424-God's hypothesis, Satan's hypothesis

I don't trust you!

 It was Sasha who said it with a snap.
 She glared at Dilfred, the Deepening God, with a snap.

''God-people like you guys are always like that. You talk about non-conformists disturbing the order, like Anos is the enemy of the world, but who made this world peaceful?

 Dilfred pondered silently, not breaking his genuine face.
 Without waiting for an answer, Sasha continued.

'God? Order? That's not true. It's Anos. You didn't do anything. You just sat on the sidelines and watched the world fall apart. You allowed the world to continue to fight and destroy itself. And now you're saying that Anos is the cause of the destruction?

 Her willow eyebrows arched up and she put anger into her words.

'Don't make me laugh.'

Averniu, God of Destruction. Your thoughts are justified.

 The Deepening God said in affirmation of Sasha's anger.

''You who have brought destruction to the world reject the thought that the Demon King who saved you from that hell would have to follow the same path as yourself.

 Sasha bares her canine teeth at Dilfred's reasoned phrasing.

'I'm saying you can't be trusted. Even if the world isn't at peace, even if people are in an eternal hell, if it's in order, you don't care anyway, do you?

'Right. I am the Four Treasures, the God of Order. But I am the destroyer of order. I ask you. What is peace?

 The question was answered immediately by Sasha.

It's that the world is laughing. It's that the whole world is laughing, everyone in the world is laughing.

It is proper. But it is the peace of an ungodly man.

 Sasha's eyes were filled with anger at the words that were told without emotion.

'Well, don't be so angry, Sasha.

 He put a hand to her head to quiet her.

'Different races cannot live by the same values. Even the divine race will have their say. This is a man who bows his head instead of driving out with all his strength any enemy who invades the divine realm. How could it be, for a god who does not have love and kindness, it speaks volumes.

''Well maybe you're right but I don't like it I don't like it...''

 Sasha says in disapproval.
 'I guess Dilfred's mention of me being the source of your destruction reminded me strongly of the feelings I had when I was the God of Destruction.

'Your anger is comforting, but get up in my face a little,'

 When I said it in her ear, she opened her eyes and blushed, as if surprised.

''Well then........then I'll just listen to what this guy has to say, too.......''

 She turned over, as if she were a contrarian.
 As if that were the case, she pointed at Dilfred as if to nail him.

'I'm only asking!'

 Then she pouted and turned away.

'This time I ask you, Deepening God, what is peace for you gods? What is the peace of you gods?

'Known or not, it's order. The peace of God is that order is not threatened. The peace that we, the gods, desire is that this world continues to turn properly, according to the cogs of order.

 Then Misha opened her mouth.

'Even if that order is cold and chills people's hearts?

"Right. Understand, Creator God. Originally, to our God, all changes in man are uniformly equal. There is no difference between life and death; sorrow and joy are equal.

 Sadly, she looked at the deepening god.

''Hmm. You don't think anything of what happens to humans, demons, spirits, and dragon-men?''

 Dilfred didn't answer right away, and his eyes were slightly downcast.

'No. I will speak in words that will not be misunderstood.'

 He turned his gaze to me again and said.

To put it simply, we are theater entertainers. Tragedy and comedy are all plays that take place on the stage of life. When we watch a play, we can think, we can think, we can philosophize. But an impresario who differentiates between tragedy and comedy based on his own tastes is a fool.

I see. As long as it's on the air.

Right. A comedy and a tragedy are equally good. Comedy and tragedy are equally wonderful. God's imperative is to keep performing, that is, to maintain order on the stage. As a result, tragedy just happens to be numerous. We have no purpose to harm others.

 The Deepening God speaks as a matter of course.

'This is not a stage. People live in this world. Their suffering is real.'

There are entertainers like her who are fascinated by actors. On top of that, she even went on stage herself. That's truly intoxicating.

 Dilfred brushed off Misha's words.

'But neither pain nor pleasure is forever. When the curtain comes down, the actor is gone and a new role is assigned to him, and he goes on stage again. What would be the point of this?

 With a serious face, the man says, "There is no such thing as melancholy.
 He believes with all his heart that there is no such thing as sorrow.

Life is a cycle. The root that obtained birth is deepening. That means growth. At the end of the deepening, there is an end. The root that has come to an end is, however, transformed into another form. And it will gain a new birth again.

 Dilfred looked up at the sky and saw the blue dewy leaves dancing in the wind.

People repeat themselves forever," he says. People call it disappearance, but ephemerality is also life. Yet, if one lashes out to avoid disappearance, the true end is in store.

