325-Prologue-A Nameless Ghost-

 It was before the demon lord was born.

 Dillheid was a time of rivalry, where the Four Evil Royalty Clans, the Mid-Haze Demon Kings, and the powerful Demon Clans were all over the place.

 The demon clans showed their power by fighting each other, saying that I am the one worthy to rule the country, and some of them invaded Azation in order to expand their territory.

 Inside and outside the country, warfare was constantly being unleashed, and the united demon tribe was forced to deal with the invasion by the united humans and the divine race and spirits who helped them, all on their own.

 What the humans and spirits feared was that the demon tribe would be united.
 Because they continue to fight each other, the forces of Azation and Dirheid are barely in balance.

 If a ruler appeared who could unite the demon clans into one, the war situation would be turned upside down at once.

 With their own cunning, the Azation Army continued to sow seeds of suspicion on the kings who ruled all over Dirheid. In this way, they plan to advance the battle by fighting and exhausting the demon tribe.

 This was their plan to win the battle while the demon tribe thought of humans as an insignificant species.

 Of course, some of the demons were aware of this.

 They did not belong to any camp of the demon race.
 They don't have a lord, they don't have a territory, and they don't even reveal their names.

 The demon knights, led by Celis Voldigord, disappeared without leaving their names in history.

 What were they thinking about and why were they wielding the sword?
 Only those who had seen the nameless, phantom-like knights would have the faintest memory of it.

''Ta, enemy attack! Enemy attack! We don't know how many there are! I can't see him! But the wards are under a magical bombardment from someone!

 This is the southernmost part of Midhays territory, a swampy area of poisonous swamps.
 The human soldiers, sensing the attack of the demon tribe, send a "thought transmission" (leaks) to the allied troops.

 They used the power of their magical eye to the fullest, but they could not see the enemy's shadow at all.

"You demon race..... What in the world do you.......how did you find this place...?

 The seventeenth unit of the Azation Army, led by the brave Graham, had the God Clan on their side and were operating from their base.
 They were supposed to be hiding so that the demon tribe wouldn't notice their location, but they ended up being attacked by the enemy who hid themselves.

''There's nothing to fear. Perhaps this is the magic of Reiner and Nazira. Even if it can be made to disappear, the power of the magic is limited in that state.

 Graham the Brave said.

'We have the protection of the holy god Linnolaus. To break through this, the demons have no choice but to show themselves. And as long as the Goshin Ken is in the hands of this brave man Graham, we cannot be defeated.

 Sending a proclamation to his allies who were floating around, Graham stepped forward.
 In his hand, the Protector's Sword Rorosto Alma shines.

 It is a holy sword blessed by Lino Rolos, the god of boundaries.

 With the warding of the brave men who exorcise the demons, the Sword of the God of Warding, and the protection of Linnololaus, the God of Warding, standing by Graham's side, even if the world is destroyed, they alone will survive.

 <The light of the Sanctuary (Ask) gathers on the heroic Graham, and their protection is even more solid.
 It was then.


 A demon race appears in front of the Azation Army's seventh unit.
 He has purple hair and blue eyes. It is the man wearing a cloak, Celis Voldigord.


We checked the wavelength of the magic, but it doesn't match. I don't think it's a royal-class demon.

 With those words, a slight expression of relief spilled over onto the soldiers.

 Among the demon clans that they had investigated in the enemy's territory based on their espionage activities, they were the most powerful people who were particularly important to note. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on the subject.

 In other words, it's an easy opponent to take advantage of.

 Straight to the ward, Celis walked straight to the ward.
 He quickly moves the universal lightning sword Gaudgemon in his right hand.

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

 I'm going to be able to have a look at it.
 I'm not going to be able to get the same amount of money for the same amount of time.

 Celis stabbed the Universal Lightning Sword into the spherical magic circle.
 At the same time, the nine possible blades pierced through the nine spherical magic circles.

 An ear-splitting thunderclap and an overflowing purple electricity that covered the swampy area.
 The heavens roared, the earth shook, and the lives of the place were erased by the mere release of magic power.

 Jigiji, the purple electricity that ran on the ground draws a magic circle so huge that it swallows the entire ward of the heroes.
 It was a ward to keep the country from being destroyed with the power of magic that was too powerful.

 Celis held the real sword and the sword of possibility in the sky.
 A total of 10 blades were filled with thread-thin purple electricity that ran through the heavens.

''Annihilating Ten Purple Electric Lightning Swords (Lavia Neold Galvaryzen),''

 A vast amount of purple light fell from the sky, aiming at the ten swords.
 Like a pillar connecting the heavens and the earth, it turned into a giant swing of a sword.

