251-Come to sacred song

 A small hand gently cradled my body as my consciousness slumbered slightly.

'Can you get up?'

 A faint voice tapped my ear folds.
 I open my eyes and see a fluffy, vertical roll of platinum blonde.

 Misha gives me the slightest of smiles.

'Morning, huh?'


 When he woke himself up, Misha quickly moved away from it.
 Sasha sat on a chair, perhaps woken up first, and turned her sleepy eyes to the void in a daze.

 Both of them were already wearing the Demon King Academy's uniform.

''We saw your dreams together.

 Arcana, who was sitting on the bed, said.

'Are you dreaming that these dragonborn-like people are after my sister?


 That was odd, too.
 There was no underground world two thousand years ago. There must not have been dragon people yet.

 Or were their ancestors already on earth?

What do you remember?

'I don't know. But why do I feel like I had that dream somewhere?

 She mutters to herself as she asks herself.

'Is it because I was your sister, after all?

 If it's a dream of Arcana and me overlaid on top of each other, it's reasonable to think so.

I'd like to see beyond that, though.

The next night.

 I nod.

 Today is a day of plans.
 I can't be dreaming in the daytime.

"How were Misha and Sasha?

 Arcana asks them.

'I had the same dream as Anos.

 At Misha's answer, Arcana turns over to think about it.

'And then?'

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

'Where's Sasha?'

 Arcana asked, but Sasha was in a daze.
 Misha stepped closer to her and asked softly, "Sasha, did you have a dream?

'Sasha, did you have a dream?'

''Well you know, I had a dream about little pretty Anos and my sister...''

 Sasha says in a vague tone.

'What else?'

"...what else? Umm ... um ... not looking ...

 Sasha says sleepily.

'I had them watch our dreams and then I made sure they dreamed about their preincarnation dreams.

Why haven't you seen anything?

 I ask Arcana.

"....I have no memory. Either they haven't reincarnated in the first place, or they are more oblivious than we are.

 It's possible for both of them.
 At least it means that Misha and Sasha are unlikely to recall their memories with the power of the dream guard god.

''It can't be helped. As for the two of them, let's explore their memories by other means, such as the trace god.

 She got off the bed and walked loosely to the door.
 Sasha's eyes, which had been empty in the corner of her vision, suddenly snapped open.

''Hey, hey anos.........................Clothes! Well, I can see you...!

 Sasha, suddenly awakened, points at me.

 However, it's not like I'm in full view because I'm clothed in a sheet.
 Well, I guess she wants to say that she has no dignity by appearing in front of the students half-naked.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to go up there like this.

 We drew up a magic circle and I donned the garb of a demon king.

'But you seem to be quite awake today.

 When she said that, Sasha turned away, her face turning red.

 Sasha shrank back in her chair, mumbling to herself.
 She was still sleepy, after all.

'Breakfast soon. Get ready.

 We met up with the students of the Demon King Academy and had breakfast.
 After a rest, the chanting festival would soon begin.

 Leaving the Demon King's Castle, we visited the sacred ground of the divine dragon.
 There were many pilgrims in the area, all praying to the large central bonfire as if they were praying.

 Following the manners I had learned from Arcana, I covered my right hand with my left hand and prayed to the great bonfire.

 Sasha, who was next to me, looks at me with a surprising expression.

"What's that look on your face?

"...because Anos doesn't believe in God, and you hate him, right?

There is no denying that. But if they do no harm, each man's faith is his own. This is a ritual for those who believe in God. If you are going to attend, it is only polite to offer a prayer for them.

You sound like a sensible person for a demon king.

 As I say it, Sasha prays next to me, too.

'Anos cares,'

 Misha says.


 Sasha asked back.

'That Ahide is trying to interfere with the ritual.

Hmm, but it's not Anos' fault. It's just that if he hadn't put on the
 <In order to strengthen the Moon of Creation, he also caused many dragonmen to commit suicide.

If I hadn't met Anos, I'm sure I'd be doing a lot worse right now without anyone noticing.

 Haha, I laughed.

"What's the point of laughing?

What, I'm just curious to see what kind-hearted people you have under your command. It's not my fault. I have no reason to dispose of Ahide for the sake of this country. I'm sure you should be grateful to me for exposing your secret dealings with Gadeisiola.

