The jet-black armor that the Spirit King wore was half destroyed and blood flowed out with great force.
 The moment the mask cracked, the Spirit King held it down with one hand.

 <The fact that the Sacred Love Sword Explosion (Theo Torealos) hit him and he can still move is a result of the mask, the armor, and the anti-magic that the Spirit King himself wore.
 Nevertheless, his armament is almost completely bare with this.

'There's a winner, isn't there? Even you can't fight while losing your sword and holding down your mask, can you?

 Ray thrust his love sword, which was gushing with light, at the tip of the Spirit King's nose.

 For the first time, the Spirit King spoke.
 Slowly, he releases his hand from the mask.

 The cracks in the mask widened and crumbled.
 His mouth peeked out slightly and his magic power began to leak out.

 This was the moment when Ray's gaze was riveted to its identity.

 A warm breeze blew.
 Riding on it, fireflies emitting a flickering green light clung to the Spirit King's mask, armor, and broken treasure sword.

 The mask, armor and treasured sword are repaired in a matter of seconds.
 The one who flew with the wind was Senetero, the healing firefly (Chiyubotaru). He is also known as the "Spirit Doctor" for healing the wounds of spirits.

 The masks and armor must have been made of spirits.
 Once they were all repaired to a state without a scratch, the Spirit King waved his treasure sword.


 Anticipating the Spirit King's sword streak, Rei tried to strike away Ailuarou with his beloved sword.
 In order to complete the pentagram, the sword's trajectory would inevitably be limited.

 However, the Spirit King read it and changed the sword's trajectory midway through.
 The stab of the Ail Arrow that was unleashed aimed at Ray's heart.

 Rey, who has seven roots, was not mortally wounded by the attack.
 In an attempt to take his life and cut off his mask, Ray swung his love sword wide.

 He intends to destroy it with a single blow next time so that the healing firefly cannot heal him.

 While bleeding from his left chest, he swung the sword down with all his strength.


 The love sword, which emits an enormous amount of light accompanied by an explosion, is swung down at the Spirit King's mask.


 Just as he was about to slash through his mask, his love sword was stopped.
 The base of Ray's right arm turned into a blue gemstone.

 In the midst of the crossing, the Spirit King pierced Ray's heart and then made a small pentagram scar at the base of his right arm before he was slashed through his own mask.

 The love sword made a sound and rolled in place. <The light of the Sacred Love Realm (Theo Ask) disappeared, leaving only the broken unbreakable sword on the floor.

 Ray's right arm slackens down, as if he has no strength.
 If you draw a small pentagram, even if you can't seal the person in question, you can probably take away the function of the place you slashed at.

 However, it's still no ordinary user to inflict wounds on both his heart and the base of his right arm, in between Rei's discarded attacks.

''Assuming that you have fought me before,''

 Ray focused the power of the on the broken spirit sword in his left hand. He said while holding the love sword that emitted an enormous amount of light.

There's only one person I know who's better at swordplay than me.

The Brave Canon.

 The Spirit King said.

''Two thousand years have passed and nothing has changed.

 Their crossed gazes caused sparks to fly.
 The two sides swung their swords as if they had been played out.

 It's a contest of pure speed and velocity.

 Rei's sword strike trying to smash through the mask, and the Spirit King's sword strike that had to draw a pentagram. I didn't have to think about which one was more advantageous, but the one who won the match was still the Spirit King's.

 Ray's sword dropped to the floor and his left arm slackened down.
 Just like before, this time a pentagram was drawn on his left arm, with a blue gemstone covering the base of it.

''It's over.''

 A sword flash shimmered.
 The treasured sword Ailurou, swung down, drew a perfect pentagram - just before that, the trajectory changed.

 As if it was an arrow, hundreds of lightning bolts were flying at the Spirit King.
 He slashed through all of them with his Air Arrow.

 In the air, the lightning turned into red gems and fell in pieces.

''Mr. Ray, please stay back!

 Mass shoots an arrow of lightning from his hand.
 It was the power of the wind and lightning spirit Gigadeath.

''Spirit magic--''

 As if she had known this for a long time, Misa holds up her hands and draws a magic circle.
 Her magic power rises by an order of magnitude.

 At the same time, Misa's chestnut hair gradually changes color.
 Deep, deep, to a color reminiscent of the ocean.

 Six crystalline wings appear on its back.
 The white uniform it was wearing is replaced by a noble black with a hint of blue - a betel nut black dress.
 A two-shell necklace became a pendant with a ten-pointed star design.

