148-God hidden

 The Hidden Wolf Zhennul pointed its mouth to the ceiling and let out a howl.
 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make your life easier.
 If you touch it, it will instantly burn you to a crisp.

It's not worth it.

 The Dark Lord Yggess sharply extended the claws of his right hand.
 Then he pierces his own left chest.

 When Yggess pulled out his right hand, a great deal of red blood poured out. That is the source of the Dark Lord's power. By mixing the magical power that flows from that source with the blood, he creates a magic spear.

 The blood changes and a red spear is constructed.
 It is the spear that pierces the dimension, the Red Blood Demon Spear Dichid Atem.

'There is nothing that my demonic spear cannot pierce. No armour, no speed, no armour, no speed before Dehid'atem.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.
 The distance between you and Jennuru is about 10 meters, but it's already the distance between you and the Dark Lord.

 It's not that there is no such thing as a "pause" in the concept of the magic spear of Yeejus.

"Let's go!

 Yggeth thrusts out his dhid-atem.
 The front half of the spear disappeared and it appeared inside the lightning that Jennul wore.

 A moment later, with the speed of lightning, Jennuru flew right to the side.


 It would be extremely difficult to chase Junnuru, who was running at high speed. However, Dhiid Atem's tip did not leave no matter how quickly the hidden wolf moved, and it stabbed into his huge frame.


 The spear that was thrust out of the ground was raised with all his might by Yeges.
 Fresh blood poured out and Jennuru's body was split in half.

 However, without being careless, Igesus held the spear again.
 His one-eyed demon eyes were looking into the abyss of the hidden wolf.

'I know that body is a trick. It's about revealing your true form.

 Gennuru's body, which was split in two, turned into particles of magical power and dissipated.
 A cracked voice came out.

"I am the Hidden Wolf Jennuru. I am the hidden spirit of the gods that will never be seen.

 A thunderclap rang out like an earth shaking sound, and countless lightning bolts ran across the black clouds around them.
 All of them took the form of a wolf and roared loudly.

''Hmm. There are roughly a hundred of them.

 I deploy anti-magic and magical barriers as I protect Lyna.

'Don't move from there,'


 A thunderclap roared, and countless lightning bolts that had turned into wolves jumped at him faster than the sound.

''It doesn't matter how many of them there are, it's the same thing.

 Ygess used the middle of the demon spear as a fulcrum and spun it around at high speed.
 The lightning wolf that pounced on him was slashed by the red spear, and the rest of the wolves that were behind him disappeared in the blink of an eye.

 But shortly after that, the thunderclap roared again, and this time twice as many thunder wolves appeared in front of them.

''The Hidden Wolf Gennuru is a godless spirit, appearing out of nowhere and kidnapping people without knowing their whereabouts. ''How often do you call them god-hiding spirits?''

 None of the thunderwolves in front of him were the main body of Jennuru.
 However, even in Midori's book, there was no mention of what the identity of Jennul was, until the identity of Jennul was mentioned.

''Then how about if the clouds disappear?''

 I hold up my hand and draw a multiple magic circle.
 My aim is all the thunderclouds in this place.

"Riga Shraid.

 A blade of wind blew and cut up the thundercloud, a thundercloud, without leaving a single piece of it.
 When the thundercloud was extinguished, the area was covered by the branches of countless large trees.

 The cloud that was making up my foothold has disappeared, so I descend in flight onto a nearby branch. I flew Lyna to a branch a little further away and let her on.

'Now, if the cloud appears again, it will have something to do with the main body, won't it?

 As soon as he said it, with a bang, one of the branches of the great tree burst into flames.
 One after another, the branches began to burn, and soon, the flames took on the shape of a wolf and let out a howl.

''Hmm. I hear it doesn't have to be lightning, especially.''

 The flame wolves would charge the branches and set them ablaze.
 The flames took the form of wolves and charged the branch again.

 The flaming wolves quickly grew in number.

"Little wise.

 The Dark Lord Ygess grabbed his left hand.
 He wounded it with his own claws and blood dripped onto his hand.

 A drizzle of blood poured down all over the place.
 When the blood drizzle adhered to the flame wolf, it simultaneously evaporated and was extinguished.

 The flames on the branch are being extinguished by the magic of the Blood Drizzle (Gozoate).
 The flame wolf was extinguished without a trace.

 But that was short-lived, and this time the sunshine pouring down on them formed the shape of a wolf on the spot.
 Countless light wolves let out the same howl on the branches.

 The wolves' entire bodies shine like the sun up close and personal, darkening our eyes.
 A moment later, they bared their sharp fangs and pounced on us all at once with a speed that could be mistaken for light.

