324-Epilogue-Kaminomiya's Covenant-

 Accompanied by Misha and Sasha, we came to the courtyard of Delzogade.

 It is dimly lit and the moonlight only illuminates the area.
 Sasha is about to pour the Demon King's wine as soon as possible.

 Misha holds out her hand to receive the bottle of wine. Then she poured the demon king's wine into the sake cup that Sasha held in both hands.

 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

 The night breeze is comfortable tonight, and if it hits the air for a while, her sobriety will sober up somewhat.

'....Huh? It's Diedrich and Nafta. What are they doing here?

 Sasha said as she leaned out of the hedge.
 In the direction of her gaze were Diedrich and Nafta.

 The two of them are looking up at the sky in silence.

''I'm going to give you some Demon King's wine.

 As Sasha started to walk away, Misha grabbed her hand and stopped her.

''Well what's going on?''


Yeah? Hmmm, then I'll do it.

 Sasha began to drink the Demon King's wine again, quietly and alone.

'Nafta wonders,'

 In a tranquil voice, the Future God spoke.

'Diedrich. There was never going to be a future where you and I could look up at that sky from the ground.

 Diedrich nodded in satisfaction.

'It's kind of frustrating that it wasn't me who brought you to this future, but, well, I don't have the luxury.

 The Sword Emperor's face naturally broke into a gentle smile.

''The Agaha's prophecy has been overturned, and we live together, don't we?

 After a beat, Nafta says.

'It would be the Demon King who overturned the prophecy. But Nafta believes that because Diedrich kept seeing hope, he reached out to him, too.

 The Sword Emperor laughed in embarrassment.

''I suppose it helps a little to hear you say that, doesn't it?

I'll ask Diedrich.

 Turning back to him, Nafta said.

'How could you see hope?'

 Then, with a very punishing look on his face, Diedrich put a hand to his head.

''Well, yeah.

 Teethily, he mutters.

'Can't we talk about that another time?'


You can't show off. After all your daring, I'm not going to tell you what to do if the demon king is carrying you around on your back.

 Nafta looks down and considers what is going on.
 Then he opened his mouth again.

'But surely that was the hope and salvation that Nafta sought.

 Smiling softly at Nafta, Diedrich gulped as his gaze was taken away, and they looked at each other.

'We have arrived at an unexpected future, both Nafta and Diedrich. Nafta's prophecy was off, and you could not overturn it either. But now they are both in the future that they did not see. And I'm very, very happy about that, Nafta thought.

 Diedrich chuckles.

'Is my failure the hope you sought?

'There was no failure in Nafta. It was just a matter of which path he chose. So, Diedrich, you have given Nafta the greatest of all.

That's a very tight story, though.

 Diedrich looked up at the moon.
 His face broke out in the gentle light that he was not supposed to see with his eyes.

 Slowly, he bit down on his joy.

'Well, but. If the end of my actions has arrived at this odd coincidence, I suppose it was worth the struggle.

 Nafta nodded quietly.
 Silence enveloped the scene.

 In silence, they looked at each other.

'I've been watching you for a long time,'

 Diedrich said.

'The first time you opened your divine eye, I was captivated by it. You gave me the God's Eye, and all the while I watched Nafta as he held many futures in his sights. A lonely god who wandered and fought for hope in the future.

 Diedrich stared into Nafta's divine eye with his eyes.
 In front of Nafta's serene face, Diedrich broke into an embarrassed look.

''In other words. I'm sure that Nafta had already killed my eyes, no matter what I saw. Even if I had the God's Eye, or saw all the future, or saw nothing but death and despair.

 Diedrich said proudly.

'My eyes were as blind as ever. Hence, I could not see. Neither despair nor impossibility.

 Nafta smiled as she held those words to her heart.

I was in love with you. I was in love with you and I could not see the despair in my eyes,


 Nafta's voice is solemn and serene.

'Your words have convinced Nafta.


 Diedrich twisted his head.

'This god's eye no longer reflects the future because it has become as blind as you are, I suppose.

 Smiling, Nafta said.

'Nafta has fallen in love. Diedrich, to you. Hence this god's eye is clouded.'

 Diedrich rolls his eyes in surprise.

''But Nafta owes me an apology.

What is there to apologize for...?

 With a slight peek of concern, he asked.

''This divine eye that sees the future is essential for Agaha. It is also for Diedrich, the Sword Emperor. This divine eye that you have fallen in love with cannot serve the king who rules the country.''

"...Oh my God, that's what it is...

 Diedrich says, happily, embarrassed.
 Nafta turned her divine eye on him, as if to ask a question.

'Is it a minor matter?'

Oh yes, indeed. But that's not the point, this is not a dream, is it?

 With a bold smile, Diedrich moved closer to Nafta.

'Nafta asks. 'Does that mean it was a dreamlike event?'

I suppose it's no surprise.

 As he said this, Diedrich held Nafta in a vigorous embrace.

'I've been hoping for this future. I've been dreaming of this future for a long time.'

 Nafta put her hand on the strong arm that held her and smiled happily.

'What is there to apologize for? Nafta, you said it yourself. That God's Eye loses sight of the future is that the future is changing. As in the days of former calamity, the dark future will be gone and there will always be hope.

 Having fallen in love, Nafta has found love and tenderness.
 She, as the god of the future, learned to feel these emotions, and the order called the future changed.

