289-Disaster day prophecy

Eleonor, can I have a word?

 Ray said, and Eleonor, who was in the middle of a drinking war, turned around.

'Whoa! It's not okay to drunk up a girl you just met!

 Eleonor used the magic of the to prepare a water sleeping platform.
 Ray throws the comatose Sylvia into it.

 <If you push the , it moved to the dragon knights while floating fluffily.

''The Waterball Sleeper is different from the antidote magic, it removes the alcohol comfortably, so it's better to let it sleep for a while.

I can't hold back.

 The knights bowed to Eleonor with a horrified look on their faces.

''--Well, now it's your turn, little Zesia.

 On stage, Gordeau, who was drinking the fruit water, said.


 Zecia stared at the fruit water poured into the wine cup.
 The expression on her face was that she was already full.

''Is it as good as it could be? It's not. It was a pretty good match.

"....Zecia........will not be defeated....... I'm under the control of the Demon King....

 Quickly she takes a sip of the fruit water.

''Just because I'm full doesn't mean I can't drink................................''

 Although she said that, Zesia still seemed to be at the end of her stomach and couldn't drink any more.
 She looked frustrated and tears appeared in her eyes.

''.........Gusu.......Zesia is......already.......gusu......''

 A moment later, Gordeau broke his knee.

 I'm a stickler.

"I can't take it one more second. I'm resigning my seat. I'm losing!

...Zetia... wins?

 Cynically, Gordeau nodded.

''No, little Zecia, you are strong. I never thought I would lose to such a child...''

 Then she laughed happily.

''Did you think that just because I'm a kid, I can't drink........''

 I haven't been drinking, it was written on Goldor's face.

 Zecia glanced at Sylvia and Gordeau in turn, who were in the , glancing at each other. She was trying to tell me that Gordeau was not drunk.

''Mm, what a shame.''

 With a thud, Gordeau fell.

"Xecia has won! <It's the Water Polo Sleeper.

 Zesia happily reports to Eleonor.

'Alright, great,'

 <'I'm sorry,' said Eleonor as he used the magic of the Water Polo Sleeper (Relaim) to throw Gordeau into it.

'I'm sorry. Thank you for playing along with Zecia.

The Lord Commander will have you scolded.

 Since he would be scolded even if he lost, was his second in command destined to be scolded?
 He was thrown into the and began to smile pleasantly.

'Lord Anos. My apologies, sir. I apologize for my daughter's rude behavior towards her subordinates but I do not know how to apologize.

 With a somber look on his face, Ricardo came over to bow his head.

'What, that was quite an interesting show.

It would make me feel better if you said so.

 Nevertheless, Ricardo's expression was dark.

''But you seemed to have a lot of resentment for the color-blindness.

Yes. My daughter was born of a dragon because she was a baby dragon. I wish I could have taught her to love a man and a woman as a substitute for a parent, but it was the other way around. I am a short-lived species, and I have lived my life with the sword, ready to devote everything to chivalry.

 If you're a short-lived species, you'll be the first to pass on, no matter what.
 Have you lived in such a way that you will not grieve those you leave behind, so that you will not have a mate?

'As a matter of fact, my daughter asked me once. 'In fact, my daughter asked me once if I hadn't been able to find a lover because of myself. I replied that I valued chivalry and had nothing else to be happy about but raising Sylvia, but apparently I misunderstood that...

"Did you ever think that love and affection were of little value?

I'm ashamed. I am ashamed of myself, and I have tried to clear up any misunderstandings, but I have been unable to do so in the best possible way. To begin with, I have followed the path of a knight, and it is a burden to me to talk about the wonders of love.

'You may not be able to do it. But you'll be able to find a mate in the future without worrying about it. You were never a short-lived species.

 Although he looked like he wanted to say something, Ricardo nodded.

''........Yes. That's right. But that doesn't mean that it's difficult to change the way of life now. Haha.''

 He said, as if laughing.

'Demon King Anos, Ricardo. I know this is a drinking feast, but may I tell you something a little silly and serious?

 Putting down his drink cup, Diedrich said.
 Before you know it, there's no one around us.


 Misha, who was next to me, asks.

''Hey, you have the trust of the demon king. ''Don't bother,''

 Diedrich said, and then cut to the chase.

''I'm sure you've heard about the king dragon's sacrifice.

 Hmm. You act like you know I care about you.

You mean the ritual sacrifice of Ricardo in a week's time?

No one will be there. We're still talking privately, but this time we've found a replacement for him.

 Ricardo said, his expression never faltering.

'Which one?'

