288-Female knight dislikes love

 Eleonor walks towards the stage and looks at the two girls lying on the floor.

'Wow, you're both completely crushed!

 She held up her index finger and used the magic of the .
 She threw Sasha and Arcana, who were lying prone on the stage, into it and laid them down.

Okay, I'll play a game, too! Who's the one you want to get drunk?

 Eleonor raised his voice and stepped onto the stage of the Drinking Cup Dragon War.
 One of the Dragon Knights stepped up to respond to it.

''.........Zesia too.......I'll do it......!

 Clenching both fists tightly, Zesia also went up to the stage.

''With fruit water.......I'll drink it down.......! A barrel........please........!

 Zesia desired to compare drinks with juice.
 The Dragon Knights looked at each other as if they were checking each other out.

''Isn't it your turn, my lord? You said you wanted to do it earlier.

No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't feel like drinking fruit water. There's no way I'm going to compete with that cute little girl. How about you? I'm pretty sure you're a sweetheart, right?

What are you talking about? It's only a snack for sake. Sake is the key to sweetness. One glass of juice is the limit of what we can do...!

 The dragon knights all seem to be shying away.

''........There is no match with Zesia.......?''

 Zesia's shoulders slump.


 Nate scolded his men as he drank heavily.

You have been challenged to run away from a fight. Fruit water or muddy water, if it's for victory, I'll sip it! You go, Gordo.

Ha, ha!

 The knight called Gordeau replied and took the stage.
 Immediately, a barrel of fruit water was brought in.

''.........the game........!

You don't know what the leader will say if we lose. Deputy Commander of the Dragon Knights, this Gordeau, even though he's a child, I'll give it my all!

 The fire of the liquor war was slashed and dropped, and Gordeau and Zesia popped the fruit water in one go.
 It looks like things are getting pretty exciting.

''Ray-san, aren't you going to participate in the Sake Cup Dragon War?''

 Misa asks as she pours the dragon's sake into Ray's drinking cup.

'I like to take my time with my drinks,'

 He smiles at Misa as he says it.

'Besides, the drinks over here are better.

'Haha, I think they said it was 120 degrees or something over there? It's already like a drink or a poison........you know.....

 Ray stared at her and Misa looked confused.
 Silently he shook his head.

''Uh........wasn't it.......?''

I'm quite fond of hard liquor. Maybe in 2,000 years.

Well then, why?

 Giggling, Ray whispers sweetly.

'No matter what it tastes like, it's the best drink I've ever had you pour for me.

 As if shot through with words, Misa looks back at Ray with an upbeat face.

Soft. If you're a warrior, go with your drink!

 A sharp, reprimanding voice flew in.
 When Ray and Misa looked at them, they saw two men and women at the entrance.

 One was the red-haired dragon knight, Sylvia Arbicious.
 The other was her father-in-law, the knight she had saved in the wilderness, Ricardo Arbishas.

 I thought Sylvia wouldn't wake up for a while yet, but quite simply, she's tremendously resilient. As expected of a dragon knight saving the Agaha.

''Oh, Deputy Commander!

 When one of the dragon knights called out that, they all rushed over to them with happy expressions on their faces.

''Deputy Commander Sylvia, Ricardo-dono too. Are you feeling well?''

No problem. I'm sure you've heard of this already, but Lord Anos has fixed it for me.

 Sylvia speaks resolutely.

Oh, you're the earthly heroes of the prophecy! You seem to be a better magician than I've ever heard.

 The knights look at me with reverence.


 Sylvia waded through the knights and walked over to Ray.
 In a volume of voice that was careful not to be heard by me, she said.

'It seems that there are some softlings under their command that could haze the king's feats.

 Sylvia glared at him, as if she were the enemy of Ray.
 That gaze is nowhere to be seen, and Ray responds with his usual smile.

I'll apologize if I've been offended in any way. This is a bargaining chip. Let's get along.

If you're having a problem with something, what?

 Sylvia became increasingly agitated and pointed a finger at Misa.

'What was that woman?'

He's the one I love.

The one you love?

 With her eyes peeled back and her red hair trembling with anger, Sylvia glared at Ray.

'How dare you put words like that through your teeth! Are you still a warrior who wants to defend your king and your country?

 At the same time as Sylvia said it, the knights came from behind and grabbed her arm.

'Huh, deputy commander. Is it possible that you have already had a drink? Sick!

Let go of me, all of you. You're not gonna drink it? It's only one, two, three, four or so drinks, and I'm not getting in there!

You can't even remember how many drinks you've had!

 It looks like it's pretty well made.
 Even though you'll be joining us on the way, you're already a Sasha-class drunk.

