191-Petition to the devil

 The morning sun lit up my eyelids in a dazzling way and I woke up.

 I felt like I was dreaming.
 A dream from two thousand years ago.

 Militia had a sister.
 I saw her, and I received a letter she wrote to Militia.

 But I can't remember.
 I can't remember what her name was. What had I said to her? Even as I dive into the depths of my memory, a dazzling light blinds me.

 It's the same with Averniu.
 To take away the order of destruction, I overthrew it and corrupted the land.

 Averniew, the God of Destruction, has turned into the Demon King's Castle Delzogade, and the < Sun of Ruin> Surgieldnave, the Sun of Ruin, has been transformed into the Rational Destruction Sword Venuzdnoa.

 But was that really the only reason?
 Did I ever have a purpose other than to take away the order of destruction?

 Why didn't I destroy the God of Destruction?
 I don't think they couldn't destroy it.

 I understand that the God of Destruction's power, the Rational Destruction Sword Venusdnoa, is effective against the God Race.
 So was it to increase our opposition to the gods?

 Or, like God the Heavenly Father, was the world in danger of being destroyed if the order of destruction was completely destroyed?

 If both Militia's sister and the God of Destruction cannot be remembered, then it is possible that they are the same thing.
 In other words, the sister of Militia, the god of creation, may be Averniu, the god of destruction. The creator's authority is the Moon of Creation, and her sister's authority is the Sun of Destruction. When the moon rises, the sun sets. And vice versa.

 If that is the case, it is understandable that Militia could not see her sister.
 But I have no proof.

 For now, there's only one clue to be sure.
 That's the Demon King's Castle Delzogade.
 I will return it from its magic tool to its original form, Averniu, the God of Destruction.

 If we can talk to the God of Destruction directly, we'll be able to get closer to the truth.
 However, if I could do that, I would have done it already.

 The manifestation of the God of Destruction, Averniu, in this world means that the order of destruction will be completely restored.

 The world will be one step closer to destruction. All life will become more vulnerable to death, and in the absence of the God of Destruction, any life that is still alive will be lost.

 It would be nice if we could talk to him while completely shutting down his power, but that's not going to happen.
 Not that this isn't a divine trick.

 I mean, maybe he's just stealing my memory so that I can get Delzogade back to Averniew.

 I don't think God took advantage of me, but there's one in a million.
 But it's possible that you have forgotten that, too.

 But once you become aware of it, the imperfection of your own memory will come back to you one after another.

 No, it might be that moment.
 <The Sun of Doom>Sarge Eldnave destroyed the suggestion that was placed on my memory. By that I realized that my incarnation was incomplete.

 Is the God of Destruction on my side?
 Or are you just pretending to be an ally?

 At the very least, I'm certain that someone tried to interfere with my reincarnation.
 It only half succeeded, and I reincarnated incomplete.

 Or perhaps this situation right now is the intention of that someone.

Hmm. Well, it's a small matter.

 No different from what happened to Avos Dilhevia.
 If there are still people out there who have a plan for something, they will show themselves.

 And we'll figure out how to restore their memories.

 I sat up and drew a magic circle.
 The clothes I wore changed from sleepwear to plain clothes.

 I walked out of my room and down the stairs.
 As I came to the first floor, I heard my mom's bouncy voice.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that Anosu-chan has become a demon king," she said, "and by the way, Anosu-chan has become a demon king. I thought that Anos-chan would be far away from you. It's a good idea to send him off with a smile so that he doesn't get in the way.

 The smell of baking bread wafted from the kitchen.

I told Anos that I should remember my mother once in a while. Then, Anos, what do you think I said to her? What do you think I said?

 When I walked into the kitchen, I saw my mother preparing breakfast and Misha helping her with it.
 She was wearing the white clothes of the Demon King Academy and an apron.

 It seems that most of the cooking is already done, and Misha is putting bread, salad, scrambled eggs, and bacon on a plate.

 She glanced at Mom and said in a matter-of-fact tone.

''I think I'd like some mushroom gratin for dinner tonight, Mom.''

Yes, that's right!

 Mom said and shook her clenched fist down forcefully.

'Anos-chan is back! She told me that she was her mother's child, even though she's grown up like that. That's right, Anosu-chan is only six months old, even though he is called the Demon King. She still needs her mother, you know.

 The reason why Misha knows the words I've said is because my mom has told me this story so many times.
 For goodness sake, it's almost disgusting, but Misha has been disciplined every time she's gone along.

'Anos is kind,'

I really, really do! You're so nice to me that I'm afraid someone will cheat me,

 Misha nodded her head.
 But she didn't mind, and continued on with her story.

Misha-chan, I know what I'm talking about. Anos, you're kind and strong. After all, he is the Demon King. Anosu's speech at the ceremony for the second coming of the Demon King was really cool.


 As she replied, Misha turned around.
 Her long, platinum blonde hair swayed softly.

 I think she caught me in her sights and smiled just a little bit.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I was really nervous at the time.


I was worried that Anosu would not be able to speak properly in front of so many people and that she would forget what she said. But still, Anos is amazing! Because I was able to say all of those things without making any mistakes!

 Misha blinked her eyes with a blank expression.

 The speech at the Demon King's second coming ceremony is considered to be the first presentation, so after all, a mother is a good one or two pieces of work.

 We should never think that she was successful.
 These are the words of the tyrannical demon king after two thousand years. No matter what, the people of Dirheid would have accepted them.