"I have captured Ahide, the former Cardinal of Zioldar, who stole the royal dragon. I'll present him to the King Dragon at the offering ceremony in a week's time.

 Ricardo has an expression on his face that he's never heard of it before.
 It was probably because he had been looking for the giant-headed dragon for a while now to get the elixir.

''Ricardo. You have overcome the senility disease. You won't be a short-lived species anymore. I will revoke your license to be a sacrificial knight.


 Ricardo knelt and bowed deeply to Diedrich.

''From now on, as a Knight of the Kingsguard, I am determined to work for the Agaha, as a single life sword.

Yeah, good luck with that. Good luck with that.


 It looks like it's going to come full circle.
 Well, I can't blame him for what happened to Ahide. He had it coming.

Hey, Demon King. "Hey, Demon King, how about a little bit of sobering up?

 He doesn't look particularly drunk.
 I think that means we need to talk in private.

I'll go out with you.

 After replying, Diedrich walked away and left the banquet hall.
 I followed him down the aisle.

 He opened the majestic glass doors and came to a large balcony.

 From its location on the upper floor of the castle, it offered a panoramic view of the city of Agallofione.
 Diedrich stepped up to the balustrade and, even as he gazed into the distance, said, "In a week, we'll be making offerings.

'In a week's time, in the righteousness of the offering, Ahide will be kidnapped by Gadeisiola before he can be sacrificed. It is the work of the Phantom Knights.

Hmm. So it's a prophecy.

Hey. Don't miss.

 It's strange.

'If you know what you're doing, there are plenty of ways to prevent it. This is your country.

 Diedrich silently responded to those words.
 Unusually, something like resignation could be seen in the Sword Emperor's gaze.

''I see. You mean you have no intention of preventing it?''

 He nodded quietly.

'They have a name to get into Gadeisiola. They don't interact with the Agaha or Zioldar, or any other country that follows those two teachings. There are two conditions for entering Gadeisiola: renounce all faith in the gods, or be forced into it.

'As the Sword Emperor of Agaha, I can't choose between the two.

Oh, yes. But we have a lot to discuss with the High King of Gadeshiora. And the kidnapped Gorloana.

What are we talking about?

 Diedrich replied with a big serious face.

'In layman's terms, it will be about the future of the subterranean world, I suppose. Geordal, Gadeisiola, and the Agaha have teachings that are not known to any but their kings. The scriptures of Geordal, the prophecies of Agaha, and the forbidden books of Gadeisiola.

'Hmm. As I recall, I've heard that Geordal's scriptures are handed down by word of mouth?

The same is true of the Agaha and Gadiçiora. Simply put, the primary purpose is to get these two teachings out of you.

 If there is a Nafta who can see into the future and you can't see it now, does that mean that there is no future in which it will be told to someone else?

 I mean...

Will the teachings of Giordar and Gadesiola cease to exist?

That's exactly what it should look like, isn't it?

 The Pope and the High King die. Or will their memories be erased?
 In any case, it must be a good thing that the teachings that have been handed down to the king for generations have ceased.

'What happens when you hear it out?'

 Diedrich, who had been looking at the city of Agaha, turned his gaze loosely to me.

''As the Sword Emperor of Agaha, I have one prophecy that I must overturn.

Yeah? What is it?

'Unfortunately, I cannot tell you. The more I tell you, the more certain the prophecy will be.

 Hmm. So my actions are related to the prophecy.

That's good, then. Anyway, you want to go to Gadiçiora to have a dialogue with the High King and the Pope.

Hey. We can't just ride into Gadeshiola without a reason. I'm here to bring back our sinner, Ahide, under the guise of bringing him back to us, so that the High King can have some leverage.

 It's a complicated thing.

 Gadiçiora has Gadiçiora's rules.
 If another king simply breaks them, the people will not remain silent.

 Whether the High King wants to or not, it can lead to war.

 I want to make a fault on the other side first.
 That's why they will let him take Ahide without telling him.

'And then? If this was as bad as this, we wouldn't have bothered to talk about it in private. There are worse prophecies out there.

 With a mysterious look on his face, Diedrich nodded.

'Me and the Dragon Knights will infiltrate Gadeisiola. We will be able to talk to the Pope, the High King, and get somewhat closer to the scriptures of Giordar and the forbidden books of Gadeisiola. We will achieve our goal, but one sacrifice will be made.


'Ricardo will lose his life. He will be sacrificed to the king dragon.

 Oh, I see. That's what you're saying.

"Why can't you save him?

