326-Picnic and sometimes parental filial piety

 It was a day off.

 I was relaxing in my room for the first time in a long time, after cleaning up the damage caused by the fall of the canopy and negotiating with the countries under the ground.

 There was a knock on the door.


 He opens the door and Arcana walks in.

'My father and mother say they're going out.

Hmm. I didn't hear about it.

 As I said this, I left my room with Arcana and went downstairs.

 There my mother was waiting for me with a large basket and my father with a large basket on his back. In the basket was a large amount of swords. New.

"Whoa, there you are, Anos. Well, let's go!

 He doesn't even try to explain, but he's ready to go.

"Dad, where are you going? Where are you going?

That's what I'm talking about. Look at this weather.

 Dad pointed out the window.
 It was clear and cloudless.

It was a perfect day for a picnic. It's a holiday for Anos, too. We'll take a day off from the shop, have a happy family time and enjoy nature.

Playing with nature is one thing.

 I look at the large number of swords my father carries on his back.
 By the looks of it, he must have made them all.

Why the swords?

 Dad laughed and said, "I've been waiting for you.

'Why would Dad go on a picnic with a sword on his back? Do you mind, Anos?


It is.

 Dad turned his head in profile and made an expression of reluctance like a mature smith.

I thought it was time for you to see what your back is like.

 Casually, Dad turns his back to me.
 There's no good reason.

I'm sorry, Anos," he says, "I'm sorry you had to go on a picnic. I'm sorry you had to ask for a picnic all of a sudden. I've been working all the time, do you want to take a break?

 Mom asks me anxiously.
 I couldn't say no to her with that look on my face.

It's nice to have a picnic once in a while.

'Thank God! Well, we'll have a picnic together today. Mom, I made a delicious lunch for you to look forward to.

 He locked the door and we left his home.

Where are we going?

 After walking for a while, Arcana asks.
 It's Dad," he replies triumphantly, "I found a nice place for a picnic the other day.

"I found a nice spot for a picnic the other day. You know it, right there. You know, just outside of Mid-Hays, there's a hill a bit to the southwest of the city. It's got a great view, right? You can see the whole city from there.

 This is the place where my men of two thousand years ago were laid to rest.
 But now that the grave markers are gone, it's just a hill.

"Then can we use the transference technique?


 And Dad held up a finger and waved it from side to side.

'Listen, Anos. Speaking of picnics, let's say you want to soak up the sun like this, walk like this, bounce like this.

 Dad started jumping on both feet in vain.
 He seems to be bouncing.

'Besides, I'm waiting for you. Oh, ouch.

 Mom waved her hand toward the gates of Midhays.
 The two girls were waiting for her.

'Misha-chan and Sasha-chan,'

 At Mom's voice, Sasha bowed gracefully and Misha gave a small wave back.
 They were both in civilian clothes.

'When Anos-chan is asleep, mom, you should go shopping. I met Misha and Sasha at that time, so I asked them to come with me if they wanted to. You know.

 Misha nodded his head.

'It's a good day for a picnic,'

That's all well and good, but by the way, what's that all about?

 Sasha turned her attention to a suspicious man with a sword in his hand who kept bouncing around on both feet. That's my father.

"Remember, Sasha,


I'm told that's how they used to have a picnic in this day and age.

I don't know!

 Sasha says out loud.

'Mostly because it's such a nice day, if we had such manners, there would be suspicious men all over the place!

 I couldn't help but imagine it.

'Haha. You're a funny one.'

You told me that. You did!

 Sasha gets pissed off and hissed.

'Just kidding. I can only imagine that it's a technique my father developed on his own.

 Misha nods her head.

'Original etiquette?'

It's not enough to make it sound good...

 Sasha didn't pursue it any further, especially while looking at my dad in dismay.

 Once we left Midhayes, we walked up the hill we wanted to go up.
 The wind was blowing pleasantly and the sun was nice. It would certainly be a perfect day for a picnic.

 On a day like this, just standing here, relaxing, is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Mmmm, it feels so good...

 Gulp, Sasha stretched out.
 Arcana walked around for a while, then sat down and began to look at the flowers that grew there up close and personal.


 Misha pops up from behind Arcana.

'Flowers that don't exist under the ground. Originally, the subterranean is hard for plants to grow, and there aren't many kinds of flowers there.'

 Misha watched for a while as Arcana looked at the flowers in a daze.

'Do you want to make a flower kanmuri?'

 Eventually, Misha suggested that.

''Well what should I do?''

 Misha took Arcana's hand.


 She took Arcana to a place where there were lots of flowers growing, and together they began to make a flower kanmuri.
 It would be an instantaneous process if she used her creation magic, but it was a deliberate manual process.

 Arcana's hands are awkward, but Misha teaches her well, and the flower kanmuri gradually comes closer to completion.

 The happy expression on Arcana's face made me smile and feel a sense of peace.

''It's kind of........Arcana is so sweet to Misha.''

 I looked at the two of them, Sasha spilled that impression.

'You bite so often, you'll just get the reaction you deserve.

I don't think he's going to... bite you...

 The endings disappear weakly.
 He must have had an idea.

''........Is this correct?''

