When I left the castle of the monument, the area was a corridor of clouds.

 If I looked around, I could see a break in the clouds, and there was a bridge across it. On the other side of the bridge, there was a ground full of greenery, and a small castle stood on the other side.

 This would be the real castle of the Spirit King.
 I kick the ground, and the next moment my body appears in front of the castle.

 I reach for the door and open it.

 The interior of the castle is in shambles, as if it were the remains of the battle between Rey and the Spirit King.
 The floor is cracked, the pillars have fallen down, and there are several severed points on the walls.

 But the most remarkable thing was the sound.
 It was quiet.

 Just a few moments ago, the Spirit King and Rey had been engaged in a fierce battle.
 If it was still going on, it was hard to imagine that there was not a single sound.

 After it had already been settled?

 He stepped out and walked over to where the Spirit King's throne was located.
 No one was there. There was no Ray, no Mass, and no Spirit King in sight.

 There is a large amount of blood puddling there.
 Falling in the center is a red gemstone.


 I hold my hand over the red gemstone and let it float away.
 I wrapped it in a spherical magic circle and then covered it with a magic circle on all sides.

"The magician's spell is lifted.

 It's a spell that breaks the seals, the curses, and the bondage.
 One by one, the jewel cracked and then shattered.

 With a faint light, the one who appeared on the spot was a battered and injured Ray.
 He collapses on the spot, as if he no longer has the strength left to stand.

 I supported his body with my arms.

''Even though the Spirit God Human Sword and the Unique Sword were sealed, I didn't expect you to lose.

  magic and heals Ray's wounds.

''Misa is...?''

 Asking that would mean that Ray would have been sealed in the jewel before he could confirm what happened to Mass.

 If she's dead, then her body must still be here.
 Does the fact that he took it with him mean that he didn't want me to use
 But I don't think there is any point in doing that to the Spirit King either.
 The reason why he wanted to kill Misa is because it was easier for him to defeat Rey.

 But although he sealed Rey, he did not kill her.
 It was indeed not enough time to completely destroy him with his seven roots.

 It's like he escaped before I arrived.

 If the goal was to destroy Mass, there's no need to take this roundabout way.
 You should have told her it was her father and called him out before I could see her.

''It's reasonable to assume that the Spirit King took her away.

"....you mean you're going to use me as a hostage...?

Or it could be that the mass is the Son of God. It's possible that he uses his power for something.

 Hmm. But it's tricky.
 Am I missing something?

 No, something is missing.
 I can't help but feel that just one opportunity is all that's needed to explain everything.

"...Anos. The Spirit King is probably...


 Ray nodded.

''It looks like he was hiding his taiji, but it was a sword technique much like his somehow. Maybe it's because of the power of the spirits, he's much stronger than he was two thousand years ago.

 Among the demon race of two thousand years ago, the only man who seemed to be able to overwhelm the current Rey to this extent was Shin.
 It made sense that the Spell King's men had half a demon sword.

 As I recall, did Jiste say that the Spirit King has been around for two thousand years?
 If that's the case, didn't Singh reincarnate?

 I didn't think he'd stand by what he told me.
 Or was there a reason you couldn't?

 Maybe that's what's leading to Shin's current actions.

 What happened after my reincarnation?
 How did you end up in the position of Spirit King?


 I turned around and saw Sasha and Misha running from the door. Behind them were Eleonor and Zesia.

 Apparently, they had successfully broken through the ordeal.

''Look! Dillhade's magic broadcast!

 Misha shows me the image from the Remote Perspective (Rimneto).
 The place is the throne room of the Demon King's Castle Delzogade.

 There is a person sitting there.
 The person sitting there is wearing a mask of evil and a foot long cloak.

''Brotherhood of Demons!

 Sternly, the fellow opens his mouth.
 It's as if it were a tyrannical demon king.

"In the last war, we saw the folly of men. We are not alone in this world. This world is corrupt. Therefore, we demons must correct it.

 His voice was the same as Ray's when he wore the mask of Avos.

'Gather to me, noble princes of the blood of the Demon King of Tyranny. Join me in the company of Avos Dilhevia, the tyrannical demon king. Together we will rule this world properly.

 Obviously not.
 A grudge that could not be thought of as the Spirit King from just now was embedded in his words.

''You lowly half-breeds, far from the Founder. Prostrate yourselves to us and be our food. In this Dillhade, my bloodline is the only and absolute norm.

 The masked demon stood up and spread his arms wide.

