425-Canopy celestial sphere

Looks like you made it there in one piece.

 A sigh of relief escaped Eleonor when he heard my voice.

'Geez, you're being a little too impatient. I'm thrilled.

Anos........response, is it hard for you...?

 Eleonor and Xecia say.

'We were having a bit of a debate about order and chaos.

...difficult...are you talking to me...?

"Hey, I'm cut off by your stupid, evil, dumbass ass.

Zecia's advice... and it worked...!

 I can hear the joy in his voice.

 Looking into Eleonor's magic eye, he saw the layers of folded branches and leaves of the trees. The sky is peeking out from the slight gap covered by the greenery.

 Wenzel and Ennesone were also by my side.
 The girls seem to be standing on the branches of a huge tree.

 Strangely enough, there is no ground in that place. Everywhere you look, up and down, left and right, it's empty, and the branches are spread out as well.

'Hmm. Do you have your current location?

Wenzel says it's in the canopy of the canopy of the Da K'Kadate Garden.

 As Eleonor replied, Wenzel entered .

''This is the divine realm of the transmutation god Gietenarus, also known as the Sky of Transmutation.

 Then Zethia hugged Eleonor's chest with a bang.
 While being held, she says.

''Anos........What do you want to do now......? Zecia will do her best to do the Demon King's orders...........!

 While being held by Eleonor, she raises her holy sword Enhale to the sky, as if she were imitating a knight.

'Where are you, Anos, where are you? Should I join you once?

 Eleonor asks, 'This is Deep Forest Luo.

'This is Deep Forest Luo. We've been talking to Dilfred, the God of Deeperization. We are currently in peaceful negotiations with the one who proclaims that I am the cause of the world's demise.

'Wow! There's no such thing as peace and quiet.

 Zecia jittered her legs, so Eleonor put her down.
 As it was, Zecia moved to Ennezone's side and whispered in her ear.

 Ennesone flaps the wings of his head and twists his head.

''The Demon King is so tyrannical...?''

It depends on who you're dealing with. It's going to take some time and effort to negotiate with them. You and your men will split up and find Delzogade and Averastanzeta.

I got it.

 After replying vigorously, she quickly brought her fingertips to her mouth.

''Hmm ... but how do I find out?''

 Zecia raises her hand cheerfully.

'Oh, great, Zecia. Do you understand?

...this is the search....

 She said with a triumphant smile.

'Uh ... er ... yeah ... Osagashi is ... a little wordy, don't you think?

 Buzzy Zecia puffed up.

''Well, um ... yeah ... yeah ... well, it might be hard to find, so shall we have another idea?''

 Eleonor says as he intercedes.


 Zesia's shoulders slumped, and Ennesone took her hand and said.

'Ennesone, will you come with me for a little bit of entertainment?

 Zecia quickly smiled and raised her fist above her head, which was connected to Ennezone.

 Eleonor looked at Wenzel, looking at her at a loss.
 She chuckles and walks off quietly.

'This way. There are some gods in the tree-crowned celestial sphere who are close to you. I'm sure they have hearts, and I'm sure they'll be able to help you.

'Huh? But wasn't this sky full of branches, the sky with all these branches, the divine realm of a god called Guietenarus, the god of transmutation? Are the other gods here too?

'Yes. The gods who are close to the order can be benefited in their divine realm. In the huge divine realm of the Tree-Circle Garden Da K'Kadate, there are some gods who set up small divine realms within it.

 The abortion god Anderk, benefiting from the Mei-Gong divine City, tried to abort me inside as an unborn life.
 The orders would be closely intertwined with each other and the divine race would be closely intertwined with each other to benefit each other.

''I have a feeling we should hurry up a bit more?''

 Eleonor uses the  For a moment, her body floats up, however, her feet soon land on a branch.


I can't fly, okay?

 Ennesone spreads the wings of his head and the wings of his back, but he is still unable to fly.

''Zesia is also.........''

 Zesia is flapping her hands to imitate Ennesone.

'Oh, I don't think Zesia could fly with that to begin with...'

 Laughing bitterly, Eleonor spills his words.

''The only person who can fly this tree-crowned celestial sphere is Guietenarus, the Transformation God,''

 With that, Wenzel stopped in his tracks.

'You should see it over there,'

 Pure white smoke drifted in the direction of the direction the God of Birth was looking at.

''It is the smoke of fire and dew. The fire dew is the source of power that circulates through Da K'Kadete. The fire dew fire that has been burned out in the Withering Desert becomes smoke and rises to this canopy celestial sphere. Then, in this sky of transmutation, it turns into wind.

 The moment Wenzel spoke, the pure white smoke turned green-green as the sun shone through the trees.

 A gust of wind blew.

 A colored wind--.
 A green-green gale soared up the tree canopy celestial sphere.

''Let's ride that one.''

How do I get in?

Follow me, please.

 By the time Eleonor asked, Wenzel had thrown himself off the branch.

'Whoa! The God of Birth is a bold one........

Zecia will.... do it.

 Zecia and Ennesone held hands, and they both jumped with a whimper and fell into the blue sky.

'Hmmm, there's nothing but sky, where are we falling to?'

 With a curious look on her face, Eleonor followed the three of them.

 A gust of wind blows towards the girls as they continue to fall.
 It was the wind of fire and dew that I saw earlier. As if riding the green air currents, the bodies of the four of them float softly.