 The black aurora borealis was used as an umbrella to block out the sun.
 The wolves of light quickly disappeared, but now a gust of wind blew.

 They swirled around us like a tornado, taking on the shape of wolves.
 Hundreds of wind wolves were surrounding us.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this as well.

''........The daughter of a spirit.......?''

 There was no one on the branch that Lyna had been on earlier.
 The anti-magic and magic barrier that had been deployed remained intact.

 Everywhere I looked, Lyna's figure had disappeared without a shadow or form.

''Hm. So it was in a godforsaken place.''

 I didn't take my demon eyes off of Lyna for a second.
 Nonetheless, she disappeared.

 It must be the work of the Hidden Wolf Gennuru.

 At that moment, the wind blew.
 At the same time, the wind wolves pounced on it, with their claws and their fangs pointed at it.

''Whether it's fire or wind, it's the same thing.

 Yggers thrusts out his dhid atem and kills all the wind wolves.
 But the wind did not stop, and the number of wind wolves only increased.

 If we build a wall to block the wind, the wind wolves will disappear.
 But there will only be another wolf born.

 The hidden wolf Gennuru is out there somewhere.
 The proof of that is that Lyna was a godforsaken wolf.

 Her actions should be a clue to Jennuru's main body.

 What was Lyna doing just before she disappeared?
 The reason I was in God's hiding place is that I was in the midst of eliminating the countless light wolves that jumped at me with the Benno Yevgeny Wall.

 She had not been eaten by the light wolves.
 Nevertheless, she disappeared.

 The reason for that was--.

Hmm. I see.

 As I muttered, I received a
"Got something, Demon King?

Yeah. I'll get the Hidden Wolf Jennuru now. I'm sure there are some hidden people inside his body. I don't know the reasoning behind it, but it must be some kind of magical space. Your magic spear can penetrate all dimensions. I should be able to create a portal.''

 However, I don't think Jennul will do it without a fight.
 We must take our chances without being detected. 

You have a chance. We have only a moment. If we fail, we'll be on the run.

A moment is all it takes. If you can really catch it.

 He holds up his hand and draws a magic circle on the spot.
 Neither he nor I thought for a moment that the other would fail.

 We both know the power of the other.
 We were once enemies and allies.

"Hold the wind and listen to the sound.


 The Dark Lord sprinkled blood from his left hand, and they turned into a thin ball that covered this vast space.
 The interior became a windless space and the wind wolves disappeared.

 At the same time, when the
 Once again, I looked at them with my demon eyes, but after all, it seems that these guys are not the conditions for the appearance of the Hidden Wolf Gennuru.

 Then, why was Linna in a god's hiding place?
 At that time, the light wolf that attacked her was emitting a dazzling light. It must have struck her, and Lyna must have reflexively closed her eyes.

 Never to be seen, the spirit of the gods hidden.
 If we take the Hidden Wolf Jennuru's words as they are, we can't see him.

 On the flip side, Jennuru only appears when you don't see him.
 And that too, by what logic, only in front of the person who has closed his eyes.

 It is not that he is invisible, but that he does not really exist while his eyes are open.
 Perhaps that's the characteristic of a god-hiding spirit.

 I'll close my physical and magical eyes.
 I can't hear a sound, I can't feel a soul.

 But now, I'm sure they're there.
 I'm sure it's attacking me, trying to lure me into its trap.

 <I reached out my hand in front of me and grabbed it.
 At this moment, he materialized and existed.

 A cracked voice resounds in my head.

The voice cracks in your head: "-How splendidly you have caught me, who can never be seen! Go ahead, Anos Voldighor--

 The sound of a door opening is heard, and the touch of the Hidden Wolf disappears from 's hand.
 When I open my eyes, the Hidden Wolf Gennuru is not there.

 Yeejus was standing there.

''What do you think?''

 And then he sends a thought transmission (leaks).

"Don't screw it up. I've made a hole in the god's hiding place and placed a marker there to alert the dog, so he won't notice me. <You can travel by gatoom.

 If there's a hole in magical space, it's easy to help out.
 It won't be so easy to fix what was pierced by Dhiid Atem.

"Leave that spirit girl and your men to me.

 Yggeth is an inflexible character, but unlike Girisilis, he is not a man who makes a mistake in his promises.
 Despicable means are what the Dark Lord most abhors.

'I hope I never have to fight you,'

That's up to you. This time, it's just a matter of perspective.

 Leaving Edgess in her place, I headed through the door.
 On the way, I turned my attention to Ray's vision.

 I saw the figure of the Spirit King--.