287-Wine glass 竜戦

"A knight loses his honor in a drinking war if he is tampered with. A man who can't even drink can't defend his country!

 Nate raised the cask of liquor that had been placed there high in the sky.
 He said dignifiedly, as if in the middle of a battle.

''Dragon Knight Nate Ammillion, I'm going to guess!

 Nate spun around and turned the open-lidded liquor barrel over.
 It was the dragon tusk liquor that was vigorously sprayed onto his body, however, not a single drop of it wet the ground.

 Exactly like bathing in it, Nate is drinking with his whole body.

''So, there it is! Commander Nate's dunking........!

As usual, you are out of whack...

''But for the Commander to be pushed to the point where he is forced to use his trump card so quickly, that man, Shin, is unfathomable.......''

 Hmm. You have an unusual constitution. Is it because of the baby dragon?
 His magic power is rising due to the fact that he has been drinking like he's been bathed in alcohol.

 There is no sign of magic being used.
 It's just a matter of the body's internal organs turning the alcohol into magical power.

 However, it seems that he is drunk.

''It's quite a drinker, isn't it?''

 Singh lightly lifted the large barrel with one hand and tilted it with his mouth.
 When he set it down on the floor with a ton, it was already empty inside.

'What a quick drink, even for the second drink...'

He doesn't even seem to be slowing down at all...

If Commander Nate's drinking skills are hard, then Lord Shin's are quick.

I don't understand this game.

 Singh and Nate exchanged a straight look.

''Drinking cup dragon warfare is a family tradition of the Agaha. I am a dragon knight who was given a hero and a prophecy from the Sword Emperor to save the country. In the name of the great King Diedrich, we cannot afford to take a back seat.

It's the same here. No matter how the game is played, the defeat of the demon king is impossible even if the world is destroyed. I'm his right hand man, I can't show my disgraceful appearance in front of your eyes.

 With a barrel of liquor in hand, Shin and Nate let the sparks of loyalty fly violently.

''Let's go, Ryugi--''

 In addition to the one that Shin drank earlier, Nate added another ten, for a total of eleven barrels of wine, which were lifted and levitated by the power of magic.

 The eleven barrels and the magic floating around them remind me of a dragon.

"I'm not sure if it's just a sudden dragon technique...?

The only one who can use it is the dragon knight. This is the secret to unlocking the dragon's power that lies within us.

'How long has it been since the Commander used that? So you're that much of an opponent, Lord Singh....

 The knights looked at Singh as if to show their respect.
 Then he quickly moved his right hand as if he were holding an invisible sword.

''Whale-drinking sword--the secret depths are one.''

 The moment Singh's hand gleamed, the barrel flew through the air.

''Ah, that's........!

The barrels piled up on top of Lord Shin's hand as if they were swords!

 Two thousand years ago, it was a harsh world.
 A world of tragedy and injustice.

 If you were told to try something at the bar, and if you tried to spoil the mood, you could lose your head.

 Originally, Singh's whale-drinking swords were piled high to resemble swords, which he would then swing down and drink.

 How could he do that with a barrel, and how could he have polished his sword before he saw it?


 One hundred and twenty barrels were swung down as if they were a single sword and scattered on the floor.
 The liquor barrels rolled over with a bang, and every one of them was empty.

''What the hell! <Yo Idres.

 A huge amount of liquor poured down on Nate's head from each of the overturned 11 barrels.
 He drank it all down with every fiber of his being.

 The odds were as even as before.
 But all the liquor that had been brought up to the stage was gone in the current batch.

'Liquor. Bring me the liquor!'

 Nate said aloud, as if he were a drunkard.

'Ha! Ta, I'm coming!

 Immediately, the knights left the banquet hall to get their drinks.

''Hmm. A truce for a while?

 Then someone snapped at my back.
 When I turned around, it was Arcana.


 Squeezing, Arcana hugged me.
 Her face was red.

'It's rare for a god to get drunk.'


 Arcana laughs.

''Well you see I did what my brother told me to do...''

 Even your tone of voice is different from usual.
 It's like an arcana from a dream.

What do you mean, "You're right?

'Because if you don't know weakness, you can't save it. I learned drunkenness to save a drunkard!

 It certainly sounds like a drunkard.

 God is orderly, order is not supposed to be drunk, but, well, can't we make it drunk with creation magic?

'It's a studious thing to do. What have you found out?

"...you know...

 In a lisping tone, Arcana says.

'I'd like to sleep with my brother today...'

 You've completely grabbed a drunkard's breath. It's not a conversation.

'I can't help it,'

"...I have learned to be weak. I've learned drunkenness....

 Slightly reverting to her original Arcana, she says to herself.


What's going on?

Heh, brother....

 With a big smile on her face, Arcana hugs me tightly.
 Then she stands taller and brings her face closer to mine.

''........I won't betray you.......I'm your brother's ally......I won't betray you.......''

Yeah, I know.

 I gently stroke Arcana's head.

'I've got an idea.'

 Smiling, Arcana says, "I'll perform a spell for you today so that you can sleep well.

I'll perform a spell for you today so that you can sleep soundly.

 As soon as I said it, Arcana immediately drops her eyes anxiously.

''.........I don't need it, I guess......?''

No, thanks.

 That's when it happened. There was a loud dunking of feet.
 Sasha was suddenly on stage.

