Why do we have to be treated coldly because we are of the same demon race and our primordial blood is so thin and thick?''

 Huh, Emilia sighed.

''Unificationist activities are not allowed at the Academy. You must take your seat. Otherwise, you will be punished accordingly?

'How can you say that the royal family is right and that they don't do anything wrong? Even this time, it could be that the imperial family planned to avoid giving the white coat a full score, right?

Absolutely not. You can go now. You'll be sentenced later.

How do you know it's never going to happen?

That's all. Now we will begin class.

"Emilia first! Are you going to run away?

 Not taking up with Mass at all, Emilia writes magic letters on the blackboard.

''Then we will begin today's class.

 I quickly raised my hand.

'What is it, Mr. Anos? If it's about the royal scepter, it's as I just explained. Until the academy finds the culprit, the grade is provisional. This is our decision.

Hmm. I mean, we're going to find the killer, aren't we?

 Emilia gives her a bemused look.

'It is, but...'

I had the scepter enchanted with a maze just in time for this to happen.


 <The magic of the Maze is designed to leave a trace of magic so that you can track the location of an object with your magical eye. With my magical power and magical eye, I can find these objects even at the ends of the earth.

Okay. So there.

 I stood up and walked straight to the spot.
 I stopped in front of one of the students.

'What, what, Anos...?'

 The student in black says. As I recall, it's possible that he stole it himself in order to get a perfect score. It was he who said, 'before they found out that it was a fake royal scepter.

I'm telling you, I didn't steal it. If you say you stole it, show me the proof...

 My right arm had pierced the black-clad student's abdomen without question.

'Not a bad hiding place, but if you're going to tuck it away in your body, make your anti-magic more stringent. You're in full view.

 He pulled the royal scepter out of the black-clothed student's body.
 With a bang, he stomped on the head of the man who collapsed on the spot with his shoe. 

''Did you think you could get away with messing with my stuff, thief?

 Washing the blood-stained royal scepter with magic, I walk to Emilia.

'The royal family would never attempt this, was it? Hmm. It seems that the absolutely impossible has happened, but now what do you plan to do, Emilia?

 Emilia is unable to say anything, she just blurts out.
 I let her grab the scepter.

"If you're going to let her steal on purpose, you can do better than that.

 With a start, Emilia's body trembles.
 Oh dear, is that a figurehead. I'm just kidding.

I was just kidding. Let's get to class.

 I healed the man who had fallen by magic to his stomach and returned to my seat.
 A yellow voice, different from the usual, resounded at his back.

''........What should I do, Anos-sama, you're just too much of a bare enemy.......!

Really, it's super cool! He's strong, he's smart, and he's dressed in white like us!

And it's so sweet of you to treat a guy like that.

Yeah, yeah. But I think I'm a little jealous of that guy.

'What? What?

Because he was able to put Anos' hand in my belly. I want to be put in your body, too!

'What? It's definitely going to hurt, okay?

I don't care about pain. It's the hand of Anos.

You're weird. If I were you, I'd want to be stepped on by your foot.

 Hmm. There are a few crazy opinions mixed in, but somehow, it seems that the wind has changed a bit.