423-A wise god looking into the abyss

 One of the tree turning gardens da ku kadate, Deep Forest Luo.

 In this strange forest of dense green foliage, Dilfred the Deeper God, the ruler of the divine realm, is simply prostrating himself.

 There is no hostility, is there?
 But that doesn't mean he isn't hiding Delzogade and Aebelast Anzeta.

"Face up.

 As he said this, Dilfred stopped prostrating himself and looked up slightly.

 With a serious look on his face, he turns his gaze to me. It's not that he was complaining, but his divine eye was just looking into my abyss.

I have a business to attend to. I can't just walk away just because you bow to me. Would you like to hear what happened?

 Without losing his expression, the deepening god said.

'There has been an anomaly in the order of this da ku kadate.

 His tone was neither impatient nor alarmed, just telling the truth.
 Misha's eyes took on a serious color.

''The flow of fire and dew is decreasing.

 I heard him gulp for air from next to me.
 Hmm. I don't know what you're talking about, but it sounds like there's something serious going on.

"What's the fire and dew?

Come and see.

 Dilfred drew a magical circle of transference for himself and the three of us.

"If you're ready to surrender yourself to me...

 Deeper Woods is Dirfred's sanctuary, and this one can't use Gatom to its fullest extent. Even if you are sent to a dangerous place, you won't be able to transfer back.

 Sasha looks at me appealingly.

"Take me with you.

'I knew you were going to say...'

 With a sigh, she blurted out.

 A moment later, Dilfred pointed his fingertips at us and activated the
 Our eyes turned completely white and a slight sound of water echoed in our ears.
 The waterfall that appeared in my field of vision was so vast that I couldn't see it all.

 The azure water pouring down from the sky fell into a circular cliff as high as a mountain, and it was cascading down in all directions.

 The water sparkled faintly and scattered particles of light.
 Even though it was such a vast waterfall, the sound of the water was as quiet as a rushing stream.

The light of life, the water of life, the wind of breath, the leaves of the pulse of life. The fire and dew change form and circulate through this da ku kadate.

 Deepening God Dilfred said as he stared at the flowing water.

''What pours down into this Profound Forest Luo is the fire dew that flows in from the divine realm of the Birth God Wenzel. The water of the fire dew flows through this forest river and goes to the underground water veins.''

 Dilfred turns around and looks at the pale trees growing on the shore of the waterfall.

'The water of the fire dew nourishes the trees and eventually transforms them into fire dew leaves.

 Dilfred's divine eye turned a deep blue - the color of deep indigo.

 Then the ground became transparent and the ground was revealed.
 Blue-blue water flowed into the earth, running down the roots of the trees and spreading from trunk to branch and from branch to leaf.

 Suddenly the wind blew and the leaves of the blue trees danced vigorously through the sky.
 A piece of it settled in Dilfred's hand.

'That water and these leaves are thought to be equivalent.

Hmm. Pretty interesting.

 If you look into the abyss, you will see that the waterfall and the blue leaves rustling in the wind are essentially the same.

Will that blue leaf that dances through this forest eventually change its shape?

'Right. The leaves of the fire dew are heated in the withering desert and turned into sparks of fire. The fire and dew turn into smoke and wind in the canopy of the sky. The wind is cooled by the Great Sea of Trees and turns into clouds. The rain that comes down shall be turned into fire and dew water.

 And it also becomes a waterfall in the deep forest, right?

"So that's why the fire dew is circulating in the tree-circulating gardens of Da-Ku Cadate.

 The fire and dew must be constantly circulating in these four divine realms, becoming water in the Great Tree Mother Sea, leaves in the Deep Forest Luo, fire in the Withering Desert, and wind in the Crown Celestial Sphere.

'We, the Four Trees, are the gods who govern the fundamental principles of the foundation of order and the source of life.'

 Dilfred turned to me and said to me.

'This tree-turning garden Da K'Kadate is the divine realm in which it is embodied.

'I see. So the fire and dew is the root source on earth. Because the fire and dew circulate in this da ku kadate - that is, because of the order of the four gods of the tree, the root source is reincarnated.


 Then Sasha puts a hand on her head and thinks about it with a stern expression.

''........Wait a minute. Well then, the flow of fire and dew is decreasing, no matter what you think, it's not a gentle thing...?

'Right. If the flow of fire and dew is not restored soon, that order will gradually affect the entire world.

What about now?

 When I asked, Dilfred said.

''We're still in the stage of stagnating the magic of .

 Also, I can't be too optimistic.
 There must be many demonic tribes that reincarnated two thousand years ago. There are many demons who haven't been able to reincarnate yet, and they could end up wandering the void.