"For more than one reason. The royal dragon's sacrifice is essential to the Agaha, and my man Ricardo, a knight who cares for his country, has decided to give his life for it. We will reach our goal and save Ricardo as well. That future will repeat itself a hundred thousand times, and it will only come once.

 Diedrich said with a determined determination in his eyes.

'I'd leave him to die, you know.

If it's one in a hundred thousand, grab it.

The future is in sight, and yet only once in a hundred thousand. And what are we to do about it but rely on random chance?

Let's assume that's true. Even if so, do you really need that many baby dragons?

 Diedrich nodded.

'I told you there was a prophecy that must be different. That is why we need a baby dragon, born of a king dragon. Nate, Sylvia and I were all born and bred here in Agaha in order to fulfill that mission.

I can help you. I don't know how many baby dragons you have, but it'll be enough to feed ten men.

 The Sword Emperor of Agaha let out a snarling breath and shook his head.

''I'm grateful for that guy, but if I could reach him with your help, it wouldn't have been any problem. That's not enough, that's why I'm gathering my strength. Even though he has no future, he has sacrificed and sacrificed his people. We desperately need one more baby dragon. Even so, the prophecy will not be overturned.

I don't ask for this kind of help when you're an all-seeing man.

 He prefaces it with that and tells Diedrich the words.

'Did you think I was helping you to make a sacrifice?

Thank you. Hence, I told you.

Diedrich. You said it. An unchallenged prophecy is meaningless. Can't you see the one chance in a hundred thousand to fulfill such an ambition?

Because it is an ambition. You must do what's best for you because you seize the future that doesn't exist, because you overturn an unchangeable prophecy. I recognize your power. Even with the power of the Agaha, you're no match for the Demon King alone. But even with your power, it's all within the realm of prophecy.

 Prophecy-worthy, huh?

"Day of calamity," you say? In the Agach's prophecy.

 Diedrich looks at me with a straight face.

'The cub will then be the hero who will save this Agaha. If you want another baby dragon, the future you want to change will be the day of that calamity.

There's no denying it.

What the hell is going on here that I can't handle?

Well, what could it be?

 Diedrich said in a tone that was impossible to answer.

As soon as a prophet speaks a prophecy, it is easy to be overturned. When a prophet speaks of a prophecy, the prophecy is more likely to be overturned, because if the future you see is bad, all you have to do is act like it is not real.

 I look straight into Diedrich's face and say the words.

'The only reason you don't speak of the prophecy is because you desperately want to make that future a reality. It's the same for you and for Nafta.

Oh, sure. If you know what you're talking about, you're in the clear. Until the moment when the prophecy is finally overturned, I have to make the best of this future. I do not want to miss a single step.

 So you can't tell me.

Are you sure about that?

 I will ask him.

'You have made a pact with Nafta, the god of the future, and you can see many futures. The number of them is so vast that it's impossible to verify them. It is almost impossible to trace any other future in a single life. Isn't that why you were mistaken?

 I said as if to assure him.

"I can see the future of everything,

Now, how much better it would have been if I had been mistaken.

 Immediately, Diedrich spoke back.

'I can't see the future, but I can see some things nonetheless.

 After a moment of silence, Diedrich opens his mouth.

'Well you can tell me.

Think about it. The eye you got from Nafta is a blind spot. Nafta's God's eye has a blind spot. I'm going to use that blind spot to guide you into the future that you never saw.

 As if at a loss for a reply, Diedrich ponders.
 He could have seen this future, but he has not yet made up his mind to get to the here and now.

'You can take us to Gadesiola,' he says, 'but first, you must get out of your way. We will get out of your way and save Ricardo first. Then we will overturn the prophecy.

 Diedrich looked again at the city of Agallofione.

'Let's get the terms out,'

I'm fine.

 Diedrich's stern face faltered slightly as he answered immediately.

 Sacrificing my men. For a man who had seen so many futures, it was a difficult decision. Backed by prophecy, Agaha is as close to the ideal as possible, yet he never reaches beyond the best.

 A nation that flourishes because of the absoluteness of prophecy will sometimes face a cruel future.

 But Diedrich did not tell his people the prophecy of despair.
 He knew, but did not speak of it, because it was the only way to reach the best possible future.

 And so he struggled unnoticed, and he would not be able to overturn the many prophecies of despair that had been made.
 The only person who is hoping for a miracle is this man who has been holding the negative future in his arms all by himself.

"Demon King Anos. Anos, you are a prophet and you should challenge the prophecy of Diedrich. If you win, we'll go to Gadeisiola together.

 His prophecy must be changed.