60-Devil's Curse

 Fearful of my killing spree, Emilia shakes her body and retreats backward inch by inch.

''What's wrong? Is a lowly half-breed so horrible?

 As she says this, Emilia steps back and looks for an opportunity to escape.

'Don't move,'

 When I said that, Emilia used her
'I'm telling you not to move,'

 Instantly, Emilia stopped moving her body, and even her magic power could not be manipulated freely.
 A strong magic power was contained in my words with anger, and it exerted a compulsion. It broke through Emilia's anti-magic effortlessly and restrained her body and magic power.

 Even so, Emilia managed to escape, but now she was as good as a dharma.
 She can only roll on the ground in a disgusting manner.

 She walks loosely and stands by Emilia's side.
 She had a look of humiliation and fear on her face.


 He grabs Emilia by the neck with one arm and grabs her carelessly.

"........don't let go....... What are you going to do?

 Ignoring the question, I come straight to the spot where the Fun Union girls are lying on the ground.
 Then, I threw Emilia to the ground.

''.........but ha.......''

 Unable to move, she couldn't even passively roll on the ground in disgrace.

'I'll play with you in a minute. At best, you can scare the shit out of me until then.

 After I said that, I approached the girls in the Fun Union and drew a magic circle on all of them.
 When I worked my magic eye, they were barely breathing.

 <When I used the magic of the Ent, their bodies were healing in no time.
 <I made them new clothes that had been burnt to a crisp by Ibis.


 The girls wake up and slowly look at me.
 Their wounds may have healed, but their consciousness is still not clear. They look half stunned.

''........I was trying to protect your mother but........''

 She turns her face down in frustration, as if she thinks she couldn't protect him.

'Let's hear your name.'


The name. What do you say?

"...Ellen. Ellen Mihais....

 I asked the girl next to her.

"What about you?

"...my name is Jessica Arnate.

Who are you?

"...Maia Zemt....

 One after the other I ask for the names of the girls in the Fun Union.
 Nono Inota.
 Shea Minsheng.
 Himka Houla.
 Casa Kurnoa.
 Shelia Nijem.

"Ellen. Ellen." - Jessica. Maia. Nono. Shea. Himka. Casa. Shelia.

 To each of them I said.

"I'll remember your names for the rest of my life. It was a good cause.

 No matter how much noise they made, the girls in the Fun Union seemed unable to utter a word and just spilled out tears.

''You can relax and rest the rest of the day.

 I turned on my heel and came over to Emilia again.

'Well. You've kept me waiting.

 I grab Emilia by the scruff of her neck.

".........What do you intend to do to me....

Your mother would be worried about you doing that in here, you know. We're moving on.

 I used my magic.
 For a moment, after my vision turned completely white, what I saw in front of me was the stage of the arena.

 Throwing Emilia away, I said, "You can move now.

''You can move now.''

 He threw the magic sword created by Ibis in the direction of Emilia, who was rolling around.
 It stabbed right into the side of her head.

Use it. I'll use it to beat you up until your rotten nature is healed.

 Emilia stood up and looked at me.

''Don't look down on me for being a half-breed and a non-conformist...!

Oh. You're still looking good. Come on.

 Emilia pulled out her magic sword and slashed at me.
 Instantly, an electric current ran from that magic sword and consumed Emilia's entire body.

 Without a second thought, Emilia lets go of the sword and rolls to the floor.

''Ku. Kukku. What's that, Emilia. You can't even handle a magic sword like that? That's quite a royal family.

 While crawling, Emilia glares at me.

 He stomped on Emilia's head and pushed her to the floor with a gulp.

'Watch your mouth, Emilia. I'm not being nice to you today.'

 As I reach out my hand, the magic sword that fell to the ground floats up and comes to me.

''Why don't you try begging for your life?''

...What are you...

'He acknowledges me as a tyrannical demon king and wants me to beg for my life. If you do, you might change your mind.

 Emilia said to me, anger gushing in her eyes.

''........It's a funny thing. No matter how pompous you are, you are not a tyrannical demon king........ You're a lowly, vulgar, unfit person who can't even be a Demon Lord.

 As if sewing Emilia's body to the ground, he stabbed the magic sword into her back.


You look up. I'll say it again. Beg for your life.

"Duh, who--Gyahhhhhhhh!

 An electric current runs from the demon sword, bringing intense pain to Emilia's entire body.

...No matter what you do, your blood has no preciousness in it....

Hmm. I don't mind. By the way, this is called the Magic Sword of Insects. It's a magical tool with quite an interesting effect. The body of the host that the sword is thrust into becomes a nursery, and a hundred poisonous demons vie with each other. These poisonous creatures grow by feeding on the host's pain, and thus devour the internal organs of the host.

"....na.... .........

There. You can hear it. The sound of countless poisonous creatures crawling around inside your body...


 I put more weight on Emilia's screaming head.

'Let me tell you one more interesting thing. When the poisonous demons in your body devour each other and become the last one, their power belongs to their host.

Don't you get it? I'm telling you that you will be the poisonous demon. It is a powerful curse. You will never be able to return to your original form.