Hmm. Good.

 A hill with a nice view and a warm breeze.
 Two girls making a flower bun bunting there.

 It was a peaceful, pleasant, beautiful scene.

 But perhaps I already knew then that such time would not last for long.


 A loud, loud voice echoed up the hill. 


 The sound of a sword slicing through the wind.
 Whoever it was, my dad was finally starting to demonstrate.


 Dad let out a roar and waved his sword as hard as he could.
 It was like he wanted me to talk to him.

 Well, if I didn't touch him, no matter how much Dad wanted to, he'd get tired of it and stop sooner or later.

'This is it, Anos.

 You haven't even asked me what I want to know.

I'm just testing them. "Each one, each one of the swords you make, you have to sharpen your soul! My father has been testing his sword like this for a long time!

 It's no use.
 It's filial piety to go along with them once in a while, isn't it?

What's the difference between swinging your sword and not swinging it?

It's you...

 Dad ponders, "That one, that one," he says, "well, that one," he says, annoyed, "the meaning of wielding a sword, huh?" he lets out a philosophical mutter.

"That's what I'm looking for right now, Dad.

 A work in progress.

One thing's for sure.


It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I've done my job.

 Dad gave a thumbs up and stuck out his fist.
 It was a world of self-satisfaction.

'Anos. Dad, you know, there was something I really wanted to do when my son was born.

 Thrusting the sword into the hill, weight on the hilt and in a pretentious pose, Dad turns his back to me.


Let's take the sword you made and test it out together. "and we'll test the blade together, just to see what we think of it. And then my father will say...

 Dad says in a tone that sounds like he's immersed in his own world.

"You've come of age, son.

 Pausing to spin around, Dad said.


 He seems to be playing the role of the son.

"I have nothing more to teach you. From now on, you're on your own.

 With a dizzying array of poses, Dad plays two roles.

'Yeah, it's been a really, really good life,'

 With a bang, Dad collapsed.

'Oh, dad, dad!

 Why did he die?

'Well, if my son says he's going to take over the blacksmith's shop, that is.

 The skit is over, haha, and Dad laughs.

"You're hardly your father's son now, you're a great demon king.

 He said with a sigh and drew his sword.

'I never had anything to teach you in the first place, and I'm much prouder than I ever dreamed of being your son.

 Dad said this with a serious look on his face after he had made a lot of fun of me.
 That's all I wanted to tell you," he said seriously. 


 I point my fingertips and let the magic fly.
 One of the swords in the basket flies to me.

 My father looks at me with a question in his head.

'Shall we? The work of blacksmithing is not necessary for a demon king, but the work of sharpening one's soul may be of some use to you.

 Dad rolled his eyes for a moment, then his face broke out in happiness.
 He's also slightly tearful.

'You're the one. It's for sale, you know. Just shake it, really just shake it.

I know.

 I pull my sword out of its scabbard and release it.

'....Well, but what the hell...'

 He closes the gap between us and turns to face me.

"When it comes down to it, Dad, it's kind of embarrassing... but I wanted to do it when my son was born...

 With a sigh, Dad readied his sword.

'The time has come to unleash this alias!

I'm not in a good mood!

 Sasha, who had been watching our exchange, couldn't help but shove it.
 Arcana and Misha, who had a flower kanmuri on her head, looked back at us to see what was going on.

'I have nothing against you, but I'll have you die for peace.

The settings are so weird!

 Surely he was supposed to be a father teaching his son how to sharpen his soul....

'Do you wonder who I am? Do you wonder what my name is, King of the d*mned Sword?

 Dad blatantly appeals to me to ask him who he is.
 And he's giving away half the answer.

 The king of the Annihilating Sword is the two names my dad used when he was in the kitchen.
 It would be the Annihilating Sword King (Metsatsudekenou) Garderahipto.

 Well, but it's also filial piety.
 It's your duty as a son to keep up with them.

Yeah. Who are you?


 Dad laughs.
 It's time to unleash the name.

"It's not worth the name!

 I can't read.

Come on, let's get some arrows and some magic in the air.

 Dad raises his sword.
 I say.


 I point my hand at my dad.
 Of course, I only sent the magic particles flying with a flourish, but I didn't activate any magic.


 Dad pretended to slash the with such a voice, and he pretended to slash the .


 Misha says.
 Sasha gives me a dumbfounded look.


 My father effortlessly cut down the world-destroying Egil Groene Angdroa.

...that's impossible. How strong is it?

 No matter how much it was pretend, it couldn't be overlooked, or Sasha was rushing in on the spur of the moment.

'Uryaaaaaahhhh, the sword-slaying king Garderahypt, here it is!

 After all, you're going to say your name--
 Dad passes me walking seven steps and swinging his sword at me.


 Dad fakes being beaten and kneels down, disappointed.

I'm getting stronger, Anos. I don't have anything else to teach you...

 Leaning forward, Dad collapsed into the hills.
 The scene was silent.


 Sasha asked with trepidation.

'Is this the end of it? You say something about what you wanted to do when your son was born, and it's just playing in the kitchen and it won't end...?

 His words were empty, and a warm, lukewarm wind swept them away.