''Come, seven demons I have created,''

 Seven magic circles appeared on the spot, and with the magic of , the seven demon clans were transferred to the place.
 They were the Seven Demon Emperors. They all kneeled down and bowed as if they were loyal to the masked demons.

''Answer me, Seven Demon Emperors. Who am I?

 The Seven Demon Emperors said in unison.

"Lord Avos Dilhevia, demon king of tyranny. Master of the world, Your Majesty.

"State our longing.

 The Seven Demon Emperors spoke in unison.

''Only the royal family can rule the world, to fulfill the righteous ideal.

 Stepping forward, the masked demon race stepped forward.

''There is a foolish half-breed demon race that defies our ideals.

 Another step, the masked demon clan stepped forward and raised their hands.

''To all the royalty,''

 In a stern and vindictive voice, the fellow said.

'Kill the non-conformist.'

 Again, he speaks out.

"Kill Anos Voldigord!

 The words were accompanied by magical power and entwined with the Seven Demon Emperors as if they were a curse.

 No, even through the , the curse seeped out and became a black shadow, entangling Ray, Misha and Sasha.

''What is this?''

A verbal curse.

I feel compelled, but not by much.

 Ray mutters.

'It's creepy,'

 When Sasha glanced at him with a single glance with her , the curse disappeared.

 I see.
 So that's why.

"This is not the Spirit King.

 <I tried to use Gatom to transfer to the Delzogade Demon King's Castle, but I couldn't do it. <It seems that an anti-magic has been deployed to block the transference.

 However, there is a slight hole in the amount of time that our allies are able to transition. A weak magic power will be able to pass through.
 I built a magical body that looks exactly like me with my magical power and flew it to the Demon King's Castle with
 When I focused my attention, my eyes went blank, and in the next moment, Avos Dilhevia's figure appeared in my vision.


 Seven Demon Emperors Old Gaius looked at my Demon Law Body and shouted out.

''That was quite a riddle. But now we know the answer.''

 As I say this, I loosely step out of the room.

 The Seven Demon Emperors all stand up at once and draw a magic circle towards me.
 Controlling it with his hand, Avos Dilhevia looks down at me.

 I quietly open my mouth.

''Great Spirit Avos Dilhevia, based on the rumors and lore of the Tyrannical Demon King,''

 When I released the words, the masked demon race twitched for a moment.

'So that was your true body, Misa.

 Avos Dilhevia doesn't say anything, she just stares at me.

'In a battle of wits with Zeke, I asked him, "Who is the Demon King of Tyranny? I asked. His answer was eldmead. Obviously, he is lying. But he wasn't lying about the matter of identity.

 Then he must have lied about things pertaining to me. But somehow it was inexplicable.
 There is little reason for Zeke to set up a lie about matters pertaining to me.

"And he also said this. 'Fifteen years ago, a child was born to the Great Spirit Reno and the Demon King's right hand man, Sin Reglia. That was Misa Iliologue. But it was just as the Heavenly Father God Nausgaria had intended. Missa's lore as a spirit is that it is the order that destroys the demon king. And that lore is spread among the gods, not humans or demons,'

 The one god's son who would destroy me was one of my men.

'This is a lie. He lied 'about the child of the Great Spirit Reno'. No children were born to Reno and Sin, and the lore of Mass as a spirit is not of the order that destroyed the Demon King. It was the rumors and lore of the tyrannical demon king, Avos Dilhevia, that formed her roots.

 Rumor and lore as spirits, i.e., the Son of God. He darkened my eyes by telling me half of it was true and lying about the other half being the order that destroyed the demon king.

'If you knew that Mass was the Demon King of Tyranny, you would say, "Who is the Demon King of Tyranny? The answer to the question, "Me and Misa or Avos Dilhevia," would be me and Misa, or Avos Dilhevia. Of course, both Misa and Avos Dillhevia are children of the Great Spirit Leno. In other words, all of these answers had to be answered with a lie because they involve answers about Reno's children.

 Unable to answer the only half correct answer, Anos Voldigord, he lied to me that he was Eldmead.

Because I questioned that, Zeke was determined to end the battle of wits without being noticed.

 Of course, this comparison of wits is not enough to get us to the right answer.

'The reason I tried to kill Melhayth was to keep the word from spreading throughout Dirheid that Avos Dirhevia was a fake when notifying them of the ceremony for the second coming of the Demon King. Once the truth gets out, and the rumors and lore disappear, the masses will become spirit sick and it will be impossible for them to manifest their true bodies.

