23-Devil's Treasure Store

 As I continued to break through the walls, I eventually saw a large space in front of me.
 It was a hidden room in the dungeon that led to the lowest level.
 Upon seeing it, Sasha had a surprised expression on her face.

''I can't believe there's a room at the end of the wall that I broke down...''

''Hidden passages with magic tricks are surprisingly easy to find out. All you have to do is follow the traces of magic. Simple hidden passages that don't use magic can actually be blind spots.

 Every time you pass through, you have to use the magic of Ibis to fix the walls that have holes in them.

But the underground dungeon of Delzogade is off-limits to all but students. When did you find this hidden passage?

What if I told you I made it?

 Sasha's lips twitched in disapproval.

'You're flipping out like that. If you don't want to say it, fine.'

 It's true, but, well, you won't believe it.

'Let's go. This room leads to the bottom level.

 After a short time of walking, I arrived at a room that was exceptionally bright.
 The ceiling was high, and even though it was inside the dungeon, it was filled with the greenery of the trees. There was a canal, and glittering light reflected on the water's surface.


 Misha mutters.

'Yeah. 'It's built to let the sunshine in during the day and the moonlight in at night, from outside.'

...to activate the natural magic circle, I guess?

 The Nekron family's secret art of fusion magic uses a natural magic circle. Having mastered it, Misha and Sasha realized at a glance that this room was a catalyst for using magic.

 However, things have changed a bit since two thousand years ago.
 The position of the sunlight coming in is different. Has someone adjusted it to use magic?

 However, I wasn't the only one using the underground dungeon, but also those under my command, so it wasn't unusual.
 Suddenly, I stared at the ceiling. Of course, it's an ordinary ceiling, and there's nothing there to replace it.

"........What's wrong...?

No, it's my imagination.

 Leaving the room of the natural magic circle, we continued on.
 We were halfway down the long downstairs when Sasha said

''Hey. If you've been here before, can't you move through the transference (gatom)?

"This underground dungeon has an anti-magic that disrupts the transference (Gatom). You can use it, but you don't know where it will transfer to.

 It's easy to deactivate the anti-magic, but if you do so, the dungeon itself is designed to collapse.
 If I'm the only one who can use , it's just like creating a loophole in the end. Making it impossible for me to use the is the best way to prevent intruders.

''We've been walking for more than two hours now, how far do we have to go down to get there?


 Misha pointed ahead. The end of the stairs was in sight.

'Hmm. Looks like we're at the bottom of the stairs.'


 Sasha ran down the stairs one step ahead of him.
 Then she stands dumbfounded at what she sees in front of her.

 Me and Misha catch up with her.
 There was a huge, opulent gate that seemed to belong to a giant.

'It's the door to the altar room,'

 Misha works her magic eye and stares at the door.


Yeah. There are people who try to break in with magic.

 Misha looks further into the abyss of magic.

''........Even the class can't destroy it.......''

''....Huh? Then how do we get into this...?

 Good grief. I don't think you know who you're with yet.

"Use your head a little. You're stuck trying to break it. If the magic doesn't work, try something other than magic to open it.

 I leisurely step forward and place my hand on the huge gate.
 With a gulp of force, the door opens with a giggle and a heavy sound.

The "na. It's open.

 Misha was stunned and then blurted out.

''I was thinking when I lifted my Demon King's Castle, what's going on with your body.......? Why does this stupid big door open?

 Sasha pushes the door open and looks at it, but of course, she doesn't say a word.
 It's a pretty thing to do.

'Well, that's how you work out on a daily basis.

It's not about how you train.

 Sasha stared, thinking, "I wonder if there was ever a bloodline this powerful...? He muttered to himself, "I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

'It doesn't matter, the thing you want is over there.

 At the back of the open room, there was an altar, and a devastating staff was propped up on it.

''That's........the royal scepter, right.......?''

 If you look at it with your demon eyes, you'll be able to see at a glance that the staff is filled with immense magical power.
 It is different from the sleepy magic sword that Zepes had. It's a true product of the mythical era.

''I'm sure I'll get a perfect score on the dungeon exam with this.

 I wished someone had taken it out, but I'm glad it's still there.

'Hey ... can I touch it ...?'

 The items obtained from the dungeon test become the property of the squad leader. But that much magical equipment is not something you can see often, even in the age of mythology. With a magic eye like Sasha's, it's only natural to be interested in it.


Thank you.

 She rushed to the altar happily, and then Sasha gently picked up the royal scepter.
 She stared at it as if she was transfixed by the mystery of a magical tool she had never seen before.

 Hmm. Just as well. I'm sure she'll be fascinated by that one for a while.

"Misha, come here.

 He called out to Misha and moved to the door set up by the side of the altar room.


