256-Sword emperor of agaha

 When the settlement with the future god Nafta came to an end, the holy knights' expressions were truly astonished.

To surpass the Future God in human flesh...

''........Are you this far out of the ordinary with the Yagami Selector?''

...No, but to boast of such power in the bare minimum.......

 The Holy Knights were upset, but Bishop Milan said in a calm voice.

What is there to be surprised about, your holy knight. That's right, he can even follow the Heavenly Father without any beads.

"Wha...? Oh, um! That Heavenly Father, the order that gives birth to order, the Almighty Gleam, the radiance of Eques, the closest god to the radiance of the Almighty Gleam, is without a pact!

Yes. Didn't you know that?

"You're sure, Bishop Milan? Are you sure about that?

I swear by the Almighty Glittering Eques. I have indeed seen it with my own eyes. Ah, but if I was the first to know him in the depths of the earth, who else would know?

What a miracle you have witnessed, my dear...

If that's the case, you're no longer in over your head! It's transcending everything! Was that really a man? Not a god in human form? No, no, far from it...

"Well, well, you know, he's............... ...Is he.........?

Well, what do you think? Nonconformist, a much more ironic title, or maybe he's calling himself that? Maybe they are too precious for us to even know.

 An exclamatory sigh escaped.

 It was a contest to see how long they could hold on against each other's selection gods, but once they beat the selection gods, they would never lose.

''Oh, this guy is irresistible. You can't beat Nafta, your chosen selector is no match for a great man.

 Diedrich, confronting Arcana, says.

'I was not the first to choose him. However, he is more qualified than anyone else to be the agent. Therefore, he does not choose the path of the deputy.

 So says the voice Arcana, kneeling down and staring straight at the Sword Emperor of Agaha.

 Hmm. It seems that you are being pushed.
 For a dragon man who relies on summoned gods and summoned dragons, his bare strength is extraordinary.

 For a man called the Sword Emperor, he hasn't even drawn his sword yet.
 As I'm sure you can see, it's not an ordinary power.

"Cover yourself in a cold pillar of ice and go to sleep.

 Snow and moonflowers blew around Diedrich.
 They turned into sharp icicles while emitting a shining cold air and shot out at the guy all at once.


 Firmly clenching his fists, Diedrich makes every muscle in his body leap.
 A huge amount of magical power flows out with the spirit, and the guy wears a dull phosphorescent light.

 The icicle, an icicle that was released, was bounced back into the dull phosphorescence without touching Diedrich's body.

''Ho. Interesting. What's that?''

This is the dragon's reverse phosphorus. In layman's terms, it's the magical phosphorescence that is emitted when a dragon is touched by the opposite scales of a different dragon.

 As Diedrich clenched his right fist, a dull phosphorescent light gathered there.

'If I hit him with this one--'

 Diedrich kicked the ground and approached Arcana straight away. 
 She focused the Snow Moonflower in her right hand and constructed the Divine Snow Sword Lokoronoto.

 A moment later, Arcana disappeared from in front of Diedrich's eyes at the speed of light, slicing through his armor and freezing him in place.

 As expected of the , it seems that even Lokolonoto cannot prevent it from reaching Lokolonoto.

"Oops. "Got you, little Selected Goddess.

 Arcana gritted her teeth. Immediately after slicing through Diedrich's armor, he grabbed Lokoronoto's sword barrel with his phosphorescent left hand.

 Although a slight drip of blood and the palm of his hand was freezing, Diedrich raised his fist without a care in the world.


 Clothed in the
 With that blow, Lokoronoto shatters.

"If you touch the dragon's reverse scales, you won't get away with it.

 Diedrich plunged headlong against Arcana, who once again brought out the Snow Moon Flower from his hand and created the Divine Snow Sword.

''It became a sword in a snowstorm--''

 The divine snow sword Lokoronoto glows snow-colored. Diedrich was slower than Arcana. Before his fist could reach her, Lokolonoto's blade pierced through the dull phosphorescence and pierced his abdomen.

'--Piercing you freeze.

 Cold air quickly spread from the wound and Diedrich turned into an ice statue.
 However, if this was the end of it, Arcana would not have been pushed.

 As proof of this, a slight voice sounded from behind the frozen ice.

''........I'll take that one too......!

 Diedrich moved as a dull phosphorescent light seemed to leak from the ice statue.