 This may be her true body as a spirit, and her appearance is similar to that of the great spirit Reno.

 What emerged from the magic circle was a large tree leaf, and when I affixed it to Ray's retreating right and left arms, the blue jewel that bound his hands shattered.

 At the same time, the magic line of the pentagram that was about to be written on his chest also disappeared.

''........Is that your true body.......?

''Haha........is that so.......? I don't really feel much but I'm relieved to see people....

How are you feeling?

 Half-spirits and half-demons are often less rumored and less lore than spirits, and their roots tend to fade away easily.
 It's even more so when it's a true body.

''It's okay. It's a good thing that I've always been a very energetic person. And you can't say that when you're in trouble, Ray-san is in trouble!

 Missa draws a magic circle with both hands.
 It's a spirit magic technique.

''Spiritual Wind Lightning Arrow (Giga Deale).''

 Countless arrows of lightning fly to the Spirit King.
 As if to chase after it, Ray ran after it, holding the sword in both hands.

 As if to intercept it, from the Spirit King's side, the Spirit of Wind and Thunder, Gigadeath, released hundreds of arrows as well.
 Thunder and lightning collided with each other, causing a thunderous sound to echo in the room with a gaga-gaga-gaga.


 Approaching the Spirit King, Ray dared to invite an attack to his chest while swinging his right-hand love sword into his mask.
 He drew a pentagram with his treasure sword Ail Arrow. With the Spirit King's ability, that's also possible during a moment of intermingling.

 Rey is probably planning to destroy his mask before he can draw the pentagram to the end.

 Slightly dodging the sword swung down at the mask, the Spirit King received it at his shoulder. The jet-black armor was slashed open and a blade of light bit into his shoulder.

 The Spirit King took another step forward.
 The treasured sword Ailurou was raised. At the same time, Ray let the sword in his left hand, run.

 A flash of light shimmered and Ray's eyes widened.
 The Spirit King didn't swing his sword down, but stepped in further, passing each other, and avoided Ray's attack.

 He had one aim.
 As soon as Ray turned around, he saw a scene of bright red blood pouring out of him.


 The Spirit King's treasured sword pierced through the heart of the masses.

 The sword of light in Ray's hand disappears.
 The Sacred Love Area (Theo Ask), which converts love into magic, can't be used once that thought is gone.

 Misa's life is about to disappear.


 Exhaling a small breath, Rey calmly looked at the Spirit King.
 He had been through the Shura scene many times before. He knew too badly that he couldn't protect anyone if he was consumed by anger.

 Because he cared for Misa, he quietly and coldly watched her life fade away.

 With a step, Ray turned to face the Spirit King and clocked his steps.

 At that moment--


 The demon's eye was cut off and Ray's vision was obscured.

''Don't look away, demon king. Your anti-magic is being neglected.''

 I'm running on the Bridge of Clouds.
 The Spirit King's castle is right in front of me.

 Standing there was the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis.
 He used his magic to cut the magical line that shares Ray's vision.

''This is a good opportunity. Let me show you the fruits of my two thousand years of research.

 The Scarlet Monument King draws a huge multiple magic circle in the sky.
 A mountain of scarlet monumental stones appeared in the sky.

 Glimpses of magic power that made one feel the eternity of time overflowed from it, causing the atmosphere to tremble violently.

''Now, scrape away. Two thousand years of study, a feat of magic that approaches the depths of the abyss. This is the great--this is the great--this is the Scarlet Monument King Girisilis.

 While he was giving his big mouthful, I was piercing his abdomen with my right hand.

''You haven't changed, King Scarlet Monument. A battle is not a research presentation. If you want to use great magic, you need to check for openings in your opponent.

 Drawing a magic circle inside the body of the Scarlet Monument King.
 I gingerly grabbed the magic power flowing through its gel-like body.

''Demon Curse Breaking Death (Deguzeged).''

 The curse that causes the opponent's magic power to run amok on the spot, resulting in death.
 The bruises of a black snake appeared on Girisilis's body, and he began to flail wildly as if he wanted to devour it.

 You can find a lot of people who are not able to get rid of it.
 It is black and rotten, as if a curse were to consume it.

 When I pull out my arm, the magic circle of is left there.

 When I dipped my fingertips into the magic circle, my right hand turned pitch black.
 I grabbed the magic circle of that floated in the void and squeezed it gingerly.

 Like water splattering four, both the root cause and the gyricilis were shattered.