151-Approaching the bottom of the abyss

 I quickly run out and finish crossing the bridge and arrive at the Spirit King's castle.
 I open the door and proceed inside.

 It's a scarlet space.
 The walls, the floor, the ceiling, the pillars, everything was stained scarlet.

 It's the monumental stone of the Scarlet Monument King.
 This castle was not the place where Ray was.

''Welcome, Demon King. To my laboratory.

 I was called out from behind.
 The one who came from behind the door was the Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis, who should have annihilated the root source earlier.
 He blackened his body and transformed his goofy, gelatinous face into a distorted smile.

''However, isn't it somewhat rash of you to not even follow the rules of the spirit schoolhouse and try to destroy me without question?

'What, as soon as you put that stupid big monument in the sky, I thought you were trying to steal Enyeunyen's eyes and play a trick on me. If they didn't see you, it wouldn't matter.

There was no evidence.

You're not the kind of person who can prove anything. You've got no proof, you've got no character, you're just trying to catch me off guard.

 At my words, Girisilis' face contorts in displeasure.

I'm not sure what to make of it. You're still a lazy bastard, as usual.

You look like you've grown up a bit. <You couldn't have used agglonemt 2,000 years ago.

 The gelatinous face morphed into a mocking smile.

'Is that all you've noticed?'

Hmm. <This is the first time I've ever used the Demon Curse Devastation and the Origin Death Killings, both of which are new to you.

 <''By its nature, Root Source Regeneration (Aggrenemt) is only effective against attacks that have been eaten once.

''I studied the root source magic of the heroic canon. Now I have seven root sources.

 Gilisilis ran magic power through his body, causing his gel-like body to glow black.
 If he had seven root sources, it would indeed be obvious at a glance.

 I looked into the abyss with my demon eyes, but the total amount of his root source is still one.

''I see. ''I see. You're dividing the root element into seven equal parts and making it work as seven pseudo-seven. If that's the case, then it's possible to use Agglonemt the moment one root source is destroyed.

I told you that I'm beyond your old magic. I told you I'm well beyond your old magic.

It's just a trick. If you divide it into seven equal parts, your magic power will weaken. You're interfering with the seven roots, and you're trying to work it out, but that makes you weaker than you should be.

''The idea that strong magic is enough is wrong to begin with. I will revive again and again, no matter what kind of magic I use. Do you understand? I'm more immortal now than the brave canon that you've had to deal with, because of the .

 Gladly, Gillicillis speaks up.

'So? I don't have much time to bother you. I can let you off the hook now, though, can't I?

 'Hmph,' said Girisilis, laughing wryly.

"Unfortunately, you can't ignore me. This is the test of the abyss. Which one of us can approach the depths of the abyss? We can't get out of here until we decide who will win. If we leave with all our strength, we won't be able to reach the Spirit King's castle forever.

 The Scarlet Monument King is under the Spirit King.
 No wonder this was part of the Spirit's ordeal.

''A man who never learns, for two thousand years now.

How long do you think you can keep this up? This is my domain.

 The whole castle shines, and magic letters are painted everywhere.
 Popping scarlet particles began to rise up in countless numbers.

 The resemblance to Delzogade's three-dimensional magic circle is probably because it imitates it.

 Oh well.
 Let's just get this over with.

''What is the content of the ordeal?''

 As if with a grin, Girisilis contorted her gelatinous face.

''Of course, thou and I will compete with each other in the magic formula and magic technique.

 A magic circle is drawn at the feet of me and the Scarlet Monument King.
 What appeared from it were three small inscription stones.

''The only magic power you can use is from those three inscription stones. If you try to use your magic power, you will be disqualified from the ordeal.''

I see. So you're trying to stop the Rikishi Sword.

 It's only the Scarlet Monument King's monumental stone, so it contains a decent amount of magic power, but it's not as if it's not enough to use the .

''As usual, I can't push with magical power. It's purely a contest of magical research skills. This is a clear indication of who is closer to the depths of the abyss.

Can I ask you something?

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

 The magic eye of the magic circle flashed as Gilisilis showed his fury.

''I have never been defeated by thee in my magical research!

 Using one of the monumental stones, I drew a magic circle in one hand, using its magic power.
 Seeing the magic formula, Gilisilis laughed as if he had won.

''Huh, well, well, well. I guess this is the origin magic, the Demon Black Thunder Emperor. It's just as I expected it to be. But it's the only way to go. There's magic in old things. If it originates from the Demon King Anos of two thousand years ago, it would be possible to borrow a huge amount of magical power using a small amount of magical power with a risk, right? It is the greatest magic that can be unleashed on you using the magic power on the monument.

