286-The beginning of the feast

 Agallofione Sword Emperor's Palace.

 The banquet hall is filled with lavish food, mainly dragon meat, and plenty of alcohol. It's a standing buffet.

 The people seated at the table of the drinking banquet are us, the Demon King Academy, Diedrich, and the knights directly under the Sword Emperor, the Agaha Dragon Knights.

''Let me introduce you again.''

 Diedrich said.

'They are the great demon kings and their men who rule the Dirheid nation beyond that canopy, on earth. That is to say, the heroes of the earth whom we taught and the Agaha prophecies were.

 At those words, Nate the Dragon Knight let out a snarl.

''Mmhmm. Then who stopped Geordal's prayer, ?''

Oh my. This is Anos, the Demon King, and his chosen god, Arcana. These men have defeated the Knights of the Visionary Names of Gadesiola, kicked out the congregation of Geordal, and broken the prayers of Pope Gorloana.

 A surprised voice is emitted.

''.........The Knights of the Phantom Name, you mean that Shi-den demon......?

 It must be Celis.
 Diedrich nodded widely.

'How brave you are...'

Even though he was already on the verge of developing the disease, even Deputy Commander Sylvia wasn't as good as that demon...

 An exclamation of admiration leaked out from the knights.

'But these are my confidants. They are the heroes who will defend Agaha. Right now I'm only three men short.

 Two of them would be Ricardo and Sylvia.

Well, let's not get into details. Let's get to know each other and have a drink till morning today.

 Diedrich holds up a liquor-filled drinking cup.

'To the coming of our earthly heroes!

 The knights brought their right hand, holding the drinking cup, to the center of their chests and saluted.

''Bless our swords!''

 They raised their voices to welcome us.
 Then, they all puffed out the liquor cup full of liquor in one go.

 I'm sure it's because of the fact that they are dragon men, but it's nothing special at all.

I'm not going to be able to get any more peaches. I'm sure you've got a lot to say about that.

 I popped the liquor cup in my hand.

This is a very strong drink. It's about 40 degrees.

 While saying this, Eleonor is quickly getting another drink and drinking very heavily.

"Gahhaha, you like it? It is the traditional drink of the Agaha. It's a good idea to have a good time.

 As he said it, Diedrich gulped down his drink.

''Guzzling and soaking it up is not a tasty way to describe it at all...''

 Sasha stares at the dragon's sake in the liquor cup.

'You'd better not, wouldn't you?

 Ray says.

''Haha, that's right. And Sasha-san is pretty weak.''

That's all right. I've got this. Hey, Misha.

 Misha blinks and nods her head with a snap.

'What if I just lick it?'

 Disapprovingly, Sasha puckered her lips and stared at the girls.

'Look, Sasha, there's fruit water, fruit water.

 Eleonor offers Sasha the juice of the fruit in a liquor cup.

Come on, guys. ''Don't worry about it. Your magic power has risen a lot since then, and your resistance to poison has also increased. You can endure deadly poisons, so how can you get drunk from drinking?

 As if it was a bold move, Sasha looked up and tipped her liquor cup and stoked the dragon fang wine in one go.
 Misha and the others watch her with concern.

 Sasha puts the liquor cup on the table with a knotty thump.
 Then she smiled elegantly, as if there was no problem at all.

The stars are beautiful tonight," she said. The stars are so beautiful tonight, it's like a river of stardust in the night.

 It's broad daylight.

'Sasha, you're going to be drunk in a second! And you can't see the stars from the depths of the earth!

'What? Samarimu-la-la.

 I'm not getting my groove on.

'Hmm? What did you say?

It's not a big deal.

 Misha explained.
 She licked and flicked and drank the dragon wine.

''Now you know exactly what I mean,''

 Misa said, impressed.

"But it's not a trivial matter. In fact, Sasha-chan, you're in big trouble now.

 Eleonor swiftly takes the dragon tusk wine that Sasha naturally held in her hand and passes the fruit water to her.