 Furthermore, if the flow of fire and dew didn't return at this rate, it wouldn't be surprising if some of them lost their lives.

''So? What do you mean you want me to leave because the flow of fire and dew has decreased?

''The order of the four gods of the tree has never once been disrupted. Therefore, I foolishly thought that a foreigner had entered the azure sky of these gods, disturbing their order.

 So that's me.
 It's true that nothing is more foreign to the gods than what they call a misfit in this world.

"I'm afraid I have no wish to play tricks on Da K'adath. How can you guarantee that order will be restored even if I were to leave?

 The Deepening God silently turns his gaze towards us and has a resolute expression on his face.
 Even though there are no guarantees, he says that he has a basis for it.

''When was the last time the flow rate of fire and dew was reduced?''

I'm guessing that's when you first set foot in the city of Megumi.

 You mean you've been watching them.
 Well, it's kind of their garden. When intruders visit, it's only natural to be on guard.

 That's why, as soon as I landed here, he showed up like this.

You came close to the azure skies of the gods, which is why the order has been disrupted. It can be deduced that a non-conformist with the root of destruction would affect the divine order simply by existing. Since you have increased your power even more after your battle with the other nonconformist, Graham,

So what you're saying is. I can't control my power anymore.

''No. What I am foolishly assuming is that you have not been able to control your power from the beginning. To put it another way, it's appropriate to say that it's not the kind of power that can be suppressed.


 Dilfred, the Deepening God, shifted his gaze to Misha.

''Militia, God of Creation. You once told us, the four gods of the tree, that even though destruction and creation are equal in their order, why is there so little destruction? Destruction and creation, their order is equal, yet somehow there is slightly more destruction.

I don't have that memory anymore.

Then I will give it to you. Then I replied, "Then I will give it to you. Order is always right," he said. What appears to have been broken was originally broken. It has only been adjusted to the right amount, and no decrease can be seen.

 That's a typical answer for the gods. 'So you declared that order was above all the right indicator and that everything else was wrong.

But I was mistaken. Now I know the answer to that question. The order was disturbed. A very small percentage of the world was being driven to destruction by the non-conformist Anos Voldigorde, beyond the notice of even the four muses.

Not Anos.


 Clearly, Misha denied it, and the deepening god agreed with her.
 She blinked curiously.

'And no. Demon King Anos has taken the order of destruction away from the world. I know very well that his (or her) king abhorred destruction. But at the same time, he is a non-conformist.

What do you mean...?

 Misha asks.
 With a god's eye that seems to look into the abyss, Dilfred stares into the void as if diving deep into his thoughts and opens his mouth.

'There are many orders in the world. Life is born, deepens and deepens, comes to an end and is transformed. This is samsara, which is made possible by the order of the four gods of the tree. So, the Creator. I ask you, what is the opposite of the order of destruction? What is the opposite of the order of destruction?

 After a moment's pause, Misha said

'The order of creation.'

'Right. That's what I was thinking, too. But then I realized. No, perhaps. The opposite of the order of destruction is not the order of creation, for destruction and creation are two sides of the same coin. Because destruction and creation are two sides of the same coin, manifested by the fact that Militia and Averniu are sister gods of the back and forth.

 In a genuine tone, the Deepening God speaks.
 He folded his hands and closed his divine eye. As if to look further and deeper into his thoughts.

'We gods are order. Therefore, we can only judge things in order. Hence, I was not aware of it. But I pondered and pondered. I pondered and pondered and pondered. And then it occurred to me.

 In a roundabout way, Dilfred continues his explanation.

Suppose the quantity of the order of creation is one. 'Suppose the quantity of the order of creation is one, how can we eliminate this creation from the world without destroying God? Adding to the order of destruction? No, no, no, no, then only one thing is created and one thing is destroyed. Creation has happened. There was only destruction afterwards.

 Dilfred brought his hands crossed over his mouth and, with the fingers of his left hand, lightly tapped the back of his right hand.

'Then what in the world should I do? Nonconformist Anos Voldigord. What is your opinion?

Now, if you don't mind my theories, it's all very simple, isn't it?

Let's hear it.

'Not the opposite of creation, but what is the opposite of order. In other words, to erase the order of creation, use the chaos of creation. If only there were such a thing.


 Dilfred points at me.

"Disorder is called chaos, we think. But it's not. Chaos is not disorder. Chaos is what exists. If order is positive, then negative providence is. That is the source of your destruction.

 Silently, the Deepening God opens his divine eye.

''Demon King Anos. This is the wisdom that Deepening God Dilfred has gained by sinking into the abyss and looking into the depths. You are the reason for this world's demise.