 Gilisilis speaks eloquently, perhaps because the magic I use was as expected.

It's a good thing that you're able to get the most out of it. It's a good idea to have a good time with them.

 Likewise, Girisilis consumed one of the inscriptions and drew a magic circle.
 The magic formula was drawn in an unusual magic script.

''Ho. ''Ancient magic letters?''

 The ancient magical script was the mainstream in the prehistoric past, which was still considered ancient even two thousand years ago. There are few people who study them, and those who can invoke magic with those characters are unlikely to be able to do so even in the age of mythology.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you can do with it.

I'm not going to be able to get it right.

'Oh, dear, don't you know that you were even called the Demon King of Tyranny? The ancient magic I studied is closer to the depths of the abyss than the origin magic you have developed. Ancient magic letters that are difficult to incorporate into a magic formula, ancient magic numbers that only seem absurd, they can draw a formula that amplifies a small amount of magic power indefinitely, as long as you understand the meaning correctly.

 The magic circle drawn by Gilisilis glowed, causing a series of ancient magic letters to appear on the floor of the castle.

'Hmph, do you understand? The ancient text magic formula that I have studied and drawn for the last two thousand years. The ancient texts and ancient numbers draw a complex formula, interfering with each other so exquisitely that it is even beautiful. Each character works on each other and amplifies the magic to the fullest extent. The archaic magic, which is difficult for ordinary people to understand, has fallen into disuse because of its incomprehensibility, and even the magicians of the mythical era have forgotten it.

 Guillicilis opened his arms and said with pride and high spirits.

'And now I have brought it back to life here!

 The floor, which was densely painted with ancient magic letters, constituted a magic formula and turned into a huge magic circle.

'Hmm. Then let's try it.

 I invoke the Origin spell, the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jilasd).
 The black lightning is clothed in my hand, and it swells up throughout the castle as if it were increasing.

"Come on! I'll show your old head the depths of magic.

 When the Scarlet Monument King Gilisilis held out his hand, scarlet lightning gathered on his arm.
 It was amplified by the power of the ancient magic letters and covered the inside of the castle in a flash.

You're going to be able to have a good time. ''Eat it.

 The scarlet lightning is released from his arm, shaking the castle of the monumental stone.
 As if to intercept it, I released the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd).

 Scarlet and jet-black, the two colors of lightning collided with each other and produced an explosive sound of gaga-gaga-gaga.
 After a moment of antagonism, the scarlet lightning canceled out the .

 Even so, the momentum of the Demon Scarlet Thundershake (Mezoavus) did not stop, increasing its power and attacking me.

"Hmm. That's pretty good.

 I used another monumental stone and borrowed the magic power from the Demon King Anos of two thousand years ago with origin magic.
 Thus, I put up anti-magic and blocked the scarlet lightning.


 Gilisilis smiles wryly.

'What do you think? What is the power of ancient magic? Even with this, we've only shown you eight hundred years of research results. This alone is tens of millions of words of magic formulae, though.

 I turned my magic eye to the interior of the castle.
 On the floor and walls made of scarlet monumental stones, there is an ancient text magic formula that is activated in response to the Scarlet Monument King's magic power.

''I see. ''So you've been steadily carving magic magic formulas on the inscriptions of this castle for two thousand years.''

It's not like I'm using magic, you know. That's the rule.

 The Scarlet Monument King Girisilis is weak in both the speed with which he constructs his magic formulas and the magical power that his roots possess. For this reason, he modifies his own body so that his magic power can be used efficiently and uses inscription stones that can store his magic power and carve his magic formula.

''I know you're a dedicated researcher. But you will never reach the depths of the abyss with this.

 When he said that, Scarlet Monument King's face twisted into a giggle as if he was annoyed.

''Well, well, well. Your favorite origin magic was broken and you have only one monumental stone left, it's ridiculous that you would say such a sore loser!

 The Scarlet Monument King simultaneously procured magic power from the two monumental stones and drew a magic circle.

''Your time has come to an end. ''Your era is over, a demon king is only a boy who is blessed with a root cause. The magic power that has passed to you, I will take it and use it to help me reach the bottom of the abyss.

 A light emitted from the Scarlet Monument King's magic circle and ancient magic letters floated on the castle's monumental stone.
 The number of them, it should not be less than 100 million.

''Behold, this is the culmination of my two thousand years of work. This is the culmination of my two-thousand years of magic, Leg Noaves. Do you know what it is? The boundless magic power that lies beyond the mastery of ancient text magic, that is the depths of the abyss. And I am the closest to the depths of the abyss right now!

 The scarlet lightning clad in his arms swells up and turns into the fangs of an enormous beast.
 Zigzagging, in the aftermath of that enormous magical power, the entire castle shakes and small pieces of monumental stone fall down.