'Hmm. God's peace is well understood. You called me a non-conformist and sometimes tried to destroy me because I slaughtered a god who was in the way first.

'Right. You destroy God for the peace of the demon race. We tried to get rid of the nonconformists for the sake of God's peace. The two peacees are incompatible. I have been thinking that way.


 You did, huh?

You think there's a way to make peace between the two?

'Right. I was wrong in my assumption. As I have already stated, the world owes its demise to you, Anos Voldigord. The reason the world has been strife and order has been tending toward destruction is because you have chaos against order. If you could make it go away, there would be less destruction in the world than there is now, even if the God of Destruction is still alive and well.

 Dilfred folded his hands together and tapped the back of his left hand a few times with the fingers of his right hand.

'According to Militia's story, the world has been heading towards destruction since before I was born. And you think I was responsible for that too?

Rightly so, because of the root from which you came. When a source comes to an end and undergoes a transformation, multiple things can merge into one. Your root cause was originally disparate, a miniscule chaos. A force so dwarfed that the gods would miss it. Whether it was a human, a demon, or a magical tool, we cannot even estimate.

'After all that dwarf chaos had perished and come to an end, the tables had turned and by chance it all came together, or...'

Yes. That's you. Disorderly, unwanted, non-conforming people.

 The root that was dwarfed was consolidated and turned into a huge chaos.
 Then the world must have come closer and closer to destruction.

'Yet, rejoice! The peace of man and the peace of God, two peaces that were inferred to be incompatible, have turned out to be one and the same.

 Loosely, Dilfred pointed his fingertips at me.

'The Nonconformist Anos Voldigod. It is your greatest, strongest, and most certain enemy that must be destroyed. When the source of your destruction, the chaos that you possess, is gone, the peace between the two will be preserved.

That's an interesting theory. If it's true, it's worth considering, but do you have any hard evidence?

 The concept of chaos was something even the divine race had never heard of before.
 It was not something that could be seen through the eyes of a demon or god's eyes.

"Chaos cannot be seen, and there is no evidence of it. "Chaos cannot be seen, and there is no evidence of it," he said. Only when you leave the Garden of the Trees and return to earth will you be able to recognize it.

'If the flow of fire and dew returns, does that prove that my source is chaos?


 It might be worth a try, but--

When was the last time you noticed that theory, Dilfred?

'I've spent a long time in thought, but only recently did I gain enlightenment after realizing that the flow of fire and dew had decreased.

 That is, since my visit to Meinomiya Shinto?

 There's nothing strange about Dilfred's explanation itself so far.
 Nevertheless, it was oddly timed.

''You may leave, but on one condition.

Let's hear it.

"Hand over Delzogade and Averastanzetta.

 After a moment of silence, the Deepening God replied.

''It wasn't me. We don't even know where it is.'

But the gods did this. Your theory is open to confirmation. That is, however, if the gods here in Da K'Kadate are not stealing the fire dew.

 If someone had stolen the fire dew at the same time I entered the Mei-Gong divine City, it would seem as if I was the cause of the disturbance of order.


"God is not out of order.

 Because that's what the gods would think.

 In other words, Dilfred's hypothesis is based on the premise that there are no beings in the azure of the gods who disrupt the order of Da Ku Kadate.

'I doubt it. An abortion god, awakened to hatred, sought to destroy himself. That same God, awakened by emotion, would not have done so.

 Dilfred lowered his eyes and began to lose himself in his thoughts.

'If I leave here, that thing will restore the flow of fire and dew. So you act as if the non-conformist chaos exists.

 The Deepening God doesn't interrupt and listens to me with a contemplative expression.

I'm not sure if he's planning to shut all the gates to the God Realm. After that, he could use Delzogade and Averastansetta to do something. It would be a bad idea.

 He stepped out and walked towards Dilfred.

'Of course, you could conceivably disrupt the order further.

 He stopped and looked into Dilfred's face at close range.

'You have a point. Hence, it's a compromise. Go find Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta. Then we can turn back quietly.

 The deepening god closed his eyes.
 He didn't reject the request, but rather sank into the abyss of thought.

 It's quite a bit like a god who can talk, after all.
 Shall I give him a couple more shakes?

 When I was about to open my mouth...

"Mr. Anos, can you hear me? Hmm, I didn't hear that. What do I do?

'This is Zetia this is Zetia this is Anos, come in response if you can't respond, this is E.I. Oto. .........!

 From Eleonor and Zecia came a thought transmission.

"Hmm. "Hmm. Think it over.

 I told Dilfred that and I responded to the thought transmission (leaks).