''........Zecia rode......into the wind.......!

Yeah. That's great. Is he faster than a horse?

Enne. Have you ever ridden a horse...?

No..... So I don't know....

 Ennesone purred the wings of his head.
 As if to comfort it, Zesia said.

''It's okay ... it's okay ... Zesia will ... be your horse ...!

What do you mean by that?

 Eleonor yelled involuntarily.
 Not paying attention to it, Zesia got down on all fours while riding the wind.

'Enne ... ride ... sir.

Are you sure?


 Zesia says in a taller tone.

'Thanks, sis!'

 Ennesone happily reached out his hand and straddled her back.


 While playing with the horse, Zesia and the others riding the wind are flying through the sky.

''Which is faster........the horse or.......the wind......which is faster.......?

Well, it's the same...

The answer is....

You're d*mn right I am!

 Eleonor raises his voice.

'Crack... cracking... cracking...'


 The voices of Xecia and Ennesone echoed happily.
 Their bodies are once again closing in on the branches as they fly around the tree canopy celestial sphere.

 Above them is a huge bird's nest.
 Inside is a lake, surrounded by a field of flowers.

'There it is. Let's jump over.

 Wenzel says.
 A large bird's nest loomed closer and Eleonor suddenly said.

'Hmm? I think it's a little weird, don't you think? Is your flower dead?

 Looking at the direction that Eleonor pointed in, Wenzel made a grim expression.

''Let's hurry........''

 They flew down from the fire and dew wind and landed in a huge bird's nest.

 As you can see from the outside, there is a lake and a field of flowers.
 There were fantastic colorful flowers in bloom, but as Eleonor pointed out, the flowers had withered away in places.

'Who on earth...?'

 Wenzel murmurs, as if to stifle his frustration.

''........If the flowers are dead, is there something unpleasant about them?''

"The flower in the divine realm will never wither. As long as the flowering god Lauzel, the ruler of this place, does not perish...

 I looked around, but there was no sign of God.

''Sis. There's someone in here.

 At the sound of Ennesone's voice, they all turned around.

 Buried in the flowers, a man had fallen.
 He is dressed like a farmer, but he is definitely a divine race.

 His entire body was covered in wounds, and one could tell at a glance that he was in critical condition.


 Wenzel rushed over and held the man in his arms, calling his name.
 A moan escaped and the flowering god opened his eyes.

'Oh Wenzel you're back... good...'

What's going on?

''The order in the crown celestial sphere.......has been disturbed.......a god that kills gods......has been born.......everyone else has been destroyed by that thing.......''

 Clenching his fists, Lauzel fills his eyes with tears. As if mourning the death of his companion.

'What kind of God?'

"...came in with a storm. The god of culling, Rom'enu, that one said his name but other than that, nothing else I couldn't even see him and the next thing I knew .....

 Vomiting blood, Lauzel coughed.


 Zesia and Eleonor use on the Flowering God.

 Surrounded by a dazzling light, his wounds are healed.
 However, his root magic power is weakening.

''........Thank you, ladies. But I'm still the god of flowering........ If the flowers in this divine realm start to wither away, then destruction is inevitable.......

 When Eleonor turned around to look at Wenzel, she nodded her head in a dignified manner.

''The flowers of this divine realm, the 130,000 plants that continue to bloom, are his life, the flowering god. If it's only ten percent, it's no problem, but if more than thirty percent of them die, then...''

So, why don't you just make a new flower bloom?

 Eleonor says, holding up his index finger.
 But Wenzel shook his head from side to side.

'Each divine realm is a microcosm of the world. Just as the upper limit of the world's root is fixed, the number of fire and dew in Da Ku Cadate is fixed, and the number of flowers in this divine realm is also fixed.''

 Even a withered flower counts as one, so that even the power of the God of Birth could not possibly increase it above thirteen thousand.
 Wenzel's order is another cog in the great order.

'You can do it. You can do it.

 Ennesone said.

'Use Ennesone. It's still imperfect, but Ennesone is the magic of a demon king who isn't trapped in a divine order.

 Her head and back, two pairs of wings spread out, her body glowing.
 Eleonor nodded, as if he had just realized it.

'All right!

 Magic letters drift around her, and holy water floods out of them.
 A magic line extends from Ennesone's navel, and a magic line appears from Eleonor's lower abdomen as well.
 The two are joined together like an umbilical cord.


 Ennesone spread his hands and drew a magic circle.
 Out of them flew one hundred and twenty-two storks.

 As those birds flew through the field of flowers, each one waved a total of one hundred and twenty-two seeds into the soil.
 The seeds quietly entered the soil, and in the blink of an eye, they sprouted and began to bloom.

 And then--

"...I'm surprised...

 Lauzel, the flowering god, slowly raises himself up.

'........What in the world did you do? I got my strength back.

 Rausel's eyes widened and he was in a state of exasperation.
 Eleanor followed his gaze with her eyes and saw a column of water rising high from the lake.

 Something had flown in there.

'--I've found it.

 A heavy voice rang out from the bottom of the lake.
 The flower garden began to tremble under the powerful magic.

 Before long, the bulk of the lake decreased and then dried up completely.

 A man wearing a white cloak, turban and curved sword appeared.

'You have stolen the fire dew. Ennesone.'