285-Reunion with Sword Emperor

 How many times had it been an encore?
 Diedrich, the Sword Emperor of Agaha, shook out his voice and sang enthusiastically.

''Oh, God, I didn't know there was a world~~''

"'Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick, Ku-ick-woo!'

 The Dragon Knights and the people of Agaha are dancing to the song, as if to say that they are completely familiar with the Demon King's Hymn No. 6, "Neighbor".

''Sword Emperor!''


 The echoing call of "Kentei" and the powerful shokken thrust.
 The combination of hands was also brilliant.

""Sword Emperor!"


 Diedrich walked out to the front row of the stage and pumped his fist up to the heavens.
 With a grin, he gave a powerful smile.

'I can't get enough of this guy.

 Sword Emperor! Sword Emperor! The people of the Agaha have been singing Diedrich's praises.
 Their expressions and their words must have spontaneously spilled from their hearts.

'Very popular.'

 Misha muttered.

'Hmm. I'm not sure why, but it's quite a charisma. The king of Agaha seems to be quite well-liked by his people.

'I heard that Agaha is the land of knights, but I think it's a mistake for the land of perverts...? Because that guy in the front row covered up...

 Sasha pointed at him.
 The dragon knight Nate was swinging his fist around in a circle and screaming.

'This is the honor of a knight! Glory to King Diedrich! Hooray! Diedrich! Hooray! Whoa, whoa, hooray, Diedrich!

That's the hero who saves a country on a bad day...

 Sasha is holding her forehead in her hand as if her head is hurting.

'Diedrich, the Sword Emperor of Agaha, is a prophet. His prophecies have probably saved many lives and kept his people happy so far. The Agaha has grasped the best possible outcome out of the many futures.

 Arcana says.

'This place could be described as an ideal country.

Is this the ideal? That's it?

 Sasha raised her voice, but Arcana said calmly.

'Son of the demon race, it does not matter what he does. The king is adored and his people follow what he does with pleasure. That is the one ideal.

Well that may be true, but it's hard to reconcile that...

 Sasha gave the stage a disapproving look.

"I envy you. I'm sure he is a much better king than some demon king who can only solve things with force.

 Snap, Misha blinks.

'I'm sure King Diedrich will feel the same way when he comes to Dirheid.


 Clearly Misha nodded.


 She smiled gently.
 'Apparently I made you feel better.

'By the people of Agaha!

 The song ends and Diedrich raises his voice.

'I enjoyed myself to no end today. Let me introduce you once again. All the way from the country on the other side of that canopy, Dirheid, all the way to Agaha, the Demon King's Choir, and the students of the Demon King's Academy.

 Diedrich raised his hands as he introduced them, and the Demon King's Choir and students bowed their heads in a bow.

I said the word 'irresistible' a lot. You know what's so great about it? It's that the songs of the Choir are so unexpectedly moving.

 Hmm. Unexpected.
 A prophet who can see a great many futures.

 If that's true, you're bound to like it.
 Diedrich is aware of nearly everything that can happen.

 It's the unknown that excites people.
 A life where everything is so obvious is already over.

 He must have lived a very dull life.

"This will be a song beyond prophecy. In the name of the Sword Emperor of Agaha, I give you the title of Dragon Princess of the Demon King's Choir.

 Applause rang out as if in agreement.
 Surprised, Eren and the others bowed their heads in horror, as if they were afraid.

'Let's get back together with this dragon's song,'

 Showing his back to the people, Diedrich walks off the stage, raising his hands in the air.

'Mission accomplished. There was no threat here.

 Nate the Dragon Knight utters a stern voice and turns on his heel.

''Our Order is now returning to the Royal Palace.

 With a hard face and a tight expression on his face without any part of a gap, the knight led his men so perfectly that he didn't even allow for any disruption in his gait.

 When he raised his hand, white dragons flew there, and they straddled them and flew away to the royal palace.

''Let's go.''

 We walked out and headed for Diedrich and the Demon King's Choir, who had left the stage.
 The hustle and bustle around us has not stopped and the traffic is still full of crowds.