 In other words, at worst, they didn't have to kill Melheis.
 If it was known that the Seven Demon Emperors were being targeted, they would be forced to hide.

 That would delay the notification of the ceremony and give them time to get rid of the rumors and lore of Avos Dilhevia.

 In fact, if not for that attack, it would have been reported before today that there was no such thing as Avos Dilhevia.

'The Curse King's men, and the Spirit King's attempt to kill Misa, tried to force her true body to awaken by putting her temporary body in danger.

 With that in mind, Ray's crisis would have played a part in it.
 In an attempt to help her lover, Misa tried to release the power that lay within herself. And then Reno's power as his own son was awakened.

 But it was not yet complete. Being Reno's real son was half of her power as a spirit.
 At the same time, her true body was about to be awakened by the tyrannical demon king, Avos Dilhevia.

'That mask is because Avos Dyrhevia, dressed in canon, once appeared to the people of Dyrheid. Spirits, shaped by rumor and lore, are influenced by the image of the people.

 Spirits arise from rumor and lore. In these two thousand years, nothing could be more pervasive to demons and humans than the rumors and lore of Avos Dilhevia, which did not really exist.

 That's why Mass had a strong root that didn't bother with spirit diseases, despite being half spirit and half demon.

''Do you have any objections, Misa?''

 Then he said.
 'Same as always, in her voice.

'Misa Iliologue is in her tentative form.

 Avos Dilhevia loosely put her hand on the mask and removed it.
 The mask was no longer in effect, revealing her long, deep-sea-like hair as if to reveal her true identity.

 He took off his cloak, and underneath it was a betel nut black dress.
 Her face was unmistakably Misa Iliologue, albeit somewhat mature.

'I am Avos Dilhevia. The one who will make Dirheid an imperial nation and lead this world properly. For this, I am Anos Voldigod, another demon king of tyranny. I will destroy you, the nonconformist impostor.

 Spirits have a temporary form and a true body.
 By revealing their true body, they can gain more powerful magical power, but it's not uncommon for their minds to be far removed from their temporary form.

 Now that she had become her true body, Misa's personality had retracted to the depths, and Avos Dilheid's personality had surfaced.
 The personality of Avos Dilhevia, which had been passed down in rumor and lore in Dirheid and Azation until now, was the personality of Avos Dilhevia.

'Whatever you do, it's to no avail. This magical broadcast has been transmitted throughout Dirheid. Still, the demons will have to recognize me as the tyrannical demon king. Because I am a spirit born of the legend of the tyrannical demon king.

 The Seven Demon Emperors and the others put their magic power into the magic circle.

''That's right, Your Majesty. She is the undisputed Demon King of Tyranny, Master Avos Dilhevia. Our own Demon King.

 Melheis says.
 The Great Spirit, who embodies the lore of the Demon King of Tyranny, has the power to make it happen that she is the Demon King of Tyranny.

 Just as Ahartheln is a mysterious forest, just as the Great Spirit Reno is the mother of all spirits, she is the Demon King of Tyranny, no matter what anyone says.

''I can see what you're up to. It's the Ridiculous Sword. It will take time to get a hold of it, so you won't let me transfer here with the transference (Gatom). Otherwise, you can kill me, the non-conformist, right now.

"Shut up, you tyrannical demon king, you fool who draws a bow.

 Ivis raised his voice, and the Seven Demon Imperial Elders unleashed a all at once.
 The reddish-black flames burned my magical body that I had sent here.

 The magic body can't offer much resistance.
 You can talk to them, but they don't have the magical power to fight.

Hmm. You are a fool, Avos Dilhevia.

 She smiles cynically at my words.

'You are the one who is ridiculous. 'Anos, you have been robbed of everything. Your name, your subordinates, even your castle. This time you have truly become nothing but a mere demon race.

 I lifted my lips in a blaze of fire.
 I couldn't help but chuckle from the depths of my stomach, "Kukku, kukku, kuhahahahaha.

'Kukku, kuhahahahaha. 'All of it? You took it from me? Who? You?

 The magical power of the Avos Dilhevia in front of me is quite extraordinary. It is a spirit born from the rumor and lore of a tyrannical demon king. It must be able to rival me in terms of magical power.

 However, I lightly laughed at the giant spirit.

''Don't get cocky, forger. You can take away my name, my men, my castle, but you can never take away the fact that I am me.

 As my vision was engulfed in flames and my magical body was disappearing, I said proudly.

''At best, you can dream of glory. Until the real Demon King returns.