The best thing about this is that it's not a good idea. Treat me like a child!''

Well, you can't do that if you're too cutesy.

 Eleanor holds up her index finger.

'I'm not trying to be cute...'

 After just one drink, I was completely drunk.

It's okay. I'm going to destroy everything, I'm going to destroy alcohol with my evil eye that destroys everything.

Sasha, Sasha, you can't do this.

 Taking advantage of Eleonor's gap, Sasha grabbed a bottle of dragon wine and a bottle of fruit water.

'The power of the Doomsday Witch, I will show you.

 He tipped the bottle of dragonfang wine and poured the contents one after the other into several drinking cups.
 When the liquor bottles were empty, Sasha poured the fruit water into them with great vigor.

What do you think? In the blink of an eye, the alcohol quickly turned into juice. I've destroyed it.

 I just transferred the contents.

''Mm-hm. Then, Sasha-chan, you will drink the alcohol that you destroyed with your demonic eye of destruction!

 Diedrich, who was watching the scene from the side, said to me.

'You have a delightful crew. I envy you, Demon King.'

That man is a pleasure to behold. But your heroes are pretty funny, too.

 I glance to the side.
 The one drinking from a little distance with a serious face is Nate, the dragon knight.

 The speed of that man's switch is so quick that even the double-entitled Curse King Kaihiram is surprised.

''There's a saying in Agaha that goes something like this.

 Laughing broadly, Diedrich cut him off.

"One day a mighty dragon attacked the land, a dragon that no blade could penetrate and no magic could work. The knights of Agaha were at a disadvantage, as no blade could penetrate them and no magic could work. The knights thought they could not win a proper fight, so what did they do?

Well. Did you give her a drink?

'Oh, yeah, that's right! I gave him a drink, just to see if he would like it. Then the dragon was unexpectedly fond of drinking. The knights thought that they would get him drunk and kill him. And so they held a drinking contest.

'Dragon and liquor warfare? That's an interesting story.

 Diedrich laughed out loud and boldly.

Well, you don't really know. But according to legend, he had a drink fight with a dragon and, lo and behold, he found out the enemy he was going to kill.

Oh. That's quite a piece of work.

It would be so. Since then, the Agaha have developed a manner of feasting called the Shuuhai-ryu-sen,

 Diedrich pours the liquor and empties his drinking cup.
 Diedrich pours out a bottle of Dragon's Fang Wine and pours it into the man.

It's an event in which the strongest drinkers compete to win. It's the kind of thing where you drink a lot of booze, compete with each other and get to know each other.

 I finish my drink, and Diedrich tips the bottle into the empty liquor cup.

We are in Agaha. It's not a bad idea to get a taste of this country's culture. It's not a bad idea to get a taste of this culture.

That's all I want. Let's get to know each other as best we can.

 Diedrich grinned and raised his hand.
 Then some knights came to the center of the banquet hall with several barrels of wine.

 It was slightly raised and provided a bit of a stage.
 The barrels were placed on the stage and the knights returned to their seats.

It's time to play games. "Then let's play fancy with the game.


 Now, who to choose?

This one, I guess. Nate Ammillion.


 At the sound of Diedrich's voice, Nate the Dragon Knight walked up to the stage with a resolute gait.

''My gut feeling, the leader of the Dragon Knights. As well as fighting, I'm the best knight of the Agaha in terms of drinking.''

Oh. Then we should have some of our own.

 Then Nate turned to me and bowed his head.

''Awe, Demon King of the Earth. If you will forgive me, this dragon knight Nate, I have someone I would like to share a token with.

I forgive you. I'll tell him.

 Then Nate pointed at Singh with his hand.

'The way he behaves without a minute's notice, the unguarded gaze, the way he always seems to protect you, the king, even in the drinking room. He is, without a doubt, the best wielder of Dillhade. I've been watching him from earlier, and even though he's already had seven drinks, he has an unfathomable amount of alcohol with no signs of drunkenness. As a knight carrying the Agaha, I'd like to f*ck him.

