The next morning--
 Once I went home, I came to the Log North Magical Clinic again.


 Mass wakes up from her stupor.
 She looked at me in a daze.


He's on his way to Derzhogade.

So.........it's morning already.......

 Misa looks towards Sheila.
 Although her condition is somewhat more stable than when she came here, her condition is still unpredictable.

 I was hoping that I could recover to a certain extent by morning with the Root Source Transformation (Lilia), but it can't be helped.
 The wavelength of Misa and Sheila's power was too different. Ah, if it's inefficient, Misa's body won't be able to hold out.

 If Ray hadn't stopped her, I would have.

"Stay here and stay quiet until the final is over.

 With the magic of Ibis, I made a glass ball small enough to fit on my fingertip.

"Break the glass ball and you'll be able to escape from the dagger in the shadow stitching. No more daggers in shadow stitching.

 <Use the Light Source magic and condition it to activate when the glass ball is broken under the conditions (rents). <Light Source (Zia) is a spell that creates light. If you shine light from all angles to completely erase the shadows, the Dagger of Shadow Stitching will be rendered ineffective.



 Mass stops me.

'What's up?'

 When I asked, she gave me a serious gaze.

''Could you use the again?''

What are you going to do with it?

''I'll recover Ray-san's mother before the final match starts. Then all that's left is for Anos-sama to draw the magic sword of the contract from Ms. Rey.

With the efficiency of Lilia, we won't make it in time.

 It should take at least ten days for Sheila to recover to the point where she can walk.
 Besides, if you continue to lend your strength that long, you'll put Misa in danger this time.

Still, it's better than doing nothing.

You can pray to God, but you won't get any miracles.

'....Maybe so. But we can't give up just because a miracle doesn't happen.

 Misa gives him a wistful look.

'I don't want to regret it. I don't want to think later on that I should have done that. I don't want to think about what I should have done back then," she said.

 Hmm. It's not like I don't understand what's going on.

"I'm sure you're ready for it.

 <I'll use the Lilia spell to reconnect Misa and Sheila's roots.

"If you can perform a miracle, then come to the arena with Sheila. The guys who put the collar on Rey will notice, but I'll take care of the rest.

 Mass nodded firmly.

'I understand.'


 <Using the Transference (Gatom), I transferred to the Delzogade Demon King Academy.

 As I head to the waiting room in the arena, I think about the finals.
 I said that to Mass, but Sheila won't be able to make it first.
 It's no use hoping for a miracle, you know.

 I've been instructed to make a move on me in the finals.
 But he's not very good at magic.

 He's not allowed to use a spare magic sword.
 Ray's weapon is the Initio, which slices through magical artifacts.

 It's powerful, but there's not much he can do with it.
 So what is Avos Dilhevia planning to do?

 Well, I don't care what they're up to.
 All we have to do is to cure Sheila's spirit illness, pull out the magical sword of the contract that's been stuck in Ray, and give them back their weapons.
 It's a trivial matter.

 We arrive at the antechamber and go inside.
 Ray would have been waiting in the antechamber on the other side long ago.

 If anything, though, I would have liked to fight without worrying about getting caught up in such a trivial conspiracy.

 Staring blankly at the Vajra Iron Sword, I wait for the final match to begin.

 There was a knock on the door with a bang.

''Who's there?''

 A beat later, there was a reply.


 It's Misha's voice.

'What's up?'

 With a clatter, the door opened and Misha's face peeked out of it.


Is this mine?

 Misha nodded his head in agreement.

'Right. By the way, why are you only showing your face?

Can I come in?

Of course.

 Then he opened the door completely and Misha walked in.

'Are you nervous?'

Nervous? Hmm. Well, I'd like to give it a shot. Unfortunately, I haven't experienced it yet.

 Misha blinked twice with a snap.

'What's wrong?'

It's like Anos.

 Misha said and laughed.

'Isn't Sasha with you?'

At Anos' mother's.

'How. I guess it's a rare thing sometimes.

 Misha would understand because she's learned to cook, but Sasha isn't that close to my mom.

I heard you were attacked yesterday.

Is this from your mother?

 Misha nodded his head.

I will protect you, Anos, you can concentrate on the final. Sasha sent word.

 You're a clever one, aren't you?

Did you notice anything unusual in the arena?

 Misha nodded her head.

'There were signs that someone had snuck in, etc.

It's the same as always.

 Hmm. I left Emilia's corpse before she was reincarnated, but apparently they dealt with it before the audience entered.
 As I thought, Emilia's outburst yesterday was probably something Avos Dilhevia hadn't planned for.

 If we make a mess of this matter, it will interfere with our plans.
 Now I know that the chances of him messing with my mom are not that high, but well, let's not let our guard down.
 If Sasha is by my side, I'll be prepared.

''What's ... what's wrong?''

 Misha stares at me.

'No, it's no big deal,'

Is there anything I can do to help?

 I said it wasn't a big deal.

'Yes, it is. Then you'll be rooting for me.

 Misha nodded her head.


You said you were here to support me. I haven't been given much of a chance to do that.

 Misha nodded persistently.


 She walked up to me and took my hand.
 A small hand lays on it.

'I'm not afraid,'

Well, I'm not any less scared.

 Misha turns over to think and looks up again.

'Anos can win.'

I've never lost in my life.

 Misha thinks again, a little troubled.

'I'd be happy if Anos won.'

'I don't think there's any fun to be had when the Demon King of Tyranny wins, is there?

 Misha shook her head shakily.

'Anos is my classmate, my friend.'


''So is Rey. Two members of the same squad will fight in the finals of the Demon Sword Tournament to determine the best swordsman in Dillhade.

 Misha says in his usual flat tone.

'Great things,'


 At that moment, a echoed in the room.

''Thank you for waiting so long. Now, let the final match of the Dirheid Demon Sword Tournament begin! The first player to appear is Anos Voldigord, who belongs to the Demon King's Academy of Delzogade!

 Looks like it's time.

I'm off.

 We headed for the corridor leading to the arena stage.
 Misha said at my back.

'Anos has been reborn.'

 When I turn around, Misha looks straight into my eyes.

'I'm a student now,'

 Misha smiled thinly and said.

'Have fun,'

 Hmm. Not bad.

 Not a bad mood. So this is what you call cheering.

 You know I'm the tyrannical demon king, and yet Misha sees me as I am, not as I was.

 She sees me as I am now.

 Boring, boring, school life.
 The boring, boring, boring life of the academy, the descendants too weak, the degenerate magic formula.

 I will never learn anything.

 What we do here will not help us in the long run.
 But this is exactly what I wanted.

 I wanted this moment of idleness.


 She nods her head. 'What?' I think he asked.
 I said with a grin.

'I'm going to go win,'


 Turning on my heel, I head straight for the aisle.

 My friends are waiting for me, the stage for the final.