'Your God's Eye has not lost sight of the future. The future is no longer obscured by your God's eye; it is filled with hope. The future is not closed off, it is infinitely expanding and changing, that is why even your God's Eye cannot see it clearly.

Do you think it will lead to a good future for Diedrich, too?

Of course. Your love for the future overflows. How could it be a bad thing?

 Nafta nods, as if relieved.


 Diedrich says.
 In his own way, with gusto and, above all, with love.

"Will you continue to be with me? "as queen of the Agach.

"Nafta asks for an oath.

 Diedrich responded immediately to those words.

'Whatever you wish, I swear it,'

 Nafta reached out her hand to his eyelids as Diedrich held her in his arms.

'I want to see the same things as you, to walk the same path as you. I want to share Nafta's divine eye (eyes) with your fleshly eye (eyes). You will be able to see a little bit of the future and Nafta will be able to see the past.

 Because he was a future god, Nafta would forget the past, but if he got Diedrich's flesh and blood, he would be able to keep the memory forever.

 Without hesitation, Diedrich said.

'I like that one.'

 Nafta wraps her hands around his neck.
 Diedrich pulls her even closer in his embrace and their faces are quietly close together.

'Nafta has a future for Diedrich, and Diedrich has a future for Nafta. Together, do you swear that you share this hope, thou shalt share it?

I promise. This future will be with Nafta for the rest of my life.

"God and man, an oath of which we are not different has been made. In the name of the future god Nafta, I hereby seal this pact of divine union.

 As Nafta's right divine eye emitted a blue light, Diedrich's right eye changed to a dragonish red light in response.

 Their faces shifted slightly, and the two of them met right eye to right eye.

 Slowly, Diedrich and Nafta separate their faces from each other.
 Diedrich's right eye had Nafta's divine eye that glowed blue, and Nafta's right eye had Diedrich's flesh eye that glowed red.

 They exchanged that right eye.
 Diedrich looked into the future with that divine eye and said. 

It's true that I don't see the future as well as I used to, but I see hope instead.

Nafta can see it. I see a future where there is hope.

 Then the Sword Emperor looked into Nafta's divine eye.

"Then I must see if we are seeing the same thing.

 Nafta stared blankly for a moment, then nodded his head.
 Their faces moved closer again, their gazes meeting close together.

 As it was, their lips were silently pressed together.

 The stars in the night sky were twinkling, as if to bless the girls.


 'Well,' said the drunken girl, who had been watching the scene from a distance.

'Diedrich and Nafta are united. Congratulations, congratulations. Hey, Misha.

 Misha nodded his head.

'Happy birthday, happy birthday.'

Oh, yes.

 Sasha said as if she noticed and wandered over to me.

"Do you want to do that with me, Anos?

What's that?

You are condemned to a pact of divine union. Eh.

 And Sasha reaches out her right hand to my eyes.

'What are you drunk?'

 He flicked that finger back at his eyes.

'Ouch....oooh, that's mean Anos, I poked my finger...'

That's what happens when you suddenly stick your finger in your eye.

 Misha stroked Sasha's index finger, "Alright.

But on second thought, you've already done that.

 Pittitt and Sasha point to my magic eye.

''It's my magic eye.

 He said something crazy again.

'It's the other way around. You're my offspring.

"Woooo........Misha, Anos is going to mess with you. I gave you my magic eye. You say it like you had it all along.

 Sasha rubs up against Misha.
 Stroking her head, Misha says.

'Be gentle with her,'

 It's what it is.

"All right, Sasha. I'm grateful for the use of your magical eye.

'I was watching Diedrich and Nafta, and I was thinking,'

 I didn't listen.

Anos kissed me a long time ago.

 It's the other way around, but, well, it's just a waste of time to fight over it.

It's been a long time coming.

It was 2,000 years ago.

 You were not born.

 No ... but.
 Even if Aisha wasn't a treacherous god, it doesn't eliminate the possibility that Sasha and the others met with me two thousand years ago.

 If that's the case, or--

Hey, Anos. Now, I just suddenly realized that maybe it's not possible for me to...


I'm starting to get sick.

 He's just a drunk.

Do you want to detoxify?

Oh, my God. There's no such thing as getting drunk.

 I am not one to talk.

"I'll take you to a place where you can lie down. Can you walk?

I'll be fine.

 Sasha walked briskly, tripping over her own feet and falling with a thud.

''Uh ... the ground went against me ...''

I can't help it.

  floats Sasha's body and holds her with her hands behind her knees and around her back.

'That should do it.'

 As I start to walk away, Misha follows beside him.

'Hey, hey, Anos,'

What now?

What is it?

 I don't know.

"Hey, Misha? See, that's something I was going to ask Anos before?

 Misha blinked with a blank expression.
 Then she thought for a moment.

 However, there didn't seem to be anything that came to mind.

''Did you ... tell me?''

I didn't say that.

 There was no way I could have known.

'But I thought Misha would know.

 I say recklessly.

'What was it? Can you remember?

I can't remember...


I'll do my best...

 While I watched their exchange, I entered Delzogade and proceeded loosely down the passageway.
 From everywhere in the castle, the voices of those enjoying the feast were rising.

 Agaha, Giordar, and Gadeisiola.
 And Dirheid, too.

 The people are sharing this same time and laughing together.

 It has been a very hectic day, but it has been worth the trouble to hear their voices.

Oh, yes. Hey, Anos.

 Sasha said as she suddenly remembered.


Has the world ever been at peace?

 Slightly, I chuckled.

'More so than two thousand years ago.'