It's a treasure trove.

 I enter the room. At first glance, it appears to be just a ramshackle mess, but when I say, "Show yourself," the magical veil is removed, revealing magic swords, magical armor, and other magical tools one after another. They were collected by me in the age of mythology.

 Among them were a number of glittering outfits, such as the , which was made by weaving the light of the moon into the rare magical thread caught from the dragon called the Masya Dragon, and the , which was woven with the golden hair of Sirius, the golden lion, said to be the most beautiful lion in the world.

"You can pick out whatever looks good on Sasha,

 Misha stares at the costume in the treasury.
 It's quite understandable. It's not the look of the clothes that she is gazing at, but their depths.

 The magic tools of the mythical era choose their own owners. It's not an easy thing to do if it's not for your own use, but when it comes to choosing something to give to someone else, well, what do you think?

 After a moment, Misha walked away.

'This is good,'

 She held a phoenix vestment made from the feathers of the divine bird phoenix. It is said that while it brings the benefit of immortal fire to those who wear it, it also burns out those who are not worthy.

It may look pretty on the outside, but it's not so easy to wear.


 You mean you understand? It's quite difficult, but after all, Misha has a magic eye. It is certainly appropriate for Sasha to have this phoenix vestments.

"Then you can give it to her.

 Smiling happily, Misha held the carefully in her hands.
 As it was, she went to the door to go to Sasha. But on the way, her eyes were drawn to the ring on the pedestal.

 <It was the Ring of Lotus Leaf Ice. It is named after the cold air that fills the seven seas with lotus leaf ice.
 It would not be a coincidence that Misha had seen the ring. Magic tools and magicians are attracted to each other. In this case, he was called to the .

''Do you want it?''

 Misha remained staring at the ring with a blank expression on her face.

'It's Misha's birthday tomorrow too, right?'

 Then she shook her head from side to side.

''It's okay ...''

 Misha walks out of the treasure room as she flees.


 There may be a reason for this, but, well, I don't really mean it. I took the Ring of Lotus Leaf Ice in my hand and immediately followed Misha out of the treasury.

"Ah! Anos, Misha, where have you been? The next thing you know, you're gone. I was worried about you.

 Sasha, who has the scepter in her hand, comes slowly and steadily over to me.

"I'm sorry. Did you feel uncomfortable?

I said I'm crying for you.

 If you're embarrassed about what you're embarrassed about, you could have just said so.

'Please stop making that face. I'll feel like you're talking down to me.

What do you mean? The word "condescending" is not in my vocabulary.

Don't you ever look in the mirror?

 You're the one who says things that don't make sense.

'By the way, do you have any more business here?

 Turning on her heel, Sasha looks at the altar room.
 As for the dungeon test, all we have to do now is go back, but we'd better get another thing done first.

'Wouldn't it be a good idea to give it to her?

 I said to Misha, who was hiding behind my back.


Or do you want to keep it hidden and bring it home?

 Misha thought for a moment, then bobbed her head and took a step forward from my back.


 Sasha turns around.
 Then she was surprised to see the in Misha's hand.

'What's wrong with that, Misha?'


In here?

 Nodding, Misha nodded.

'I'll give it to you.'

........er........ Me? But are you sure? 

 <She must have realized the enormous magic power hidden in the Phoenix Vestments.
 Sasha is staring at it with her magical eye.

"...tomorrow is my birthday...

 Sasha laughed softly when she uttered that.
 There were faint tears in the corners of her eyes.

'I'm not prepared for anything,'

"You don't need me...

 Sasha smiles in annoyance.

'Thank you, Misha. It means a lot to me. I will take care of it for the rest of my life.

 Misha smiled happily.


 <A magic circle floats in Sasha's eyes as she stares at the phoenix vestments.
 <It's the Devil's Eye of Ruin. There's no point in using it here, so it must have come out naturally as my emotions ran high.

 But it's strange. If she was overflowing with joy, it should have come right after she was told it was her birthday.
 <While I was looking at the phoenix vestments, I thought of something and my emotions rose to the top. It seems that way, but what on earth did I come up with?

Do you mind if I try it on?

 Misha nodded her head and handed the phoenix vestments to Sasha.
 She put her hand on the buttons of her uniform and then looked at me as if she had just realized.

"I'm going to change, but...

Yeah, I'll turn my back.

That's not how it works! Get in that room over there!

 You're the one who made me go through all the trouble. It's just what he does.
 I do what he says and go into the treasure room.
 As I was about to close the door, Misha appeared out of nowhere.

Good for you.

"...thanks to Anos....

You made your choice.

 Misha balked.

"...today is the happiest day of my life...

You're exaggerating.

 Shaking her head, Misha shook her head.

'Thank you,'

 I nodded and quietly closed the door.