 Hmm. You've spotted Sin.

"As expected of a hero who saves Agaha on a day of disaster, he has quite a magical eye. The man is my right hand man, Shin Reglia. I've been told that he is the strongest swordsman of the demon tribe and that he is the best drinker of the demon tribe.

 I mouthed that, and I looked at him.


"As you wish.

 Singh walked straight onto the stage.
 The cold expression on his face gave him the strength to never get drunk.

''Then let's go with the preliminaries first.

 Diedrich said.

'The rules are simple. How about we take turns drinking, and the one who takes a drink and either crushes or surrenders when he can't drink anymore loses?

Yes, sir.

 Nate said with a serious look on his face and picked up the drinking cup that was on the stage.
 It was quite large.

 He sipped the sake cup from the sake barrel of dragon tusk wine.

'Let's take it and stand.'

 Singh also scoffed at the dragon's sake in his sake cup.

'I'll tell you in advance.'

 Nate spoke to Shin.

''This Dragon Fang Wine is a special order product, its strength is roughly three times that of a normal Dragon Fang Wine. Be prepared for it.

'To dare to abandon your own superiority, is that the chivalry of the Agaha? You look up to it.

 Calmly, Singh returned the words.

'Would you prefer to drink first?'

Be my guest.

 The two men sparked a look.

'Then let me go first.

 They drew their drinking cups close together and made a thumping noise.

'Hmm. It's three times as strong as it should be, so it's 120 degrees. That's quite a strong drink.

I thought they were limited to 100 degrees.

 Misha, who came next to me, spilled the words in wonder.

It's a new concept from the age of magic. I'm not sure if this is because of the increase in the number of demons who have a weakness for alcohol. Two thousand years ago it was different.''

 I'm not going to be able to get a peach of peaches, but I'm going to be able to get a peach of peaches.

 I'm not going to be able to get it right.

I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it. You're still drinking like a hamburger....

It's 120 degrees..... I mean.........even a dragon would drink something like that....

'Oh, look at you. It hasn't even been ten seconds and in a flash, it's empty...

 Drinking down the dragon's sake, Nate puts the drinking cup on the table.

'Come on. Now it's your turn.

'So by daring to drink early, you're not just drinking, you're trying to swallow me up in the pressure.

What are you talking about?

 Nate said in a raw, serious tone.

'This is my normal dinner.

 He drank 120 degrees Celsius alcohol in less than 10 seconds in one gulp.
 It was an incomprehensible drink for ordinary people.

''Now, stop talking, it's your turn. The Drinking Dragon Battle has just begun. Let's see how well the ground warriors drink.''

 Nate presses Singh for a drink.

''........The Commander is also a bad person. I'm going to pull away if he shows me that much to drink.......

Just because you're a fierce man on earth doesn't mean you're a drinker...

No, no, no, she's a serious guy. He thinks he can drink for real, don't you?

I mean, look at her. She's not even going to take a drink.

I don't think so. I don't want to compete with the Commander.

"Hey, swordsman on the ground! There's no reason to push yourself. It's okay if you don't want to. It's just for fun.

 That was the moment when one of the knights sent out so much help.

''I'm sorry. Was I going a little too fast?

 Nate gave him a grim look.

'Well, no way...'

 With a bang, he stepped forward and looked into the sake barrel by Shin's side.

'I was allowed to go by the barrel.

 The liquor cask that contained the lumpy, dragon tusk wine was already empty.

''What.........? BAM, you idiot...?

Did you see that? You gulped down the entire barrel of liquor in the blink of an eye.......?

No....! No, I didn't see it. It's not just the amount of alcohol. What breathing power! Incredible suction power...!

They don't really drink that much, do they? What a man, Singh Reglia!

 Walking loosely, Shin lightly lifted the sake barrel.

''It's been a while since I've had a drink. Please, don't mind me. For every glass of sake you drink from that cask, I will drink from this cask.