149-Spirit King's Trial

 Since the Spirit King's ordeal began, Ray hadn't moved an inch.

 There were about a dozen or so swords that the spirit was based on stuck around him, but he didn't even try to pull them out.

 He was unable to move.

 The distance between the Spirit King and Rey is far enough away. The sword he carried at his waist is still in its scabbard, and he doesn't even show any pretense of using magic.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it.
 And yet, there is not an inch of space left.

 After his reincarnation, Rei further refined the sword skills he had forged as a heroic canon two thousand years ago as a demon race. It's not only the demon race of this era, but even among the demon race of two thousand years ago, no one would be able to match his current level of skill.

 That ray had been cornered before he had even exchanged a cup of wine.
 An unfathomable awesomeness exuded from the Spirit King's entire body.

 The moment you reach for your sword, you will be killed.
 Rey would have even fallen into such an illusion.

 A suffocating tension covered the area, and sweat flowed from Ray's forehead and trickled down his cheeks.
 He smiled, thinly, a smile on his face.

''Aren't you going to ... come? I'm unarmed now, okay?

 As if to shake him, Ray released the words.
 The Spirit King didn't speak, but slowly extended his hand to the hilt of his sword.

 When he drew his sword and released it, the blade shone like a jewel.
 It was one of the spirit swords from the book of Midori.

''Was it the Houken Ailllow, or was it the Houken? You're a genie who can contain the target you cut into a pentagram in a gemstone.

 After all, there was no reply, and the Spirit King only returned a cold stare from behind his mask.
 As if he had made up his mind, Ray said.

''Well then, I'd better get going.

 In the next moment, his body disappeared, leaving behind an afterimage.

 Ray moved in front of one of the spirit swords stuck in the floor, the Fusetsuken Jieliya.
 It was a spirit born of rumor and lore that it was an unbreakable sword, and though simple, it would be a powerful weapon for Ray to use.

 Ray reaches for the Unbreakable Sword, and then his eyes widen.
 With a speed faster than him, the Spirit King ran and stood in front of the Unfolded Sword.


 The treasured sword Ailurou was swung sideways like a flash of light.
 The cutting edge slashed through the skin, and just before it did, Ray jumped back.

 Just as Ray was about to take a distance and prepare himself, his chest was slashed open with a snap.
 Glittering magic lines floated over the wound.

 Huh, he exhaled.

'If I'm going to draw a pentagram, I know where I'm going to get slashed next, but are you sure?

 Ray drew a magic circle with both hands and summoned a holy flame.

 <''Great High Holy Flame (Syfyo).
 The holy flames that were released split into sixteen, attacking the Spirit King from all directions.

 However, when the Spirit King's hand seemed to blur, a pentagram magic line was drawn at the root of the sixteen flames.
 The holy flame was sucked into that pentagram in the blink of an eye and was sealed off.

 With a clatter, a red gemstone fell to the spot.

'At least, I wish I could use the
 Ray again drew a magic circle with both hands.
 This time, he constructed the technique with his left hand.

''I'm not so sure about this one.''

 Lei thrust out his right hand, and this time thirty-two independent shots were shot at the Spirit King like a rainstorm.


 The Spirit King silently swings his sword.
 In the blink of an eye, countless pentacles are drawn and the disappears. All that remains are the thirty-two red gems that sealed it in.

 At that moment, the floor exploded with a thud.
 The place where the Spirit King was standing crumbled as fast as he could, and all the debris, the rubble created by the floor collapsing, attacked the Spirit King.

 <The Great Sacred Ground Breaker (Viguor) crumbled the opponent's foothold, bringing him to a standstill and attacking him with debris and sand.
 It won't do much damage, but it can buy a little time.

 <The blast of the blasts the Fusetsuken Jieliya to Ray.

 The moment he was about to pick it up--


 Fresh blood splattered from his right hand and an unbreakable sword pierced the ground.
 <Passing through the Great Sacred Ground Breaking (Viguor) without a care in the world, the Spirit King was standing in front of Ray.

 That's not all. At the same time his finger was cut off, his chest was slashed diagonally and then slashed up.
 This made a total of three strokes. Two more strokes to complete the pentagram. With that, Ray would be encased in the jewel.

 He wouldn't die from the characteristics of the spirit, but he wouldn't be able to move at all.
 Ray jumped back in time.

'Is it a coincidence?'

 Ray said as he asked.

''I have seven roots. No matter how powerful a spirit sword or magic you use, it's not often that you get destroyed. However, you held the Treasure Sword Ailuro in your hand as if you knew me.

 It would be extremely difficult to destroy Rey, who has seven roots.
 If you're going to fight him, it's quicker to block his movements than to try to destroy him.

''Have you ever fought him before?

 Ray asks, but the Spirit King doesn't answer.

'I have a feeling that you know my hand all along. It would be best if I didn't play along with your intentions.

 Then Ray held up his hands.

'I surrender. Because it's probably better to wait until Anos arrives than to go through the ordeal as it is.

 The next moment after Ray said it, the Spirit King had appeared in front of him.
 Without question, Ailuarou was thrust out of the way.

 Wary, Ray ducked it in the nick of time and took a large distance from it.

''I'm sorry, but the Spirit King seems to want to continue his ordeal a bit longer.

 Enyeunyen's big tree voice echoed.

''........If you won't let me surrender, does that mean you don't intend to let me leave safely?''

 Ray spills his words as if his bad premonition has just come true.

 While doing so, he keeps his eyes on the Spirit King's every move.
 As I thought, there is not even a minute's gap between them, and they are not an opponent that can compete with your bare hands.

 Without even giving him time to think of a countermeasure, the Spirit King stepped in.
 Lei retreated further, trying to get some distance.