I hope you know what you're doing, but...

 Sasha looked down in embarrassment.


 Misha whispered to me so Sasha wouldn't hear.

It's only natural that the country should take responsibility for giving birth to a fool. If the man is still considered a devout believer, there's no guarantee he won't resent me for defeating him. No matter how much we call it a selective referee,

 Since I took Arcana from you, you would have been sufficiently drained of strength, but I didn't think you would expose yourself to a body that could escape once you caught it.

But maybe I should have put fetters on them to make them easier to catch.

Does it bother you?

 Misha stares at me with inorganic eyes.


A little bit?

'As I just said, it's the spark they had originally. I have no right to politely put it out. What belongs to God is to God, and the fools of Geordar are to be returned to Geordar.

 Huffing, Misha laughs.

'Because Sasha said so.'

 She says as if she could see right through his mind.

'It wasn't Anos's fault,'

'You'll buy me out soon enough. I'm not that nice.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.


Hey. What, are you whispering? What can you not tell me?

 Me and Misha replied at the same time.

'Small talk.' 'Small talk,'

 Sasha looks at me more and more suspiciously.

''Oh, it looks like they're starting something!

 Eleonor, who was in front of him, turned around and pointed to the stage where the altar was located.
 The congregation, clad in blue vestments, emerged from behind the altar.

 It was the choir of Geolheise.
 As soon as they stepped onto the stage, they faced the great bonfire and prayed.

 The lyre, made of dragon material, sounded a polo-long.

'O God, Almighty Glittering Eques, we thank you that after one hundred days, we have safely reached this day again.

 Irina uttered those words.

 As the head of the choir, she must have a good standing as a clergyman.
 The vestments she wore alone were of the highest order.

'Since ancient times a new wind of song has been blowing in Geolheise, by the will of God. A new wind of song has blown in Geordal from time immemorial, one that will conquer all misfortune and bring blessings to our people of Geordal. It is the proof of God's constant watchfulness over us.

 Holding her hands up wide, Irina said.

'The Coming Holy Offering. Today's song will also be God's dwelling, a holy tune. Close your eyes, pray and listen to the word of God for a while.

 Irina and the others turned around and left behind the altar.
 The Coming Sacrifice would be sung by pilgrims from outside Geolheidze.

 They would replace Irina and the choir.
 All the congregation in the area followed her words, eyes closed and ears attentive.

 Soon, a voice rang out.

'Listen, people of Geordal, listen.'

 It's a familiar man's voice: "There is no God in this world that we desire.

There is no God in this world that we desire. There is no god in this world, no god we desire, only order, not a being to save us. <The Almighty Glittering Eques is a fiction created by the first Pope. The fact that it does not exist is something that the current Pope Gorloana continues to conceal to this day.

 The congregation begins to rustle.
 It was Ahide's voice.

'I am Giordal Cardinal Ahyde Arobo Agatse. As an oracle, I am here to tell you the truth, knowing that fact. There is no God. <The Almighty Glittering Eques is an outright lie. As proof, the 2,000 year old hymnal ceases to exist. If there really is a God, then this song will never cease. With that, let's take it as proof that there is no God in the depths of this earth.''

 Hmm. <Oh, it's just a thought transmission (leaks).

 The divine dragon's singing voice has an effect similar to a dragon cry.
 As the entire Geolhaise area is covered by the dragon realm, it's difficult to identify the source of the magic power.

''........The coming holy song is going to cease?''

What nonsense. You are not worthy of belief in the words of an infidel fool.

In your navel-gazing, you still call yourself Cardinal.

 The congregation speaks out quietly.

'....but no one is showing up on stage...'

Normally, a visiting saint would be here by now, but...

"O God, Almighty Splendor, Eques, please guide us...

Please show me the way...

'May you bring judgment on Ahid, the heretic.

 The congregation all prayed in unison.
 However, the pilgrim who was supposed to be singing the coming holy song, the coming holy poet, did not appear on the stage at all.

''........What's going on.......?''

 Behind me, Eren mutters anxiously.
 'It's probably Ahide's doing.

'Hmm. Eren, come with me. Let's go talk to the choir leader about what's going on.''


 Holding Eren's hand, I stared at the back of the altar with my evil eye.

 There is a staircase that leads to the basement.
 It seems to be a blind spot for those who are not on stage.