''Oh, you ... how cowardly you are ... because you think you can degrade the nobility of the royal family with such an act. Soooooooooooooo...!

 I look down at Emilia from on high as she screams.

'Looks like the pain is gone, Emilia.


Proof that your body is getting closer and closer to a poisonous demon.

 Instantly, her face paled.


What's up? You may continue. I'm curious about this imperial nobility thing?

 Emilia squeezed out her voice with a face stained with humiliation.

Hmm. You've got about a minute left. How's it going? How does it feel to be reborn?

Please! Please don't! Please help me!

'It's not as bad as you think. At the very least, you'll get a lot more magic than you have now. Why don't you try to get your revenge on me with it? Hmm?

 Emilia's body trembles with a wince.

"Huh, hmmm. Hahahahaha. No blood and tears? Me?

 He stomped on Emilia's face with great force.

'Don't make me laugh, woman. What did you do to my mother?

 Emilia falls silent at the cold voice.

'Well, it's about time,'

 I fell silent and waited for the time to pass.
 I could see the fear pouring out of Emilia's face with each passing second.

What do you understand?

 Emilia clenched her teeth gingerly, her face contorted in humiliation, barely squeezing out a faint voice.

''Bo........Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigord-sama, please have mercy on you. ...please allow me to ask you to...


 Emilia looked like a child, as if she was about to start crying.

''..........Ugh, I lied......I said I would help you if you begged for your life......''

I just said you might change your mind. But still the same.

 Emilia exclaimed. Tears came to the corners of her eyes.

'Five seconds left,'

 As soon as she could, Emilia could not speak, she was simply overcome with despair.

'Three, two, one.'

 She closes her eyes tightly.

'It's a zero.'

 Emilia's body is unchanged.
 Another ten seconds pass, and twenty seconds pass, and she still looks the same as she did before.

 She opens her eyes.


'Huh? Hahahahahahaha. Don't you realize it yet? It's a lie to say that this is an alluring magic sword. No, no, no, no, that was a masterpiece, as you said before. Can I ask for your sympathy? You have a very salty voice.

 Emilia's face turns bright red as she is disgraced.

'I'll save your life,'

"....I will not ................................ .........!

 Grabbing my leg, Emilia turned her eyes to me in hatred.

''........I will never forgive you! No matter how strong you are, your power has no value! It's a vile, vulgar, mixed-blooded force! Someday, someday, someday, I will make you regret humiliating the royal family to this extent with such a thing........! If I cannot do it, if my children cannot do it, their grandchildren will continue to resent you for the rest of their lives!


 I stare softly back into her eyes.
 Emilia turned on me, with a hatred that was dozens of times greater than that.

'It is we who will not forgive you. Since you don't seem to know, I'll tell you, I'll save your life. It means that you will not die and be released from this life.

 I kicked Emilia away and turned her onto her back.
 Then I thrust my right arm into her heart.

"Cursed be the curse to the end of eternity.

 Jittery and scrambling, Emilia, however, died and stopped moving after a few seconds.

'You must realize. Your arrogance.

 I draw a magic circle on the floor.
 Then, a girl with brown hair and brown eyes was born there.

 When the girl opened her eyes, she was surprised to see Emilia, whose heart had been pierced, and she looked up.

I died.... but then, this me...?

 The girl looks confused, and I tell her the truth.

'How does it feel to be born again, Emilia?'

"What is this........my body........ My magic power.....

 Emilia can't hide her surprise at the weakness of her new body's magical power.

''.........With such.......such a magic, with such a lowly power, do you mean to humiliate me......?''

 A laugh escapes from the bottom of my stomach.

"Huh. Kukku. Hahahahahahaha. Oh, I see. A lowly force. Well, that's nice. But, Emilia.

 He said to her condescendingly.

'How long are you going to be a royal?'


I used the magic of Silica to reincarnate you. You are a mixture of human and demon. Look into the abyss with your own magical eye.


 Emilia falls to her knees disappointedly.
 Her whole body squirms and trembles and she mutters deliriously, "Lies........lies.......

 I check the blood flowing through my body with my demon eyes over and over again, but there is no mistaking it for that of a half-breed, no matter where you look from. Not only is she not an imperial family, she is not even a pure demon race.

 With a face tainted with madness, she stands up waveringly and reaches for the demon sword that was beside her.
 ''No......... No........... While muttering something like "It's not me........", he placed the blade around his own neck and gingerly put some strength into it.

''I don't care if you die, Emilia. I've put a curse on your roots. No matter how many times you die, the curse to be reincarnated as a half-breed demon race for all eternity.

 Blood flowed from Emilia's neck.
 The magic sword that spilled out of her hand bounced off the floor with a bang and a clang.

''........the curse, how can I.......''

You can't escape my curse.

 It was a desperate word, or maybe it was a desperate word, and Emilia crumpled to the ground.

''No ... no ... no ... ......

 Emilia shook her head and muttered over and over again with eyes that seemed to have lost their sanity.

'Put yourself in a different position and review this dill-haid once. You might find that your opinion is more biased than you think.

'No ... no ... no ... no ... no ... no ... ...

 I use my  When the landscape turns white.

 It was a crazy scream.