 However, as if to block his path, countless lightning bolts suddenly fell behind him. They changed like a cage and blocked Ray's escape.

 What Ray caught out of the corner of his eye was a dwarf fairy holding a gavel.
 It was the wind and lightning spirit Gigadeath.


 Ray's face contorted in pain.
 A sharp tree branch pierced his leg.

 All spirits are on the side of the Spirit King. As the words of the Great Tree of Enyeunyen indicate, countless branches extend from the floor and skewer Ray's body as if sewing it to the spot.

''Gah... haha...''

 Rey, who has the Seven Roots, will still not die, but the goal will be to stop him.
 The Spirit King stood in front of him, carrying his treasure sword, Ailuarou.

 Like a flash of light, the sword gleamed.


 The Spirit King's gaze was laced with the slightest bit of surprise.

 Ailuarou slashed the sky.
 Ray's figure, which should have been sewn to a branch, had disappeared from the scene.

 A fog hovered around the area.

''I'm half a spirit too, you know. You don't mind if I help, right?

 The voice of the mass resounds from within the fog.
 <It's the magic of the .

 The fog turned into a human form and Rey and Misa appeared away from the Spirit King.
 There are no words from Enyeuen. But since the two of them will not be sent back to earth, it must mean that it is not a problem.

 Or is there no intention to send them back from the beginning?

Mr. Ray, here.

 Misa hands the Unfolded Sword Zieria to Ray.

''........It looks like you've become more proficient in using the magic of the than before.......''

 Misa nodded.
 Earlier, she used to turn Rei into fog and let her go. Until now, she could hide her allies in the fog, but only she was supposed to be able to change into the fog itself.

''I kind of did it selflessly, and I was able to...''

 Maybe it's because Ray is in danger, or maybe it's because he's come to Ahartheln, but it seems that Mass's power as a spirit is getting stronger.

''I, too, will fight.''

 At those words, Ray smiled briskly and shook her hand.

'I feel like I could do it with you now.


 Ray said to the questioning Misa.

'You are my sword. As long as you look at me, as long as I fight with you, I'll never lose.'

 In the middle of the fight, Ray still asked Mass.

'Do you believe me?'

 Nodding, Mass nodded.

'Yes, I believe.'

 Lei smiled, then immediately turned his gaze to the Spirit King.
 A moment later, he kicked the ground and approached the Spirit King straight away.

 As if to block his path, countless branches appeared from the walls, floor, and ceiling, turning the tips into sharp blades and attacking him.


 Swinging his sword in all directions, Lei slashed down all of its branches.

 As if in pursuit, the wind and lightning spirit Gigadeath releases countless lightning bolts. Seeing through the slight gap, Ray slips through and fleshes out the spirit king.


 The Spirit King's treasure sword catches the sword strike swung down from the large upper level. The slash and toughness of the Unfolded Sword prevailed, and slightly, the blade of the Ailuarou was missing.

 Just at the position where Ray stepped in, another spirit sword was stabbed into the ground.
 He kicked it up into the air and grabbed it with his left hand.

 As it was, he thrust it out into the spirit king's mask--

 I heard a buggy, geeky sound of something hard cracking.

 Ray expressed surprise.

 The spirit sword in his left hand and the unbreakable sword in his right hand, both of which had been severed by the Spirit King's treasure sword.
 Although it was faster than Lei's sword, and the arm that broke the spirit sword was also terrific, it was no ordinary skill to break the unbreakable sword with its never-breakable rumor and lore.

 From inside the mask, a killing gaze pierces Ray.
 The treasured sword Ailurou was swung down at Ray who had lost his sword.


 A slight upset was seen, or the Spirit King's magic leaked out of his mask.
 Rei was receiving Eiluarou with an unbreakable sword that should have been broken off from the root of the sword.

 No, the white holy light gathered on that sword, forming the blade.
 It was much like the .

 But it's a much stronger radiance than that.
 With a gulp of strength, Ray brought the spirit king and the spirit king into a form of brinkmanship.

'After all, no matter how you think about it, you know me from two thousand years ago. With the power of the ordeal, I sealed the holy sword and the demon sword, and with the spirit sword broken, I have decided that I no longer have a sword.''

 Ray pushed his sword into the air with even more magical light gushing out of it.
 His strength had increased.

''Since I'm the only one who knew about it two thousand years ago, I guess I couldn't anticipate this magic that I once couldn't master, the Sacred Love Realm (Theo-Ask).''

 A light accompanied Ray's entire body.
 As he exerted his strength, the Spirit King slightly rubbed his feet and retreated.

 <''Holy Love Region (Theo Ask).
 It is the inner hand of a brave man who overlaps their love into one and converts it into a vast amount of magical power.
 It had already been activated when he held hands with Misa.

 In the age of mythology, the heroic canon was unable to master that magic, which only shows its power when you fight with your beloved and layer your true love.

 It's not that his magic skills were not up to scratch.
 It's because he always had a lonely heart that carried everyone's thoughts and feelings.

 But now it's different.

You are stronger than me. But that's a pity.

 Misa's love for him and Rey's love for him unite to push him back.

 The , which is designed to strengthen the physical abilities and weapons of inherently weak humans.
 The body of the demon race clad in it was nothing short of tough.

 When Ray stepped in gingerly and pushed in the rising sword of light, the slash and momentum pushed in, a crack appeared in the treasured sword Eil Arrow.

''Now that we're at peace, I--''

 A holy light clothed him like a flame as their thoughts flared up.

'-- instead of a sword, I finally grabbed my love.

 Large Rei took a step forward and swung his love sword down with all his might.


 That light flame that Ray wore swelled up in the blink of an eye, and he slashed the spirit king with his treasured sword Ailurou.
 In a moment, that sword flash trail explodes!