 The ten thousand thunder swords were swung down.

 The sound of it tearing through the sky echoes far and wide, and destruction strikes lightning there.

 The sky of Dillhade turns purple, and seconds later, everything in the swamp is blown away.
 There was no sign of the elite of the Azation Army or the God of Wards. They had simply perished.

 The only one who had survived was the brave Graham.
 The Protectorate Sword Rorst Alma was burnt black and crumbled to pieces.

 The reason why he is barely alive is probably because of the power of the Boundary God, Rorost Alma, and the .

 Celis approaches the prostrate Graham.
 Behind him, about a dozen or so demons, who are also wearing cloaks, appear.

 <Due to the "Illusionary Mimicry (Lynell)" and "Secret Magic Power (Nazira)", their presence, clad in magic particles, was vague.

''........With all this power, why.......''

 Ceris did not respond, but stood in front of the brave man.
 He pointed the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords at Graham.

''........Why haven't you joined the battle to determine the ruler of the demon race.......?''

 If it was a famous demon race, most of them would have a territory.
 Graham, who had been carrying out espionage activities, should have investigated all the famous demon clans of the royal class.

 However, he had probably never seen just the man in front of him.

''........Who are you guys.......?''

 Quietly, Cerys said.

'Ghosts don't need a name.'

 He raises his Universal Thunder Sword.

'But those who go to the underworld, at least carve this name. Knights of the Phantom Name, Commander (Isis)--'


 Jet-black flames rose up.
 A robed demon tribe appeared from within it.

 The five bodies are the flames themselves, as if they were human-shaped flames wearing robes.
 He's the Mid-Haze's King of Magic, Bomilus Heros.

"This is the territory of Midhayes, my territory. You can't get killed in a prank. You don't want them to kill you, do you?

 Celis silently looks at the grimoire king Bomilas.

'Don't be so desperate,' he says. I have a couple of questions for you. I hope you don't mind at least that.

 He still did not reply, but drew his sword as if he agreed.

The first thing that comes to mind is the question: "Answer me, Graham, the brave one. "Answer me, brave man, or I shall consider the secret agents you sent into my castle yesterday as dead.

 Bomiras opens his fiery mouth.

'A clandestine visitor to Midhays Castle. You who were here. In total, it seems that the number of people who entered Dillhade is not enough, where are the rest of you?

 Bomillas draws a magic circle. <That's the contract, Zekt.

Answer me curtly and you will have your life. I will be a peaceful man. The sooner I get you out of Midheid's lands, the better.

 <That's exactly what is written in the .
 Having lost his companions and the Holy Sword, and surrounded by demons, Graham would have no choice.

 He signed it and said

'In the settlement of the Tseilon family, my companions are.

'I see. I see. The women of Zeiron. They cut the heads of men and robbed them of their faces, their wisdom and their magic. They must have had a lot of resentment.

 The Tsaylon bloodline is a headless race, which is rare among the demon race.
 They are a female only species, and they are born only from a queen.

"Brave boy! I am an intelligent man. It's only natural that you humans should be angry. The House of Zeiron could do with a vengeance.

 The Magus King says in a calm tone.

This is a good opportunity. "This is a good opportunity for you to talk with your friends. Why don't you come to my castle? Some of your people are there. For the duration of your stay, I will guarantee the safety of the humans in the Tseilon family settlement.

 Graham thinks about it often.
 But there was still only one option to save himself and his friends.


 A moment later, Celis silently swings down the Universal Lightning Sword.

 A thunderclap roars and purple electricity runs.
 The blade is grabbed by the Magic King Bomiras with his right hand of flame to stop it.

''I told you that this is the Mid-Haze territory, O nameless Commander (Isis). I'm sorry, but because of the --Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!

 The Demon King's flaming arm is dropped by the Ten Thousand Thunder Swords.


 Without mercy, Gaudgemon beheaded the brave Graham and destroyed him with a purple light.

'What's the--'

 When the Magic King Bomilas raised his voice, a ten thousand lightning swords stabbed into his body.
 Running the purple lightning into his body of fire, Celis swung the sword out.

 Bomillas' body spread out as he spread out.
 But he was still alive and well.

''Ah, okay, okay. In any case, the man was destroyed, so there's no point in fighting with you.''

 The flames didn't return to their human form, but flew away in a spray of fire.

If you have no greed, you just destroy people at random. You are the craziest demon I've ever met. You are indeed the last of the Voldigords, the last of the Voldigords destined for destruction. Your mind must have been destroyed long ago, and you are a ghost.

 After saying that, the Demon King Bomilas left.