It's a good thing, then. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to expect. So don't blink an eye.


 Glaring at him, the knight looked away as if he was deflated.
 One of them approached Ray and said in a coy whisper.

''I'm sorry, our guest on the ground. Deputy Commander Sylvia seems to have gotten a bit drunk. As you can see, he doesn't like romance, or he can't tolerate couples, or he's just a little bit of a complication... he's too strong to be taken seriously by men, so he's kind of a...

Man is born alone and dies alone. A man is born alone and dies alone. A warrior needs no companion. All right, let go of me, all of you! I'm not a brute! I'm sick!

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to expect when you're in a position to do something.
 As expected of a child dragon, this is no ordinary strength.

''To put it simply, it's the frustration of being single.......I'm really sorry.......''

It's fine.

 Ray chuckles.

'Are you okay? The Commander and Deputy Commander at your place.

 At Ray's words, the knight could only make a bitter expression.

''Hmph. Even though you were provoked to this point, you didn't come on board, you're a coward who thinks you're only in love and love. Do you enjoy flirting so much?

It's not so much fun as it is happy.

'Nah ... unabashedly ...'

 Just in time, Sylvia grits her teeth.

''Hmph! With such a soft mind, you can't even drink properly anyway. The woman who is milking such a man is also known to a degree. From the looks of it, I don't even feel much magic!

 She spat it out as if she were a sore loser.

'That doesn't sound good to me,'

 Ray says softly, yet clearly.

'Misa is the nicest woman in the world,'

 Sylvia was supremely upset about this.

'I am Ray Grandsdry. Dragon Knight Sylvia Arbicious. I'm going to challenge you to a battle of the drinking dragon. If I win, will you take back the insult to her?

 At the earliest, Sylvia has an expression of defeat on her face, but she does not retreat, or she shows her wariness and nods as if she is rousing herself.

''U........U.......I'll take it! If I win, you'll stop milking each other for all the world to see! Sneak it in, sneak it in!

Unfortunately, there are circumstances that prevent us from being seen. We are in search of true love.

Shut up! You're rotting my ears! Come on, let's play! That sweet whisper, I'm going to make sure you never spit it out again!

Let me show you the power of love.

 They went up to the stage of the Drinking Cup Dragon Battle.
 As soon as he took a glance at the liquor that was there, Sylvia said.

''We can't talk about this weak liquor. Bring out the ones for dragon hunting!''

 The moment Sylvia said it, the knight's face strengthened.

''But that thing...''

Just let me out!

"...Ha! Hey, it's Gekirinshu!

 The knights left once and came carrying a golden cask of wine.
 When the lid was opened, it was a gleaming, golden wine.

This is a brew with a reverse scale. This is a reverse scale liquor, not for drinking, but for dragon hunting. If you pour this on your body, no matter how big the dragon is, the liquor will be gone in the blink of an eye, and you will even lose your mind. If you drink it from your mouth, depending on the amount, you could die.

 Sylvia sipped her reverse scale wine from her drinking cup.

''Those without courage can't even get on the stage. Only a true knight can take on the challenge of the Dragon's Cup of Wine. If you're not a warrior who only thinks of women, then you should be able to stand up to them.

 She threatens to test Ray as she does so.

'I don't mind.'

 Unafraid, Ray also sipped the reverse scale wine in his drink cup.

''I wonder how long you can keep it up,'' he said. ''Taste the horror of this Gyakuseki sake, especially the horror of this Gyakuseki sake.''

 As if to signal the start of the battle, Sylvia knocked the drinking cups together.

'I'll show you. My courage in the service of chivalry!

 With a flop, Sylvia licked the reverse scale wine.
 Ray looked at her with an indescribable expression.

'Is that funny?'

Think of it as adorable courage.

'If you want to laugh, laugh. But don't underestimate the Genshirou. One lick, that's the right amount. Two licks and you'll find it difficult to even stand upright. But--

 Sylvia licks the reverse scale wine again.

''It's a handicap. Because you and I, who are used to drinking reverse scale wine and have developed a tolerance for it, can't compete with you in a proper match. We'll see.

 Flopping down, Sylvia licked the liquor ten times, like a cat drinking milk.
 With a bang, her knee snapped as if it was going to pull out and she quickly became wobbly in the blink of an eye.

''Are you ... okay?''

What? A soft man who thinks he's in love, love, love, and so on, is just fine with this kind of handicap.

 Sylvia said dignifiedly, her legs jiggling and shaking like a newborn fawn.
 Ray looked at her, worried.