"I'll do the next one, drinking dragon fight! I will avenge you for Sin!

"I haven't lost yet, but...

 When Singh said that, Sasha huffed and smiled.

''Did I think you couldn't avenge me just because I didn't lose?''

 Singh's eyes narrowed and he was speechless.
 He must have realized in an instant that no righteous argument could be understood by the current Sasha.

The demon king's army aims for complete victory. Shin will win and I will avenge him. Three birds with one stone! We will show the knights of Agaha our way of laying waste to our enemies!

 He was impeccably and brilliantly drunk.
 Compared to that real one, Arcana was still not drunk enough?

"King Diedrich, I am Sasha Necron, second in command to the Witch King. They call me the Doomsday Witch. If you're not sure what you want to do, may I appoint a partner for you this time?

That's just fine with me. Who wants to be the witch's little girl?

 Sasha jabbed her forefinger at him with a bishie.

'Get on stage, Arcana! I'll drink you down!

 Arcana is an ally.

 But, as she was pointed at, she took a gulp of the dragon tusk wine in front of her and then, as if she had come to her senses, she said, "The time has come for her to be saved.

The time has come for her to be saved. I am only God to save her, I will sober her up.

 Fluffy, Arcana walked over and took the stage.
 Hmm. It looked as if he had come to his senses and was getting more and more drunk.

'Hahaha, this guy is a blast! Demon King, your men and your gods know that this is a place for revelry. This is the real pleasure of a drunkard's battle for supremacy. This is the best part of a drinking dragon battle!

 Diedrich smiles good-naturedly and puffs his drink.
 Just then, the knights who had gone out return and arrange the barrels of wine on the stage.

 At the side of Shin and Nate resuming the drinking war, Arcana and Sasha vaguely met their gazes with a sluggish gaze.


 And then Sasha shouted out, and still, Arcana stared at her.


What is...?

Just because she's Anos's sister doesn't mean she has to sleep with him or use a spell or anything like that! I will not allow you to do this while I'm inside the magic circle! I mean, she's just a little sister. Okay? If I win, my sister will be vacated.

Oh, Sasha, I was so jealous.

 Eleonor plunged in like that as he drank his drink.

''You're my brother, my brother. If you want to be my sister, you can be my sister.

 Arcana confronts Sasha with the words head on.

'There's no point in being your sister! I want Anos's sister!

If you're my sister, your brother will be your brother.

...it's not like that - that's good. Are you saying you're an indirect brother?

 It's a quick turnaround.

Rather directly.

Directly my brother?

 Sasha's face turned bright red.

''Fine. Then, if I win, you will give up your sisterhood. If I lose, I can be your sister.

'In any case, through this drinking war, son of the demon race, you will be saved.

Now, does that work?

 Scowling, Sasha laughed and looked down at Arcana.

'Then let's go.'

 With the drinking cup in her hand, Sasha sipped her drink.
 Arcana filled her liquor cup as well.

'I have one suggestion.'

I'll ask him for a peace offering.

'You'd better decide what to call her when you're her sister.

Yo, call me.....

 Sasha blushed and turned over.
 Then she said in a thin voice.

''Well then.........well.........well.......oh, brother......''

'Demon King to your brother, is that your dream?

And if I lose, I'll call you my sister! I'm so embarrassed by this that I can't help it!

It's the same here.

 The conversation between the drunks is strangely engaging, though.

'Will my family grow?'

 Misha nodded her head as she licked the dragon tusk wine next to her.
 If Sasha had more sisters and older brothers, there would inevitably be more for Misha as well.

''It's going to be a lively affair.''

Do you want some?

 Misha points the bottle at my empty liquor cup.

'Let's have it,'

 Graciously, she poured me a drink.

'Who will win?'

Well, both are about to collapse at any moment. If I had to choose, I'd say Arcana.

Well, I'm Sasha.

 Slightly surprised, I looked at Misha and she smiled.

'Are you drunk?'

Anos always seems to enjoy himself when he's playing.

 Hmm. As usual, you're a healthy one.
 Guess you'll just assume I love a good game.

 No one likes a challenge.

I'll take you up on it. You win, I'll give you anything you want.

"The contract?

I'll comply.

 <He drew the magic circle of the  Immediately after, the two girls on stage moved.

"We'll use the power of the Doomsday Witch to destroy all alcohol.

 Sasha is about to be destroyed by alcohol. 

'God does not get drunk. My victory and my salvation to you is the appointed way.

 Arcana was already drunk.

 The two exchanged loose glances and puffed on the dragon wine at once.
 Then, very gingerly, they gulped down all of that liquid.

 With a thud, both of their drinking cups are placed on the table.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them.
 Arcana's victory, I thought, and she falls forward with her.

 The two of them passively, however, rolled on the floor in a friendly manner as it was.
 There doesn't seem to be any sign of getting up.

''Hmm. A draw. You can call it a reward.

 Misha nodded her head.

''A ... reward?''

You've won a tie. I wouldn't be the one who wouldn't be willing to bet on a fight with my men.

 Misha blinks with a snap.

'Is there anything you want?'

I need time.

 Misha answered immediately and pointed at me.

'Does that mean it's my time?'

 Curtly Misha nodded.

'Fine, but when?'

Tonight. Put Arcana to bed and then come to my room.

 She smiled softly.

'Just give me some time with Anos until morning.