 That was just something I could say without making a mistake.
 The future of Dirheid and the future of peace depends on your future actions.

 The future of Dirheid and the future of peace depend on your future actions. That's what my mother says.
 That's something to bear in mind.

"Good morning.

 Misha said, and her mother spun around to look back at her.

'Hmph, good morning, Anos. The food is just ready. Can you wait for me in the living room?

Where's Dad?

He has already eaten and is working in his workshop. I heard that there are a lot of people who really want their fathers to make a sword for the ceremony. Thanks to you, Anos, the business is booming.

 Hmm. Well, it's a sword forged by the Demon King's father. It's also the fact that he just reincarnated. If it's a good omen, there's nothing better than that.

 Misha carries a platter of food with both hands.

''Shall we go?''


 We both lined up and moved into the living room.
 A bang, and a sound from the entrance of the store.

 Someone was banging on the door.
 She nodded her head slightly, wondering if Misha could hear it.

'It's unusual to have a visitor so early in the morning.'

 I moved from the living room to the store, unlocked the door and opened it.

'Oh .........'

 Outside was a girl with brown hair and eyes.
 It was Emilia.

'Hmm. You are an unusual guest. What do you want?

 She looks down and pulls her lips tightly together.

''Well, what are you doing right now?''

I'm going to have breakfast now.

''I see........''

What? Emilia?

 My mom poked her head out from behind me.


 Emilia bailed.
 Mom clasped her hands together happily.

'Just as well, that was nice. Would you like to come to dinner with me? I made a lot of practice today, Misha,

No ... well ... I'm in a hurry today ... sorry.

 Emilia turns on her heel and quickly retreats from the scene.


 I called out to her and she turned around.

'You have business with me. Come with me.

...but I suppose you're going to have breakfast now...?

'You came to me in shame. I won't say you're not worth more than breakfast.

 He turned around and said to Misha.

'Sorry, Misha,'

 She shook her head as she shook her head.

'Let him go.'

Bye, Anos. Good luck with your work.

 Mom sends me off with a smile.

 Walking up to Emilia, I ask her.

'Do you want to talk at the castle?'

No ... we were walking ...

Then I'll do it.

 I walk loosely down the path that leads to Delzogade.
 Emilia is slightly behind me, laying face down and plodding along.

 She doesn't say anything for a while.
 I slowed my walk without any particular prompting.

 Eventually, as if she had made up her mind, Emilia squeezed out her words.

''I want to have an audience with the tyrannical demon king........''

 It was a mixture of humiliation, shame, and pain in my voice.
 I guess it's still hard to admit that I'm real, even now that the truth has come out.

 In theory, he understands.
 Otherwise, you wouldn't call me the Demon King of Tyranny.

 But my emotions are not immediately followed.
 For all these years, up to today, the fictional existence of the royal family has been her everything.

'I forgive you.'

 By wanting an audience with me, in today's Dillhade, I mean that I want you to save me from tragedy.

 Emilia's wishes are largely predictable.

"...there is no place for me here, anywhere...

Maybe so.

If you won't allow the tragedy of your people to happen, then you'll have to try to save me...

 When I stopped, Emilia stopped too.


 It would be an extraordinary humiliation to beg for alms from me, who had been the enemy of my eyes.
 Her voice and expression are filled with frustration and misery.

 But even more than that, Emilia can't stand herself now.

''If you say you're the real Demon King of Tyranny...''


 He turns around and looks straight at the girl.

"Do you really want to be saved?

Would you not utter a single word of whimpering if it would save you?

 Thinking for a moment, Emilia nodded.


I will not forgive you for your tragedy. But mark my words. You are the only one who can save you. You are the only one who has the right to blame you.

 Emilia looked back at me with a look of unsure.

'Do you like being a teacher?'

'....I don't hate it....the only job that lasted....

 She said in shame.

'Then I will arrange for you to be reinstated. But you'll be going to the Academy of Heroes, Archlan Iska.

"...to Gaillardite...? You want me to teach human students?

No problem. And no one in Gailladite cares about being a royal or mixed race.

But in a place like that, we're sure to be discriminated against just because we're demons!

Yeah. You're all demons, all of you are equal. Whether you're a demon king or a half-breed demon who doesn't know what kind of horse you're from.

 For a moment, Emilia was immensely disappointed, and then, as if to spit it out, she said.

'So what does that say about ... that's not what I ... I ...'

You said no whining, right?

 At my words, Emilia shuts down.

''Either continue teaching there for a year, or if you achieve a reasonable amount of success in Archlan Isca, I'll glorify you at the Demon King Academy. I'll prepare you a position equal to the Seven Demon Emperors.

........Are you sure?

I will not lie to you.

What's a reasonable outcome?

I'll tell you the details later on, but the public's trust in the Academy for the Brave has been falling apart. I'm not sure why the students are going through a rough patch. It's only a matter of time before they are reformed.

 Emilia thought and then said.

'I understand. You'll have to keep your promise.

 At worst, he thought that if he could just hold out for a year, he'd be better off than he was now.
 Once he had his position and honor, he could return to his old self.

 But I'm not going to let you fool me.
 I'm going to tell you. I'll tell you what it means to look to the tyrannical demon king for help.

"Emelia. You have asked me to save you. Then I will not allow you to run away from your salvation.

 With a threateningly lecherous look, I nailed her.

'Don't forget. No matter how hard I put you through the ordeal, you'll always be the one to save me.