''Kukku. Apparently, you've been playing my game. It's reasonable to assume that no matter how much reverse scale liquor you have, there's no way you're going to get drunk after ten licks or so. That's a fact. This way, by pretending to be drunk, you make me think I'm a sober person. Ray Grundley. So you let your guard down and drink the scales, but at the end of the day, you will be a miserable abomination in front of her. How would you like to dance naked? That would be a sight to behold. Knightly pride? I don't see how such a thing can work in a drinking room. Chivalry is drinking or being drunk.

 Sylvia's expression tightened crisply.

"Now, for the pride of knighthood, Ray Grundley.

 Ray opens his mouth with a dubious look on his face. 

''Can I ask you one thing?''


You're already drunk, aren't you?

"...the voice in your mind? I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know, Ray Grundley.

'You said you were going to pretend to be a sober man and get me to expose my abomination in front of her?

 Then Sylvia opened her mouth angrily.

''How did you know about that........!

You said it yourself.

''Well it can't be helped if they find out. I'm certainly not drunk. As it is.

 Adjusting her wobbly legs, Sylvia stands quickly--
 No, I couldn't get up. She couldn't stand up. Instantly her knees laughed as she wobbled and she fell forward.


 She managed to keep the liquor cup to death, and she patted the floor with her hands.
 With a snap, Sylvia glared at Ray.

''I mean, that's what I mean. Even I am used to drinking, but I misjudged the amount of alcohol I was drinking and exposed to such a disgusting sight. That's reverse scale alcohol.''

 Trying to keep up appearances somehow, the dragon knight Sylvia said in a dignified tone.
 His knees are puffy and laughing, and he seems unable to stand at the earliest.

You are ready to expose your abomination to the pretentious you, thinking that it's love, love, love! Shame on you, even if it means slinging mud, that's the way of the Agaha! It was the way of knights in this country!

 Momentum. As soon as the momentum is all there is, Sylvia releases her words like a raging wave.

'I see. I'm beginning to understand a bit more about what the knights of Agaha are all about.

 That's as good as Ray. I'm not sure if Sylvia became unbearable or not, but she snuggled up to her words. It's a good thing that you're brave enough not to humiliate your opponent.


Am I pretty cool now?


 With Sylvia's heart voice leaking out in a waste of time, there was no way to follow up on it any further.


 Apparently, now you realize what you've been saying?

Yes, this abomination was the horror of the Gyakushau!

 We can't even look at them anymore.
 We can't help it. Go ahead and intervene, Ray.

I'm sorry about the mess. I have a constitution that won't go under no matter how hard I drink.

 With that said, Ray popped the Gyakuseki sake in one gulp.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 It's a very good idea to have a good time.

It's a good idea to have a few of these in your life. This is not a disgusting sight! If you drink any more, you'll die!

 Not paying attention to the voice of restraint, Ray takes a drink.

''d*mn it...!

 Sylvia gets up to pop Ray's drinking cup--
 But my feet are plumped up, and my hands are just cutting through the air.

"I don't care........about this body........ Move over.

 Eventually, with a gulp, Ray deflated like a threadbare doll.
 Seeing the liquor cup spilled from her hand and empty, Sylvia looked desperate.

 Then the liquor cup was on the verge of falling to the floor.
 Ray's foot caught it softly and bounced it upwards.

 Crisply, he caught it with his right hand.
 He drank down the reverse scale liquor and seemed to be completely crushed, but he stood upright on both feet, however.


'I had seven roots,' he said. "I have seven roots," he said, "and I dare to say that I crushed one of them when I got drunk. I dared to drink myself out and crushed one of my roots, which would be more accurate. Thanks to that, my roots switched over and I recovered to a sober state of mind.

What's the matter with you, then...

 'You have a lover,' said Sylvia, her legs twitching and her hands twitching.

You have a lover and you drank the reverse scale wine so brilliantly, and I'm a disgusting abomination and now I'm a bachelor? After all, I'm a trash woman with no charm as a human being, no one of the opposite s*x likes me, and even my only support in the liquor war is just an accolade for you, a woman of trash!

'I don't think there's anything that demeaning about it,'

'Stop it, don't let a guy with a girlfriend follow me!

 Shaking her body with a plop, Sylvia puts her drink cup to her mouth.

'I don't think I should do it, though. My root source will come back in time. No matter how much I drink, I don't think all seven of my root sources will ever get drunk.''

Shut up! I know this, but I'm in a battle that I can't afford to lose. How can you, who has a lover, understand my feelings........!

 The liquor cup is tilted, very, very, very much, and Sylvia clears her throat.
 But when she had drunk about half of it, she stopped snappily.

 Sylvia collapsed to the floor, moaning and blotting out a look of regret.