''I don't think so.''

 I consumed the last monumental stone and used the origin magic .
 A black bolt of lightning covers my right arm.

"Let's see how good your magic is.

 As he thrust out his right hand, countless amounts of jet-black lightning increased and shot out at the Scarlet Monument King.

''Is that the extent of it?''

 The Scarlet Monument King waves both arms clad in .
 Bitten by the Scarlet Thunder Fang (Raiga), the easily bounces off as it diffuses around him.

''Let me tell you the result of my ordeal, Demon King of Tyranny.

 Gilisilis twisted his gelatinous face in a delightful manner and shot out at me.

''Rejected, huh?''

 With a resounding thunderclap, the Shivering Scarlet Thunder Fang (Leg Noavus) bared its fangs.
 The scarlet lightning cracked up and down, as if it was opening its jaws, and then swallowed me up.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on a new one.
 Unable to withstand its tremendous power, the floor cracked, the pillars collapsed, and the ceiling collapsed.

 Countless debris rained down, and dust danced in the air.
 The next time they faded, a black shadow appeared in the Scarlet Monument King's eyes.


 What he saw was me, unharmed, and the black lightning fangs on his arm.

''Why...? You couldn't even use anti-magic........where did you get the magic.......?

''Just because you were able to produce more magic power than me, you pushed too hard, Scarlet Monument King. Take a good look at what happened to the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) that you flicked off.

 That's what I said, and for the first time, Gilisilis turned his magical eyes to his surroundings.
 Across the dust, on the other side of the dust, on the crumbling walls, ceilings, and even on the corners of the pillars, there were letters painted with black lightning.

 They interfered with each other, constituting a magic circle.
 Realizing what that magic formula was, Girisilis was astonished.

''........Stupid.......Ancient magic script.......!

 Stepping out, I said.

''Ancient text magic is, as you say, if you put together the magic formula correctly, you can continue to amplify a small amount of magical power. Like this.

 I show him the black lightning fangs on my right arm.
 <The magic power of the Demon Black Thunder Emperor (Jirasd) entered the magic circle drawn with ancient magic letters and activated the ancient text magic, the Black Thunder Annihilation Fang (The Noavus).

''But unfortunately, the ancient text magic can't continue to amplify its magic power indefinitely. If you decipher the ancient magic script, you will eventually realize that there is a limit to the magic power that the technique can draw. That's this .

 Gilisilis is desperately trying to analyze the ancient magic formula I've constructed with his magical eye.

''Although it has excellent efficiency in being able to increase the size of a small magic power, the limit of that power comes quickly. In other words, it's the magic of a weak person like you, who lacks root magic power. Perhaps the ancestors of the Demon Clan realized this, and in order to get to the bottom of the abyss, they abandoned the ancient magic script and developed a new one.

 I slowly walk to Girisilis, who stands dumbfounded, and I walk to her.

The first time I saw it, I knew I was going to have to do it. .........The ancient text magic is for creating infinite magical power......

 With my right hand, I grab the Scarlet Monument King's gelatinous face with my right hand.
 Instantly, the that my arm is clad in peels its fangs and tears its body to shreds.

''Gu, aaaaahhhhhh!

 The fangs of black lightning dug deep into the body of Girisilis.


 His magic power, the source of his magic, was swallowed up like it was being devoured by the .

 In an instant, the air like a ward that was floating in this place disappeared.
 The Scarlet Monument King must have died and the ordeal was over.

 I should be able to get to the Spirit King's castle now.
 I headed straight for the door.

But wait a minute Demon Lord this is not over yet. .....

 Scarlet Monument King's voice rang out.

 The Scarlet Monument King's body, which should have dissolved into sludge and disappeared, had been regenerated.
 Since he had consumed all three monumental stones, he shouldn't have been able to use , but he must have surrendered his pride and used the magic power of the castle's monumental stones.

''Hmm. But unfortunately, the only thing that makes the ancient magic more efficient is its efficiency. Those fangs are still biting into your roots.

 The once again clings to the regenerated Girisilis' body and begins to devour the source of its roots.

"You may resurrect as many times as you wish. It looks like you've been accumulating magic power for two thousand years, now, I hope the monument's magic power is sufficient until the Annihilation Black Lightning Destruction Fang (Ji Noavus) disappears.

 After saying that, I head for the door.

'Well ... wait, I'm not ... yet ... yet ... defeated by thee ... nah ... nah ... nah ... nah ... nah ... nah .....

 I stopped and didn't look back, I said.

'Enough of this, you will admit it. The depths of the abyss you have set out for are just the shallows I passed 2,000 years ago.