 <Using the magic of , Eren and I move to it.
 As we descended the stairs, we heard Irina's voice after a while.

''........Ahide the Heretic. Where did you send the coming chanters and the Elnora priest! There is no way that God would allow such an outrage!

'God forbid? Hiyahahahahaha, don't you see yet that God is just an order, just a phenomenon?

 It's Ahide who is refuting the idea.
 The reason why people seem to have changed so much is because the nightmare has never woken up. Or maybe that's just the way it is.

Nonsense! You don't think we are fooled by such words!

Well, you'd better look for it, then. But you'll never find it.

 Confidently, Ahide laughs.

'Because I am the priest Elnora. I have been magically transformed. You have been fooled!

'.........did you pretend to be a holy poet.......? What a mortal sin...!

'A mortal sin? Hahahahahahaha, what about it? The coming holy song will now cease. Finally, everyone in Geordal realizes that there is no God. Now, it's time to go. If we've made it this far, we should be able to wake up from our dreams for good...

 Ahide screams in a voice full of madness.

"...Come on, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up from your dreams! There is no God! <There is no such thing as an almighty Equis in this world! Wake up........!

"You crazy person...! Know the wrath of God!

 A sound that sounded like a gunshot was heard.


 Down the stairs, Ahide was seized by Irina and the rest of the choir.

''........Why? Why haven't I woken up after all this? This must be a dream, why can't I wake up? Why isn't the dream over? Why are you doing this? Why can't I wake up?

 Irina and the others skewered Ahide, who was crawling on the floor, as if they were sewing him up with their swords.


 Even though his body was stained with blood from several swords, Ahide's expression was twisted like a madman, and with empty eyes, he stared at the choir.

 Ahide's entire body was on fire, and it burned into the choir.


 With his sword pierced through his extremities, Ahide forced himself to stand up and spit out flames from his mouth.

''Why? Why is that........!

 However, that bracelet, which was right in front of Irina and the others' eyes, dared to disappear with my .


'It's about time you started to realize that, ahide. This is the reality. You have exposed the lies you have told yourself and lost everything. Admit it, for goodness sake.


 Just barely, Ahide bites his back teeth.

 It's a dream! There is no way that this, this stupid reality is possible...!

 I opened my mouth wide, and Ahide tried to spit out the flames.
 But far sooner than that, I was approaching him.

''Gosh... haha...''

 He twists his right arm into Ahide's bank.
 But the response is strange.

''This is a dream ... isn't it? If it wasn't a dream it would be crazy, right? Otherwise, wouldn't my efforts be rewarded? I think we've accumulated and obtained........!

What was obtained in a lie is nothing but a fiction. You have been consumed by a nightmare. You did not have anything to begin with.

 I squeezed his guts with a gulp.
 Then his body turned into a pile of dirt.

 Hmm. Just as I thought.
 <Even the hands of the Bevsed couldn't find the source of the root.

"It's a fake made with magic. The body has to be somewhere else.

Are you okay, Miss Irina?

 Ellen held out her hand to her as she collapsed with burns.
 Irina grabbed it and pulled herself up.

'This kind of wound is nothing. More importantly, if we don't do the Coming Sacrifice soon...'

'But, captain. I can't believe we're going to find a pilgrim who can sing enough to serve as a coming holy poet....

No, there is a way. I'm sure this is God's will for you.

 Irina stared at Eren.


'Please, Ellen. I know you will be able to serve as the Divine Comer. Please, I thought you would help us...

'Eh....what? So, but do we have time to practice now?

 Irina shook her head quietly.

'Did you say Dillhade? 'Your country's song is fine. The Coming Sacrifice is a ceremony to bring a new wind of song to Giolhayze. As long as you bring your song, the songs and manners of the Demon King's Choir, to this land, that's fine. Please, please, Ellen, this is exactly what you are doing.

 Irina bows her head deeply.
 Eren looks at me in a fearful way.

''I want to see how your songs will resonate with these god-fearing people underneath the earth.

 With a single word, the hesitation disappears from Eren's eyes.

''Irina-san, I understand. I don't know how far I can go, but.......

Will you do it?

 'Kokoro,' nodded Ellen.

''I want to thank you for letting me listen to the chant yesterday. Now listen to the song of our country, the song of the Demon King for peace.