 The raging dragon nozziad took on the jaws of a dragon and bit into the ice statue and the snow sword.

 A closer look at the evil eye reveals that the fangs of the dragon's nozziahs have broken down the ice and the snow sword into magical power, literally eating them.

''Eclipse of magic power.''

 Arcana muttered and tried to retreat.


 However, the amount of magic power that was eaten increased, or perhaps a few moments earlier, Diedrich's right fist, clad in , struck the little god's body.

 With a fierce sound, the Arcana blasted off and struck the body at the Great Sacred Gate.

'The light of regeneration heals the wounds.

 She used the power of the Watchtower of Regeneration, however, the wounds she suffered throughout her body were slow to heal.

''To be precise, the dragon's reverse phosphorus (noziaz) eats away at the source. Even a god can't heal wounds so easily if the source of their magic is eaten away.

 A bite to the source, eh? It's just like being in a dragon's womb.
 But there's no sign of him using the summoning of a possession.

"The Sword Emperor of Agaha is a baby dragon.

Hey. For some unknown reason, I was born of a dragon. It's a good thing I'm not worthy of my powers.

 Diedrich carelessly approached Arcana, who broke her knees in front of the Great Sacred Gate.
 Then, he stopped in front of her and turned off the and smiled with a snicker.

Well, I'm going down.

 Arcana takes the hand that Diedrich held out to her.
 She stands up and says to him.

'I am not fighting for my life. As soon as I have a wound that is difficult to heal, I shall have lost.'

I'm sorry to say that this is a match against you. If I could have killed you with a single blow, I might have called it a draw, but I don't see why not.

 Diedrich gave me a look.

'In our arrangement, the winner is the one who holds out longer. If you make Arcana admit defeat, there will be no resolution. It's a draw.

 He laughed vigorously.

He laughed vigorously, "Everyone knows you would have beaten Nafta first. You will never be able to prove yourself as king of Agaha to your people and your subjects if you look like a loser because of the arrangement.

 Diedrich added, pointing his thumb at the Great Sacrament Gate.

"He won't let that deter him from talking to both of us.

 I couldn't help but smile.

'Quite a graceful thing to say. Diedrich, I'm starting to get interested in your country.

 He snickers and says.

"If you're here in Agaha, I'll treat you to a lot of fun. Instead, I'd appreciate it if you and this choir could get together.

 You said something like that earlier.

Do you like it?

Ha-ha-ha. I love it.

 He's a clean-cut guy who's honest with himself.

I promise.

 Diedrich carried Ahide, who was slumped at his side, up in a heap.
 Nafta, the future god, lined up beside him to follow him.

'Let me ask you one thing, Diedrich.

 He turned to me.

'If you could see the future, you would have known you couldn't win this game. There will be a selection judge. Why did you dare expose your hand?

 Arcana fought Diedrich directly, and everyone here saw his . The same is true about the order of Nafta.

 But he doesn't need to play this kind of game to know my hand with the power of the Future God.

''If you find it difficult to answer, I don't need to tell you.

You know, this is the future judge of Nafta.

 Diedrich says with a hand to his chin.

'Suppose there was a battle that had to be won. If you knew the future and knew you could never win, what would you do?

 Diedrich asks, hawkishly.

'It's not the job of a prophet to tell you to run away without challenging you. An unchallenged prophecy has no meaning.

 To him, I am the symbol of a prophecy that will never be overturned.
 That's why he challenged me. No matter what the odds were against him, he would still try to change the future.

"Splendid courage, King of the Underworld.

 Diedrich laughs boldly.

'I'll prophesy you one thing you care about.

Oh. Thank goodness. I shall listen to the words of the Sword King of Agaha.

 Straightening up, I look straight at Diedrich.
 He said.

'The Demon King of Earth. The non-conformist Anos Voldigordo was chosen as the selector by the creator god Militia.

 I knew it," and "I didn't think it was possible," both of which swirled around in my heart.
 You can't even see the man who would lie to you.

It's just an added bonus. This is one of my own personal reasons. If you're going to have a fight with Gorloana, it's better for you to destroy her as well. Unless you want to put Dirhade in danger.

Hmm. I'll take your advice. But you know my answer.

 Diedrich snickered and turned on his heel.

'I'll see you in Agaha, Demon King.

 With his back to the ground and his hands up, Diedrich leaves with Nafta.
 Ku-ic, Ku-ic, Ku-ic, happily humming an earthly song.