61-Mother's words

 When he returned to his original location, he picked up the sheath that had fallen off.


 Mom noticed me and ran over to me.
 Then she hugs me tightly.

'Are you okay? Are you hurt?

 Hmm. I think it's my line.

"You'll be fine. How's your mother?

'I'm perfectly fine now that Anos has cured me. What about Dr. Emilia?

''I gave him a light moxie. I don't think I'll be able to stay at the academy anymore after all this misconduct.

 Emilia was going to destroy the sword and keep me out of the finals.

 It wouldn't be Avos Dilhevia's plan.
 If that's the case, she shouldn't have nominated me in the first place.

 This time it was her own decision.
 Avos Dilhevia has deceived the tyrannical demon king in the name of the tyrannical demon king and instilled the idea of royal supremacy in the demon race.

 But I guess he hasn't been able to take control of it all.
 The demon clan of the imperialist faction is completely convinced of the lies created by Avos Dilhevia.

 Those who go against his intentions, like Emilia, are bound to come out in the future.

''I see.... But I'm really glad. I'm glad Anos-chan is safe.

 Mom looked deeply relieved.

'Oh, yes. Anos, here.

 She offers me the sword that she had in her hand.

'Oh, thank you,'

Hmm. I promised Anos that I would protect you no matter what.

 He took it and sheathed it.

'Do you want to leave?'


 Mom took my hand that was offered to her.
 I said to the Fun Union guys who were looking at us.

'See you later,'

'Ha, yes! Good night, Master Anos.

Yeah. I wish you all the best in your dreams.

 <I used the Gatom to transport myself home.

"Mom. I'm going out for a little while.

'What? What's going on? What's for dinner?

I had to go to the Magic Clinic. I was just on my way to see her. I'll eat it when I get back.

Oh, okay. Who are you here to see?

It's Ray's mother.

 Mom gives me a worried look.

'Are you sick?'

I'm over the hump for now.

Okay, yes. You have a good day.

 I waved my hand at my mother and transitioned again with  I came to a special ward in the magic clinic Log North.

 Misa is beside Ray's mother asleep.
 <The magical formula of the Root Transmutation (Lilia) has been completed and Sheila's condition is stable.
 So I was able to go and save my mom, but I'm still not optimistic.

 Misa notices me shifting and tries to speak up.
 I controlled it with my hand.

'I think someone's coming.'

 I say in a whisper and use the magic of
 With a click, the door opens and the one who comes in is Ray.
 He has a bag and a cup in his hand.

"I thought you'd be hungry, so I brought you some bread.

 Ray was about to hand the bag to Misa, when he suddenly realized.

''Is this magic...?''

"It's called 'root source transformation' (Lilia). I'm a half-spirit, half-demon, so I can share my magic power with Ray-san's mother. The drawback is that it's a bit inefficient, but...

 You can share the power of the masses against the thirty-six and share the power of the one to Sheila.
 It would have been reckless to convert the rumors and lore of a different species into a root.

 Even if he reassembled his magic formula optimally, that was the limit.

''I tried it to see if it could possibly have an effect on the spirit disease, and it seems to have been a hit.

 Mass lies about it so that he doesn't find out about me.

'Can you help?'

''........Don't worry.

 Now, if you've been keeping an eye on Ray, you've heard that line.
 The sooner we take action, the sooner we can figure out who we're dealing with, but that's not going to be very convenient.

 Although her condition has been stabilized, Sheila is still in danger.
 This is such an inefficient way of doing things. To be honest, the source of the mass is probably not going to last much longer.

 There's no need for the other side to hurry things up just yet.

''In any case, I have the magic sword of the contract stuck in me, though.

 Ray took a loaf of bread out of the bag and held it out to Mass.

'Maybe we should take a break. That won't help your body.

 He could see that Misa's magic power had decreased considerably.

''It's okay.......the final is tomorrow.......''

'It's true that my mother's magic seems to be recovering a bit, but she won't make it in time at this pace. You'll have to go down first.

It's okay. You just fell down.

'That magic, you're chipping away at your roots, aren't you? Even in this way, I can see your magic dwindling away.

 Mass nods.

'You could die.'

 Ray put the bread back in the bag and put it on the table with the cup.

'You'd better think this through. You're working for the Unificationists for the sake of the many half-breeds in Dillhade. Do you really want to let such a trivial sentimentality ruin that purpose here?

...a trivial sentimentality, huh?

'I suppose so. If you risk your life now, there is only one person you can save. There will come a time when you should really be risking your life. The day will come when you will have to fight to save so many people.

 Hearing that, Misa giggled.

'I won't come, in that case.

Is that right?

Mr. Ray," he said, "I've never met my father. Mr. Ray, I have never met my own father because of the current supremacy of the Dirhade family. I wanted to meet him, so I started the Unificationist movement, hoping that one day no one else would feel the same way as I do.

 Ray gets a serious look on his face as Misa speaks.

'Then you might as well save that life for some day.

There is a person in front of me right now who is about to miss his mother because of the Imperialists. I didn't join the Unification Party to do such a thing, to abandon such a person and save so many others.

 Even if you kill the small, you keep the big alive.
 That's the right thing to do. In fact, I've been doing it too.

 Otherwise, as a tyrannical demon king, there are things I couldn't protect if I didn't destroy what I should have destroyed.

''I can't wait for one day. I want to save them now. I want to help the people who are suffering now. If you can't think that, then I can't risk my life, even if that day comes.

 Ray huffed and relaxed his shoulders.
 Then, with a calm expression, he said to Misa.

''You're strong.''

"...I'm an idiot...I'm not as smart as Mr. Ray...

No, it's not. You're very brave. Unlike me.

 Misa laughs. Trying hard to hide the pained expression on her face.

 Ray walks slowly and stands beside Misa.

'Thank you.'

No, it's not. It's not much to ask--

 I struck my hand sword and Rei stunned Misa.
 At that moment, I stopped the magic.

''I'm sorry. You would have died if this was the case, but I didn't stop you right away.

 Ray mutters, as if regretting his own lack of courage.

 Then he puts a hand to his head and drops a paragraph.
 It's as if he was wondering what to do next.

 For a while, Ray remained still and frozen.
 I don't know how long he stayed like that, but eventually a small voice rang out.


 He looks up.



 Ray quickly approached the bed and put his face close to Sheila's, who had her eyes open in a stupor.


 Ray smiled as best he could at his mother, who had regained consciousness for the first time in a long time.
 However, her smile looked as if she was about to cry.

I'll get you well soon," she said. I'll make you well soon.

...It's okay....


"I've been awake all this time. I know all about it. It's okay, Ray. Just be yourself and do what you want to do, and you'll be fine. You're so carefree, so absent-minded, and you think about the sword all the time. And you're a very sweet girl. Your mother, you know. I'm happiest when you're free to live your life.

 With a plop, a teardrop falls on Sheila's cheek.

"Mother, what are you talking about? What are you talking about? Don't worry about it, I'll help you.

"Ray. Don't lose. Your mother will always be there for you. Take care of your friends...

 As if she had used up all her strength, Sheila closes her eyes again.


 Ray calls out.


 But she did not reply, and it was as if she had fallen into a deep sleep.