 As I made my way through it, Diedrich was staring at me as if to say that he was waiting for me.
 As I came in, the man smiled at me.

'Hey, Demon King. Sorry about that. I came to take a peek at the Demon King's Choir's practice, but I couldn't help but be excited. I couldn't bear to be patient. I called out to them, and they were a little bit of fun.

Well, I hope you're happy with it. That song was a gift for you in the first place.

That one is superimposed.

 Diedrich laughs boldly.

'You knew we were coming to Agallofione, and you went out of your way to visit us?

Hey. And I've got some other business to attend to. I should have greeted you when you came to the palace.

You're not thinking about the future. You don't have to worry about the future.

 Then Diedrich turned to me and bowed his head.

''I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving the lives of my men, Ricardo of the Dragon Knights, and Sylvia.

Good. It was an apology to Ricardo and an afterthought.

 Even if you can see the future, you cannot cure Lack-Dragon Disease and Senile Disease.
 There is no way to cure these diseases on their own. Even if you use Nafta's power to limit the time limit, it will only delay the symptoms and make it harder to cure.

 It's not likely that Nafta's power will be effective unless she's nearby.
 However, we can't just use the Future God to cure the sick, either.

You know that already, Diedrich. I'm here for the Prophet of Agach.

''The last thing you want to know about is the treacherous god Genudunub.

 Diedrich looks at Arcana.

'Why can't the canopy that was turned into a permanent, immortal divine body in the Sword of the Almighty, Revein Gilma, be restored? To solve it, you have come to Agaha.

Whatever reason is hidden, I'll get there. Then look to the future and you'll see why now.

That one's right. But I'm not going to tell you that now.


 That's a somewhat surprising answer.
 Well, it wasn't unlikely.

You mean, if I know about it, something terrible will happen?

Don't say "for you. This is my business.

 Will Arcana, the god of disobedience, become involved with Agaha?
 Or perhaps my future actions will determine the future of this country.

The same goes for your memory. This is a welcome visit, but I don't want to prophesy to you just yet.

I don't mind. If not knowing will lead you to a better future, that's better. After all, it's only the difference between being late and being early.

You'll never know if it's a better future for you.

 Ha-ha," he said, laughing at the words, "I'm going to grab a better future, no matter what.

I'll grasp at least a better future within my reach, no matter what," he said. Then it is better for Agaha to have a better future.

 Satisfied with the answer, Diedrich breaks down.

'The Demon King and your words are still refreshing, knowing the future.

That's good to hear.

'Let's welcome them. I'm ready to welcome our guests to the Sword King's Palace. Take all the time you need.

I'll take you at your word. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to relax.

 He shook hands tightly with Diedrich.

"I'll tell you when and where it will happen. Some of it will be on Geordal.

 Diedrich gave me the date, time, place and scale of the event via a leaks.

"Are you sure? Geordal would be the enemy.

Well, that's okay. It's just a matter of faith. I don't want you to get killed.

 I'll send the information about Shinsame to Eldmead in Geolheise via .
 If it's that man, it won't take long to beat the countermeasures into the cult.

 Diedrich turned on his heel and walked out to the Sword Emperor Royal Palace.
 I lined up beside him.

 Then, he put his hand on my shoulder quietly.

I'm not going to be able to get in touch with you guys. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get to know each other better, but we are both very busy. So I have a good suggestion.

'Law. I'd love to hear it.

We shall have a banquet. Can I buy you a drink?

 I sneer and open my mouth.

'Let me tell you, I'm bottomless,'

 Diedrich nodded widely.

''What. If you can't even drink, the Sword King won't be able to keep up. I'll have a quick look around. And my brothers and sisters are also good drinkers.

"Interesting. Sasha.

 I say to her, who was walking behind me.

'Tell everyone. I'm going to have a drink with the knights of Agaha.

You mean from now on? It's only the middle of the day....

 I said casually to Sasha, who gave me a dumbfounded look.

"You think just because it's broad daylight that you can't drink?